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Dramatic Friday Review A Gentleman's Dignity ep 4

And we're back.  Back to their youth this time.  Episode 4 starts off with a flashback to one day during their school days.  We find out that Tae San's mom will be giving birth soon, to Im Maeh Ri & that the guys did something really naughty.  They're in the courtyard at school & trying to figure out who should take responsibility for coming up with the "idea" in the first place.  They decide the only way to get through this is as a united front.  They will all take the responsibility equally.
They look so determined don't they?

The next thing we see they're in the office being yelled at by their teacher, & we find out here what it is they did wrong.  Apparently one of them came up with the idea of going to see an adult movie.  They're standing in line stoned face & not giving anything away as their teacher paces back & forth screaming & demanding they tell the truth as to whose idea it was.  And just when you think they're going to keep the secret,Jeong Rok steps forward & says it's his responsibility , that HE suggested it first.  Then Tae San steps forward & I thought, 'oh they're each going to step forward & claim responsibility' but was wrong.  Instead he blames Jeong Rok.  Says it was his idea & then the other 2 step forward as well also blaming Jeong Rok.

I love the look on face as he realizes that he's being sold down the river.


Nice friends there.

but considering what he puts them through w/ all his cheating I figure it's fair.
Even though the voice over of Do Jin admits that to this day they still don't remember who it was that first suggested that they go see an adult movie.  Classic Boys!

Does anybody notice that these "teenage" versions don't actually look anything like teenagers?  I have never seen teenage boys w/ a slight turkey waddle double chin, you know like the one on Im Tae San has in that picture above.  They couldn't hire younger, similar looking, actors to portray the younger versions?  Really?  Okay I'll move just irritated me a little bit.

So we get back to our lead couple.  Do Jin is explaining to Yi Soo that he is starting a one sided love affair with her.  She is confused that he is telling her about it, because that's not how one sided love affairs generally work.  Then it gets more complicated when her blind date shows up.  Looking cute & a little confused why his date to be is sitting at the table talking w/ another guy.  And when he asks her about it, DO Jin pipes in that her 1st blind date isn't over yet.  Then he calls him "Date #2" & tells him that he should plan to meet another time.  Rude much!  Then he makes it even worse & does the ever popular "wrist grab" & drags her out of the restaurant.  She is not happy about it either.  And then she reveals that she knows he does not intend to marry...basically she tells him that she read the article about him in the magazine.  Which of course makes him immensely happy that she was reading up on him.  She doesn't like that he's so happy about it, and says she only saw it by chance.  But he comes back immediately with "you saw it by destiny".  Good comeback.  I gotta say I do like the dialogue in this one.  Very fast paced & intelligent.  So far.  Then she says he should be asking her if it's okay to like her so much.  TO which he replied oh so then did you get Tae San's permission too?  Which gives pause for a moment...then she recovers with but still I'm not so obvious about it & he says oh is that why I caught you?  At this point she ends the conversation with the typical..."I'm leaving first."  I love that they tell each other in these dramas that they're leaving first, going first.  Its like it's a race to see who leaves first.  I'm leaving first.  Do then do a "woohoo I won!" as they exit the scene.

When she gets back to her house she finds Tae San standing outside, by himself.  He's been trying to get a hold of Se Ra, ever since they had lunch w/ his little sis who confronted Se Ra about the fact that she saw Se Ra kissing another guy when Se Ra & Tae San came to visit her when she was in NY. So what do they do? In true Korean fashion, they go out for a drink.  And she reveals to Tae San that likes someone, he doesn't know him, but Do Jin does.  While they're out Tae San figures out where Se Ra is probably hiding out.  At first he wants to make that Yi Soo gets home but she tells him she'll be fine.  Later on Do Jin arrives at the bar & finds Jeong Rok, who owns & runs this place too & he tells Do Jin that Yi Soo is there & has been for a while.  In fact she's toasted.

They exchange witty, ok his is witty hers is drunk, repartee.  And then she wakes up in a bed, that is not her own w/ Do Jin staring at her & watching her stumble about the room.  She is less than happy to see him & even more so when she finds out she is in a Hotel w/ him.

