Friday, October 26, 2012

DFR: Faith ep 22

I'm not going to go and say that this will be a short review because every time I say that, I'm always inevitably wrong.  I will, however, say that I'm not sure I have a lot to talk about with this one.  While the last episode was chocked full of wonderful romantic yumminess, this one was a little less so.  Or a lot less so.  There was a lot of relationship talk, but I'm not going to do a "he said, she said" rundown.  The rest of it is all mostly military/political debate/strategy/waiting.  So, since the day is getting on, I think I'll just jump in and see where this journey takes us.

The guy in the straw hat, who I guess uses internal powers, sneaks into Eun Soo's room while Choi Young and the majority of the Woodalchi are away.  She is kept safe, but her medical tools are stolen.  In the struggle, the container that holds the makings of the antidote is shattered and all the antidote lost.  Uh oh.  Not good.  This means she can't stay if she wants to live.  Well, duh.  Did you think that we'd get that easy of a solution?  Silly.  Maybe this is your first drama, but I'll tell you right now, it's never that simple.  Especially not in the last two weeks.

How about our hunky hero?  What's he up to?  Just trying to save the world once again.  He has escorted the king to the well-laid trap - Prince Deok Heung's "trial" being held at the Eastern Expansion Headquarters.  But before they can even get there, our dear Dansa officer from Yuan has literally just handed over the throne to Prince Psychopath.  Deok Heung is now the king of Goryeo.  Except that he's turning Goryeo over to Yuan officially and will remain as Prime Minister.  Gi Cheol gets a little slice of the pie too for all his hard work in making this happen.

Now we have a little dilemma for our statesmen.  The king is under attack.  Who do they uphold as their king?  Deok Heung and Yuan or Gongmin and Goryeo?  To back Gongmin is to declare war on Yuan.  To back Deok Heung is to lose what little independence they had as their own nation.  They better make their minds up fast because the king is besieged on enemy territory and needs his army to come to his rescue.  His queen is there, in court with the statesmen and the royal order to call in the troops - she just needs them to sign off on it.  The king refuses to go forward without the support of his statesmen/people.

This means that Choi Young has a lot of fighting to do.  And I do mean a lot.  He slays a fair number of soldiers.  He also gets the shaky hand thing again where he can't hold his sword.

Eventually, the queen wins against the statesmen and they order the troops to go save the king.  He is rescued and Prince Deok Heung is sent to Yuan by the Dansa officer (who has the medical tools by the way and orders them to be melted down along their way to Yuan).

Word eventually gets to Choi Young that there was a break-in while he was away and that the antidote was lost.  He flips out and immediately wants to run with Eun Soo to heaven's door.  There's less than 2 weeks left before it opens.  She refuses to go, deciding instead that she wants to stay there and find an antidote, or die trying.  She doesn't want to go back to her time and live a life without him, forever roaming as a shell of a person, wondering what is going on with him and she knows he doesn't want that either.  She would rather stay and die by his side then leave and live an empty life.  Can you blame her?  We are definitely between a rock and a hard place with this scenario.  Whatever shall become of them?

Thankfully this episode wasn't complete devoid of romance.  How about this scene that got the blood a boiling?  Choi Young is showing her his sword.  Now, now - put those dirty thoughts away - he really is showing her his real sword, not some metaphorical "sword".  He talks about it and its special properties, one of which is that it doesn't easily stain with blood, but yesterday, while he was slaughtering all the soldiers in protection of the king, he saw blood on it.

He is tired of killing all these underlings and pitiful things.  He wants to kill the ones that actually matter - the ones that are causing the problems in the first place so that they can live in peace.  And he's upset that he has so far failed to do this.  Deok Heung still lives, as does Gi Cheol.  And the Dansa officer from Yuan for that matter who has obviously made his choice and is a threat to Eun Soo as well.  Wouldn't it be nice to see him take out those three in a nice 1, 2, 3 shot?  Boom, boom, boom - problem solved.  Bad guys dead, good guys live happily ever after.  Well, maybe next week.  We'll see.

Okay.  I hope I didn't miss anything too important.  Like I said earlier, I just don't know what all to say about this episode.  Hopefully I covered at least the main points.  Let me know if I left anything important out.

I can't believe next week is it for this drama.  I am very anxious to see how they wrap this one up.  Will we get a happily ever after?  We will soon know.  So nervous!

Thank you for spending some time with me here today.  I look forward to seeing you again next week for our dramatic conclusion.  Until then, have a wonderful week and weekend Faithfuls!

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