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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 10

{{giggle, like my picture?  I couldn't help myself.}}

Ahem...okay back to reviewing.  So it's time for another little insight into the guys.  This episodes flashback shows us a geeky side to all our favorite dignified gentlemen.  As they gather around in a public computer video game playing center.  Anyone up for a little Starcraft?!?!

They are so into it that Jeong Rok & Tae San are ignoring phone calls from their wife/girlfriend.  Then the cafe calls & he's informed that they have a famous Starcraft Gamer waiting there.  And the men freak out & ditch the game to meet the gamer.  

{{No I do not have the foggiest idea who the gamer person is...I'm not a gamer}}

Ignore your wives, BUT FLEE, as fast as your geeky little feet will carry you, to meet the gamer idol of your dreams!

I know I've said it before but...

And here we go...back into the review.

The show opens not with Yi Soo & Do Jin but with Choi Yoon.  He excused himself from the baseball dinner celebration to answer a phone call.  So he left before Do Jin got all ugly w Yi Soo.  Who was the phone call from?  Jeong Rok, who is at his bar, w Maehri.  Who has been waiting for Yoon to arrive.  Obviously he is not going to arrive & Jeong Rok is wondering if it's okay to leave her when she's been drinking & so sad.  Yoon proclaims that he is not responsible for her & that he should call Tae San, her brother.  Then he hangs up & leaves, looking upset.

Back inside we head back to Do Jin & Yi Soo.  They replay the moments leading up to his ugly statement about sleeping with him.  And there it is again.  She just stares at him, then she slams back a couple slugs of Soju.  He asks her if she's worked up her courage to agree to his terms?  Then he says, I guess not & leaves.  She follows him out to confront him calling his words "rude".  

KDJ: Why's a man's sincerity rude? Do you think I liked you just because of your inner soul, outer appearance & personality?  

YS: I have a lot to say, so listen & don't interrupt.  For wearing the shoes you gave me in that way and hurting you... I apologize.  I'm sorry.  I was rash.  I'm also sorry for making you hear two insincere confessions.   What'd you say, don't call you if I'm not going to sleep with you?  In these situations I know that I should just slap you and leave with a memorable ending.   If you had just told me from the beginning.. "I just want to sleep with you."  Then everything could've ended simply with a one night stand.   And we both wouldn't end up with feelings for each other.  

After all that he had the nerve to laugh at her & when she asked why...

KDJ:  Even at this moment, I think you're really pretty.  And that pisses me off.  Since the day I met you, Seo Yi Soo, those were the days I felt younger than before.  So in the time I met you, I did everything with sincerity.  When I saw you wearing those shoes...  It was hard for me to restrain myself because I was so mad.  But I just realized something important.  Aah...this woman didn't accept my feelings.  I've been throwing my feelings at you, like rocks.  Getting hit by my rock-like feelings, probably hurt this woman.  So I need to let this woman go.  I'm sorry for all this time, for not being a gentleman.  I'm being sincere.  More than ever I'm being mature.  So stop lecturing me.  Because my peace is probably included in the peace you want for everyone.

Then he turned & got into his car.  Only this time instead of driving off he stared into his sideview mirror at her, as she stood there, dumbstruck & then slowly turned & slowly walked away sadly.  
Even though he's broken hearted & angry he's still in love.  How do I know?  Because he calls her a cab.  And mostly because he just sits there watching her walk away.  

Moving the mirror as she walks out of sight so he can continue to watch her.  

He goes back home & we see him arrive with a 6 pack of beer.  And lo & behold who else is there, also nursing his heart?  Choi Yoon.  Growing up & being a man is definitely a lot of work, especially trying to have a relationship w/ women.  We're a frustrating group.  Ain't we gurls?  

Choi Yoon is asking Do Jin if he & teacher Seo argued.  That's why he's here drinking beer.  Then he teases him & asks him, "Are you a kid?  Why are you fighting with a woman?"  Which of course opens himself up for Do Jin to mock his relationship w/ Maehri.

~giggle~ nice spit take Yoonie!  
But it was good to see the besties bonding over broken hearts.  

Meanwhile Yi Soo is back at her house broken hearted herself.  Only instead of drinking, she's freaking out Se Ra again by sobbing.    

She sobs out, "Somebody left me sincerely.  I will forget everything. It's going to be all right if I forget everything.  I'm really going to forget all of it."

