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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 14

So did we decide?  Will today's ep be more cute & sweet or are we going to venture back into drama land?  Only one way to find out.  Let's dig in to ep 14 before the new eps air. :)

Our flashback this time shows us 3 of the 4 guys huddled under a blanket watching an incredibly gripping movie in the background.  Once the movie is over they each take turns quoting their favorite lines & singing the OST.  Then Jeong Rok enters, he ran out to get some stuff unaware that it would be so busy out & he wouldn't get to see the end of the movie.  He asks the guys to tell him but they refuse.  So what does he do, to influence his friend's loyalty? He shows them his new toy....a cell phone.  How cool is that!?!?!  He is the 1st one in the group to have a cell phone.  They then go on to talk about how it would be nicer if it was smaller & if the buttons didn't take up the whole thing & if they could ...they are describing our modern day phones obviously, & laughing at the absurdity of such inventions.

When Do Jin's voiceover tells us:
"The fact that foolish talk could change the world...  the fact that fantasy can be the start of revelation...
All of them wearing turtlenecks & glasses, the other Steve Jobs' perhaps? ;)

We see Yi Soo standing outside her school staring at Betty, but there is no Do Jin in sight.  He shows up, startling her of course, w coffee.  After some cute moments & flirting she asks him about Kim Eun Hui & Collin after Do Jin informs her that he is going to go pick up Collin at the Residence Hotel & put him on a plane back to his mom.  Then he says he'll call her later & they can get together & go on a date, spend time together, just the two of them all cozy & yummy.  And then we're back to Collin's startling revelation that one of the guys is possibly his dad.  Holy revelations Batman!  Okay to them it is, but to the rest of us, not so much.  We totally saw this coming didn't we AddiKts?  We must be very smart.  I knows I got lots of smarts in me.  Right?!? ..........

{{You didn't answer right away!  I know when I've been insulted!  Aish - blowing bangs off forehead- no really.  It's okay, I'll remember this. *_*}}

Do Jin & Yoon seem to be taking this very seriously.  Meanwhile, Tae San & Jeong Rok are adorably fighting about it & then demanding that there be a paternity test.  Which they take much better after Yoon points out that these days paternity tests can be done on a simple strand of hair.  No more blood draws necessary.  

Once back at Do Jin's apartment they ask Collin for his passport.  When he hands it over, they see he lied about what year he was born.  It was actually in '94.  Which then prompts Do Jin to look him in the eye & admit that he thinks he is Collin's dad.  Ottoke?!?!  The guys then find out that Jeong Rok has recently met with Eun Hui & that is why he didn't want to say anything previously about who he was with that night that PMS {{giggle}} caught him missing from the guys.  It was at this point that Do Jin apologized to the rest of the guys & asks if he can talk w/ Collin alone.  So the guys unwillingly "leave".  It's not just women who have to know everything.  
Eavesdropping...ladies?  Really?  tsk tsk tsk
Back inside the apartment, Do Jin gives Collin his cellphone & asks Collin to call his mom, asap.  Collin then hands the phone back to Do Jin & we hear him say, Yeah it's me, Do Jin. With a most unpleasantly serious look on his face.  Looks like it's time to meet & greet the old flame.  Meanwhile Yi Soo, who is waiting for him to call her back & get together for the evening is waiting...waiting....waiting.  She's tried calling & texting all to no avail.  I guess that would be a difficult call to take.  "Uhmmm...yeah I can't meet up with you tonight because my son, I never knew existed, from my first love, whom I haven't seen in 2 decades is in town & I kind of need to pick my jaw up off the floor from this shock."

But later we see her standing outside her house looking this way & that down the street just in case he is out there & on his way to her.  And then we see....

He is so conflicted.  What do I do now?  How do I tell her this?  She'll never want to see me or worse she will & it'll make my guilt that much bigger.  In the US it's just not that big of deal to have a child out of wedlock these days.  I mean it is but it isn't.  We tend to be more, "well it's in the past & everyone makes mistakes."  Once upon a time this would have been a big deal here too.  It's just that our morals seems to have become a little more relaxed about these kinds of things.  It makes me sad that our morals loosened up but it makes me happy that we have learned to accept our mistakes as mistakes & that we try to never blame the children that are innocent.  So it's kind of a "catch 22". I hope that made sense.  :)  I have no personal experience with this phenomenon so my opinions come w/out proper experience in such a situation.

