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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 13

I once saw a funny Meme online.  It had a picture of Bluesy songstress, Adele & it asked, "On a scale of 1 to Adele, how bad was your breakup?"  It made me giggle.  Now every time I see, hear or talk to someone breaking up I will be hard pressed to not say, "You forget a woman, with another woman.  Want me to set you up?"  And then encourage my friend to get drunk.  As we learn this is the preferred therapy for a break up from our favorite Gentlemen, in this week's beginning Flashback.  Gotta say this one was cute but eh, for me it just was kind of eh.  As each goes through their own break up, the other three repeat these key phrases.  That is a guys way of helping his pals deal with heartbreak.  Girls tend to do this differently.

But my favorite part of this flashback was when instead of dealing with a break up Tae San was actually dealing with his enlistment into the military.  I loved that at the farewell, they are surrounded by couples embracing & tearfully bidding goodbye & the guys are doing the same thing, meanwhile Tae San is embarrassed.  Best part is when each guy, while hugging him goodbye, either asks or tells him that they want something from him, IE: Yoon says, emotionally, "I'm going to use your bed".  Then Jeong Rok tries to get Tae San to give him his watch & then Do Jin wants his student ID.  Then, in true Tae San form, he curses them out....  I've said it before...MEN!!  ^^
That's how you send your friend off to the military AddiKts.  

Ahhhh...okay I have my laughing under control now.  I swear, wiping tears of mirth from my eyes, I love these guys so much.

Sigh, back to modern day.  Do Jin has just asked Yi Soo to move in with him.  She looks at him in shock for such an out of the blue request.  I was so hoping she'd say yes, but, of course, that would have gotten them together too soon.  It's a simple K Drama formula AddiKts.  We all know it well, right?  Boy meets girl.  Boy treats girl badly.  While at the same time stalking her & falling for her more & more.  Boy finally admits feelings for girl.  Who figured out that she "liked" him a while ago.  They hook up & have one sweet kiss.  Then Kdrama writers must throw in "complication" that splits the couple up, at least 4 or 5 episodes prior to ending, thereby frustrating audience.  Just as KDrama ending couple finally get together.  SWAK ending.  Of course sometimes the SWAK ending doesn't happen & then Unnie goes crazy! o_O {{But we don't talk about that part.}}

Needless to say Yi Soo goes for the shocked & insulted by such a notion, disbelief reaction.  And sends him off.  Once inside, she smiles from ear to ear & actually does a little dance accompanied by a very girlie highpitched..."SQUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"   Which brings Se Ra a running in to find out what's wrong.  After Yi Soo explains the situation that Do Jin has asked her to live with him, Se Ra finally dishes about her break up w/ Tae San.  Which totally kills Yi Soo's excitement.  And even though Se Ra broke up with Tae San, we can see that she obviously really likes him.

The next day it's finals at school & Yi Soo sends text messages to her students telling them to turn off their cellphones, to not kick the desk in front of them as he doesn't know the answer either, For all of them to put their cheat sheets in the trash can & then signs it the Goddess of Ethics.  Which makes her students laugh.  Including our favorite thug student.  After the tests are over her fellow teacher comes in & accuses Yi Soo's thug student of wasting time.  He gave the exact same answer for every question but upon Yi Soo inspecting it closer she sees, he wrote a little something extra on his test.  He transcribed the last portion of the book she gave him onto the test answer sheet.  Which impresses her.

In the next scene, we see Park Min Sook in Jeong Rok's bar, throwing back aged liquor.  The good stuff in other words.  At least I'm told it's the good stuff.  Having never had an alcoholic drink I wouldn't actually know.  Yes, I have never had an alcoholic drink AddiKts.  It's a big no-no.  Do you know why?  Who can answer that question in the comments section?  Hmmm...pop quiz time from Unnie.  Didn't know there'd be a pop quiz did ya AddiKts?  giggle

Anyway back to PMS {{HOW AWESOME is it that Park Min Sook's inititals are PMS?!?!?!  I totally just noticed this & so I am going to use the initials ONLY from now on & then giggle like an idiot every time I do!!}} throwing back slugs of expensive liquor in Jeong Rok's bar.  We get a little peek into the behind the scenes of their marriage in this scene.  She's there drinking...alone.  The bartender texts Jeong Rok to let him know that she's there, just in the nick of time too.

