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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 7

Well, AddiKts, I called it.  Last weeks super awesome, very funny episodes led to not such great episodes this week.  I mean they were fine, but they weren't as awesome as their predecessors either.   It figures...has anybody else noticed this kind of rhythm in KDramas?  One week you get awesome/excellent & the next its just eh?  I know it happens in American TV too but not nearly as dramatically.  Which kind of makes sense if you think about it, right?  Our K-Dramas are always so much more dramatiK than US TV.  {{giggle,  thank you, thank you.  I excel at bad puns}}

So this episode does it's usual flashback, only this time we get to see Jeong Rok's wedding day.  Starting w/ the night before, where apparently they are supposed to be buying a marriage chest, new tradition for me, only they're supposed to haggle over the price.  The 'bride to be' sent out her girls to do the haggling, as is tradition, only she sent 3 seriously good looking women.  And what happens to men when you throw good looking women into the mix, the blood disappears from their brain & heads to places elsewhere. {{Wink, wink}}  And the haggling was over before it started.  {{silly men, maybe I should say, EASY men}}

And before we knew it, Choi Yoon Oppa was making a huge Arse of himself.

{{And this time I grabbed screen shots}}

 Now this is funny stuff...right?

But it would seem that even in the beginning Jeong Rok's bride was annoyed with him.   According to Do Jin's voice over, she didn't like the fact that the groom & all his guests were younger than the bride & her guests.  My question is what did she think would happen when she married a younger guy?!?!  Really?!?!

 She looks so happy on this her wedding day, doesn't she?  I actually feel really bad for Jeong Rok looking at this picture.  
Do Jin the photographer is NOT in that woman's cleavage.  Perv!  xD 
And then we are back to the present.  And we're back in the bathtub w/ Yi Soo.  Wait, that just doesn't sound right, whatever! You know what I mean.  {{awkward unnie, very awkward.}}

She's thinking of Do Jin & the kiss.  And honestly I can't say I blame her, it was a good kiss, well minus the fact that she did that eye's wide open/blinking thing.  But I won't talk about that part.  Instead I'll talk about after the bath.  She's getting dressed & arguing with herself about her reaction to the kiss & whether he would think she was into it like he was.  But it's okay she says out loud because she didn't open her mouth so he'll know she did not appreciate the kiss.  Then she can't find her kitty undies.  Did she wash them?  Oh well, so long as he understands that she is NOT interested in him & that's why she can't stop thinking about him, because she is NOT interested in him whatsoever.  Then the camera pans over to the jacket that Do Jin placed on her shoulders the night before, but just after the kiss.  And we see his recording pen still recording in her pocket.  Which means her whole monologue is being recorded for posterity's sake.  Or maybe just Do Jin's sake.

Then we flash to a still asleep Do Jin, who always states the date & then looks at his clock to verify that he's right.  Only this time he is missing a day.  He can't remember an entire day?  I'm sitting there thinking how much did he drink at Jeong Rok's bar the night before?!?!  He goes out to the kitchen where Choi Yoon has made breakfast & they call it an "episode".  It would seem our Do Jin has some memory issues.  He hasn't had this problem in a while though, so Choi Yoon tells him just use your pen to remind yourself.  Only Do Jin can't find the pen.  You & I know it's w/ Yi Soo.  So Choi Yoon tells him a little & that he needs to get the rest of the story from Tae San, who was there as well.  So Do Jin goes in search of Tae San.

Who is uncomfortable with Do Jin, mostly because of the hugging incident but also because he knows that to Yi Soo it was a big deal but he doesn't know if it will be a big deal to Do Jin.  Which tells me that no one is taking Do Jin's one sided love affair declaration to Yi Soo seriously.  It would seem they all think he's just playing around or that he's not sincere because of his playboy past.  Because I have heard him tell several people that he's started this one sided love affair several different times yet no one seems to know whether he likes Yi Soo or not.  Either way Tae San tells him that his missing jacket, which probably has the pen inside it, are both at Yi Soo's house.  Do Jin also can't find the pretty shoes he bought.  They were at work but now they're gone & Tae San tells him those are with her too.

So he shows up at her house & is completely oblivious about the kiss the night before, the shoes, his declaration, the ...  well everything!  And she is completely shocked that he is pretending to not remember anything & gets mad & offended by his attitude.  He leaves with his jacket & the pen.  The next thing we know Yi Soo is having a heart to heart w/ Choi Yoon as to why Do Jin doesn't remember things.