The next day we get another glimpse of her protective secret admirer.  She gets yelled at by one of her students, who hates her ethics class, & thinks it's a waste of time.  So he does his homework for math & science in there & he got into trouble.  Snot nosed little punk.  I would've loved to see him get in trouble for talking to an elder & a teacher like that.  But she didn't do anything, too numb from heart break I guess.  But her favorite, and mine, saw it all & approaches nerdy little snot head & do I put it.....  helps him to see things from a different perspective.  Yep he's my favorite of all the characters...well except for Do Jin & Choi Yoon's sexy chests.  THEY are the REAL freaking STARS OF THE SHOW in my humble opinion!!  

We saw Jeong Rok trying to seduce his wife in the last episode, in this one we see him calling her a million times a day, checking on her & using a whole lot of sickening Aegyo.  It was enough to turn my stomach!  Chincha!  Gross.  It's no wonder his friends give faces like this...
I'm surprised they could keep eating.

Of course at this point the faces are because he is flirting repulsively with the girl sitting behind him.  As he goes off to the salad bar, Do Jin decides to teach him a lesson, and texts him as his wife & asks him, "are you eating an unbalanced meal?"  Which has Jeong Rok freaking out at the idea of being under surveillance.   He calls his wife back & tells her he is going home early & to meet him there.  {LOL good one Do Jin}

Just as Choi Yoon is wondering where Tae San is, we see him & Se Ra are out on a date & he thinks he's being so subtle with his constant repeating of how "tired" he is, like she's not smart enough to figure out that he wants sex.  Duh!!  Women always know when their men want sex.  Heck, they know when men that aren't there's wants sex....ALWAYS!!!  Aish!!  But during their conversation she pokes fun at how old he is & tells him he should do like the younger kids do, if wants to not be treated like an elder.  He should wear skinny jeans.  At first he is aghast at the idea of trying to squeeze into the torture devices.  I agree.  I bought a pair of skinny jeans once.  They were defective, so I took them back.  They did NOT make me skinny at all.  False advertising!  -_^  {What?!?!  no rim shot?  That's just cold}}

Back at Se Ra's house she comes home to find Yi Soo bagging up some memories she wants to forget.  Namely the pair of shoes that got her into trouble to begin with & the laptop.  Se Ra is able to talk her out of the laptop being thrown away but she can't talk her out of the shoes.  She arrives back from the dump to find Se Ra laughing herself silly at the background on Yi Soo's computer.  You know this one...
Why yes, yes it is Se Ra.  
She grabs the computer & runs to her room to try & delete the picture & in the process finds that secret file he told her about in episode 9.  Its a bunch of voice recordings, from his pen of course.  She finds out that he's liked her for a long time, once he realized that the 2 women this year that he wanted phone numbers from, were the same woman.  And then the one where he told her she should leave his place, or she'd get caught in traffic & after she left, he admits that it was a lie, he really didn't want to let her go at all.  This has her thinking as she plays it back over & over.  He didn't really want to let her go at all.  Maybe she shouldn't be forgetting everything.  

Back to the guys again.  They're out having drinks, the 4 of them, when all of a sudden one of their phones start to vibrate, they look around & realize that Jeong Rok has struck again & guess what it's his wife...again!    They grab his phone & make a mad dash for their "excuse' place.  Only this time, she's waiting for them.  

Jeaong Rok is screwed.  He'll be getting divorced for sure this time.  In fact she tells the guys after they try to soften her up w/ false flattery, that they've got 2 months to get their businesses off her street.  

And then who bursts in to the party, late & out of breath?!?!

I don't know but they don't look like they're happy to see him?  Or is that just me?

Punishment time!

He says he was meeting a woman true but it's not what they think.  We see through flashbacks that he met with none other than Eun Hui.  But we don't get to see what they were talking about.  Oh the suspense is killing me!!  Ugh!!!  Patience is a virtue my butt!!  Whatever!!!  Spill the beans already!!  Who is Collin's father!?!?  What happened back then!?!?  Where did Eun Hui go?!?!  



AAAA....{{looking around blushing....uh... I crap!}} 

Yeah there is no way to come back from that gracefully so.....

The guys decide {{just keep reviewing & typing & maybe no one will notice the momentary lapse in sanity}} to just take Jeong Rok's phone & reset it so that there are no girl's numbers in it.  As Tae San is scrolling through the contact list, he notices a theme.  They all start w/...

And that's not all he's also got a college version filled w/ professor this & professor that AND a business version.  He's able to talk the guys into letting him memorize the coffee bean vendor's number for the cafe but when he gets the phone they peek over his shoulder & see he's trying to memorize a girls number, Eun Hui.  
They grab the phone & he's reciting it out loud until Yoon tricks him into losing focus. LOL You go Yoon! 

