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DFR: Arang & the Magistrate ep 19

This is it, last week for Arang AddiKts.  I am so sad.  The drama is heating up, the conclusion is upon us & we'll have to bid farewell to another great drama.  Guess I'll just dive right in...

Episode 18 ended w/ Arang on her way to sacrifice herself since she was going to have to leave Eun Oh anyway & in the hopes that Eun Oh would be able to at least be with his mom once she disappeared.  She had no idea that there was no way his mother would survive the removal of Moo Yeon from her body.  While Arang is heading to CMD, Eun Oh is searching for Arang & comes upon one of the ghosts who kept watch on Lord Choi...  The ghost informs him that he saw Arang in the area around the old house, but even though he called & called to her, she ignored him & kept going to the cave that gives off the same eerie glow the house does.  He gets to the forest & then spies Ju Wal scrambling up the mountain & through the brush heading post haste after Arang.

Then Arang arrives...

But she is not alone...  
Big Brother Moo Yeong is watching & waiting for the opportunity to take out his sister.  

Arang agrees to give CMD her body BUT in exchange CMD has to promise not to harm Eun Oh's mom & in fact...

Of course CMD is going to agree to anything that Arang wants.  She wants Arang's body after all.  And the only way this works is if Arang gives her body freely to CMD.  After assuring herself that she is saving Eun Oh's mother she asks CMD if she'll be able to see Eun Oh again & CMD informs her that no she will not ever see him again.  Arang begins to cry but agrees to still carry out her sacrifice.  Then CMD after pondering on the fact that she is benefiting from human love tells Arang to close her eyes, empty her heart & then think of only that one thing she wants.

Then she places her hand on Arang's head & begins the process...

At this point, in rushes Ju Wal, he's remembered that Arang & Lee Seo Rim are the same person.  So he is here to stop CMD from hurting Arang/Lee Seo Rim again.  

He tells Arang that even if she gives her body that...

CMD was more than a little angry & used her powers on him to knock him to the side & knock him out at the same time.  Leaving Arang confused & scared.  She tells Arang that he was lying that she will indeed take good care of the Magistrate's mother.  And that this is her last chance to save her for Eun Oh.  That does it, Arang is so desperate to save Eun Oh pain of being alone, after she is gone, she's willing to suffer & has CMD continue w/ the process of taking over her body.

 Moo Yeong is waiting in the wings for the process to go further so that he can plunge the knife into his sister's soul & destroy her but Eun Oh arrives & stops the whole process early.  He doesn't want Arang to sacrifice herself!
 But in his haste to stop the process before it can complete he weakens both CMD, which is good, and Arang.  Once she passes out, he gallantly & quickly picks her up & carries her from the cave to safety.

After he leaves Moo Yeong steps forward & tries to plunge in Mr Beautiful's knife but the transfer of CMD's soul had not progressed far enough for the knife to do it's job.  CMD knocks back Moo Yeong & Ju Wal comes to & grabs up his own dagger.  He has finally reached the breaking point & he is taking out CMD.  

 He never gets the chance though.  Because of the fight & the interruption of the body switch CMD has been severely weakened & Eun Oh's mom is back in charge of her body...for now.  And she collapses to the floor of the cave.

Meanwhile Eun Oh has set Arang down by a tree & is yelling at her & holding her & terrified & so happy that he got there in time.  He yells at her for trying to sacrifice herself for him & his mother.  She tries to explain saying...
 ....I'm going to be leaving soon & I don't want you left here alone. 

So he looks her in her eyes & sobs out... 

At this point I was in tears, sobbing right alongside Eun Oh & Arang, who finally admits out loud...

I am seriously so in love with the love story between these two great characters.   
It was so romantic & moving watching them hold on to each other so tightly.  
Up in heaven Moo Yeong enters the presence of Mr Beautiful who is disappointed once again in Moo Yeong's inability to stop his sister.  And explains to him that it's his human feelings of wanting to stop her so that he can ultimately save her instead of simply stopping her for the sake of destroying her evilness.  He explains to him that...