He has been through extremely hard times, including bankruptcy & financial ruin three times trying to get his business as an architect going.  And the last time there were a lot of stresses going along with it & that's when the blackouts started.  His brain is fine, no cancer or strokes or anything but he'll forget ...

That's why he carries the pen around with him, it can record his day for him.  24/7 he records everything just in case.  It's his OCD thing.  Everyone has one don't they?  I hate germs.  I also like things to be put back exactly where I assign them to be when I put them there.  I also have to have the dishwasher loaded a certain way.  I make my kids & CA help me with dishes but 10 times out of 10 I will go behind them & rewash/load the dishwasher.  Please tell me I am not the only one with OCD issues?!?!


0-0 !?!?!

I apologize for that outburst.  That might have been a bit much.

I'll...uhm....get back to the review.  Before you report me to the local nut house...again.

Ahem...  Just as Yi Soo is understanding & accepting this new information about Do Jin, she realizes that pen records everything!

Including her conversation out loud regarding the night before, the kiss, her kitty panties etc...

UH-OH!!  Now she is determined to get the pen back.

After a quick check at the hospital where Do Jin finds his brain is still perfectly normal, who gets MRI results back that quickly?!?!  It took them 2 weeks to get the MRI results back from my son's first MRI.  And it hasn't gotten any sooner since.  Oh wait I forgot....this is K-Drama!!  Not REAL life!  Duh!  Sorry AddiKTs.  Anyway his brain is fine....

So he's back at his place, listening to the pen, or rather to Yi Soo on the pen, he's just gotten to the good & embarrassing part of her monologue.  And he can't help laughing at her conversation with herself.  And we the audience get to listen to the conversation as well, only instead of it being just an audio version we get to see the figment of Do Jin's imagination, Yi Soo, come to life in that she is going about her choreography of that morning's conversation as if we were watching it with him.  Does that make sense?

Oh heck here.  My favorite part is when Do Jin realizes that he sees her too, as if she were really there & he doesn't notice her till she drops her towel.  Typical!

 And once again we see him trying to get a better view of her ...uhm... bits & pieces from above.  
No comment!

Then just as he is enjoying the view the figment of his imagination, the real deal shows up, out of breath & determined to get to that pen before he hears embarrassing information.  Of course Do Jin neglects to tell her he's already heard about her missing panties.  Which leads to a rather interesting game of keep away as she tries to take the pen away from him so she can delete the recording.  And they end up... well I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.  But I will say this first...another YUMMY Stealing Breath scene ahead.  OMO!!!  I LOVED this scene!!!

Keep Away

Totally makes me want to play Keep Away too!

I love this moment!  He looks so sexy like that doesn't he?

Then he admits it's too late, he already heard everything. Which embarrasses her to the point where she has to bury her head on his chest & wiggle.  His reaction of shock & desire was very evident on his face afterwards.

What man wouldn't want this moment?!?!?

The Classic Wrist Grab Moment...

Always gets me.  
Afterwards I was happy to see another mini freak out from Yi Soo in public.  I love it when she jumps up & down & repeats, "Ottoke? Ottoke??"  It just cracks me up.

After we witness her mini breakdown outside Do Jin's house we get to see another couple start to fall apart.  All is not well w/ Tae San & Se Ra.  First of all, we get to see Tae San at his office, still "thinking" about Yi Soo & Se Ra's tattling.  Then we see that Se Ra has been waiting for him to call all day long, all to no avail.  Then when she is out to dinner w/ all the other pro golfer GUYS she finally gets a call from him, but ignores it.  She really does like being contrary to him.  And yet he keeps coming back for more.

{{**Small pause in the review here**I want to know this cannot be all guys right?  Some, ok I guess, I can understand but there ARE guys out there that find this kind of game playing woman as a pain in the butt & try to stay away from her right? }}

Anyway, Tae San shows up at the restaurant, which is what she wanted & we see them smiling at each other & making up.  Only on the walk home there is still awkwardness.  He is still thinking about Yi Soo & her confession.  But he loves Se Ra so he is conflicted & the fact that Se Ra likes playing him is not helping.  So he refuses to walk her all the way home & she gets mad.  Even though she is the one who made it so he'd be uncomfortable around Yi Soo by spilling the confession beans.  Finally she asks him, angrily, if he likes Yi Soo back.  What's not to like, she's pretty, loves baseball & is a good woman?  Hmmm....that seems slightly familiar.  Oh that's right I said the exact same thing in that last review!  I am psychic!

