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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 3

Let me start this review by acknowledging that I know you have probably, by now, read at least a dozen different reviews of this show.  I am grateful that you are checking out just one more.  Or rather that you are so addiKted you can't get enough & are willing to read another long winded review/recap.

Another thing...I will get to the review I promise...but I joined a new KDrama Lovers group just recently.   So I wanted to give a shout out to all my AddiKted new friends!  Hollah ladies!!  I have no idea if they'll read this or not but there you go.  Ladies, it's really hard to NOT discuss this show with you on the group page, because I see your opinions & I try really hard to ignore them, so that they don't influence my opinion, also because then I wouldn't have anything to talk about on TCA.  We can't have that, can we?

I have to say as we ended ep 2 I was LOVING this new show.  I was loving looking at KDrama via a Man's POV.  Such a nice change.  It has been quite an interesting case study of men & men's psyches.

You have all the different kinds of men in one dynamic group.  You have the leader, Kim Do Jin.  You have the Moral Voice, Lawyer Yoon.  You have the affable, nice guy in Im Tae San & you have the 'can't keep it in his pants womanizer', in need of sexual addiction therapy in Lee Jeong Rok.  I am sure there are other male models we can cast into the show...maybe those models will show up in the form of the youngsters that seem to be keeping to the shadows...for now.  I'm interested to see how CNBlue's, Lee Jong Hyun's character "Collin", & his storyline will take off.  As hinted at in last week's episodes.  Hmmm...

Probably my favorite thing to see in this drama, that I think, would annoy me in other dramas, but delights me in this one, is every time Kim Ha Neul's character "Seo Yi Soo" freaks out.  There is nothing like watching a dignified woman in her 30s lose her cool on the street, in a cafe, on the sidewalk or just in her own room, chanting "Ottoke?!?!  Ottoke?!?!" under her breath repeatedly & stomping her feet & smashing her head on the table.  Classy.    I think what I love the most is that rather than treating her like she's an embarrassment to him or trying to stop her Kim Do Jin, laughs & watches her some more.  He likes her too.

You're wondering what happened after Yi Soo "Confessed" to Do Jin aren't you?  Well you have to wait.  I have noticed something that I really like about this drama.  Each new episode does not begin where the last one left off.  Instead it shows you all the guys together.  Sometimes when they are younger & sometimes their modern day selves.  Its a clever way of solidifying their group bonding & dynamics.

In episode 3 they start off in what looks to be one of those kind of places where you can hire a girl or meet a girl & take her to your own private dining room.  We find all 4 men staring a beautiful young woman.  And they are all lying about their ages...saying they are in their early 30s.  HA!  And then they get her name & they ask if she is related to...?
 She looks around confused & asks, "Ahjussi, how do you know my father?"
Can you say..."Awwwkwwwward?!?!"  

They stare at her stupidly for 1.5 seconds & then one of them whispers quietly, to the side,
"No one said his name right?"

And then just run!!

I laughed & laughed & laughed.  Idiots!  Ahhhhh..... {wiping mirthful tears from my eyes} ....Men!

The next morning though I wasn't laughing when Do Jin woke up at home but not alone.  I was like...wait! I thought he liked Yi Soo???  Where did this chick come from?  It would seem Jeong Rok is not the only pig who can't keep it in his pants.  And this is not the only time during these 2 episodes that I was sorely tempted to punch Do Jin in the jaw.

Even though he spent the night w/ another woman, who remains nameless, {probably to him as well} he can't help but remember as he dresses Yi Soo & her "confession".  He has been trying to contact her but she is embarrassed & doesn't want to talk to him.  What do you say to the guy who knows who you really crush on & that you are a big liar, liar pants on fire?!?

And we see her in the park punishing Im Maeh Ri for sending the chocolates to Tae San in Yi Soo's name.  Guess that answered that question for me.  Making her do squats in the park.  I like the way Koreans punish each other, at least in dramas they do.  This is not an American way for punishing.  We just get revenge or get all pissy & stop being friends.  I like the Korean way better.  I think the next time a friend ticks me off I am going to just show up at their house & demand calisthenics to get my revenge & to help them see the error of their ways.  Much healthier way of dealing w/ friendships.