Because Jeong Rok was just about to walk in, w/ Yoon & his law associate.  {{Yes, the unpleasant girl that slapped our Maehri.}}  While he is apologizing to Yoon & "friend" for ditching them we find out that PMS is supposedly unaware that he even owns that bar.  She knows about the coffee shop because its on her street but not the bar.  Hmmmm....I have to know 'why?'.  Why does he keep it from her?  It's very odd.  But then again these 2 do not have a normal marital relationship do they?   Then he disappears from the bar leaving PMS to drink alone.

But before he leaves he decides he needs a little help from Maehri & he has just the info she wants that'll give him the help he wants.  Namely where Yoon Oppa & his "friend" are going next.

 Surprise Yoon!  You're official stalker is baaack....  o_O
 Before he becomes aware that he is being watched...o_O....his friend wants to know his relationship w Maehri.  She believes that he has feelings for Maehri.  Well DUH!!!  You don't have to be friggin genius to figure that one out sweetheart!  Anyone w/ eyes can see he's in love with our Maehri!  Which is why you should just give up & go away now.  Because as your official Unnie I refuse to accept an outcome other than a Yoon/Maehri hook up.  Got that writers?!?!  I mean business here guys!!

Of course, it would help if Maehri would stop stalking him & act like a grown woman & not a child.  Oh Maehri.  However, in the next couple of scenes, while she is acting like a child. she is also incredibly funny!  One of the best guffaw moments in this episode is coming up AddiKts.

So Maehri goes into the restaurant & orders a bottle of Soju.  She don't need no stinkin glass.  Just bring the dang bottle waiter!!  She then pretends she is surprised to see Yoon.  Don't worry he isn't that stupid.  He is aware she is stalking him.  She then tells his friend that she loves him & that she, Maehri, recognizes that his friend is gorgeous & smart & has lots in common w/ Yoon but she, again Maehri, is going to be the ultimate winner of Yoon's affections.
 As she is saying all this she is gulping down the Soju.  Now honestly Yoon was getting concerned by her chugging down the Soju & of course she played this to her advantage & stood up, drunkenly, & then "passed" out in his arms.    Now you know & I know, after having watched enough KDrama,  that 3 gulps of Soju do not make a person drunk, to the point of passing out, but for the purposes of the upcoming scene it was important. 
 So he takes her out of the restaurant leaving his friend behind. Who is amused by Maehri's behavior & Yoon's reaction.  Okay maybe she isn't so bad a person.  In the next scene we see Yoon sitting next to passed out Maehri in his car, in front of the river.
 He is obviously attracted to her & to keep his lasciviousness to himself & to demonstrate his sexual frustration at not allowing himself to have, what he so obviously wants, we see him in the next scene pacing back & forth around his car.   Poor Yoon... he wants her so badly.  
 Back in the car now & just when he is calming himself down & I was actually considering, slightly, that maybe she actually just can't hold any liquor, even in small amounts...
 She pops up out of the seat, looks him straight in the eyes & says,
She then added she really needed to pee.

It was at this point I burst out laughing till I cried.

It was AWESOME!!!

Oh Maehri never ever change who you are!!!

Just as Yoon pulls up to her house to drop her off they run into Tae San.  Yoon looks a little uncomfortable at first.  Maehri acts really guilty.  But they eventually explain that it was unavoidable & that Yoon needed to bring her home.  Tae San, looks like he's so exhausted by his baby sister's chasing after his best friend.  A best friend, he explains to her, that he trusts & knows is an incredibly good man, as his best friend.  But that as a man, he cannot give his sister to him & that she needs to stop.  He then says she needs to prepare herself for going back to school.  Sounded to me like he's going to be sending her away so she can't drive Yoon crazy anymore.  And by crazy, I mean more frustrated, by how crazy in love he is with her.

