Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Song Seung Heon Oppa!

It doesn't happen very often...but every once in a while an actual Oppa celebrates a birthday.  Today it is Song Seung Heon Oppa's Birthday!


Completely crazed fangirling squees for our oppa!

Song Seung Heon Oppa Saengil Chukahamnida!!!

송승헌 오빠  생일축합니다!!

Happy Birthday Song Seung Heon Oppa!!

DOB Oct 5, 1976

Did you know that The Crazy Ahjummas very first K Drama ever was a Song Seung Heon K Drama?  


Our very first K Drama ever was My Princess starring Song Seung Heon & some actress.... Just kidding it was the incredibly beautiful Kim Tae Hee.  Wanna know more?  Go & read my very 1st post on the blog that goes into more

If I am honest it was that first shower scene of our Oppa that hooked me.  I believe it was at this point that I called dongsaeng & said, "Oh yeah, I am really liking this show!"  Lots of winks & giggles & happy sighs later & I discovered that I think this Oppa is OMO HAWT!!  Thank you Song Seung Heon Oppa for being in K Dramas.  Thank you for helping me see the *giggle* "beauty" of K Dramas.  {-_^}

Just recently we enjoyed his yumminess again in Dr Jin.  The only saving graces to that show were SSH & JJ.  I don't blame him for the bad writing or directing or the hole filled unsatisfying plot line.  He did the best he could with the tripe he was given.  Now dongsaeng can tell you that one of my very favoritest things he does, besides shower scenes of course *more giggling*, is when one of his characters is faced with drama or conflict he does this one move to express his conflict & struggle every time that I absolutely LOVE!!  He does it every time!!  We first noticed it in My Princess, as it was the first time we had seen him act, but he did it in Dr Jin too.  If you've seen his dramas then you've seen it too.... the Song Seung Heon Head Throw Back followed by an Eyes Closed Heavy Sigh.  When I did a joke review of Dr Jin while Dongsaeng was on family vacay I managed to capture a Screen Shot of his classic posture.  

It looks like this...
Look familiar?  Sigh he's so shmexy!

Movie star, Drama Star.  I'm glad I didn't discover him until after he served his mandatory 2 years.  It would have been as torturous as it has been since Binnie went in, thank goodness that is almost over.  

Oppa, I hope you were surrounded by the people who love you truly for your special day.  That you enjoyed your 35th year & are looking forward to 36.  May your 36th year be filled with happiness, health & success; personally & professionally.  We'll keep watching & cheering you on from the states Oppa!  

All our love & well wishes,
The Crazy Ahjummas

P.S.  Technically he is not MY Oppa.  But just barely.  I am just a few months older than him, dang it!  As far as I am concerned, though, he is my oppa. So there.  Merong!  
<3 Unnie

And now ladies {& gents} it's time for our traditional TCA Birthday Pictorial:

None of the following pictures belong to TCA & TCA cannot be held responsible for breathlessness, heart palpitations, eye popping, ovary bursting, or spontaneous pregnancy from viewing the following photos...view at your own risk.  And have a wonderful day... more of our DFR's will be going live later today.  <3 Unnie & Dongsaeng.

And one Pinterest pin from my "Oppa Eye Candy Board" 

I can't actually put on this blog because he's not wearing enough clothes.  Wicked grin here. >:}

Thank you Lord for the perfection that is Song Seung Heon.  Now I have a DFR to complete for this week so I should wipe the drool & get back to work.  Have a beautiful Friday AddiKts.  


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