Jeong Rok's wife visits him at the cafe.  And instead of signing her name when she buys her earl grey she writes on the signing machine, "Why did you turn off your phone?"  He erases it & asks her to sign again, she writes "Where did you sleep?"  He gives up hands her the receipt & lies, like the dog he is, that he was at Do Jin's the night before.  Of course we all know this is NOT true.  Do Jin wasn't alone but his companion was a lot less manlike.

Do Jin is not to be ignored so he goes to Yi Soo's house, Se Ra informs him she isn't there.  He goes back to his car & Yi Soo who had to take refuge in the reverends house next door to avoid running into Do Jin comes out & after receiving a text from Do Jin asking her if this is the way she confesses she has a melt down in the street.  I really do love her mental frustrations in public view.  And apparently so does Do Jin because he just watches it from his car, laughing & smiling, till she turns around & sees him watching.  CAUGHT!

She tries to be cute at one point with him but just can't seem to pull it off.  She says that they should go to the coffee shop & talk but he wants to talk in private.  Her mind automatically goes to hotel, but he meant her house.
DJ:  "Since when did you start liking me
What do you like about me."
YS: "I am ...sorry"
DJ: "I guess you wanted to confess so badly you even bought a chocolate basket so big a pregnant woman couldn't lift it."
YS: "I am REALLY sorry."
DJ: "I'm not saying I couldn't understand...  how achingly & grievously handsome I am, right?  you don't seem to agree with me?"
YS: "Oh well ....that word dazzlingly is a little overpowering...
so I wasn't able to pay attention after that word.  
So did you mean grievously bad?" She says w/ 
a smile & he just stares at her.  And the romance is gone.  

She really does not understand why he won't stop bothering her & he doesn't understand why she isn't getting that he likes her so he basically says he's going to keep stalking her.  And that she needs to figure out why.

Poor Im Maeh Ri.  Her legs hurt from all those squats that Yi Soo had her do.  She arrives home & finds Choi Yoon, trying to get the rest of his stuff while she is out to avoid any uncomfortable moments with her.  Unfortunately there is an awkward moment coming up, she is trying to get him to stick around & says she'll get him some coffee.  She goes into the kitchen & cannot reach the dishes, in her attempt she nearly pulls them on to herself.  But guess who just happens to be there at just the right height to grab the plates in the nick of time.
 I know this is also K Drama 101 {they did it in City Hunter too} but I heart scenes like this.  Heart fluttering scenes.  Guess I'm a sucker for predictable & corny.  So sue me.  

My only problem with this relationship is that she is about 20 years younger than he is...I get the whole May/December romance thing...but 20 years really is a BIG difference.  Also as he has been friends with her brother since her birth, he's known her since she was a baby.  That just seems wrong to me.  But at the same time I can't help but be happy at the thought of these two getting romantically entangled.  What is wrong with me?!?!

Guess what it's time for an away game for the baseball team.  Woohoo!!  Do Jin gets really excited when it's revealed that Yi Soo will be ump-ing again for the game.  After a lot of phone calls & machinations he manages to get it set so that Choi Yoon gets stuck w a bunch of the team members & Tae San's little sister. {Giggle} As well as all of the team's equipment.  While Tae San has to go spend time w/ a client, {ie an old lady that lusts after him & is not subtle about it}.  And then this way Yi Soo will need to ride with Do Jin.  Can you say childish?

She looks really happy about this trip, doesn't she?
After just a couple of minutes in the car it is revealed that Do Jin LOVES his car.  So much so that he has nicknamed "Her".   It's gotta be a guy thing.  And that he does not allow food or beverage in his car.  So he pulls off to the side of the road so that Yi Soo can eat her meal.  While sitting there he gets a text & he rushes her off, without letting her finish as he is informing her she'll need to take the bus the rest of the way because he has to go somewhere.  Somewhere is a hotel, where Jeong Rok is, w/ another girl & his wife is on to him.  Do Jin goes into help his friend, he really should not be helping this guy.  While he is helping Jeong Rok, Yi Soo, justifiably angry & worried about being late to the game, takes Do Jin's precious car & sends him a note that she is....