That is one cultural difference I like about the US & Korea.  I got to choose my CA.  My dad & brothers, all 5 of them, had no say whatsoever in my choice.  It helps, that they actually do like CA, but had they said no, it would not have stopped me & it wouldn't have been such a HUGE no-no if I had gone through with the marriage.  They might have been snotty to him, kept a close eye on him & talked bad about him & maybe not have trusted him & maybe even tried to talk me out of it but they would have stepped back & realized I am my own person & am capable of making my own decisions.  In short, as my family, they would have supported me, even if they didn't agree with me.  Sigh.  Right there I am thankful for my loud, crazy, American family.  They may all be nuts but they love me.  And only I can diss my family.  Anybody else talks bad about them & they will have to deal with one tiny, little pissed off Unnie!  And trust me, I have a nasty temper & you don't want to see me mad.  It doesn't happen often but when it does? Duck & cover, my AddiKts.

Okay off my cultural soapbox, in the next much lighter scene, Yoon walks in on Do Jin as he is singing a song along to the radio & playing with the yarn from Yi Soo's dress, you remember the one that unraveled in the first episode & exposed her hiney to Do Jin?  {{giggle}}  
Yes you are Do Jin.  Oooh you are so cool!  Sing it again!
 Yoon then explains to Do Jin that Tae San has put them all on the roster for the Blue Cats (their baseball team) because Tae San can't play.  So they go to Tae San the next day to question why?
At this point they see he is covered w/ pain relief patches.  Turns out his break up with Se Ra has him returning to his old, quitting cigarettes habit, of strenuous work outs.  Only he's straining himself w/ hitting the baseball field each evening & hitting balls all night long.   Causing his body to hurt too much to actually participate in the games.

The guys see the patches & then Do Jin, who realizes that he'll be playing the game w/ Yi Soo, is all of a sudden fine w/ being a fill in on the roster.  Sneaky Do Jin.

Addikts, and I am speaking to my girls here, have you ever been caught doing some sort of home beauty treatment by the guy you have just started dating or even one that you like?  Something embarrassing.  Something like removal?!?  In the living room?

Sure you are sweetheart.  I have that same Hair Dryer!  I LOVE the stealth mode!!  Best feature, BEST hair dryer ever!!  Made by the same government that brought us the "Stealth Bomber".    I got so sick of the massive noise of a regular hair dryer it was worth the exorbitant price I paid for that "Stealth" feature.   *_*

What follows is a cute scene between Do Jin Oppa & Yi Soo.  In her room, the one she ran to in embarrassment after being caught removing hair from her legs.  {{giggle}}  It's there, he reveals that he will be in the game & why.  He tells her about Tae San not dealing with the break up so well & being covered in pain patches.  They then agree to dinner out & just as she is ushering him from her room so she can change, she gets a phone call.  It totally destroys her mood.  Once she is out of the room, she tells him, "What can I do?  Some of my fellow teachers are in the neighborhood asking her to join them."  She says she'll meet him later & then he leaves, looking suspicious.  Then we see her go to a cafe & join two men inside.
 They tell her they are there because of her mom.  To which she replies...
 After a few tense moments together she leaves, but before she leaves we see that Do Jin is in his car, Betty, outside watching her through the windows.  Obviously he is worried & did not believe her earlier excuse. Then she leaves & they follow without any kind if indication as to what that was all about.  Here's where I do my interpretation of the scene...

The only things said in this brief scene are that they are there because of her mother.  She then says she has no mother.  That "she only raised me for 12 years & you two for 24 years.  So how does that make her my mother?"    Which tells me these are obviously her older brothers.  And it helps to understand why she ignores her mother's phone calls & why she told Do Jin that her dream house is a home that no one leaves, except to come right back to.  But not much more than that.

She goes outside the cafe & they leave & then she cannot handle the turmoil & sits down on the steps & begins to cry...enter our hero & Oppa.  Do Jin kneels in front of her & says those suits were way too expensive for a teacher to afford.
Then he tells her that when she is ready to tell him she can.  That he didn't follow because he was jealous or didn't trust her but that he was worried.  That he will be there for her no matter what & that he'll protect her & help her.  He really shouldn't have made those'll see why later.  

Tae San, that night, is once again at the baseball field working through his break up pain.  Only this time he is not alone.  In a really sad, sweet scene, we see Se Ra off to the side watching, as her man struggles with his pain.  And we see her struggle with leaving him alone.

