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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 8

Hmmm dinner was yummy!  Thanks for asking AddiKts.  Nothing like a good dinner to make a reviewer happy to get back to work.

So I'll dive right in.  There is another flashback to the past with our favorite gentlemen.  And once again I'm supposed to believe they are all college aged.  {{rolling my eyes here}}

They're sitting across the table at a fast food joint from 3 young ladies.  None of which would win a beauty contest, not that I'm in any position to judge their looks, I wouldn't win a beauty contest either.  And all of them are trying to figure out a way to get out of this evening.  So we get to witness each guy do his very best fake impression of themselves as non worthy dating candidates.

Jeong Rok starts off by introducing himself as a rebel bad boy with the worst grades of every single student at the school, as though he's proud of it.  Being these are Korean girls, grades matter.  Or they do for the purposes of this scene anyway.

Choi Yoon's way of trying to make himself less attractive as a candidate was my favorite.  He looks intensely worried & scared as he says, "I didn't tell my mom, I was going to be here", in a kind of whiny childlike voice.  "I hope she doesn't get mad at me, my mom."  The girls all look embarrassed for him &/or disgusted by the mama's boy.

Tae San says he'll pay for dinner, it's all on him with a big toothy smile.  Then as he reaches for his drink he fakes a nasty tremor in his hand, can't even get a drink he is shaking so badly & looks like a moron!  But it's okay it's just his disease.  Another candidate down.

There are 3 girls, so only one of our guys is going to get out of this...Do Jin has watched each of his friends put on their show.  Now it's his turn.  My 2nd favorite fake act of the evening.

Do Jin's way of making himself seem less attractive is by smiling sweetly & then as he is introducing himself & asking if anyone would like a french fry, he puts on a thick, unattractive lisp.  Very sexy.  The girls giggle & the guys all realize they are all still in the running because that lisp was awful!!  Of course, I couldn't tell because oh yeah I don't actually speak Korean. I didn't even notice the lisp, except the subber from Viki pointed it out to me in their comments on the English subtitles.  But the look of satisfaction on his face & the look of "Oh crap" on his friends faces told me the lisp was hideous.  {{I laughed with glee at every one's facial expressions}}

At this point the whole exercise proves to be for naught because a 4th girl shows up.  A beautiful girl btw.  And every single one of the guys is staring at her intently.

I have a feeling this is the mother of Collin.  Which means she probably hooked up with one of our leads at some point.

Kim Eun Hui 

That would be the succinct look of.... "uh ...uh...uh...uh..."

During that birthday dinner, from the previous episode, we find out that this beautiful woman was the very first love of all the guys.  I have this feeling that finding this out was a surprise to all of the guys.  Oops...  Does this mean Eun Hui got around.  Or just that she seemed to get around.  And which do you think is Collin's father ?  

It's at this point they go back to episode 7's ending & we get to see Maeh Ri throw her monumentally awful temper tantrum.  And still I'm ashamed of her, but she's still young & she is really being treated unfairly and not just by her brother but Choi Yoon, who needs to make a decision & then tell her his decision.  You know like she asked him to in episode 6.  But still throwing a temper tantrum is not how you get grown ups to treat you like a grown up.  

So we left it off with Choi Yoon telling Tae San to stop & let her go.  

Remember this?

Everyone is flabbergasted by Choi Yoon's decision to intercede on Maeh Ri's behalf.

Can you say...Awwwwwkwaaaaaaaard?  

Well that's it for this party.  Bummer.  Do Jin gets Maeh Ri's bag & takes Maeh Ri out, Jeong Rok excuses it to be family stuff & tells the girls the party is over & then leaves with both of them.  Meanwhile Tae San & Choi Yoon are left standing there, not looking at each other.  Both in shock.  They need to talk.  Just not here, even though the room is now empty...course I'd probably need a while to collect my thoughts so that I could talk calmly & rationally, no matter which part of that conversation I was portraying.   So they decide to meet up at Jeong Rok's bar.