"Because it looks like you're too busy, I'm going to leave first.  But I forgot to tell you that I'm going to borrow your car.  Then I'm leaving first.  See you in Kangreung."

Well played Yi Soo.  Well played.

On the road to the game she sees a hitchhiker & actually stops & picks him up.  Is this common in South Korea?  Picking up hitchhikers is dangerous.  Especially when you are a lone woman!  I'm not wrong, right? Although he is kind of cute.  Oh that's CNBlue's Lee Jong Hyun...yeah I'd pick him up too.

{giggles & eye wiggles}

He finally gets to the house where everyone is staying & sees Yi Soo just as she has changed into her Umpire uniform & heading to the game.  He finds out where his car is & I love his facial expression...
 Noooooo!!!  Bessie!!!  
Can't you just hear him screaming that at his car as he runs to her rescue?!?!  
Again I say...
Well played Yi Soo.  Well played.
 I especially liked the dried squid & the fact that it had obviously stank up his precious car.  
 However there is always revenge!  And we see it here as he shoves it into her bag full of clothes.  

At the game an unaware Yi Soo is suffering alongside all the players as Im Maeh Ri becomes the teams lone cheerleader.  Not just their lone cheerleader, their incredibly shrill, loud, obnoxious lone cheerleader.  You can't help but be vexed & amused at her cheerleading.  Yeah she's annoying but she's sweet & cute!  Until that is she gets caught unawares by a long throw.

It beans her right in the eye!!

 I love her line here...she looks right at Choi Yoon... 

And of course she has to go to the hospital, right?  And of course who gets to take her?  Choi Yoon. Duh!

I love that eventually he says, she'll be fine & simply takes her back to her brother.  Of course this decision is preceded by the fact that he became uncomfortable with the sight of her very attractive thighs in her very short skirt, as she reclined back as far as she could in the passenger seat.  Methinks Choi Yoon is having a 'hard' {& yeah that pun was totally intended} time in this scene for several reasons.  I still have no idea if I like this relationship at this time but I like both of these characters so much & think Choi Yoon is uber cute!  So I'll just watch & see.

During this Yi Soo has gone back to her room & discovered the present that Do Jin left in her duffel bag.  uh oh.  Now she has to borrow clothes from Im Maeh Ri.  It's a teenie tiny skirt that leaves her feeling self conscious.  All the guys in the team are noticing how pretty her legs & figure are.  Im Tae San tells her she's always been pretty which makes her happy.  At dinner that evening she is mad that he is keeping her there & he tells her she should know why he is detaining her.

Then they have this really sweet moment on the beach later at sunset.  She's standing there cold in the breeze by the ocean & her skirt keeps lifting & he takes off his long jacket & kneels down in front of her & ties it to her waist & then snaps the front shut.  So her legs are protected.  Awww...heart melting.  She once again talks about how much she likes Im Tae San & then apologizes for putting him in an awkward position with her confession.

Then it seems as though time passes quickly once they get back & they don't see each other for a really long time.  Seasons have changed.  She is back to teaching & her thugs are there enjoying making her life miserable.  But you can see the head thug really likes his teacher.  When he overhears another student harping on about how hard she is & that it's not fair he confronts the student, w/ a veiled threats.
Wish I had, had a really cute defender like this when I was in school.  

Jeong Rok arrives at the cafe to find out that his wife had just been there & had taken all of his credit card receipts.  Of course he panics....hmmm wonder what could be in those receipts, huh?  He shows up at her gym, where she is working out with an incredibly well built young trainer.  She confronts him about one of his receipts for kimbap.  He spent an awful lot of $ on that kimbap!  Then the trainer points out that sometimes dirty places use fake names on their receipts.  He offers her flowers & she basically tells him to shove it. LOL  I really like her!  Well except for the fact that she knows he cheats but she stays with him.  That part I don't like so much but it's just a show so I'm not as affected.

