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DFR: Faith ep 14


Screencaps of episode 14.

Some were for memory's sake so that I could recall conversations, events or whatnot of course, but a lot were capturing some yummy magical moments between our two leads.

I loved this episode.  I loved the romantic tension that is building between Eun Soo and Choi least with Choi Young.  It's kind of hard at this point to know where Eun Soo stands.  But it is glaringly obvious that Choi Young has a thing for the good doctor and he has it bad.  He is one smitten kitten and wears it all over his face and so episode 14 was one hour and change filled with yummy Min Ho delight!

And some other stuff.  Which of course we'll totally talk about too, but first, let's take a moment and savor the budding romance and sparks of desire flaming in the heart of one very fine Woodalchi General.

You know, we could just keep going with these.  Just show all the yummy pictures and forget about all that other "filler".  I'd be good with that.  ;D

But I suppose that the love story isn't the same without the context in which it occurs, so I will go ahead and include the "filler" as well and just give a little bit more attention to my favorite steamy romantic parts when the time comes.

So Choi Young is being accused of accepting a small bribe.  When he is first brought before the king, he doesn't spend much time denying it.  He basically just says, "Hey, you know me.  You know that I didn't do this.  I don't need to say anything more."

He is demoted and stripped of his title of General while the investigation is pending.  The Woodalchi lose their special entitlement granted them by the king where they answer to no one but the king.  The king is outraged and defends Young.  He reminds the scholars of Young's personal sacrifice to bring them there and assure their safety.  It's all outrage and disbelief until the scholars come back with an interesting little factoid....  Word on the Goryeo street is that because the king is so young, he is leaning heavily on the General and that the General is in fact acting in a position similar to regent. This is undermining the king's perceived authority among the people.  Hmm.  As much as I hate to admit it, I can see where this would present a problem.  Choi Young also realizes this throughout the episode, so later on, when brought in for the final hearing, he confesses.  He confesses to accepting the bribe.  He is sentenced to one year hard labor and taken and locked away.

Okay, now I realize that I just skipped a good majority of the episode.  I'm just trying to tell the story as concisely as possible because there's a lot of things happening here.

For example, let's talk about the Prince Deok Heung.  Gi Cheol wants to put him on the throne.  Deok Heung accepts this idea, along with the idea of trying to make the High Doctor his queen (I know it's early, but I suspect that Deok Heung might just have a thing for Eun Soo - just a theory at this point, but I'm pretty sure that's where they're going with this thing).  He more or less realizes that he doesn't have much choice at this point.  He, who has spent his life in hiding, has come out of hiding.  He either becomes king or dies.  So he's on board with the whole usurping the throne plan.  Except that Gi Cheol is starting to go a little nutso.  Okay, a lot nutso.  He's ranting and raving and jumping to all kinds of conclusions and conspiracy theories.  Deok Heung starts to realize that while he wants to continue to seek the throne, he probably doesn't want to do so with Gi Cheol.  So he seeks out his own person.  Any guesses who?  That's right - enter Jo Il Shin.  He's at first resistant to the whole treason thing, but starts to warm to it once Deok Heung promises him the position of Prince of the Court (Gi Cheol's current job if you're keeping score).  So that's what is going on with all of that mess.

Let's see...what other "filler" before I can finally jump into the romance?  Hmm.... OH!  There's the whole king and queen thing.  Things are going well between our royal newlyweds.  He's confessed and they're shown talking to each other wearing their night clothes.  Oooh!

Then there's the part prior to that scene where Eun Soo has come to say her goodbyes (more on why she's saying goodbye when we get to the CY/ES storyline).  While talking to the queen, Eun Soo gives her a little bit of heavenly information -- that out of all the royal couples before and after these two, none loved each other more.  Eun Soo assures the queen that the king truly loves her and that they should always stay together no matter what.  Aww!