Outside the club we see Maeh Ri tell Do Jin that she'll get herself home.  She is after all 24 years old.  She couldn't remember that in the club instead of throwing the temper tantrum?!?!  {{sigh...let it go Unnie!}}

Okay well anyway...she heads to who else Yi Soo & the sauna, that Yi Soo mentioned in a previous post, is in her neighborhood & the guys all head over to Jeong Rok's.

Staring at Choi Yoon & Tae San, that'll make 'em talk faster.
 During this scene I had to giggle at Do Jin.  He was so funny.  He asked Jeong Rok whose side he would take if this split up the guys.  He thought about it for a split second & picked Choi Yoon's side.  When asked by Do Jin why he explained, Choi Yoon is the only one who knows the details of Mina's will.  Do Jin, being the opportunist he is & recognizing that Mina holds all the deeds to everything in their lives, then informs Jeong Rok, with an hysterical look on his opportunistic face, when asked the same question in return, "I pick your side."  Big grin.  I LOVE that man!  Aigoo...chincha chincha love him!  >-<

{{Jang Dong Gun thank you for being such an awesome actor & an incredibly sexy Oppa for me to idolize.  If things don't work out between you & your wife, heaven forbid, call me, k?  Just sayin', the door is definitely open for you Dong Gun Oppa!!  CA will understand.  You are in my "5" now.}}

{{AddiKts, if you get that last "5" reference, w/out following the link to it first, & can tell me, in the comments section, what I'm talking about, then you get 5 more imaginary points!  Score!!  Right?!?!}}
Oh wait!  No.  No staring at them will NOT make them talk.  Pity.  I really thought that would work.   

How do you start this conversation?

Hey!  Uh, yeah, sorry about, you know, before when I stopped you from taking your baby sister, that I'm totally crazy in love with, but way too old for, & you know your my best friend, from my bday party by "wrist grabbing" you dude.  You understand right?   Oh yeah, totally okay with it.  
Actually this is one of those moments I was waiting for....sort of.  Okay so Choi Yoon apologizes.  He then acknowledges that he knows Tae San is nervous of his friend hooking up with his baby sister, that he obviously adores.  That would be awkward anyway but especially when your best friend is, you know, twice your baby sister's age.  Definitely makes things more complicated.  But he says to him, "that thing you are worried will happen is not going to happen.  I'm working very hard to make sure it doesn't happen."  Which it the same thing as telling your bestie that you are; head over heels, butt crazy in love, with his little sis.  Gets even better when he then adds that he's been trying to not let it happen for a "while now".

Oh wow!  I KNEW it!!  I knew that Choi Yoon wanted her.  Okay it's not like it was a national secret, obviously he's got it bad for Maeh Ri.  Any idiot can see that.  Now that he's admitted it, I'm really hoping that in an upcoming {SOON} episode we get to see him finally break & just grab her & pull her in & SWAK the dickens out of her!  I do NOT want to see any of that eyes open & blinking just standing there crap.  After all the chasing she has done, it had better be one whopper of a dang kiss!  Two sets of lips engaged & moving.  And passionate!

{{Do you hear me writers!?!?!  I want one whopper of a Stealing Breaths kiss!!!  Or I will hunt you down & make you rewrite the scene!}}

Whew!  Okay uh...where was I?

Oh yes!  Outside Jeong Rok's bar, Do Jin is trying to get a hold of Yi Soo.  But remember she told him she doesn't want to see him anymore.  So she is avoiding, ignoring, his calls.  Maeh Ri & she are together at the sauna.  Maeh Ri waits till her teacher has fallen asleep & then uses her teachers phone to text Do Jin to let him know she is safe & where she is for the night.  Only she does it as Yi Soo.  Of course Do Jin sees right past that & realizes it's Maeh Ri, but he is excited that he now knows where Yi Soo is & how to be with her.  Jeong Rok is all up for this going to the girls & bringing them to Do Jin's place, as this will hopefully earn him more points with his wife.