At this point Moo Yeong leaves feeling shame for his human feelings.

Back on earth CMD is still unconscious in Ju Wal's home.  And he's remembering everything about the night Lee Seo Rim sacrificed her life & jumped in front of the knife & saved his life.  He's feeling shame himself.

In Arang's room we see her asleep, & then the camera pans back & we see that Eun Oh is asleep next to her.  She spies him & rolls over to face him & just like that first night she met him, she stares at his sleeping face.
This time she also softly strokes his face while he sleeps.  
Then she slowly takes a hold of his hand & then closes her eyes & goes back to sleep. 

After she closes her eyes, he slowly opens his & stares back at her & then closes his hand more tightly around her hand & then he closes his eyes & goes back to sleep too.   

It was so romantic & soft & pretty & made my all heart fluttery & happy.  How about you guys?  Happy Sigh? 
But it couldn't last...Eun Oh eventually gets up & wanders outside, where he runs into none other than Moo Yeong.  Who is still trying to talk him into helping to stop CMD.  Eun Oh wants to know, "IF I help you, can we save my mother?!?!"  But Moo Yeong bursts that bubble when he tells Eun Oh there is nothing he can do to save his mother.

The next morning Arang visits Lee Seo Rim's grave & tells her that she understands that bravery to risk her life to save the one she loved & thanks her for being so brave & courageous & good & that she doesn't regret finding out all the painful truths on her path to discovering how Lee Seo Rim died.  Then tells Lee Seo Rim that she loves her.  While she is pouring out her heart to LSR we see Ju Wal has made a pilgrimage to visit LSR's grave as well.  He stops & starts to turn away but stops again & turns back.  It's time to face it...

Basically he tells her that he was a foolish man.  Then he talks of a Lady who gave her life to save that foolish man but that the Lady came back to life & he saw her but did not recognize her as the Lady who gave her life for him.  Which made him an even bigger fool.  
Then he dropped to his knees & sobbed his apology to both Arang & Lee Seo Rim for his stupid selfish & foolish behavior to them both.   

He admits that the first time he saw her... 

When really his heart should have felt shame...

Then he apologizes to them but at the same time begs her to NOT forgive him.  At this point our sweet, fair, Arang drops to her knees next to him & with pity & tears in her eyes for his heart's pain she touches his shoulder comfortingly.  After he leaves her & wanders the woods, alone, some more, he apologizes that he couldn't admit that he was the one who then stabbed her in the heart again once she came back to life.  He just didn't want to cause her anymore pain.  That he begs her forgiveness & that he is sorry that he is even trying to apologize.  "Even for the words, 'I'm sorry.' I'm sorry."

Once he arrives home he finds that Eun Oh's mom is still in control of her body & that she is aware that her revenge was stupid & meaningless & wants him to pass on a message to Eun Oh of how sorry she is that she wasted her life & his on her revenge & that this is all her fault.  She has not idea when CMD will regain enough strength to take back over their body so please hurry & tell Eun Oh.  But instead of passing on the message he goes & gets Eun Oh & convinces him to come & talk to his mother.

Once there Eun Oh refuses to believe it's her until she talks about his gift that she actually cherished & yet still she yelled at him & pushed him away.  Then he knows it's her & he falls to the floor beside her bed & asks her why she wouldn't listen to him?  She sobs out her apology & he promises to save her.  At this point she makes him promise that when CMD takes back over he will kill her.  That he will release her from the prison that she is living in.  He promises, through heart breaking tears to save her again.

Once back in his room, he sits on the floor trying to figure out what to do next & how to save his mother & begs for his Master (Mr Beautiful) to please help him & then he falls asleep & dreams a wonderful dream.