{{Okay you were all thinking it too, I know.  Not psychic as much as I am just smart.  Dangs ya'll, why ya gotta ruin my psychic dream?!?!  Sad face.  Man!!}}

They have another nasty fight & he leaves her there apologizing for not taking her all the way to the door.  This is so NOT how she saw this evening going.  Crap on toast!   Then we see a lot of Yi Soo/ Se Ra avoiding each other but it's just getting warmed up AddiKts.  Because Se Ra finally breaks down & tells Yi Soo that not only does she know about the gloves & the picture & the feelings, but she told Tae San about them too.  Man!!  Yi Soo gets angry, & justly so.  Tells Se Ra that as her friend, nothing was going to happen she should have protected Yi Soo from the embarrassment but now she's thinking she WILL try for Tae San & damn the consequences.  Even if she gets rejected, she'll still get to make Tae San waiver.  Then she tells Se Ra that she doesn't want to see her face.  Oooh, finally she stands up to her friend & calls her out on all the crap.  Thank you Yi Soo!  I really don't hate Se Ra, she just irritates me with her bad choices.  She just doesn't think & that irritates me because I believe it gives women, in general, a bad name.  It makes us look illogical & irrational & like a guys stereotype of what women are actually like.  I don't like being disappointed in my own sex like this!  Grrr....

Okay so back to the review...again.  Man I have the attention span of a 5 year old boy!  Oh wait that's because I have a 5 year old!  Silly me.  What were we talk....SQUIRREL!!!

{{giggle - if you get that reference you five imaginary points that serve no purpose whatsoever}}

Anyway, this week's episode shows us the results of Jeong Rok's text that irritated his wife so much that even though he destroyed his cell phone to hide evidence she took the chip.  He has been unceremoniously kicked out of the house.  And is now residing w/ Tae San & Maeh Ri.  Who is less than thrilled that he is staying there.  But he's staying there because Maeh Ri is there & she can report to his wife that he is behaving & hopefully get him back into the house.  But Maeh Ri is not cooperating.

Then we see her chatting it up w/ Collin & we see Choi Yoon witnessing the exchange looking not so happy about her talking to another guy.  But what can he say about it?  He wants her but he doesn't want her at the same time.  He thinks he's way too old for her & maybe other people, including some of our dear AddiKts, do too.  But I like him & her together so much. I'm really pulling for them as a couple.  I don't know why.  Just am.  He stands there on the steps of the building & watching from afar.  Collin leaves & Maeh Ri starts to walk back in & sees Choi Yoon, who jumps at being caught & walks past her, ignoring her & pretending he doesn't see her.  Harsh.

Then later we see the beginning of the real stand off between Yi Soo & Se Ra.  Yi Soo doesn't want to go home because she knows Se Ra is there & awake, so she sits outside the house in her car watching a baseball game on her phone.  And who shows up?
If you guessed Do Jin then you'd be right.  Are you psychic?  Oh wait you already watched the show.  Never mind.

He watches her for a minute or two then he hops into her car, w/out invitation.  After explaining that his purpose in coming was to give her the new laptop to replace the one he spilled coffee on, while trying to hide the fact that he was staring at her in a swimsuit, she thanks him & then explains that this makes them even & she'd rather not see him or Se Ra or any of the others again.  Of course she doesn't take the time to explain that Tae San knows about her crush.  She tells Do Jin that he's cool, confident AND handsome but that he has not stirred her heart.  He can see she's serious & this gives him pause.  Having a one sided love affair is really not easy.

Back at his house we see him & Choi Yoon lost deep in their own thoughts, each sighing & thinking of those women in their lives that are complicating the crap out of everything.
Any excuse I can use to put more pics....

of my sexy oppas on this post.  
 Eventually they start talking to each other & then Choi Yoon has the nerve to accuse him of being childish & chasing after girls ridiculously.  At this point Do Jin reminds him of getting Soo Young's {GG member} autograph & then breaking out in dance...of course this means Do Jin has to break out those sweet Choi Yoon doing the Girls Generation dance moves.   Daebak!!
Nothing like mocking your best friend!

Sigh.  Jeong Rok.  Jeong Rok do you really think she is going to fall for your act?  Do you really think so little of her intelligence?  Sad & pathetic.  This attempt to win back his place in the house & his wife is sad & pathetic.  In a church no less.  He tries so hard to cry in this scene it cracks me up.  Jeong Rok your wife is just not falling for your attempt to mollify her with your Crocodile tears & declaration of love for her & your marriage.