Now my question is & someone stop me or correct me if I'm wrong.  But.  When Yi Soo & Maeh Ri were in the sauna, didn't they decide they were spending the night there?  Yi Soo even laid down & went to sleep. That's why Maeh Ri was able to use her phone to text Do Jin.  But when the guys got to the sauna the girls were leaving the sauna & it was still night time.  And they were surprised, or rather Yi Soo was surprised that the guys were there.  So one incomplete story line later & I'm curious why did the girls leave before it was morning?  What happened?  Did I miss a section where Maeh Ri was going to get Yi Soo to agree to leave early.  I could swear Do Jin just read her text where she was & that she was okay.  I don't remember him making any nefarious plots with her.  If the guys had gone into the sauna & had to get the girls & wait for them to change back into street clothes it would have made more sense to me.  Did I miss something?  Did anybody else notice the flaw in the plot right there?

Anyway the girls come out & see Jeong Rok & Do Jin & after a lot of fast talking dialogue & double entendre from Do Jin, of course, it's decided that they will all sleep at the company residence hotel.  You know where Yi Soo  had that yummy Stealing Breath moment, in the bathroom, w/ Do Jin's sexy chest pressing her up against the door.  {{okay gonna need a minute to um chill out again.....good memory of a good moment.... whew.}}

Once they arrive it's time for a quick misunderstanding.  Jeong Rok's wife is at the hotel having dinner with her snotty stuck up friend.  Do Jin rushed in first with Maeh Ri, she really needed to tinkle!!  Leaving behind Jeong Rok & Yi Soo, to enter the hotel together, alone.  And of course Jeong Rok's wife gets to spot him.  So she follows him & Yi Soo, slowly.
I loved that Yi Soo remembered how to get to the room better than Jeong Rok. 

And I love the look of confusion on Yi Soo's face..but...

Jeong Rok's face is better. 
 She starts off being all superior, after all she just caught him in the act didn't she?  But then Do Jin walks in to the room.  Then her dongsaeng Maeh Ri walks into the room too. With a surprised but happy exclamation of "Unnie?!?!"
Um...maybe I should just play this off.  

Enjoy your evening, have fun, get whatever you want, I'll take care of it.  

I'd like to say that in my head I was saying hahahaha...but the truth is it wasn't in my head.  It was very much out loud & it was more like this...

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..."  Especially when Yi Soo started laughing & recounting her meeting w/ Choi Yoon at his office, last Christmas, when J.R's wife walked in, demanding a divorce.  So funny!!

Although you can't blame her for being all suspicious!  She is married to Jeong "Can't keep IT in his pants" Rok, after all.

Maeh Ri retires to her room where she spends the evening feeling sorry for herself & looking at Choi Yoon's school picture in her journal.

Meanwhile Yi Soo, Do Jin & Jeong Rok are all drinking.  And Yi Soo is once again singing, badly & off key.  Mangling what is probably a good song.  Although, I wasn't exactly sure what song it was she was mangling, I don't speak Korean fluently enough, let alone drunken Korean.

Eventually, Jeong Rok takes a phone call, presumably from one of the girls from earlier in the evening as you can see he's asked if she/they got home safely.  Leaving Yi Soo & Do Jin alone, where they have more scintillating conversation about his one sided love affair for her.  Just as she is about to get up & head to sleep, he grabs her hand...squee...I sincerely love it.

Just as he leans in for another kiss...Jeong Rok walks back into the room & Yi Soo panics & falls to the floor to pretend she is asleep.  Hence the smile on Do Jin's face.  
Then Jeong Rok tells him he should carry her into the bedroom so she can sleep there & that Jeong Rok will sleep on the couch so they can have the room. {bed}
How about that look on her face?!?! Classic!!!

Jeong Rok is still too busy talking to the girls he doesn't even realize that Yi Soo is fighting Do Jin quietly.

So he throws her on the bed.  
 She asks him to carry her back out there & put her in Maeh Ri's bed instead but he is a smart man & refuses.  If he does that then he can't sleep with her.  At first she can't think of how to get out of the room with Jeong Rok sitting out there because then he'll know she was faking earlier.  So she messes up her hair & puts on a fake, VERY fake, just woke up face & walks out so she can go to Maeh Ri's room.  Poor Do Jin.

