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Dramatic Friday Review: Dr Jin ep 14

Welcome back to Dr Jin.  There were a lot of changes and twists and turns in this episode.  I'll do my best to deconstruct do your best to hold on for this crazy ride.

Young Rae has a dream in which she is Mi Na in the future.  She's on the hospital roof.  Jin is there as well and she calls out to him but he doesn't hear her.  She see everything as if she has been there before.  In other words, this is no mere dream - it's a memory.  She wakes up in a panic and doesn't understand what just happened.
"What in the world was that?"

The king has appendicitis and needs surgery, but Jin discovers he also is anemic and will need a blood transfusion. Obviously this is yet another medical thingy unheard of back in the Joseon era.  So, when this is presented in front of the Queen Dowager and the rest of the royal court there is outrage. Big surprise there.  Put somebody else's blood in the king?! No way!  Finally, however, they are convinced to go forward with Jin's "crazy idea" as long as it is blood from the royal family that is being used.  No commoner's blood for this king who came from a humble farm on some island somewhere.  No way.  Only Grade A Premium Royal Blood for him.  I wonder if it's like gasoline - can you pay extra for premium blood in your transfusion?  Ha Eung, who earlier wanted to let the king die, volunteers himself up. 

The royal family is all blood typed and 3 are found to be a match, including Ha Eung. He is hooked up to the king and the blood starts flowing. 

The surgery goes well until they look over at Prince Heung Seon and he's passing out from blood loss. They quickly unhook him and he recovers. He scores some major brownie points with the king and Queen Dowager for his sacrifice and show of loyalty. This leads to the king announcing that he will allow the QD to adopt Myeong Bok as her son after all.  

Heung Seon is overjoyed.  His plan worked!  He won over the good graces of the king and now his son will be set in a position to become the next heir to the throne.  

And Byung Hee?  How does he feel about this news?  Yeah, he's not digging it so much.  Haha!  Take that you dirty rotten scoundrel you!  

So, the king creates the stir in the court with his proclamation... 

...and then he farts.

No really.  He farts.  This is really truly a plot point in this episode.  The king's gas.  He lets one rip.  It's kind of weak and not very kingly though.  I know someone that could give him lessons.  A certain someone who will remain unidentified that could teach him a thing or two - getting him farting like a real man in no time.  Time Slip Dr Jin, have I told you how much I love you?  First you give us the cholera diarrhea and vomit.  And now, post-op royal farts.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my liver, I thank you.   I feel more complete now.  Like I have truly experienced life at your hand.

So, the king cuts the cheese and is so happy because it means that he can now eat.  And he's starving.  Hey, it was a great way to clear the room.
Young Rae has another problem. She's found a lump. She had an aunt recently die of breast cancer and she's worried and in pain. 
Eventually word gets around to Jin 

who tries to convince her to get it looked at.  He even goes to Kyung Tak to get him to convince her.

"Even if I have to postpone the wedding, I will make sure that you're cured."
She finally agrees and Jin feels her up.  You know, for a good cause.  He is a doctor.  Nothing weird here.   
Maybe a little awkward?
A lump is found and Jin tells her that it's a very good chance that it's cancerous. 

She begs him to not say anything - she is bound and determined to go through with her wedding the next day and she knows that if she is sick, KT will postpone until she is recovered. She tells Jin that her wedding is more important than her life. Why is that? Because she has suddenly realized that she loved KT and can't wait to marry him? No. Not exactly.

But she succeeds in getting Jin to lie to Kyung Tak and tell him that it's not cancer, she's healthy.  Look how happy he is.  Poor KT.  Being played like that.  

So why is she so insistent on this wedding?  Why is it more important than her health and own life?  It's because Choon Hong told her that she had to marry KT in order for Jin to return back to his own time. She's doing it for him.  When he finds this out, he's mad.
"You TOLD her THAT?"
The night before her wedding, Young Rae has another dream. In this one she remembers Mi Na's accident. 

She wakes up screaming and crying and goes directly to Choon Hong to ask her who she, Young Rae, is.  Who she is exactly and why she's having these memories?  Choon Hong apparently knows, but just stares in disbelief and the episode ends.  Guess we'll have to wait until next week to see just exactly who Young Rae is.  Well, at least it's a better cliffhanger than last week.  I'll give it that.

Oh, by the way, it turns out Young Hwi is still alive.  Did I forget to mention that earlier?  Oops.  My bad. ;) Yeah, he's alive, only no one knows except for Choon Hong (who by the way was still wearing that hanbok that I adore so very very much - so pretty!).  He's tossing around the idea of staying dead though.  He's thinking living as a dead man might be a little beneficial to his cause I would imagine.  I'm just glad he's back. I was really going to miss that deep sexy voice of his.  He should have more lines.  Can the last 6 episodes just be him and Kyung Tak talking to each other?  Please?  I could watch that.  Yup.  I could definitely watch that.

I have to admit, this episode threw a couple of curve balls at me that I didn't see coming.  First with the breast cancer and the Mi Na memories of Young Rae.  Then with the reappearance of Young Hwi.  You know, I might have to amend my previous stance on the Young Rae/Dr Jin/Kyung Tak situation.  If she really is Mi Na and has her memories and if she really does have breast cancer and needs modern medicine to save her, thus causing her to return to the future with Dr Jin, well, then maybe, just maybe, I could be swayed.  I'm still on Team Kyung Tak, but I can see now where they might take this one and I guess I can't argue with it too much.  *sigh*  Sorry KT.  Looks like you just might lose again.  If you need a shoulder to cry on, I've got one here for you.  Just say the word.

Allright folks, that will do it for me for tonight.  I'm falling asleep at the helm here and just need to put this post here as well as myself to bed.  I wish you all a fabulous weekend.  I'll be out of the office for the next week.  My Monday Morning Therapy will still be going out, but Jin will have to wait I'm afraid.  Unless Unnie wants to take the helm up on that one.  Not likely though.  Sorry for the upcoming delay.  I'll do my best to get it out as soon as I return.  But I'm going to be deeply ensconced in real life family stuff for a while, so it might not happen.  That's right, best to prepare yourself now for the disappointment that will surely come when Friday rolls around and there's no Dr Jin review waiting.  It can't be helped I'm afraid.  See?  Stinkin' real life always getting in the way.  Sheesh.  ;)  Happy weekend and have a wonderful week!

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