She gets to do a drunk flashback to try & piece together her evening & remembers that he followed her form the bar as she drunkenly danced & sang down the street singing "Don't go, go, go. I don't want a sad farewell."  It was actually quite comical.  HE sits her down outside a little store, he's gonna get her coffee but she falls right out of the seat, boom slap to the ground passed out.  She pretends not to remember.  Which confounds him, how did she get a teaching certificate if she can't remember anything.   After that she tries to make a dignified exit but seriously dignity at this point is just so unattainable.  He gives her a ride home but she has to wait outside ducking down repeatedly in his car as her neighbors pass by.  You know the "walk of shame"  LOL

When she does get home, we see Tae San & Se Ra asleep, together!!!, on Se Ra's bed, yeah they're fully dressed, so it looks like it was just sleeping that took place.  And he is trying to sneak out without her knowing but she's already seen his shoes at the door & she is trying to sneak in without being seen by him but he's already heard her.  LOL

The next day at school, she's an ethics teacher, she's trying to give a lesson on ethics & has a momentary fantasy of her students all finding out that she was drunk, w/ a man, who is not her husband, at a hotel the night before.  Basically she just froze in class & all the students just stare at her.  Then she is interviewing the head thug about is future, as is her job.  Trying to help him get into college & figure out his future. It is so obvious her student has a crush on her.  And he is cute!  Best part is when she lists the things she wanted to be when she was young & she says, "Racing Model".  He giggles & questions that last one.  She indignantly says, "Did you see me when I was younger?!?!"   Which makes him giggle even more.

Then we see Tae San for a brief moment.  He's hard at work 7 then gets up because he needs a book, as he goes over to his bookcase he sees his yearbook.  He take it out & thumbs through it & finds that Choi Yoon's yearbook picture has been cut out.  After an "Aish" & calling his sister's name we figure out that she must have cut out her favorite Gentleman's pic...he flips another page & finds his pic missing too?  Which perplexes him.  Cut to a fabric store where Yi Soo & Im Maeh Ri are shopping Yi Soo is telling Im Maeh Ri all about her night out. {{Giggle}}  At which Maeh Ri accuses her of going for both Do Jin & her brother.  Maeh Ri asks her what happened at the hotel.  Yi Soo can't help but bait Maeh Ri by saying, what everyone does at a hotel.  Which has Maeh Ri asking Chincha?  Yes, I did.  I vomited!

After this, during dinner together, Maeh Ri gives Yi Soo her gift.  It's Tae San's yearbook picture.  Well, that astounding riddle has been answered.  Like you couldn't figure that one out on your own.
Holding their pictures like two teenage girls.
Meanwhile the object of Maeh Ri's affection is getting his car serviced w/ Do Jin as company.  Do Jin asks him whether he found an officetel to live in.  He says of course.  Do Jin is trying to get Choi Yoon to confess that he thinks about Maeh Ri.  I giggled a lot in this scene.  Simply because Choi Yoon is so incredibly uncomfortable.  Especially when the mechanic comes out & says that his tires need replacing & Do Jin suggests he sue the same tires he uses, unless they don't match w/ the prettiest of Maeh Ri's features.  At this point Choi Yoon gets caught up & starts naming off her pretty eyes & nose....oops!!!  " her eyes & nose are pretty?" Do Jin queries.  What else is pretty?  Her lips?" Well played Do Jin!  Well played.  At this point Choi Yoon grabs a car a magazine & starts rifling through it & awkwardly trying to change the subject.

And here's where the episode turned just a little, or rather it turned my stomach a little...ok a lot.  Its the next morning & while Yi Soo answers the door, Se Ra is looking for something in Yi Soo's room, with her permission of course.  She finds under Yi Soo's bed a little box, in it are a pair of leather gloves with the number 836 on the back of the gloves.  She puts them back, gets what she needs & leaves. A package arrives at Yi Soo's house.  Yi Soo answered the door to a delivery man, who had a package for her.  Se Ra, of course thinks the package is for her.  However it's for Yi Soo.  It's a beautiful pair of shoes.

Se Ra informs her of their expensive nature.  At least $1000.00!!