Later back at Jeong Rok's bar, we get to see PMS' new spy, it's none other than Jeong Rok's bartender.  Who was supposed to be acting as spy for Jeong Rok.  Hmmmm....I'm guessing this means that PMS has always known that the bar was Jeong Rok's bar.  He's not very bright, that Jeong Rok, if he thought he had secrets from her.  Anyway, the spy reports to PMS that Collin is indeed Eun Hui's son & that one of the guys is the father, but he doesn't know for sure to whom Collin belongs.   

It's the next day & still Yi Soo has heard nothing from Do Jin.  Dude man up & talk to your woman!  Ahhh it drives me crazy when people don't communicate!  Just talk it out.  

Anyway, she's still calling & texting & checking her phone.  She then gets a phone call from Maehri.  It seems PMS wants all the women affected gathered together to discuss Collin & Eun Hui & our guys.  

She explains that this involves the guys, their first love & her son.  Which it turns out is the son of one of the guys.  Which means one of the women in this room will be affected.   Immediately Se Ra & Maehri start claiming it can't be either of their guys.  Although Maehri is really funny because her biggest concern is how will she raise Collin if he is Yoon's?!?!  OMG Maehri!!  I love the looks they all give her at that ridiculous statement.  She gets even better later on...

And while PMS seems convinced he is Jeong Rok's son, can't say as I blame her here, can you?  Yi Soo is the most quiet.  She says nothing.  Just sits there in stunned silence.  I think she knows like we all knew, even before Do Jin admitted he thought he was Collin's dad.  Even back at her & Se Ra's house, w/out PMS present, she doesn't say much.  While the women are discussing all this Do Jin is sitting alone in his room thinking a lot.  The next day at lunch w/ Collin he explains that Eun Hui is going to be there that day & that Do Jin will meet with her first.

At that meeting Eun Hui confirms Do Jin's suspicions that he is in fact Collin's father, but she tells him he shouldn't have revealed it to Collin.  She goes on to say that her sudden disappearance all those years ago was because of her intense fear.  She ran away.  At first she didn't want to have Collin, but after a while, she changed her mind.  She confesses if she had been a year or two older she wouldn't have had Collin.

Later at the Hotel Residence she meets Collin & after he sees how angry she is, he expresses his surety that he knew after first seeing Do Jin that Do Jin was his dad.  She explains to him, that this sudden search is a betrayal to the father who helped raise him & loves him.  And that he is HER son.

Later we see Maehri looking through old photos, till she finds the copy of the same photo Collin has.  The picture of all the Oppas w/ Eun Hui.  And then we see Yi Soo standing outside school looking to where Do Jin's car was parked & remembering their conversation before everything went south.  Then we head to Do Jin's apt where the guys are waiting to hear the results of his meetiing w/ Eun Hui.  They all want to hear from Do Jin that she confirmed his suspicions about being Collin's dad.  Just then all their phones ring...except one.
Yeah only Do Jin's remains silent.  

They explain that they found out that all 4 of the women met & they know the gist of what is going on minus who the actual father is.  Which explains why Yi Soo is not calling Do Jin.  Since he started the phone silence thing, she obviously knows that he is the dad.  It's his turn to talk to her this time, the ball is in his court.

Sigh....getting drama heavy eh AddiKts?!?!  Guess we knew this was coming...KDrama Formula at it's best.

Why don't we take a quick levity break?  How about a scene in which Maehri offers us some much needed giggles?

She is facing Yoon in Jeong Rok's bar.  Asking him if he is the father.
 So he says to her, "And if he is my son?"

Which begins this hilarious dialogue...

M: What do I do?  No wonder I thought his eyes looked sad.

Yoon starts to tell her he's not in the mood to discuss this with her but she interrupts with...

M: Okay, in this situation, you have nothing to worry about Oppa.  I will... {{dramatic pause/breath here w/ very expressive face of concern}} raise him well.

ROFLMBO!!!!!  LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!  Oh Maehri!!  Can you be anymore ridiculous?!?!?!

Yoon asks her What?!?!

M: Don't worry about anything Oppa.  At eye-level education...big deep dramatic breath again... I will teach him well.

{{I realize he's still underage in Korea, as he is only 18 going on 19 but what exactly will she have to do to raise this quasi-man? Especially when she's only 4 or 5 years older than he is?!?!}}

Love that look of disbelief.  He can't believe what he is hearing, anymore than I can!
 Yoon:  You really...  what should I do with you?  As he places his face in his hand & closes his eyes in disbelief.