It's the next day & we find out that one of Do Jin/Tae San's clients, or is he their enemy?, has filed a complaint against the company.  So they do what any good company does, they plot how to get even.  They send their guys out to find any & all mistakes in his properties, of which there is an extensive list.  Once compiled they go to him & tell him they have him & that they aren't going to take his crap anymore.  That he can go ahead & file the complaints officially.  And they'll do the same to him, which will ruin him.  I have 2 favorite moments/screen shots from this interaction.

The first is of Tae San losing his cool, his temper & his mouth...

And the 2nd is of their strut walk/high five, after they burned the guy & left him sitting there like a fool!

You go Gurls!!   {{giggle- good stuff, right?  sigh.}}

Now back to the main plot...through all of this Yi Soo has not really spoken to Se Ra.  Except when they accidentally met & Se Ra told Yi Soo she was right, that she wanted Yi Soo to move out but that right now she didn't have the money to give back her deposit, that she would have to win at the Golf Tournament but until then they'd just do their best to stay out of each other's way.  And then when Yi Soo gets a phone call that Se Ra is in the hospital.  She arrives to find that Se Ra is okay or will be once the IV cures her.  As always happens when one is a part of a K-Drama.  She had stomach cramps & is dehydrated & needs rest.

Yi Soo decides that Tae San needs to be called.  So she calls him, once he determines that Se Ra is okay, he informs Yi Soo he won't be coming.  He hangs up but Yi Soo pretends to still be on the phone with him & then pretends he tells her he is out in the country & cannot get there from the construction site right now.  But Se Ra knows the truth.  And for the first time we see her show real regret for her actions.

And it's a miracle.  Actually it's just that Jeong Rok's wife has really crappy, snotty, stuck up friends, with whom she is having a couples dinner.  Only she is the only there without her significant other.  And her friends are rubbing in the fact that their husbands are there but not hers & being superior once again.  Do rich people not make real friends too?  Are they always surrounded by selfish, greedy, fake friends?  That makes me so sad for them.  I'm rich in other ways.

{{Awww Unnie.  How sweet.  I know right??  Everyone loves me the mostest!!  Okay stop rolling your eyes guys!  You can't let me have one freaking minute of denial!?!?  That's cold dudes.  Just cold.}}

Now this scene is actually all mixed in with other scenes but I'm going to rearrange things a little here & make it one scene.

So she's having dinner with her supercilious friends & you can see shes having "so much fun" & then they flash on Jeong Rok & the fact that he gets a text from her demanding he get there now!  They leave out that he knows what's going on & what his role for the evening is supposed to be, just that he is super excited that she called him & that he's back in!  Just as her girlfriends are warming up to being superior to her we see them & the husbands all freeze in awe as Jeong Rok struts in to the restaurant & right up to their table.

Looking good there Jeong Rok

Fake surprise.
Now whose the superior one b----es?!?!  Shaw!!
In her head she's got her finger & thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead.

While they are having dinner & showing off what a loving & happy couple they are...cough cough BullS---t!

Choi Yoon & Tae San are making up, man style.

I'm glad to see things are back to normal....sort of...with these two.  I don't like it when the guys are fighting. It makes me uncomfortable.  Like mom & dad fighting.

We're coming up on the end AddiKts, home stretch now...

It's the next morning & Yi Soo has called Maeh Ri to meet up at a restaurant & to bring the year book with her.  And here we see that Yi Soo, is putting Tae San's feelings ahead of her own.  Which is a sign of being a grown up & of true love.  When you truly love someone....  When you are truly a grown up....  You put the other person's feeling, needs, wants ahead of your own.  And we watch as Yi Soo takes Tae San's picture & puts it back into the year book.  She is letting him go.  She is moving on.  She couldn't stand seeing Se Ra cry in the hospital.

And while Se Ra is at the Golf Tournament we see Tae San & his crew getting started on her house/kitchen.  His one year anniversary surprise present for her.  Who shows up but Do Jin.  Who finds out from Tae San himself that Tae San knows about how Yi Soo feels.  That he is more than a little upset that Do Jin knew & said nothing to him all this time.  And that he might be wavering toward Yi Soo.  Which you can see unnerves Do Jin & then who else shows up?!?!
Yep, you guessed right again AddiKts.  Yi Soo.  Of course! 