She realizes they must be from Do Jin so she has to take them back to him.  When she arrives a half dressed, nicely toned chest hanging out Do Jin answers the door, which slightly frazzles our Yi Soo.
 But she is determined to give them back.  He asks her aren't shoes meant to be warn?  She informs him of the inappropriateness of such an extravagant & expensive gift.  that the person w/ the unrequited love shouldn't give a gift worth $1300 but something closer to $100 so that the other person doesn't feel the pressure.  otherwise this is called BS w/ money.  You can see he is offended by this.
 And I think the next part stems, at least slightly from his ego being bruised.  He calls out this bombshell, who has very obviously spent the night with him.  He then asks her what he shoe size is & gives her the gift right in front of Yi Soo.  But he doesn't stop there.  he wants to make sure she understands that this bombshell is not his sister, he doesn't have one.  Nor any other kind of female relative.
 She asks him is this the proper attitude of someone claiming to have a one sided love?!?!  To which he replies...well you can see it in the screenshot below.
  So I'm supposed to wait for you to love me back & live the life of a monk.  Does that make sense.  {I'm paraphrasing BTW} Then he goes even further & asks her if she is going to sleep with him.  She asks him if he's crazy?  To which he says, exactly so why are you getting mad?  Basically he is a true 100% Bastard to her this morning.  I'm sorry normally I don't use that kind of language but I have to call this one as I see it!  I wanted to cry for her & kick him right in the 'nads', I mean what better time?  He's not even wearing a pair of jeans or any extra padding, he is ready to be kicked & hard!  Let's see if he can still be such a huge Prick when he's writhing on the floor in agony?!?!  
She has a seriously confused look on her face as he holds the door open & kicks her off the premises. 
We're back to the men again, all gathered together, to discuss Choi Yoon.  He lied about the officetel.  It would seem he simply moved in with his former mother-in-law.  Who has called Jeong Rok in the hopes the men can get him out of her house.  She doesn't want to see him or take care of him any more.  So while he was gone she let the men into her place & removed all of Choi Yoon's belongings to an actual officetel.  Before he sees his empty room she informs him she doesn't want to see him anymore.  That he was a good son in law but he needs to move on.  She is too old for all this drama.  Then he sees his room & she tells him about the guys.  The next thing we see is them unpacking his belongings.  I feel so bad for Choi Yoon.

While there Jeong Rok gets a phone call from his wife, asking him to come home & have dinner.  When he gets out of the shower, we see her all dressed up, setting the table with tons of yummy looking food.  He wants to know did he forget her birthday? their anniversary?  Such a great husband, right?  So they sit down & he sees in his rice bowl, what else???  His wedding ring...again!!  Buried in his rice bowl, that she set out. That thing should be glued to his flipping hand!  Or maybe welded would be better?  But he refuses to admit his wrong.  He refuses to back down.  Even though he knows she put it there& she knows he sees it.  Then he scoops it up & eats it!!!  She stands up & screams at him, ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!  Really sweetie you don't know the answer to that question?  Really??  Next thing we see he's in the hospital.
Holding the x-ray that shows the ring inside his abdomen!  What an idiot!!!
The men are now surrounding him & yelling at him, because it would seem his rich wife holds all their cards, with her far reaching money!  They are going to never help him lie to her again.  And he has to poop out that ring!  ROFLMBO!!!  While he is working that ring through his body w/ laxative drinks, they are each writing a pledge that they will never again help him!

Remember that kid, "Collin", that Yi Soo picked up on the side of the road, in the last episode, played by CNBlue's Lee Jong Hyun?  We get to see him again.  He is sitting in a restaurant, researching the guys standing next to his mom in a picture.  What guys?  Our guys!!  Here comes the first plot twist I think.  Which Gentleman is his dad.  Hmmmm....  Who do you think it will be.  Let's face it none of them are exactly living the life of monk, right?

Then we see Se Ra out to a drink with a man.  But it's not what you think.  It seems she is need of help getting on this year's tour.  Which should be her last pro golf tour.  And this guy could be her ticket.  But Maeh Ri interrupts & misinterprets the scene.  And then feels bad for it.  She goes home to face Tae San & ask him which is more important her or Se Ra?  He cannot give her an answer she likes.