 And it's then that Jeong Rok, calls in Maehri's IOU... remember earlier when Jeong Rok paid Maehri w/ info as to where her Yoon Oppa was so that she would help him later on with PMS?  Well it's time for her to pay him back for that precious info. 

In what has to be a painful moment for her she has to talk up Jeong Rok like he's changed into this great guy.  Nope PMS doesn't see through that at all.  Uh-huh.

Okay so maybe she saw through it a little.  Hmmmm....
But then we find out that she has a new spy to replace Maehri, who has so obviously defected to the dark side of that marriage.  Or is PMS the dark side & JR the light side?  Oddly enough that feels like a more apt description of that relationship.  Am I the only one who feels PMS is the dark side of that marriage?!?!  How on earth did the writers get me to like Jeong Rok so friggin much?!?!  He's the slime!  He should be the dark side.  But he's just so dang funny & childlike that it feels like he's the 'good guy'.  And while PMS doesn't feel like a 'bad guy' per se, she certainly doesn't feel all light & breezy, not like he does.  Writers!  Wae you play me like that!?  WAE?!?!?!  How could you make me like the cheater/scumbag???  Anyway, Maehri spills the beans about Collin being there & that he is the son of the Oppas' first love.  Which has PMS concerned & calling for a meeting w/ her cheating husband...

In the next scene we see Jeong Rok & PMS, she wants to know about Collin.  More importantly about Eun Hui & her son being in town, PMS wants to know if Collin is Jeong Rok's son?  He panics after that meeting & tells the guys during lunch that they should send back Collin to Japan.
 Of course Yoon, who is jealous of Collin, & I think, fears Collins search for his real father, agrees.
 The guys agree, they need to send Collin back.  So they call him to Do Jin's house & they arrange for him to stay at the Residence Hotel & in the morning Do Jin will put him on the plane to Japan.  While at the Hotel Residence alone, Collin spreads out a bunch of pictures of the guys.  He is trying to figure out which one is his father.  Two examples of his musings on who his dad are.... "If it's Yoon, I've come to like the woman that could be my stepmom.  If Do Jin is his dad, "they would both be happy with that."
Everybody let's play a rousing game of "Whose your daddy?!?!"

Back at Do Jin, Yoon questions him about the seriousness of his feelings for Yi Soo.  Do Jin proclaims her to be "one of his valuables".  Which really should sound incredibly sexist but for some reason sounds sexy instead.  I don't get it.  What is wrong with me?  Is my feminist side on vacation or just broken?  Where the heck did she go?!?!  Traitor!

The next day as Yi Soo is leaving the school one of her fellow teachers, the annoying one, is trying to set her up.  She doesn't believe that Yi Soo & Do Jin are still going out.  That is until she sees....
' embarrassing  pardon my drool.

Chincha OPPA?!?!
For the sake of my ovaries could you dial back the hotness factor just a notch?!?!
 Bet they believe her now.

He even buckles her in to her seat.  Sigh.

Oh AddiKts I almost forgot this episode brings us the most delicious wonderful piece of eye candy ever in an AGD episode!!  Along with a really funny moment & a guest appearance by Jung Yong Hwa from CN Blue.

Do Jin & Yi Soo go out to eat after she gets off work.  At the restaurant JYH arrives fielding photos from Paparazzi & looking oh so fine.

As he walks in, Yi Soo who has turned around & seen him proclaims, "Oh.  Ouri Yong Hwa!!" In surprise & pleasure.  To which Do Jin replies, "OURI YONG HWA?!?!"  {{Ouri means OUR/us/we}}

She sees Do Jin is jealous & can't help but tease him a little as she smiles & nods & then asks should I wave & invite him over?  Which she turns & promptly does.  Do Jin was shocked just as much when he smiled happily & enthusiastically got up & indeed arrived at their table.

 He comes over to their table & we find out that Yi Soo was Yong Hwa's teacher in 6th grade.  How awesome!  He then bows formally to Do Jin
 And seals the Do Jin jealousy & just a little bit of hate when he says...
 Yi Soo & Yong Hwa visit for a while & she tells him how proud she is of him, not for being famous but for his hard work & dedication.  He agrees that he does work hard & says a lot of singers just like to play around.  It's at this point Do Jin.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... starts...