Wailing to the Lord that you suck as a husband, is your best plan?!?!  Sad & Pathetic.
 But like I said she ain't falling for it.  She explains that shutting her out of your heart & your life is bad enough  but to also betray her.  That is too much & she leaves him there again.

And before he's wiped the dust from the church floor, off his knees, he is already back to being a cheating prick!  He walks into the bday for Choi Yoon & Do Jin w/ 2 young girls.  He isn't the first to arrive though,  Maeh Ri is there too, waiting w/ the bday cake she picked out for Choi Yoon Oppa .   She isn't bothered by the fact that she wasn't invited to the bday party.  Nope, she's invited.  If Jeong Rok wants to get in good w/ his wife he is to go with her story when Tae San or anyone else for that matter asks.  Being the desperate man he is Jeong Rok goes along with her plot.

Everyone has arrived...Maeh Ri suggest that they sing the Happy Birthday song & that the guys make a wish & blow out the candles on her cake.  This makes the young girls there laugh.  What 40 year old still behaves like that?!?!  This makes Maeh Ri mad.  And then the show ended.  What?!?!  The show ended?!?!

What a crappy ending!!  How could they end it like that?!?!  So Stupid!

{{Pssst  Unnie.}}

Huh?  WHAT!?!?  I'm in the middle of a rant!

{{Yes but they last for a while & we have something important to tell you.  It's about episode 7}}

Okay...sigh...what is it?

{{The episode isn't over.  Viki segmenters made a mistake & cut the last couple of minutes off the end of the show.}}

OH!!!  Wait!  Well what am I supposed to do then?

{{Watch it raw (unsubbed) on another site.}}

So I did.  But I did it w/ the laptop so no screen shots...  Until I watched episode 8 the next day on Viki.  It had the end of the previous I have screen shots after all.  Thank goodness cause that was a good ending...still a cliffhanger though but a better cliffhanger than I had originally thought it was, yay!

So Maeh Ri bites back at the girls & tells them that if she didn't laugh when she suggested the blowing of the candles/wish scenario then they shouldn't laugh either.  The girls look ashamed of their rudeness & apologize.  And so begins Maeh Ri's temper tantrum.  I was embarrassed for her & ashamed of her all at the same time.  First, & I hope, the only time I did not like her.  Her brother is embarrassed by her outburst w/ the guests that he tells her its after 10 & she should go home.  This does not sit well & she gets madder.  And then he tells her to leave she says the only reason he's acting like this is because she like Yoonie Oppa!

He then grabs her by the wrist & starts dragging her kicking & screaming & crying & throwing an actual temper tantrum, like my 5 year old would, out of the room.  Now I will admit neither one of these 2 is handling this situation well.  Both brother & sister are overreacting, but as brother & sister it is their job to over react to each other.  It's what siblings do.

Just as they pass Choi Yoon, he puts out his hand & stops Tae San & Maeh Ri's progress & tells Tae San to let her go & let it drop.

And that is where the REAL cliffhanger was.  Wow!!  I was not expecting that & got so excited to see what was going to happen in the rest of ep 8!

But I will end this post here.  For one thing I need to make dinner for my family.  Something about them needing to eat several times a day...EVERY day!  Whatever.

It was a good episode but it didn't grab a hold of me & have me dying to see what was coming next, but that's okay, it was a week for moving the show & plot forward more.  The end of this one rocked though.  Once I saw it in the beginning of the next one ...  that's just weird.

Up next episode 8 review!  Hang on to your hats!  Not sure why I said that.  Are you even wearing hats?!?! Guess I'm kind of hungry too.  Whose up for homemade fried chicken & Au Gratin potatoes.  American cooking at it's best, plugging the arteries w/ cholesterol!  Hmm-hmmm good!

Until the next review AddiKts.



  1. Oh Unnie, your reviews are killing me! They always make me want to go back and rewatch every episode because you remind me of just how much I loved each one. Problem is I have four other dramas going right now and my own reviews to write, not to mention children and a household to manage. Curse you and your reviews! ;P And dinner sounds yum, when can I come over?

    1. YOu are welcoem to come for dinner anytime...but you already KNOW that! Duh! I think if you showed up at my door for dinner I'd drop dead from excitement & shock!! I kind of, if you didn't already know it, LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVES CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! -_^

      Sorry that my reviews are making you crazy. I'm having a hard time finding time for more shows myself right now. Between Love Rain, which I am still watching, AGD, & my calling & my kids, & my home, & my CA....I'm pooped. When does MY summer break begin?!?!?!? So I can empathize with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Being an "International Bloggess" is sure hard work. ;)


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