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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Too "Oppa" Aggressive?

Whilst discussing the K Dramas I have been watching recently, with some friends, the topic of American women being more aggressive in their "Oppa" enthusiasm than others came up.

How did I get on this topic?  I don't know.  My mind, as you all know, does what it wants to do...I just try to hang on & see where it will lead me.  However, I will say that last week's WWU was very serious & while it was my most read post on TCA, it was also not my forte.  I am not generally speaking a serious minded person.  Last week I was passionate about injustice & bullying.  This week I am passionate about Oppas!  ;) Or more importantly our love for our "Oppas".

Totally for the plot alone! hmmm-mmm...That is
some good "Plot"!  
Yeppers music is the only reason to watch these guys  dance.


Now, we all know that Korean Dramas are an accurate & true portrayal of real life in South Korea, right?!?! o.O   After all if it's on the magic box in our living room or the magic box that sits on our desk it must be valid & true!  So where does that leave us?  According to Simon & Martina over at Eat Your Kimchi Koreans are indeed very conservative when it comes to public displays of affection.  Especially in contrast to North Americans, who believe they can & should do whatever the heck they want,whether they are in public or not.  I wish I could erase some of the images, of couples I've seen, & how they practically maul each other.  But they don't cover whether or not in the homes & groups of women if they are just as outspoken about men etc... as we are.  Personally, I think it depends on the women & the group.  Just as it does here.  I have some friends that would never dream of talking about men the way I do.  It's only with my really close, trustworthy bestie type friends that I let Naughty Unnie loose.  And even then I keep her on a tight leash.  ^.^  And they know I am just kidding around, that I heart my CA the mostest!!

You should hold him against me too!
Now that is the kind of corporal punishment I can support!

Which I think segues nicely into why I started this topic....I think.  I'll know when my brain gives me my point, after I make it.  Confused?  Me too.  So the last couple of months worth of K Dramas have been decidedly tame & conservative.  Especially in the kisses department.  Good heat & potential but I had to get to episode 17 of Faith ... pardon me for a minute I feel it must be said....
She was seriously pushing it in this scene!

& Arang in order to get a decent kiss.  And even then one was eyes open & just a ploy; while in the other the female lead stood stock still, not moving her arms or her lips, while sexy Jun Ki did all the work.  And he did a really REALLY FABU job too.

Granted, you are right now reminding me, that both of these dramas are saeguk dramas & the kissing is supposed to be almost non existent.  I don't care!!  I want a good K Drama kiss, IE the FBRS' "I'm Not Finished Kiss" or the Personal Taste's "Game Over" kiss or Secret Garden's.... well actually, SG had really great kiss scenes throughout.  Same can be said of the Lie to Me kisses!  Maybe the drama itself left a little to be desired BUT you have to admit, it had really great kiss scenes.  Hmmm....Kang Ji Hwan...that is a good looking man right there.  When is he going to be in another K Drama?!?!

I had a point to this ramble.....
No....that wasn't my point.  It's a Valid point but it isn't my main point.  

Oh yeah.

Okay I'm back, as much as I loved TTBY, it was a high school type of drama, so the kisses were nothing more than squish kisses.  And while Panda & Hedgehog had potential in the beginning, it fizzled halfway through & we were all going...huh? o.O  {{scratches head quizzically}}  Donghae, of SuJu fame was pretty hot though, so I know I only tuned in for him.  Although P & H did have an awesome Bromance story & interactions between the other characters, the romance in that one just went pppbbbbllllttttt 8P right down the drain.  By the end I had to remind myself that they were even still dating.  And I am also watching Bridal Mask, have made it to episode 12, another not so much with the kissing, kind of drama, I'm loving the story & the action etc but sad there isn't a whole lot of kissing going on.  Dongsaeng assures me I would love Reply 1997, lots of good kissing, but I just haven't had the time to sit & start it & I wanted to finish off a few other dramas first.

My point, I am getting there AddiKts, is that I have, on more than a few occasions, over the last couple of months, found myself yelling at my screens, "Kiss him already.  You're right there!! He's sad!  He needs comforting, just kiss him!  Sit in his lap & snuggle & then kiss him!!"  I'm not screaming jump his bones!  Just kiss him!  Is it really too aggressive?  I don't want a bed scene, I just want them to kiss.  Really kiss, not squish kiss, or eyes open kiss, or kiss but refuse to move or be pliant toward the one you are supposed to be falling in love with.  An honest to goodness kiss.  Two sets of lips moving, arms encircling each other.  Make it look like you are enjoying kissing your co-star not like you would recommend a breath mint to them!  Is it really that aggressive?  I'd never lump myself into a bad girl or aggressive girl kind of category.  After all I've been happily married to my CA for a really long time & he was my main man from my teen years.  No, I didn't really date a lot before I found my real life Oppa.  Back then I was very naive & didn't really get dirty jokes.  But I've always hearted the good kiss scenes in movies & books.  Always.

I have friends like this...chincha!  You know who you are. 

Maybe some women, in all countries, are better at controlling their inner fan girl than I am?  Okay, I can handle that.  But I believe that women are women are women, no matter where they live or what language they speak, just like men are men etc...  When talking to my female friends about men & "other" topics we hold nothing back.  Especially, when we feel safe & secure in the group's dynamics.  In other words, if we feel safe in expressing ourselves & not worried about our REAL thoughts getting out, we'll let loose with the double entendres, the off color remarks, & our dirty minds... same as men will in the proverbial "locker room".  Only we tend to not cuss as much, at least I think we don't cuss as much.  Just my opinion.  Of course there are those women that are really uptight & never let themselves talk about "things".  And then there are some who let loose w/ every thought that pops into their mind & totally ignore the filtering process.  In other words there are exceptions to every rule.  Where do you fit in that group?  Are you the express yourself  & can take a dirty joke or off color remark w/ a good laugh & enjoy the flow of the conversation type or are you the keep your thoughts to yourself, act like a lady & never talk about certain subjects type?  Or somewhere in the middle?

After some of the conversations that my friends & I have had about our "Oppas"?  Wow!  O.O  I think if  guys knew half of the things we say about them, they'd run for their lives from the crazy women that secretly stalk them.  And since I am pretty sure MOST of our readers are women as well, I feel it safe to assume you guys are all talking to your TVs/laptops/iPads etc...much the same way I have been to mine.  And you've been talking to each other about it as well, am I right?  It's okay to admit it here.  This is a safe zone.  This is the AddiKts zone.  It's okay to "Squee" & talk Oppas here as much as we want to.

Our poor Oppas....if they ONLY knew the truth.

My main point is; you can NEVER be too Oppa Agressive....except for Sasaeng fans.  Those sickos need to be stopped.  For the proper way to stalk your bias see my WWU that covers that very subject right... Here.

And in a related topic....  How many of you would be willing to watch an incredibly handsome, talented, beautiful, sexy man sing beautifully about commitment & love in a Music Video?!?!  Yeah, I figured that'd get your attention!  ;)  Well let's help Xiah Junsu's "Uncommitted" reach 2 million views on YouTube.  After you watch spread the word, share it on Twitter & tag Junsu & Bruce Vanderveer to let them know you watched & supported our beautiful Junsu & by extension all of JYJ.

I hope you had a nice giggle at today's WWU & that you remember to share & spread the TCA love to all you know.  "Like" this post on FB, Google + it, Tweet about it, everyone should know how to be Oppa Aggressive after all, right?  As usual the pics used in today's WWU are not mine or TCA's, with the exception of the first pic.  I made that.  Of course I used more pics that I don't know in order to make it but you get the idea.

So here is my therapy for today.


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