Monday, August 27, 2012

{Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng} Fiery Red Head on the Loose

So, on a whim, I bought some gochujang the other day.  Now what?  I need some recipes!  Anyone have any suggestions?

Don't you love it when you are inching ever near a deadline and still have no idea what to write about?

Even if it's a self-imposed deadline, it looms ever larger and comes closer and closer, closing in on the gap until you start sweating while staring at a blank screen just waiting for your words of wit and amusement to start flowing.

I'm afraid I might be clean out of wit and amusement today.

So how about we just end this here right now and save ourselves a whole lot of time and trouble?

Hahaha...just kidding!  I've got loads to talk about today.  Okay, maybe not loads.  Let's not use that word. Makes me think of all the laundry I have waiting for me.  Loads and loads.  *rim shot*  << pure comedic gold there.



Well, I tried.  Sometimes one must prime the pump.

Speaking of comedy, in case you were wondering, yes, we did make it to the comedy show Friday night with our friends and saw my friend's triplet sister perform.  She did good.  A few others did good.  A few others did not do good.  It was a showcase for a comedy school.  Yeah.  There was a 92 year old lady in a wheelchair.  She rocked it.  Seriously.  But then again, when you're 92 and in comedy school, you're pretty much guaranteed to bring the house down by your sheer moxie alone.  The best were all of her friends in the audience.  They all had walkers.  And they all left noisily after Gert (that's her name in case you were curious what a 92 year old comic would call herself) finished her set.  They practically had to use the giant hook to get Gert off the stage.  Girlfriend likes the limelight, what can I say?  If you were 92 you'd probably take twice the allotted time as well, because really, who's going to argue?

Wanna know the bummer thing about spending your Friday night at a comedy school showcase?  Getting pictures and stories from friends that are meeting Lee Seung Gi or at a 2NE1 concert while you are not laughing it up to some weird, greasy, creepy guy hitting on your married friend from the stage.  And having your friend's husband mock you because you made the mistake of mentioning the really hot Korean firefighter you once saw out at the big box mega mart (it was a conversation about firefighters and how women automatically find them attractive even when they're not - or so my friend's husband was claiming).  I was teased about it the entire rest of the evening.  That's okay.  I can take it.  And the guy really was pretty cute.  Not that I'm in the market.  Which is why I saw, I texted my unnie to share the moment with her (like a good chingu should), and I left.  End of story.  I didn't even go all paparazzi and start snapping pics (like my unnie wanted me to).  I didn't even mention it here or anything until now (and this was months ago).  I was mature about it.  So go ahead friend of mine, tease away.  I ain't skerd.

So, back to the task at hand, have I yet told you what new dramas I've picked up?  I think I did, but just to give the rundown again and a little update on how they're all doing...

Obviously Faith is my big one.  You can read all about that in my DFR, so I won't say anymore here.

Arang and the Magistrate is another since Unnie is doing that one for her DFR and I have to be able to read her reviews.  I really like it though - it's cute.  She chose well.  She usually chooses well.  I think I'll have her choose my next one for me.  'K Unnie?

To the Beautiful You is another that I'm all caught up on.  I like it.  I've even started watching the original Hana Kimi Japanese version so that I can compare and contrast.  I've never watched a J-Drama before. has its good points.  And its different points.  Jury is still out on a final verdict, but I'll definitely keep it up and fill you in later.

Against my better judgement, I also started Haeundae Lovers.  Now, don't get all cranky if you like it and I just offended you with the whole "against my better judgement" bit.  Hear me out.  I have a big issue with the whole adultery thing.  It's never a story line I enjoy, but especially right now, it's a little rough to cheer on the couple knowing that he's freaking married.  And his wife is in the hospital.  Yes, I know he doesn't cheat or anything while he is himself (though he does think she's pretty hot - I think we can all agree to that - we've seen 'the look'), and I'm not quite to the point yet where he has lost his memory (I'm just about there - they just dragged his body up in the fishing net), but still, I know he's married.  So whether or not he does, I know and I just can't get behind them as a couple.  Honestly the timing couldn't be much worse either.  See, I have a friend who just found out that this single mom she recently befriended is carrying her cheating husband's baby.  And neither guilty party told her even though she's about to give birth any moment and they've both known the entire pregnancy.  Nope, little homewrecker just let the wife be her friend while gushing about how excited she is for this baby.  Twisted.  My friend's life and their family has been destroyed.  Cheating is not cool.  {Gosh Dongsaeng, chillax, will ya?  It's just a TV show.}  No.  Sorry.  I won't chillax. Sometimes we have to stand up against something we don't agree with, and cheating is one of those things for me.  I'm tired of "adultery is okay if..." story lines (I'm looking at you Bridges of Madison County and all of your like-minded friends and cohorts).  So, not sure how long this drama and I will last.  Bare chested hotties and all (she said sarcastically).

Stepping off my soap box now and returning to the list...
(Is anyone still here or did I scare you off with my rant?  Don't run away.  Rant is over.  Nice Dongsaeng is back).

I'm still chugging along on Bridal Mask. I didn't get very far this past week.  I spent one evening trying to catch up, but didn't make it through an entire episode before my tired self quit on me.  I think it is an amazing show and I look forward to enjoying the last couple of weeks of it, just have to get caught up first.  I think I'm 2 weeks behind which isn't too bad, is it?  Only, by 2 weeks I mean 4 episodes.  Oh.  Yeah, I have some work to do, don't I?  Better get cracking on that right away.  Wednesday/Thursday quickly approaches and I don't want to be 6 episodes behind - that's just taking it too far and my BM fandom status might be called into question.

I finished watching Queen In Hyeon's Man the other day.  That one was cute, even though it was another time travel sageuk fusion.  It was nice that it was only 16 episodes and so the drama was a lot lighter.
I'm hearing some buzz about Panda and the Hedgehog and Answer Me 1997, so I think I'll check them out later today.  I'll let you know how that goes.

And that's about all I have for today.  Time to get back to my loads of laundry (i.e. watch some dramas while I "do laundry").  I hope you all had fabulous weekends both in and out of your drama worlds.  I leave you today with an obvious pick for your Monday Morning prescription.  I woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning.  Nothing like a little KPop as your brain switches on for the day.  It took me awhile to "get there" with this song.  I'm still not totally on board with the video, but the song is pretty cool.  Except I made the mistake of reading the lyrics.  Oh Dongsaeng, don't ever look at lyrics.  It only upsets you when you do.  GD, I think you're pretty cool, but I think it might be time to drop this "gangster persona".  I'm just not buying it.  I like sweet, cute, even sexy GD better than bad toosh wanna-be GD.  Just my personal opinion.  Wherever you fall on the GD gangsta issue - love it, like it or hate it - here's G-Dragon's new single, One of a Kind.
P.S.  Has anyone else had a crazy hard time looking for this video?  Any search I ever do comes up with a ton of reaction videos and I really have to sift through to find the real one.  Maybe that's just me and my still messed up internet issues in my house.  My phone and I have been arguing - it gets cranky without a good connection.  Silly high maintenance tech toys.

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