Then we see Yi Soo, trying to fall asleep, unsuccessfully.  She is too full of memories of that morning w/ the big Prick.  And his prickiness.  I'm sorry but he so totally deserves my abuse.  I realize I am being way too female, since I am a female I guess it's okay even if it is predictable.  When she wakes up she finds a strange man in her house.  But it's ok, he;s Se Ra's friend.  But um...he spent the night.  Se Ra, insists he's JUST a friend.  That he arrived int he middle of the night & nothing happened, he needed a place to stay.  And just as they are figuring it all out Se Ra, gets a text, that Do Jin is on his way there right now.  Se Ra yells at her friend to get out but it's too late.  So she lies & says that he is Yi Soo's friend.  I don't think Do Jin is buying it though.  Yi Soo once again comes to her friend's rescue.

At this point he tries to explain why he did what he did that morning.  But in my opinion his excuse falls flat.  He says, what was I supposed to do, go after you & leave that girl who spent the night with me.  I was trying to be chivalrous of all your feelings.  But um....the real chivalrous thing to do would have been to not have another woman spend the night, or maybe the next morning, just because your ego takes a dive you don't call out the other woman & then rudely & callously take the shoes from the one you claim to crush on & give the shoes to the other woman as if the gift actually meant as little to you as these 2 women's feelings!  But maybe that's just me.  What do you think addiKts?!?!

I don't think Yi Soo buys his lame excuse either.  But all Se Ra cares about is whether Tae San finds out.  Yi Soo just wants Se Ra to be more prudent.  She has really surrounded herself with some winning personalities.  Back at the office...Do Jin is hearing her words to him from this morning again.  He knows he needs to keep the secret of Se Ra from Tae San if he wants Yi Soo to like him but you can see it doesn't sit well.  Especially when he asks Tae San why if he thinks Yi Soo is such a good woman what is it that has him with Se Ra.  He tells him Yi Soo is just a friend, just a chingu, always has been, always will be.

Now the men are scared though.  Why? Because Jeong Rok's wife has summoned them, like the queen she is.  And just as she is asking her assistant when the contracts she forged with these men are up each of them apologizes to her & offers his letter.
Thankfully it works, she believes them...again.

Then we see Maeh Ri scouring the apartment looking for anything that Choi Yoon might possibly have left behind to give her the excuse she needs to see him.  She finds a spoon that doesn't look like the others & calls him & says he can't live without this item he left behind. I really do like her!  But the spoon is from a Chinese restaurant.  he ruffles her hair which for some odd reason has her practically flying to the moon in happiness.  Then he turns & walks away yelling behind him that she should go home early because if she waits & it gets dark someone might kidnap her because she's pretty.  Does this mean Choi Yoon is going to start admitting he likes her too?  I'm really confused.

We are coming to an end addiKts.  Its time for another baseball game.  And yes Yi Soo is ump-ing again.  She is running late though & Se Ra is helping her change & then Yi Soo leaves Se Ra with all of her clothes & runs off.  Se Ra, accidentally drops all of it & in the process of putting it all back she sees the picture Maeh Ri gave Yi Soo of Tae San, the one from the year book.  She's confused but she goes to watch the game & when Tae San takes the field she sees his uniform & the number on his back.  Its the same number that was on the leather gloves under Yi Soo's bed.

And that dear addiKts is where the show ended, with Se Ra figuring out the truth of Yi Soo's feelings while Do Jin, who is sitting next to her in the stands sees all of her thoughts cross her face.  And her saying, "They make a good couple don't they?"

So my exploration of the male brain this week reveals that men are stupid, childish, in denial, oblivious, slimy, cruel, pigs.  Hmmm....I already knew all of this!  ^-^

Just kidding.  Well I mean this episode reveals all those things I mentioned & yes I did already know that the male species was more than capable of all of this behavior.  But it also showed a very sad Choi Yoon, who has still not completely recovered from losing his wife & how his friends rallied around him to help him face the pain he just couldn't face or be honest he was feeling.  So far he really is the only one I truly heart.  Tae San is a good man, but he's also kind of domineering & bossy & insecure & he has really bad taste in women & is pretty much blind.  I'm hoping Se Ra proves there is more to her than meets the eye.  And Yi Soo.  Well I hope she gives Do Jin hell.  The more she treats him the way she would treat anybody else, the more he likes her & is surprised by her.  She is proving that his beliefs about women are wrong.  I like that about her.  But I hope if he pulls that ego bruised cruelty thing again that she kicks him in the nads!   {{giggle}}

Well, have a happy drama watching week AddiKts!  New episodes airing this weekend.  I cannot wait to see what happens.  4 episodes in & I am hooked.  That is the sign of a good K-drama.  the characters have become real to me.  Let's hope they don't disappoint.