The next day Yoon gets a phone call from Yi Soo, she wants to meet with him at their apartment.  Meaning Do Jin's apartment.  Obviously, she really wants to see Do Jin, but as he won't talk to her or see her she has no recourse but to try trickery.  Yoon being the intelligent & sensitive Oppa that he is, sees through it.  Finally Do Jin arrives home, awkward while Yoon tries to find a way to excuse himself.  He faces her & asks her if she has reconsidered the terms, in other words is there to sleep with him?  Obviously she isn't so he dismisses her, telling her to be safe on her way.  She stands there for a few minutes after he passes her & goes directly to his room where he shuts the door.  Then she walks over to his door to knock & confront but she chickens out.  Meanwhile he is standing on the other side of the door.  I don't know if he's waiting & hoping she knocks or if he's just listening to her.  After a couple of minutes he hears the front door click shut & so he slowly goes out, only to find it was a trick.  

And then she leaves.  As she is walking away from his apartment she keeps looking back.  I know if it were me I'd be looking back too, just hoping he was about to come charging out & tell me not to leave.  Sigh...he didn't.  

Then we get to see where Yoon went.  Earlier he'd gotten another text from Maehri.  She said, this time she was waiting till he showed.  She waited & waited & started crying & then gave up & tried to hail a cab.  But even the cabs weren't coming to her. 

{{I had to laugh but at the same time feel sorry for her, all by herself on the street crying, because even taxi cabs don't want her.  Poor thing.}}

Just then a cab did pull up & asked her if she was customer 1101?  No, she was...WAIT!!  That's Yoonie Oppa's phone number.  She jumps in the cab & demands that the cab driver give her his handphone.  He does & she sees Yoon's number right there.  She asks the cabbie to call the number back & pretend to NOT see the customer.  So he does, Yoon answers & tells the cabbie I just saw her get into the cab.  Which totally gave away that he's there & watching after her.  So she pays the cabbie & gets out of the cab & searches for Yoon.  LMBO he's the worst hider ever!!!  
It's time to play "Spot the Yoon"!!  Screw Waldo!!  He's not nearly as HOTT as Lawyer Yoon!!!  
Can you see him?!?!?!
 Which prompts Maehri to freak out & flag him down screaming Oppa!!  And then try to run across the busy section of street in front of her!

 Which prompts Yoon, who oh so obviously LOVES her, to freak out & yell back at her to stay there & then he goes rushing out into traffic to get to her side & save her.

Our Hero!!


Now it's time for the showdown.  

Y: How old are you?!?!  Are you a toddler?!?!  Are you in elementary school?!?!  Where are you running into?!?!

M: If I hadn't you'd have just gone!!

Y:  If you want to be treated like an adult, act like an adult!  And from now on don't call me, don't even text me!!  Whether you're in danger or hurt, it's none of my business!!  

M: Then why did you come today?  Wasn't it because you were worried about me?!?!

Y: I came because I was worried about me!!  In case I worried about you!  I came to tell you that from now on I am not going to come.  

Then he hails her a cab & tells her to stop whining.  He then unceremoniously walks off & leaves her crying next to the cab.  

Sigh!  I was so excited watching this scene!!  I was trying so hard to control myself as I was watching because it was 1 am & I was under the covers in bed trying A) Not to wake up CA & B) To make sure he didn't know I was awake at 1 am watching a K-Drama on my cell phone, when I should have been sleeping.  Yes, I am a serious AddiKt!  And I LOVE IT!!!   There I was under the covers covertly watching my show & really struggling with controlling the fan girl squees coming from my mouth unbidden & unwelcome!!  As Yoon ran across the street to Maehri I was all "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! he's going to go for it!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!  FINALLY!!!!"  But then all he did was shake her & tell her to stop stalking him & act like a grown up.  

What?!?!?!  O_O!!  

Okay I was on board for the grown up part.  She's been acting awful & totally not like the character she came into the show with in the beginning. And I have to say it was ep 6 when SHE told him that if he didn't want her that he needed to stop sending mixed signals & tell her to stop liking him.  So it was about time he told her to stop.  BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT!!!!  I KNOW he wants her to keep going, because he loves her so much!!  So yes, I was happy with this scene but NO I WAS NOT happy with this scene at the same time!!  I hate this drama!! I hate it, I hate it!!!  

Big cleansing breath!!  

