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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: My Very 1st K-Pop Concert

Yes, the title of this post is accurate & true.  I was a K-Pop Concert Virgin.  Until last night that is.  Last night I was able, through the awesomeness of modern technology, to be able to watch my very first K-Pop concert LIVE.  Well....sort of.  It was LIVE but I was watching it via YouTube.  You probably already knew this, unless you are not a K-Pop fan, or you've been living in a cave for the last few weeks.  YouTube & Google teamed up with MBC recently & to celebrate their cooperation nay "collaboration" they decided to hold a FREE K-Pop Concert in Mountain View, California.  (Aka San Francisco)  And because it IS YouTube after all they streamed the whole concert LIVE, uncut & commercial free, on the Internet.  So, I was watching the concert w/ Dongsaeng, (SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!), all the people at the concert & with the rest of the K-Pop loving world as well!  So incredibly awesome!!

I spent yesterday completely distracted by the whole idea.  I couldn't seem to focus.  I am sure my neighbors think I'm completely nuts, as the K-Pop music coming from my house, could probably be heard 5 counties away, all day yesterday & {she admitted sheepishly}today as well.  I turned on my AddiKtion to K-Pop Play list on YouTube, set it to shuffle & listened/watched MV's ALL day long yesterday.  I couldn't get enough K-Pop.  To be honest I am still in a K-Pop craze & have my play list going right now, next to me as I write.  And if I change or add or edit my AddiKtion to K-Pop play list on YouTube, in any way, the one on the blog will automatically update as well.  Cool, right?  Of course, you all probably already knew all that, but just in case someone is new to this whole concept, I figured I'd give the basics.  Which is pretty much all I know.  ^^  So if you need a quick K-Pop fix but don't want to search just listen tot he list below.  And enjoy.

You're probably saying; "Okay Unnie get on with the review/post/fan girl screaming of the actual concert!!"


OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It WAS so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One hour before the concert started, my eldest son & I were on our way home from Tae Kwon Do class & the reminder alarm on my iPhone went off.  I checked the calendar item & Squeeeeeee'd really loudly in the car, took my phone from its holder in the car & shoved it in his face as were driving down the freeway & squealed excitedly, "Look! Look!  Look!"     He took the phone & looked & said, "Yes, mom the concert starts in an hour."  Rolling his eyes at his way uncool mom, while I giddily wiggled in my seat.  "One more hour to go!!!  One more hour to go!!!  WooHoo!!!!!"  Squealed delightedly some more & smiled some more {from ear to ear} & put my, already heavy on the gas foot, down a little more & sped up just a little bit more.  I confess I have something of a lead foot when driving.  I tend to prefer fast driving to speed limit obedience.  I struggle to keep it only 10 miles faster than the speed limit.  Before kids I struggled keeping it 15 (ok 20) miles over the speed limit.  So I guess that's progress, right?  But yesterday I was speeding home because of my excitement.  Seriously the only way I could have been more possibly excited is if I had been at the actual concert.  

I got home & got my shower taken & everything ready so that when the concert was over, which would be the wee hours of the night/morning here in Wisconsin I could go to sleep.
Then I sat down in front of the big screen TV & loaded YouTube via the PS3. While it had worked earlier in the day it was not working now.  Kept erroring out!  AHHHHHH!!!!  I panicked until CA came & hooked up my laptop to the TV so that I was still able to watch it on the big screen.  Yay CA!!!!  W/ iPad in hand, for screenshots & phone so I could FB/Txt Dongsaeng throughout the concert I was set & ready to go!  

Bring on the concert!!!!

The concert opened w/ a countdown clock like this....
 Then in between clock countdown flashes they showed pics of the different groups that would be performing.  
 Then the clock was embedded onto the bottom of the screen while Kara took stage.
 So awesome!!  Right?!?!  Next time I WILL be there!  Do you hear that YG/Big Bang!!  When oh when are you going to come to the US & end our suffering?!?!
 I would love to tell you all the songs that were sung but probably most of you already know this...so.
Kara was the first group up.  They were so cute!