I should mention that the palace spies are finally caught.  Go Lady Choi!  That was a fun part, especially when Lady Choi stops the warrior maiden spy from committing suicide by slapping the round whatever out of her mouth.  They are able to interrogate her and get a bit of interesting information - there is a plot to steal the king's seal.  You may remember an eerily similar plot in a certain other show about a doctor from the future who goes back in time.  o.O  If the king loses his seal, he more or less becomes impotent as far as kingly powers.  Well, at least now they know that that's one of Gi Cheol's dastardly plans, and knowing is half the battle.  Am I right, or am I right?

Okay, that should about cover all that.  Can I talk about Eun Soo and Choi Young now, please?  It was so my favorite part of this entire episode.  There were so many yummilicious scenes between the two of them I could just squeee all day.

Eun Soo has been diligently working on trying to solve the puzzle in the diary.  She has figured out that they are dates that are written, but she needs to convert them into a different format because time/date in modern day differs a lot from Goryeo times.  She's discussing all of this with Choi Young while they sit together on the bridge at their meeting spot.  She then pulls out the bottle of aspirin with the dried flower in it and gives it back to him, making sure to tease him all the while.  Hahaha!  He was so mortified and adorable!

Then there was this exchange...

 ES: Did you know in the heaven world there's a song about you?
(starts singing it..."Gold and stone...he offered his whole life to our nation and he is the teacher to our people, General Choi Young.")
CY:  Where did you hear that?  Gold.  Stones. ???  (his father's last words to him)
ES:  I told you, in heaven world, you are super famous. We made a song with your father's last words and sing about it.  Because you were just a great and clean person.  Why do you look so shocked?  Were you the only one who didn't believe I'm a heaven person?  You were the one who brought me here!"

After the scholars try to get information about the future from Eun Soo (they want to know if this current king is going to make it or if they should go Team Deok Heung), Choi Young tells her that she needs to get out - that the scholars won't leave her alone and will lock her up if they decide she's important.  He tells her to pack and meet him later at their meeting spot at dawn the next day and to prepare to sleep outside.  She asks him if this means he is coming with her and he says yes, "I will go, together with you."  That's then when she goes and talks to the queen, saying goodbye without actually saying goodbye.  But the queen catches on and tells the king later when he is questioning whether or not he interpreted Choi Young's intentions at the trial.  He is visibly upset, telling her that after the last time Choi Young was locked up, he, the king, swore to himself that he would never lock or tie up that person again, that to do so is such an undoable deed.  So that's when the queen tells him about Eun Soo's visit to her earlier where it seemed as if she was saying goodbye.  This reassures the king that the two of them probably have a plan all hatched out and he should just trust his Woodalchi General.  But there I go again with the "filler" when there's more romance to recap.  Silly me.  Back to the love!

Eun Soo packs up and waits at the designated spot, even knowing that Choi Young by this time has been arrested and imprisoned.  Still she waits.  She knows that he will do anything to keep his promise. Which of course he does.  He totally escapes from prison and shows up.  What's a little prison?  Psh.  That's nothing when the woman he loves is waiting to run away with him.

("Filler alert":  When the king finds out about the prison break he realizes that Choi Young doesn't plan on returning and that it seems as if he left because he doesn't want to chain his ankles, i.e. make him seem like a weak king with a regent being the real power behind the throne).

Choi Young shows up and seems a little surprised that Eun Soo has continued to wait for him.  She responds by running to him and jumping into his arms, embracing him.  He's surprised, but then returns the hug.  He freaking RETURNS the HUG!!!!  I know I'm supposed to be a jaded American and all, but that hug...ooh!  Chills baby!  Chills!  Muy romantico (that's Spanish for "hot dang!")!

They run off and seek refuge with the merry band of robbers who's name escapes me once again.  Anyone? Sure I could go back and look, but I don't wanna.  I'll just call them the Merry Band of Robbers who Choi Young is buddies with.  You know who I mean still, right?  I hope so, because I really don't wanna go back and find their name.  They plan on laying low for a few days there in hiding because all of their escape routes are blocked.  Choi Young did just escape from prison after all, not to mention Gi Cheol has sent out the forces en masse to find the High Doctor as well.  So they plan on staying in the hideout while waiting for the heat to die down.  There are so many cute moments between Eun Soo and Choi Young throughout these scenes.  Like when he tells her that it appears she is the target that "they" are after and she jokingly responds back saying, "well you know, since I've come here, Gi Cheol did give me the best food and bed".