While perusing books & magazine Yi Soo comes across an article on Do Jin.  Included is an interview.  Where he says he does not wish to ever marry, because he doesn't want to share the money he makes with a wife & child & he's not sure he could love just one woman for the rest of his life.  Se Ra questions her & Do Jin afterwards.  And says she has a nice sunbae in the golf world that she wants to set Yi Soo up with.  Yi Soo finally agrees when Se Ra starts questioning who it is that she actually likes.

At lunch w/ his sister Tae San finds out that Yi Soo has a blind date w/ Se Ra's sunbae.  And he leaves Se Ra & his sister alone, so he can call Do Jin & tell him the news of the blind date.  We then find out why Im Maeh Ri hates Se Ra so much.  It would seem when they came to visit her in NY & while her brother was busy Im Maeh Ri saw Se Ra in a bar w/ another guy & she kissed him.  Se Ra realizing she is caught leaves, but I think there is more to that story.  I mean I wouldn't put it past Se Ra to wander but at the same time I have a hard time believing she'd get caught so easily.

We are now at the part of the episode where we have our cliffhanger.  Yi Soo is waiting for her blind date to arrive & Do Jin shows up.  And then he tells her that he is going to pursue her.  that he likes her & plans on having a crush on her like she does on Tae San.  And fir the first time he is serious.  And that dear friends is where it ends.
 Does he look smug to you too?  
Oh who cares if he looks smug, he's hot.  And he's older than me.  He can look as smug as he wants to. 

Okay addiKts I do have a couple of questions...

This is for the die hard Koreaphile who has either been there or knows from friends who have been there.  Dongsaeng & I were discussing this today.  It's in regards to her thug students.  In episode 1 when they get in trouble for beating up Do Jin, the police call their teacher, enter Yi Soo.  Then she spends the rest of ep 1 & all of ep 2 trying to get Do Jin to settle rather than press charges.

So our questions are;
1.) Why did the police call the teacher rather than their parents?

2.) Once your kid goes off to school you are no longer responsible the teacher is?

3.) Or is it just high school age (or college aged) kids?

4.) Does this mean that when Do Jin doesn't settle the teacher, in this case Yi Soo, will be held responsible not the parents?

5.) At what age does all this take effect?

6.) Or is all this just a K-Drama thing?

These were the things we just don't understand as we have no experience on this topic.  So if you can help it would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Now back to my review.  I really do like this show.  I take it face value as a show about men, from a man's point of view, IF you use as many male stereotypes as you can & take them directly from the Official Stereotype Handbook for Men.  {What?!?!  It could be a real book, you don't know}

I also recognize that it's fiction, not fact.  That there are varying degrees of the "Pig Man" around today.  That "Pig Man" is alive & well & in all cultures.  I don't think these are necessarily bad men, although Jeong Rok eh...he's pretty close, but I do think that just Sex & the City played the female stereotype too heavy, in my opinion, this show may be playing the male stereotype a little too heavy as well.

I realize I am taking my own life into my hands when I admit, that I may be one of the only woman on the planet, that never really cared for Sex & the City.  {{{GASP!!!!  NO WAY!!!!  Unnie how you've let us down!!  Ottoke?!?!  Ottoke?!?!}}}  I know.  I just couldn't relate to any of the characters in that show.  they were all over the top & ridiculous.  I don't know any women who fit those molds.  Or the shoes for that matter.  And if I'm going to be honest I really tuned in for the shoes!  Homina Homina Homina...Jimmy Choos!!  {wiping away drool}  That part btw I totally related to, if I didn't have 4 kids, I'd have mountains of designer shoes.  Oh yeah!

So I will keep watching & laughing my butt off at these ridiculously stereotyped guys & see which ones I still like later on in the show.  This is a 20 episoder, those are usually filled w/ plot twists & eventually get very drama heavy.  We'll see.  Hopefully it keeps the light tone it has started out with.  So long as they don't kill off one of the best guys in episode 19 I'll be fine.  You hear that K2H & CH writers?!?!  I was so not happy to lose the DA & Shi Kyeong!  And I happen to know for a fact you ticked off a lot of fans out there by doing that!!!  Do not make me come to Seoul & kick your butts!!

Time to review episode 4...


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