A nice lovely little love triangle.  I don't think Tae San is really wavering.  I think he'd like to teach Se Ra a lesson & maybe get a little revenge on Do Jin for not warning him but I think he really does prefer Se Ra.  At least I'd hate to see friendships going down that bad path.

And that AddiKts wraps another Dramatic Friday Review for this Unnie.  Check back late Saturday afternoon/evening for my review of episodes 6-10 of Love Rain.  I was supposed to last week but this little thing called Father's Day & life got in the way & I just didn't have time to complete it.  Well, it'll be up Saturday.  And of course we'll send out notice once it's live.  So even if you forget, we'll beat you over the head with reminders.  ^_^

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Until next week...oh & Dongsaeng's reviews of Dr Jin (7 & 8)  will be coming online shortly too.  Keep up the drama watching & the Crazy Ahjumma reading.  We love you guys!



  1. Hey, thanks for the recap! Just discovered your blog while searching for a gentleman's dignity recaps.

    Anyway the song that Yisoo was singing was (a very off-key) Big Bang's "Blue" - LOL.

    And I am totally digging the Yoon + Meahri couple too! I think its hot that he's trying to suppress his desire for her, which will make the eventual confession (I can't take it anymore! I can't stop thinking about you - KISSS) even more satisfying. :DD

    1. Your welcome for the recap Lemon! I'm glad you liked it enough to leave a comment! I heart comments the mostest! -_^

      And Welcome to TCA!!! We hope you come back often to read more reviews & posts from us both!

      Thanks for telling us what song she was trying to sing. I thought it was Blue but I was afraid to say that & be wrong. LOL She can really mangle a song.

      And I am so glad that I am not the only one rooting for Yoonie Oppa & Maeh Ri as a couple! Yay!! And that kiss had better be read what I'll do to the writers if it isn't! I mean business!

      {{giggle - yeah cos I'm SO scary!!}}

      Anyway, keep checking back regularly...we do a DFR = Dramatic Friday Review each week & then during the week we each do our own special articles on all sorts of topics. my partner & co-conspirator, Dongsaeng, has a segment called, "Monday Morning Therapy w/ Dongsaeng" (MMTwD) & then on Wednesday's there is my "Unnie's Wednesday Write Up" (WWU). Maybe you'll even like us enough to follow this here humble blog &/or like us on FB too??? No pressure. ^_^

  2. I LOVED that scene where he goes in for the kiss and she drops to the floor! Omo! I laughed so hard! She cracks me up! And how he got her in his room and then she oh-so-convincingly pretended that she had been asleep when she walked out. Dying! I love this couple - I just do. I love how they are together. How he's so solid in his admiration and how she's so stubborn even though she's totally falling for him. I think that's another reason why she stuck that photo back - I think she's just about to move on. Let Se Ra and Tae San have each other. And yes, even if they don't end up together, I'd love to see a nice huge SWAK moment between Meahri and Yoon. Thank you Unnie for another great review! You so rock! muah!

    1. Awww I think YOU rock more Dongsaeng!! Muah right back at ya babe!

      And this couple really are awesome together. Going up there w/ my fav I detect the topic for another Top 5?!?! Favorite Couples. Me thinks this be a good idea. No one tell me anything till I decide to write it though. Oh heck everyone tell me their favorites & we'll see who I pick.

      Cannot wait till next week's episodes!!

    2. The couples from SofW and Secret Garden of course! Oh and for sure Coffee Prince. So I guess that only leaves you 2 more couples to pick. lol

  3. Got another cheerleader for the Meahri and Yoon couple here. If Yoon weren't so warm and calm ...unlike his counterparts...I would say no way. I want them to work out so bad too! I think it is because he is so sweet and how he is holding back his feelings that I just want him to be with her. I love her character too. So upbeat and fearless!

    I am hoping for that awesome kiss you are hoping for but after my 5th Kdrama I don't know if I can remember a kiss that there was much moving of the lips. lol What is up with that? If I put a smackeroo on someone I like I sure am gonna have a hard time not moving my lips. :)


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