The look on his face!  Bwahahaha!  Okay, so maybe he's not in such a jokey mood.

Or when he takes the bowl of food from her and eats it all without realizing it.

Or when it is pointed out that they will get one room to share.

And then this part where they're discussing how quiet they'll need to be while hiding and Choi Young is teasing her, asking her if she will be able to manage being quiet for that long.  And they're both in the same pose looking at each other and joking together and I just melted right then and there.

OH!  And then when Eun Soo is working so hard trying to remember the formula used to convert the dates and she's rumpling her hair and going nuts while he just watches the show.  She puts her head down for a moment and he reaches out to touch her hair....
But no.  He chickens out.  Still yummy.

And then the ultimate tummy-fluttering scene.  The scene that has been in my head for days now since I watched it.  She comes in after washing her hair and accidentally stumbles into him.  They stand there staring, having a moment, before she enters her room.
Once she is safely behind closed (paper) door, he sinks to the floor, overcome with desire for this woman yet fighting it.

{Shhh...this is how I interpreted it.  Obviously we can't see what he's really thinking, but I think I'm pretty spot on with my interpretation of what he's thinking}.

She talks about how this is like a school trip and how they should play a game commonly played on school trips - the truth game.  Like truth or dare, minus the dare.  The rules are simple.  I ask a question and you have to answer it truthfully.  So she asks him if he'll be okay when heaven's door reopens and she goes home.  He tells her that no, he will not be alright.  She says, "I knew you wouldn't be.  I don't think I'll be alright either.  Once I return to my world, I will think a lot.  Think about the king, the queen, Doctor Jang Bin, the Woodalchis,  I'm going to miss you a lot."

While she's saying all of this, he turns to look at her silhouette through the paper door.  He reaches out and tenderly traces the outline of her face.

Dude, it's paper.  You're like this really tough warrior guy.  Get where I'm going with this?  Are you going to let a little paper stand between you and your lady?  Curse you and your principles!  No, not really.  The tension is still really nice at this point.  I'm loving it.  I don't mind if it's drawn out a little more, just as long as they keep moments like this coming.  Drop the romance and I'll be ticked.  Keep it going along, growing slowly while we watch him go even more gaga for her and I'll stick around for more.  Anyway, so she tells him that she'll miss him and then it's his turn to ask her a question, but he declines, saying that he already knows too much about her.  He's so in love with her and it's eating him up because he can't act on it and even if he could, the reality is that 700 years separate them.  He's got a job and destiny to fulfill and she needs to get back home to the future.  Ah, what a tragic yet beautiful burgeoning love story we have here Faithfuls.

Alas, it ends on a sour note.  Prince Deok Heung finds Lady Choi.  He wants to know where Eun Soo and Choi Young are hiding out and he knows that she knows since she's Lady Choi and she knows everything.  Now, obviously she isn't going to spill the beans.  Except, a game changer is thrown in.  He reveals this special paper that he has that is laced with a poison and is intentionally hard to separate so that the user must first lick their finger to remove a sheet, thus injesting the poison.  This is the same paper that Eun Soo has been using to decipher the notebook.  This poison takes time to build up in one's system before manifesting itself.  And the antidote?  Well of course he has it, but he has to know where the doctor is before he can give it to her.  Ack!  No!!!!  And then of course our closing shot of the episode is Eun Soo moaning in pain, Choi Young rushing in to her and she's unresponsive.

Go ahead...
Duhn duhn duhn.......

Thankfully Faithfuls, it's already Friday so our long wait only has a few more days to go before we see what happens next.  Let's all hope for some more muy romantico scenes such as this week's episodes held.  Wasn't it a good week?!  Yummalicious if you ask me.  Goosebumps and chills and melted hearts all over the place.  And cheering -- lots and lots of cheering.

I hope you enjoyed it as well.  And I look forward to next week as we find out what awaits are dynamic duo and the rest of the cast.  Until then, be ever Faithful!

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