He's just waking up & in run 2 adorable little kids.  They happily jump on his lap & embrace him.  Then in walks Arang w/ food & they all sit down with him & begin eating.  While Arang pulls the little girl, their daughter, onto her lap & helps her eat.  He can't believe where he is...then Arang tells him that his mother is with the Shaman & he should go & escort her home.  His mother is alive & he is married to Arang & has 2 beautiful children?  But that is not all, once he gets to the Magistrate's office, which is where the Shaman now lives, he sees Dol Seo, dressed as the Magistrate & then the Shaman brings his mother to him.  Then Larry, Moe & Curly come running up arms laden w/ presents for Eun Oh's mom, it's her birthday.  As they are walking back home to Arang, he stops & hugs her to him.  Just then his mother turns into Mr Beautiful. Who tells him that there is no way to save his mother BUT that he can rescue her, if he uses that thing he gave him  & remembers Mr Beautiful's words from when he was Eun Oh's master...

Then he disappears 

And Eun Oh wakes up from his dream.  But he isn't the only one who is awake.

Ju Wal sees her wake up & can immediately tell that this is not Eun Oh's mom anymore.  

{{I'll one does crazy stare face like our CMD, right?!?!}}

Eun Oh tells Arang the news that there is nothing they can do to save his mother's life but that he can & will save her soul, just like the Jade Emperor told him to.  He goes outside & meets Moo Yeong & tells him, he's in on the plan.  Destroy CMD, rescue his mother's soul.

The next morning before he can get started on saving his mom etc...he has to make sure Lord Choi is taken to Hanyang for his trial & sentencing.  He asks Lord Choi if he knows the difference between humans & animals.  Obviously he doesn't so Eun Oh expounds...

That humans, no matter what they did yesterday, even if they didn't mean to sin, today they have to take responsibility.

Of course Lord Choi scoffs at this absurd notion & Eun Oh gives up in anger & frustration & sends Lord Choi off to prison.  He's placed inside a wagon & gets a ride, meanwhile his henchmen, Geo Deol has to walk beside him.  Once they get into town Lord Choi starts blaming Geo Deol for his current predicament & FINALLY Geo Deol has had it & he tells Lord Choi that he's going to tell the King he was just following orders & hopefully the King will go easy on him.  Eventually, even the townspeople can't take Lord Choi anymore so they rush the wagon & he is freed & then Geo Deol is freed as well, grabs one of the Patrolman's swords & he...

You get the idea right?
Now that Eun Oh has nothing else in front of him it's time to face off w/ CMD.  As he is about to leave Arang shows up & tells him he has to come back.  He has to!  He agrees that not even one hair on his body will be harmed.  She grabs his hand & he pulls her in for that final hug.

And then it's time for him to go to battle with evil.   

Armed with the hairpin his Master gave him. 

After he leaves we can see that Arang is nervous, anxious even & and that there is no way she is going to stay still while her man goes off to battle with she follows him.  

They walk to Lord Choi's empty house & find CMD in the courtyard...but she knew they were coming.

They attack & she shoves them back with her powers & then Arang arrives to help Eun Oh up & Moo Yeong goes in alone & is again thrown back.  While he is distracting CMD, Eun Oh jumps to his feet again & heads to CMD armed with the haripin.  

Surprised that he made it to her, CMD asks him if he is going to kill his own mother.  
 He assures her that Yes he will free his mother.  

As he stabs her in the chest we see her evil black force being pushed from his mother's body ... 

And we see Moo Yeon & Eun Oh's mom fighting for possession...but eventually Moo Yeon is pushed out.   

 Eun Oh's mom collapses & he catches her & stays with her, leaving Arang unprotected from the now freed Moo Yeon...

What does Moo Yeon do?  She heads straight for Arang & when Arang realizes what is about to happen she screams in terror!

And that is where the episode ended.  Only one more episode of Arang to go AddiKts.

And I will leave it here for you.  Have a great rest of the night & I will see you tomorrow afternoon for my last review of Arang & the Magistrate.


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