Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday T.O.P.!!!!

Okay guys we can't do a great big awesome super fantastic birthday tribute to the ever awesome T.O.P. we really really REALLY want to & are kicking ourselves for not planning better.  We knew his bday would coincide w tonight's fabulous concert but we were so busy wrapping up family/mom obligations & cranking out reviews etc that we forgot to prep a post to go automatically while we were gone. So his official ahjumma tribute will go out this next week....some time.  BUT. We have to make sure he gets his shout out!!!!


Saengil Chukahamnida!!!!

생일 추가함니다!!!!

We hope that you enjoyed your bday here in So Cal with all the awesomest partiers in the world!!  {{{West Coast Represent!!}}}. Come on you know as a California gurl myself I had to give a shout out to my home!!!

We got to be a part of the sing along for his bday tonight & watch him make his wish & blow out his candles too. SO AWESOME!!!  대박!!!!  By the way it was the most fan-freaking-tastic concert ever!!!!!!  I still can't hear or talk clearly 5 hours later. My throat is killing me & I'd gladly do it all again!!  But it was so much fun singing happy birthday to T.O.P!  Now I have a quick, not very good quality, remember we are in the nose bleed seats, video of the audience singing to him...just ignore that screaming lunatic she's overwhelmed by all the excitement.  ;)

I hope you guys had a great weekend & we'll be back to get started on ahjumma articles/ T.O.P.s bday tribute etc... some time next week. By the way I'm doing this on my iPad, which means no fancy signature is available for the end of the post, & its 1:25 am So Cal time which means its actually 3:25 am WI time - and that's after the time change that just happened 25 minutes ago, so really it feels more like 2:25/4:25. After this I'm crashing. I hope. And just to help you smile some more... SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Saranghamnida, Unnie & Dongsaeng

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