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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Globally Fan Girling

It was just over 4 months ago that Dongsaeng & I started The Crazy Ahjummas.  I can't believe it.  It seems like forever ago & at the same time it seems like just yesterday we were adding our first posts.  Wow.  Going from no readers, besides us & a few friends who wanted to support us, to over 41,000+ views.  That's a big leap...for us.  I still don't get why you guys care what we think about K Dramas but I am not complaining, honest!!  I love knowing that there are people out there that enjoy my opinion?  Writing?  View point? Insanity?  All of the above?  I feel like a super star.  Which is cool because most of the time I just feel like a frumpy old mom.  Then I come on here & see that someone left me a comment on one of my posts or see how the views of my posts jumps every day & it totally rocks!

Our first few posts we were still trying to find our voices.  I will be interested to see this blog in the future & read back through & see how we've changed, if we've changed.  Then I came up with the bright idea of doing K Drama reviews of the shows we were each watching.  Our first reviews?  The King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince.  That was fun.  But it was also a lot of work....honestly those K Drama reviews are killer hard.  They take at least 3 hours to accomplish.  But it always feels so good to see people reading them.

{{Seriously though I just don't get why you guys like reading us?  I think it's just cause you love the Kdramas themselves so much you can't get enough & you have to read every review out there.  How close am I with that guess?}}

It was during the reviewing of The King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince that we starting noticing the growth on the blog.  Obviously you guys like K Drama reviews.  Each new K Drama brings a new group of readers.  Hopefully, we're keeping some regular readers, that stick with us through all of our reviews & who will tune in for our "Ahjumma Articles" {{Monday Morning Therapy w Dongsaeng -MMTwD & my Wednesday Write Ups -WWU's}} but we welcome the newbie AddiKts as well.

Along with the growth we made new friends too.  Especially during our reviews of The King 2 Hearts.  Our first readers & commenters on the blog became great friends.  We've never met them in person but we feel like we have.  One reader in particular & I bonded over our love of "Dimple".  She lives in Indonesia.  We found we have similar personalities & someday I hope to meet her in person.  How awesome is that?  If I go on vacation to Indonesia that I have a place to stay. LOL  Just kidding Fransiska!  {{hehehe...don't tell her AddiKts but I'm totally NOT kidding.  ;)P giggle}}

This last Saturday morning I woke up to the most awesome gift ever from her!  Chincha!!  I was so excited I went running downstairs with my iPad in hand to show CA & the kids.  Okay back up a little.  On last week's reviews I talked about this a little but here I am totally going to let my inner fan girl brag!

So Fransiska, months ago, bought tickets to go to the Lee Seung Gi Fan Meeting in Singapore.  Which is exciting all on it's own.  {{Sad face here that my favorite k stars don't do fan meets in the US}}  But then she told us that she was also chosen to be a part of the more intimate fan meet w/ fewer fans as well & that she would get to shake his hand & meet him & get his autograph as well.  And I was totally happy for her!!  {{And only a lot jealous too.}}

Well, the time of the fan meet came & Siska boarded the plane from Indonesia to Singapore & I got to follow her tweets & FB posts which helped me live vicariously through her.  I barely slept that night for excitement.  And I wasn't even the one going!  I am kind of worried when I finally get my BB concert tickets if I will ever sleep again!  O_O

Then Saturday morning finally dawned, the first thing I did was reach over to my nightstand & grab the iPad to see what else she had managed to capture.  And that's when my inner fan girl took over!  And I did my best impression of Seo Yi Soo freaking out on her bed in A Gentleman's Dignity!  Lots of; "Omo!!!  Omo!!! Omo!!! Omo's!!!!!"  issued forth & I was giddily giggling like a lunatic.  And then I noticed that CA was not laying next to me.  Typical for Saturday.  He knows I am NOT a morning person.  Like seriously!  I am NOT a morning person & Saturday is my one day to sleep in so he usually does his best to make sure I wake up on my own on Saturdays.  Which means running interference for the kids.  Our dog, Nikki, {{aka mommy's shadow}} gets to come & go as she pleases though because she mostly just lays by my feet or in CA's spot on the bed & sleeps with me, quietly.  Well, you can imagine the look on her doggy face as I had my little Seo Yi Soo-esque freak out in bed!!  At this point I jumped out of bed & ran downstairs.

