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DFR: Faith ep 16

This will be the shortest Faith review evar.  I have a few minutes to squeeze it in on this crazy Friday, plus, a lot of what happened can be condensed into just a few sentences (ha!  I've heard that one before! 20 minutes later and I'm still reading).  No really, I want to give this a try.  A new shtick to change things up a bit.  Let's try drama recap in one minute or less.  (One minute or less to read it.  Which is obviously a gross estimation here because I am neither timing this nor do I know how fast you read. But go with me anyway.  Just smile and nod and play along.)


Set your stopwatch and....  GO!

Wait...wait...wait.  First, we need to recap what has already happened before the episode begins.  It's only fair that the old stuff not count against our 1 minute, right?  That's what I thought.  So, back story first.  There's a coup.  The royal army is attacking all over the place under orders from Jo Il Shin who is following Prince Deok Heung (it's kind of funny how I remember his name and never have to go back and look it up unlike others sometimes.  Any guesses as to why this is?  No points or anything, just want to annoyingly interrupt once again).  The royal army attacks Gi Cheol's place while he and his army are out, killing his brother and stealing his treasure chest.  Deok Heung has put Choi Young in a position where he has to choose to save the king or save Eun Soo.  Yes, duhn duhn duhn.  Indeed.  Very appropriate placement there.  I must give you props for that.  You have learned quickly my Faithfuls.

Okay, that's the back story we need to have before we continue on.  Now get your stopwatches ready.

Here we go - recap of episode 16 in one minute or less.


Choi Young calls Deok Heung out on his bluff, orders one of his men to get the antidote from DH or kill him and runs off to help save the king, giving the order for the king and queen to retreat and leave the palace.  King and queen run away with the help of the Woodalchi to a safe place, which is later changed to a new safe place where the king sets up a new kingly shop, hearing the problems of the 'regular Jo' citizens. {Like what I did there?  My little Korean play on names?  'Regular Jo' instead of 'regular Joe'?  Clever, ay?  Oh, and for the record, nothing in brackets counts against my one minute time limit}.

In a dramatic turn of events, Deok Heung kills Jo Il Shin right there in front of the government guys after getting Jo Il Shin to admit to wanting to put DH on the throne.  He is pretty much quite literally stabbed in the back by DH (only technically it was in gut while he looked straight into his surprised eyes).

Oooh, that's just cold man, cold.  But it makes DH look true to the king in front of the governmental guys.  So it's more believeable when the so-called 'royal decree' comes from the king (complete with royal seal) stating that until he returns, DH is in charge.

A couple of them don't quite buy it (they're the really smart ones you see),

but for now, DH sits on the throne as acting king, with Gi Cheol's help.

They've worked out a little dealie-o - DH gets the throne, GC gets the High Doctor.

Speaking of the High Doctor, she is obsessed with finding out about the part of the diary that may or may not be missing.  If it is, then her "dream" is real and CY will die.  She insists on going with CY to get the antidote.  They start with GC who is giddy to see her, especially when she tells him she figured out when heaven's door will reopen and invites him to come to the heavens with her if he'll help.  He's like a little puppy dog, excitedly bouncing up and down, panting "yes! yes! yes!  I'll do anything!".  {He's so easy that Gi Cheol and he makes the best faces this!} {By the way, like brackets, pictures don't count against the one minute clock}.

He freaks out when he realizes that Eun Soo has been poisoned by DH and the four of them all run off to the palace together to confront DH.

CY kicks some major butt when they get there and then, in a part that had me jumping up and down with glee like Gi Cheol about to go to the heavens, CY dumps the same poison down DH's sorry gullet.

ES gets the real antidote (the one she had been taking was fake) and she and CY leave while DH and GC talk about how CY is just going to be in the way when it comes to getting ES.