At this point Jeong Rok walks up & sits down & tells her to stop playing around or he's gonna call Tae San & tattle on her that she is bothering Yoon.  She stands up & declares she was leaving anyway, because his food sucks.  He shushes her, because it's supposed to be a secret.  LOL

She turns to Yoon & says, "Oppa, don't worry about anything."  Jeong Rok holding his phone to his ear says, "ahh Tae San-ah..."  And Maehri quickly bows & leaves.

OMO!!  She is so funny!!!

At which point Jeong Rok turns to Yoon & mocks him in Maehri's voice.  LOL

Then he looks at Yoon & says you need to think about it...

JR: "Maehri, pretty, young, and has a lot of money.  Hard to believe but she is educated, she likes only you & on top of that she said she would raise your son also.  It's no different than hitting 10 numbers on lotto, understand?"  Which, of course, Yoon agrees with but then, to himself adds, "That's why.  It can't happen even more."  Oh Yoon stop being so dang stubborn!!!

PMS' spy, who has been listening in on the converstion, texts her that Yoon is Collin's father AND that Maehri will help raise him.  To which she texts him back & asks him, "Why did your manager hire you?"  In other words are you an idiot that you think he's Yoon's?!?!

Jeong Rok is finally facing off w/ PMS.  She asks him point blank, "Is it really not you?"  He can honestly say, it's not!  But he still doesn't want to say it's Do Jin whose responsible.  So he points out that the kid is really good looking, is smart & has double eyelids.  So she believes & tells him she is going to eat & if he wants to he can join her.  To which he, LOL replies, "eat & sleep?"  She says, both & he shouts for joy.  Guess this means the divorce is off again.

At this point he's run out of the room & has discovered the key fob for Se Ra's car & when he asks about it she refuses to give him the real reason she has it, he thinks it's for him so he goes down to the garage & sees that it's Se Ra's car.

At this same time Se Ra & Tae San are meeting.  But it does not go well.  Tae San is so angry & wants to end things quickly.  Meanwhile Se Ra begs him to end things slowly because she misses him so much.  But he is not interested in her wants & leaves her there alone crying in the restaurant.

Back at the house Maehri is showing Yi Soo the picture she found...

It is just after Maehri leaves that she finally gets that call she's been waiting for & dreading at the same time.

He wants to meet, she agrees but she'll come to him because the waiting is driving her mad.  So she gets all pretty & meets him at his office...  And this is where it all goes so wrong...

DJ: Asking you to live with me...I take it back.  The promise that I made, that we'll be happy.  I take that back too.  The promise that I wouldn't throw you away before you, Seo Yi Soo, threw me away.  I can't keep that either.  I'm just a rotten bastard.  So if it's possible, forget me.  

YS: Is he your son?

DJ: Yes.  It's not that I didn't have the confidence to love one woman for the rest of my life.  It's that I wasn't qualified.  For living pretentiously.... and for making someone else cry.  For hurting others... That child is punishing me for that. 

YS:  He's really your son, Kim Do Jin?

DJ: Yes.  I'm sorry.  Right now, I have no ability to be logical.  There's just the result of my actions.  No matter how you do it... Just forget... a b like me.  

After this Yi Soo asks him if she'll meet a good man.  And after he wishes her a safe trip back she leaves.

He rushes over to the phone & calls the security guy & tells him a woman, that is crying, is coming down, don't let her drive.

Do Jin comes down at this point & takes the keys from the security guard & she & he fight for the keys all while she is sobbing & screaming at him.  It was seriously so painful to watch this whole scene.  I hated him right then for her.  And yet I knew he was in as much pain as she was.  UGH!  I hate this part of KDramas & their sneaky ability to bring me to tears.  

She refuses a taxi & he refuses to give her the keys, eventually he drives her home, her trying, unsuccessfully to choke back the sobbing & the tears.  Once they arrive she quickly reaches over & turns off her car & snatches the keys & gets out & starts to walk into the house.  But at the last minute she turns back to him & says, " I thought I was suddenly too happy. As expected there was a twist like this.' then she screams at him, 'Is there anything else I should know?  Nothing else I need to know about your past?  Is he your only son?  Do you have a second child you bastard?!"  She then walks quickly into the house & slams the door.  