This is what I showed my CA & the monstrosities.

Is that not the coolest thing you ever saw?!?!

{{Psssst....Unnie what exactly are we looking at?}}

It's a picture of the autographed picture of Lee Seung Gi!!  AND it's made out to Fransiska, JESS (THAT'S ME!!!) & another reader who loves the Dimple as well, Vira.  Siska stood in line & when her time came she had a piece of paper that had all of our names written on it.  Fransiska - Indonesia, Jess - Wisconsin & Vira (I won't put where she is from, just in case she doesn't want that part known).  His manager, who was breathing down her neck when she approached the signing table, vetoed 3 autographs but was okay with putting all three names on one picture.  She shook his hand & the rest was a blur of her stuttering.  LOL  I can't say I'd do any better though.  I'd like to think I could be calm & rational but come on!!!  Who am I kidding, right?!?!  Especially since I wasn't even there, it isn't like I am ever going to get to see the pic in person or have a copy for myself, & yet there I was Saturday morning in my jammies, thousands of miles away in my kitchen, flipping out!  For the 3 seconds it took him to write my name he was thinking, indirectly about me!!!  OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!  Lee Seung Gi knows my name!!!!  He has no idea who I am or anything about me & has since probably forgotten the whole thing as he met 100's of ppl that weekend & gave 100's of autographs out but still for 3 seconds I was in the mind of Dimple!!!

Then she shared pictures & video clips & all sorts of stories of her awesome trip!  And even though it was the middle of the night in Singapore she was on cloud 9 & we sat chatting via "What'sApp" on our phones, till it was around 5 am there.  I am sincerely so happy for her!!  What an amazing weekend!!!  Hanging out with other Airens & seeing Dimple!  Heavenly!  She's already trying to plan a trip to Seoul for his 2013 Hope Concert!  You go Siska!!  Again I will probably have to live vicariously.  That's okay though right?  You'll still love me then too, right?  ^.^

Now I will share a few of her pics on this here post.  For those of you who follow the TCA FB pg, you have already seen these.  The videos for those of you haven't seen them are also on the TCA FB page.  I can't upload them here because they aren't mine & they aren't in a YouTube format.

The next 2 pictures are NOT Fransiska's pictures.  She is not exactly sure who they belong to BUT she says she thinks we should give credit for them to...
Everything Lee Seung Gi

IF you know who they actually belong to please let us know ASAP!  We want the credit to go where the credit belongs!  And thank them for sharing the amazing Dimple with us all!
Oh Dimple!!!  There you are!!!  It's been way too long!!  When are you going to get another K Drama going?!?!  I miss our weekly visits. :(  Look at you Dimple, you are so cute!!  Thank you Dimple for being such a cool, sweet, gentlemanly kind of man!  You were so nice to my friend to sign all of our names for her.  She said she is more Krazy for you than ever!
Saranghae Dimple!
<3 Nuna!!

Sigh.  What a cutie pie right?!?!  Who cares that I am quite a bit older than him.  I adore me some Dimple!!  Thank you to Siska for the most awesome gift ever!!  It was supposed to be YOUR moment & yet you have such an incredibly big heart that you shared YOUR moment with me & Vira.  You are an awesome friend & thank you for reading & supporting me & TCA.  Saranghae Chingu!  Jongmal Saranghe!!

This week's WWU brought to you by the Amazing Dimple!  Have a great week AddiKts & I'll see you again in my ATM eps 5 & 6.  I just checked The Arang & the Magistrate Viki page & it's up & segmented & well on it's way to being subbed.  Squuuueeeeeee!!!  What will I say this week?  Will I be as obnoxious this week as I was last week?  Only one way to find out.  And if my obnoxiousness bugged you I apologize but I write for me first AddiKts.  And last week I was in a "mood".  ;)P


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  1. Unnie - you're so lucky! :) I'm very jealous that for those 3 seconds Dimple was thinking of you. Fransiska, thank you so much for making my dear unnie so sublimely happy! She needs and deserves that every once in awhile!


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