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  1. Hmm.. so it is my PC at work that's weird I can't see the Add a comment button...

    I'm starting to enjoy this drama, I dont heart it as much as TK2H, but this is just the perfect cute, fluffy, funny drama to watch after TK2H.

    Although it's shown as if Do Jin slept with some random girl when Yi Soo went to his house to return the shoes, I somehow still believe he's not as douche-bag-y as that. I could be totally fooled by him, but I believe there's another explanation to why the girl was there early in the morning with him being half-dressed.

    I hope Kim Ha Neul tones down her aegyo overload, it's bordering on being obnoxious. I like the aegyo much better on Im Maeh Ri, she's just as cute as a button.

    One pet peeve I have against this drama is how fast the conversation flew by.
    Like I totally missed out that the chocolate bouquet was actually sent by Im Maeh Ri instead of Yi Soo cos I got distracted by my kids while watching.
    When Do Jin read the note (that I thought was really written by Yi Soo), I was like hmmm... that seems like totally out of her character.

    Oh, I just remembered another pet peeve about this drama, I hate how gaunt Jang Dong Gun looks in this drama. He really needs to put on a lot of weight fast!
    Check out this clip from AAE and you'll see how utterly yummilicious he used to be!

    Looking forward to ep 5!

    1. I'm sorry that your work pc wasn't showing the comment button! How frustrating & odd.

      Missy K, I love it when you leave me comments on my feels like I have a fan! That may be overstating the truthfulness of the situation, but I'm MAD I tell you. MAD with my own self importance, thanks to the comments of my ONE LONE quasi-fan! Bwahahahahaha...

      Okay that's about all I can take of my own obnoxious behavior. :)

      I watched the clip & I agree he does seem a tad on the too thin side, in comparison but before I saw the clip I thought he was a total hottie Oppa! And I agree the dialogue is really fast but I like that. I wasn't sure if I understood it correctly when it came to who bought who the chocolate bouquet. I thought it was Maeh Ri but they made it sound like it was Yi Soo. But the next episode cleared it up for me. :) And Yi Soo's aegyo hasn't bothered me, too much. But I do love it when she freaks out. As for Do Jin being "douche-bag-y"? I think he was just really insulted that she returned the gift & that once again she showed she was not interested & his little male ego couldn't handle it. Although I do think he went overboard & should have been kicked in the nads as a way to teach him a lesson in humility.

      Thank you again for the comment! Hope you like this week's reviews as well.

  2. I don't know why (maybe because cute guys can get away with pretty much anything?), but I'm a little more forgiving of Do Jin. He had a valid point. His "love" is one-sided. It's not even love. He's interested in her, but she is going after his best friend. The gift was strange and she was right to return it. He could have handled it better,but I think he felt a little offended and was fighting back. As far as the random women goes, you know that I am all about monogamy and not sleeping around. But in the views of many, what he did was normal. I wouldn't do it nor would I condone it, but I'm not going to string the man up for being a 40-something year old male who is not tied down. I have a lot less patience with Mr Needs-to-Keep-It-in-His-Pants. He IS tied down and needs to keep himself under control and his friends need to stop helping him cheat. The bro code should only go so far. So, I'm not ready to write off Do Jin quite yet. His crimes were small given the circumstances. If they had been involved/dating then yes, definitely, string him up by his toenails and flail away. Until she's ready to commit to him, why should he commit to her? It only seems fair.

    1. BUT would he be okay with her actually going out with someone other than him? No he would not so that makes his a sexist egoist who wants everything for himself but doesn't really care about what she wants for herself. I still think she should have taught him a lesson & kicked him in the nads for being such a jerk. LOL


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