Just when you think Yi Soo's life can't get worse, remember how her thug student had gone to the snotty, nerdy math geek & had him transcribe the book for him & threaten him not to do math homework in the ethics class anymore?  Well, even though he told the geek he didn't have to do the book anymore that he'd already done it, the geek's mother, horrible, awful, terrible, shrew of screaming nightmare mother comes to the school & starts smacking around the thug for being a bully.  So her example of how bullying is wrong is to in fact then bully.  Okay.  Sure why not.  One of the students runs to Yi Soo & tells her what's going on & the woman starts screaming at Yi Soo.  Who is trying to get the woman to talk rationally & not in front of the other students.  The scene ends with the woman's son & the other teachers running in & getting her to leave, not quietly.  And then the thug student {Kim Dong Hyub} walks out of class too.  I would imagine holding back his anger at the woman's onslaught & the embarrassment from being smacked around was too much for him.  I don't blame him.  One of the reasons I decide not to follow up on the idea of being a teacher was because of having to deal with the kids' parents.  I am not diplomatic enough to handle the irrationality of stupid, lazy parents.

Later that night we see Yi Soo & Tae San at the baseball park.  His hiding out place is not just his.  She tells him Do Jin dumped her without giving her a chance to think or plan or decide for herself what was best.  Tae San explains he'd have done the same thing.  After he leaves her to continue her reflections he gets a call from Jeong Rok of Se Ra's car.  Here he finds out that PMS has loaned Se Ra a huge amount of money & that Se Ra has given PMS her car as collateral.  He goes to PMS, who tells him to know the deets he'll have to ask Se Ra, because even PMS doesn't know everything.  He takes over the debt from PMS & asks her to keep that part secret.  That night Yi Soo tells Se Ra that Collin is Do Jin's son.

The next day in Yoon's office, he & Collin meet.  To discuss paternity.  He shows Collin that he had a paternity test done the minute Collin made his announcement & showed Collin the results.  It's all in Hangul so I couldn't read it, but there was one part I understood just fine.  The part where it says 99.9% match. 

At this point Yoon, looks at Collin & says, Do Jin & Eun Hui both need to come in here right away.  Now here's a thought AddiKts.  If any of you can read Hangul & if you were able to figure out what exactly the paper says in more detail please let me know if my hypothesis is correct.  

A.) The papers confirm that the 99.9% is Do Jin.  {{Which is what I think we're supposed to think.}}  


B.) The papers confirm it's a 99.9% probability to someone else.  {{This is my hunch}}

I'm serious here.  It just doesn't give enough info.  If the test came back positive for Do Jin then why would Yoon look so serious & say he needs to see them both so importantly.  Do Jin & Eun Hui already said Do Jin is Collin's father.  It really only makes sense, at least to me, if the papers name another guy!  So if you read Hangul & if the papers showed that important info & you know my answer let me know right away in the comments section, please?  It's just a theory & I have been wrong before, it's rare I admit, but it does happen. ^^  They may very well say it's all Do Jin.  It's just a hunch.  So let me know, BEFORE Saturday's new episode tells me.  Thanks Addikts.

Back at Yi Soo's place her teacher friend arrives all in a flurry of excitement & drama.  It seems that Math Geek Kid's horrible mother is suing the school, Kim Dong Hyub & Yi Soo for the bullying.  Yi Soo needs a lawyer.  Thankfully she knows a really great lawyer.  Unfortunately, she chooses this moment to arrive & ask for Yoon's help.

And that's basically where it ends, with Do Jin introducing Eun Hui to Yi Soo as the 'ex-girlfriend' & Yi Soo to Eun Hui as "someone he lost".  

Wowzers!!  What will happen this week guys?!?!  Who wants to answer this question???  

As for me?  I haven't the foggiest, except for that one little hunch.  Please if you know the answer tells us all in the comments section.  

And that is it, finally for my last review of the week.  Sorry guys that this was so late but I had an impromptu Girls' Night Out last night w/ my Gurlz!  It was awesome & I enjoyed blowing off steam.  Got home after midnight & was up finishing the episode 13 DFR for AGD  until 2:30 this morning, hence the late start today on finishing this one up.  {{giggle, don't you wish we could all go out together & get to know each other better?  A GNO w/ Unnie & Dongsaeng.  It would be epic & off the chain hott!!}}  wink wink.  

So till next week AddiKts.  



  1. Thank you for this...Even though I rush to watch the current episodes of AGD, reading your review after each episode is always a treat....

    1. Oh! I am so glad you like reading my AGD reviews. You just made me a very happy lady. Dongsaeng has actual fans & I was starting to think that no one really cared what I thought or for my writing. :( I'm glad to know that you liked my review. Thank you so much for the huge compliment, it means a lot to me. Chincha! Gamsahamnida Unnie. Jongmal Gamsahamnida!


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