I am so sorry I just can't stop laughing at this scene...he starts singing Big Bang's Blue to Yong Hwa & Yi Soo.
 Then he says...
Only when she's drunk though Do Jin & when she sings it you can't really tell that's what she's singing.
 At this point Yong Hwa expresses his disappointment in her for liking BB.
 She seems pleased & says she'll brag about that to everyone from now on.  Then Do Jin looks at Yong Hwa & says...
Get it?!?!  Please tell me someone else caught the puns here!!  "Hey You"?!?!  They are complete "LONERS" right now?!?!
Come on.  I know you got that.  Come on.  Come on.  I know you got it, right?!?!
Those are titles to 2 CNBlue songs!!!  Two of my favorites to be exact!!

Oh Yong Hwa, thank you for being so funny & sweet & cute & sexy & hot & .....

uh...totally forgot where I was going with that train of thought. 

And I'm back.

After this meeting Do Jin was a grumpy pants.  Can't imagine why though.  Oh maybe it has to do with the fact that she is still refusing to move in with him.  Her reasoning is that she wants to seriously & sincerely date someone.  "Not a one sided love, but a deep relationship in which two people are perfectly in love. A relationship that makes our hearts pound and squirm and makes others upset."  Then because she said she wants her heart to pound he decides that he needs to make a one of his naughty tummy butterflies moves & closes in on her.
 Oh I love it when he does this!!  Show of hands who else likes it when he does this?  Okay did you raise your hands again AddiKts?  {{giggle}} Just wanted to see if you were paying attention..
IDK I can imagine an awful lot right about now. o_O

Yup here's good.

Anybody else feeling good now?

Did I mention earlier that Se Ra has started to receive phone calls from the bank?!?  It seems that due to her lack of golf skill lately that Se Ra is hurting for money.  Behind & owing etc...  She's started calling around asking for loans but it would seem suddenly she has a lot less people interested in helping her now that she has the stench of a "has been" on her.  Which leaves her no other recourse but to do the unthinkable.

Yep, she goes to PMS.  Leaves her car as collateral because she needs that much money.  This is obviously incredibly hard for her to swallow but she has no choice.  It's not like she can go to Tae San & ask him for the money.  And I think maybe this is her real reason for saying no to marriage.  She has her pride & maybe going to Tae San w/ no money & in debt is humiliating.  IDK, we'll have to see how this turns out.

Meanwhile, Do Jin arrives at the Hotel Residence to pick up Collin but it would seem Collin has disappeared.  Did they really expect him to go back willingly?  He meets up with the guys at Jeong Rok's cafe where they ask Maehri if she's heard from Collin & she explains that Collin called her & asked where was the place street performers go to earn money singing etc...?  She told him where & then she told the guys the same thing.  We see Collin watching a girl sing very prettily in the park...did any of you recognize her?

It's Juniel.
Who just had Yong Hwa in her MV
She's really very talented, I enjoy her music a lot.
You should check out her MV here.
It features Yong Hwa, a very shexy Yong Hwa with the most delicious looking biceps.  Someone's been  toning up.
Looking good Yong Hwa.  Hmm-mmmmm....

 Then it's Collin's turn.  Considering he's one of the main singers for CNBlue like Yong Hwa it's not surprising that he has a nice voice & does a great job singing.  And he didn't even break or stutter when he saw all the guys there staring holes in him at the front of his crowd.

 After he finishes the song, the crowd thins out & this AddiKts is where it sets up the dramatic cliffhanger ending & where he finally admits the REAL reason he is there.

 Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnnnnn!!!

And that is it!  For this episode.  We still have ep 14 to go over tomorrow.  Pretty good episode, right?

This week we saw a lot of happy & cute.  Will ep 14 continue that way or will it follow the formula?  Now that the guy & the girl have hooked up will they stay hooked?  What about Yi Soo's brothers?  Her mother? What about Collin's bomb announcement?  How will the guys handle this one?

Guess we'll just have to wait & discuss it tomorrow morning won't we?  Have a great night AddiKts.  {{or day to those enjoying a sunny afternoon, on the other side of the world.  No, we haven't forgotten about you guys.  


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