{{Unnie, tell the you really hate this drama?!?!}}

{head down/sad face} No.  I don't hate this drama.  I like this drama.  A lot in fact.  It's just so hard when the characters don't listen to me!  Can't they hear me screaming at them in my head what I want & what they should be doing?!?!  {{Now unnie, you know they can't hear you in your head OR out of it.  They're in the computer & this scene was filmed at least a week ago}}  Sigh.  I know.  You're right.  Thanks AddiKts for talking me down.  I needed that.  {{shaking head & smiling}}  Okay.  On with the review!

It's the next day & Maehri & Yi Soo meet at Jeong Rok's cafe.  There isn't much talking going on between them before Maehri has to get a phone call & Yi Soo asks her how late is the cafe open.  The phone call is Tae San & he's asking her fashion advice questions.  Here comes a funny part addiKts!!

He's trying on Skinny Jeans!  YAY!!!  Oh Tae San thank you for being so funny!!

No.  I can unequivocally answer his question.  NO you do NOT look younger!  

I LOVE that Yoon asked him if he thought he was G Dragon!!!!  
Aww...all he wants is to make Se Ra laugh.  I can totally respect that desire, if not the delivery system for the desire.  
And does he succeed?!?  Yes, yes he does.  And then some.  hehehehehe...

And he got some nookie out of it as well.  {lol}

While he is doing this, Jeong Rok arrives on Do Jin's doorstep, bags in hand.  Yep, he got kicked out again.  Not surprising really.   As he arrives Yoon tells him, you sleep on the couch.  Don't even think about climbing into my bed with me.  LOL  Only in Korea.  And Do Jin goes out for a long walk.  

While he is out he gets a text message from Yi Soo.  It's addressed to Tae San, but we all know this is a funny cute thing that Yi Soo & Do Jin have been doing to each other since the beginning.  Sending text messages to each other but addressing them as if they were meaning to ask Tae San for advice on how to deal with the other person.  This one is the same.  Tae San I am waiting for Do Jin at the cafe.  Do you think if I tell him I am here waiting for him, he'll come to me?  But Jeong Rok doesn't know about their little quirky way of talking to each other so he forwards the text to Tae San, who is...ahem...busy at the moment w/ Se Ra. {{wink,WINK}}  

But just as Do Jin arrives back he gets a phone call from Tae San asking about the text & the whole thing comes to light.  He freaks out & rushes to the cafe, the text had come an hour & 42 min previously!  

Once he gets there though, she is gone.  He sees where she was obviously sitting & sits in her place & stares sadly & forlornly around the cafe.  Then he looks outside & my breath caught when I realized he was staring at....

 Then he grabs his pen & a napkin & writes her a message & sticks it in the window..

My prior appointment today is with you, Seo Yi Soo. 
My heart totally sped up again when she slowly walked up to the window separating them & ....

And when he just....
He has the MOST intense, deep, romantic stare in to your eyes look...
gotta catch my breath AddiKts.  

And that is a MUCH better ending than episode 9.  Sigh!  

And we.  Are.  Back.  On.  Track.  

Yippee!!!  Wahoo!!!  Yahoo!!!  

{{jumping & doing happy dance here}}

I am so excited to see this weekend's episodes!!  I might go a little Krazy waiting for them!!  

So what did you guys think?  Are you guys happy with how it's going?  Are you as excited as I am about this weekends episodes?  Do you think Yoon will give in soon to Maehri?  OR Do you think it'll never work between them?  And what about Jeong Rok & his wife?  And Eun Hui & Collin?  


{{O_O!!!  cricket, cricket.  aw crap I did it again.  What is wrong with me?!?!?!}}

Anywho....uh well...guess I'll see ya next week AddiKts. 



  1. Thanks as always for your review. Had me laughing. Especially the Big Bang References. That is cool that you are going to go the concert. My husband might divorce me if I took my kaddiction that far. LOL I really need Yoon to just give into temptation. His resistance is driving me nuts. Amber

    1. You're very welcome! Glad I could give you a giggle...or two. I am so excited about the concert but I LIVE in absolute terror it will sell out before I can get my tickets! Please YG release the prices & sale dates with plenty of notice so we can get our game plan, planned! I'll do whatever you want YG!! WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

      And yes, I am ready for Yoon to give in. I personally think he's right on the cusp of giving in & that maybe miss Maehri needs to plan a little seduction in order to get him to give in.

      What's weird to me is that, personally, I am against intimacy without marriage. It's a big no-no!! Marriage first nookie last! BUT when it comes to my KDrama characters? I have no problem encouraging them to go intimate or go home! I am definitely a hypocrite. And I'm okay with that.


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