{Agh!  All this side-switching is driving me nuts!}

We end with ES trying to figure out the note she wrote her herself {yes, that part of the diary did in fact exist meaning that what she saw was not a dream but a memory or something}.  We end with her realizing that it was a note to herself warning her of this particular day {using different markers to note the day like the mute herbalist breaking a medicine jar and flowers outside the window} that she needs to stop CY from walking into a trap.

Done!  Hands off the keyboard and stepping back, cooking show competition-style.

How'd I do?  One minute or less?  Okay, so I kind of fudged it a little...especially the end there because truth be known, I was a little confused as to exactly what was going on as far as Eun Soo and her note/memory.  Obviously I skipped a lot of parts, including some nice, cuddly ones.  How about I make it up to you with some pictures then?  Of nice cuddly parts.  Or shots where Lee Min Ho looked extra hawt.  Okay, that would be like every second of the show and a whole lot of shots, so I'll have to limit it to just a few.  Don't worry, we're only on episode 16 of 24 - plenty more LMH to come.  Oh Lee Min Ho...I love you so.

This was the queen escaping from her palace with her warrior maidens.  How about that Lady Choi with the sword, huh? Old lady's still got it in spades.  It was so awesome when Choi Young showed up though and started kicking some major royal army toosh!
This cracked me up!  Super Hearing Man was trying to find the king's hiding spot.  Up comes Cutie Pie with the Hair making all sorts of noise to get him to turn off his super powered ears.  Love him!  (Also love Super Hearing Killer Flutist - he may still be a bad guy - though I hold out hope that he will switch sides - but dang, the boy is fi-ine!)

They figured out the poison.  Hurrah!

Super warm and fuzzy cuddle moment...
"Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do. It’s possible she wants you, too, There is one way to ask her. It don’t take a word, Not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl."
 {Sorry, channeling a bit of the Little Mermaid there}

The King and Queen were separated during the evacuation of the palace and it took some time before they were reunited.  It was a happy, love-filled reunion between the two of them.

The King decides that instead of hiding, he's going to announce to the world that he's there and ready to meet his people.  Have I mentioned that I really like this guy?  Like a lot?

And our parting shot for the episode -- our cliffhanger moment...
Is he walking into a trap where he will die???  Is this what Eun Soo saw/lived through/dreamed about???  What's going to happen????  But holy friggin rollie - that man right there....  SWOON!!!!!

Alright, Faithfuls, that's all for today.  Sorry to run, but it's date night and I have a hottie of my own waiting for me!  Until next time, may your weekend be filled with wonderful dramas!


  1. I love love love this show. However some of the few things that annoy me were in the for front of this episode. I also was not a huge fan of the Eun Soo and her note/memory thing. Also the whole I dont have a "him" speech was just annoying. Like so many time travel plots before this one just falls a little short once they get farther into the show. CY going and getting her from the future was great but after that it is just a bunch of annoying speculation on her part. Also wish she would show more affection/love for CY. LMH is so good at expressing his hidden desires and her acting just falls flat in comparison. My only other complaint is that I wish they used the whole super power thing more. What is the point of everyone supposedly having these abilities when they are never used as part of the plot. Either truly embrace the fantasy part or just leave it out. Other then that I love this show. Bromance is awesome between CY and just about every other guy he is friends with. Also love the king/queen. Thanks for the review.


    1. Amber - you are so right! On everything. Her whole drunken speech with Dr Jang - just weird and frustrating. I couldn't figure out if she was really saying that she didn't have a guy and wouldn't. I'm hoping that it means that somewhere she has that history with CY and that's why it never worked out with any other guys, but then she goes and says that he wasn't the guy for her either. Agh! I didn't understand that whole thing at all and it was very annoying that they even thought to elude to the idea that she would pull away from him. I also agree about the super power thing - I really want to see more lightning power! He almost never uses it. It should definitely be a bigger part of the show. And yes - the bromances are just awesome. I love his relationship with every single person, especially the king. My favorite actors in this are (obviously) LMH, the king and Lady Choi. The three of them carry it all so well. And you're welcome for the review - thanks for reading it! :)


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