Tiffany & Taeyeon of Girls' Generation were the official hosts, as well as performing with GG later in the show.  They spoke in both English & Korean which was awesome.  Of course Google/YouTube also provided a translator who was off stage & unseen who would speak throughout the remainder of the evening for those groups or individuals who didn't speak English.  A few times you could tell she was frazzled as they spoke huge amounts really quickly in Korean & she very quickly would try to remember what they said & translate it all back us.  For the performers who are uncomfortable speaking English & yet still did?  I applaud your courage!  I could not have done that!  Especially knowing people from around the globe were watching & listening.  And you all spoke so beautifully.  But then I adore accents from other countries so much.  There is nothing cooler or sexier than English spoken with an accent....any accent.  That is just my humble opinion.

Now I do have more screenshots but unfortunately the LIVE streaming was not the best quality video & it kept freezing to buffer & breaking down in pixels.  Which made it a lot harder to enjoy the concert.  But I was able to find my happy pretty spots in the concert....

And yes.  All my favorites performances & 'pretty spots' involved the guy groups.  


in the House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 (but they were minus Siwon & HeeChul, I think, which made me sad face)

Until, while trying to capture screenshots, I caught a FB notification that Dongsaeng had just posted to my personal FB page.  Can you tell she was as excited as I was?!?!  LOL  I laughed so hard while going through pictures when I saw this....I just HAD to use it!

Isn't he dreamy?!?! 

And look what he brought with him!!!


Oh Dimple how you show up in the most amazing places & faces!!  Thank you Dimple!  I heart you!  ~Unnie.

Sadly, this pic of TVXQ, was the last screenshot I was able to capture...  :(  I gave up shortly after it because the visibility just got worse & worse, as more & more people logged on, to watch the concert.  The numbers climbed up & the quality went ppppbbbbbllllttttttt  >: P right down the drain!

Which totally made me want to scream out:

Said in my best evil beast from the depths of hell kind of voice.

{giggle ^^}

Oh My!!  Unnie can be very scary. 

The girls performances were great...honest!  But I was way more interested in the guys.  ;)  Sorry.  Besides I tend to stay away from the cutesy girl groups.  I prefer the hard core female power, gonna do it MY way groups.  IE: 2NE1.  They are my favorite group, next to Big Bang.  And Kim Hyun Joong is my favorite solo artist (but....uhm...Junsu is almost neck & neck because the Tarantallegra album is....uhm... how do I say this without sounding creepy???  HOTT!! {fanning myself off hott}

Who are your favorite groups/idols/solo artists?  Who were your favorites from last night?  

But for me the best screen shots of the night came from the audience.  I absolutely LOVED seeing an audience full of colors!  I saw a lot of Asians of course.  But I also saw a plethora of other skin tones, white, black & Hispanic.  It was so Daebak!!!

This Ahjussi was screaming & cheering for Girls' Generation!

He was so cool though when he realized he was caught on camera "woohoo-ing" the really hot members of GG.
I dig his Captain America T-Shirt.

Proof Positive that other Crazy Ahjummas like K-Pop besides Dongsaeng & myself.

These guys liked it when the Wonder Girls taught them how to dance along to their song!

NO problems hamming it up for the camera in this crowd!  Now that's MY kind of people!!

All in all it was an awesome night & I am so glad I was able to watch the show uninterrupted by kids.  Almost as good as being at the concert in person.  THAT would have been truly EPIC!!

I am extremely tired but oh it was soooo worth it.  I would love to hear if you guys tuned in as well.  And if you were actually at the concert & if you happen to have awesome pictures please share them with us on our FB page!!  That would be a DREAM COME TRUE for us!  So awesome to have our readers share pictures on our page.  It's been seriously REALLY quiet on the blog list last week & on FB too.  We were growing like crazy & then all of sudden....nothing.  LOL  I hope we're keeping you interested & engaged.

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Well, back to family life.

Until this weekend's Dramatic Friday Review. {sniff/sniff last week for our 2 shows}

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

And because I am an excellent unnie {be quiet no arguing I AM so an excellent unnie} In case you missed the concert .....

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