Thursday, November 1, 2012

DFR: Faith ep 24 - THE FINALE

It's over.


Somebody break out the mop 'cause we've got a big ol' mess here.  Between the happy tears and sad tears, snot flow and LMH-induced drool, it's a little damp and messy.

It has been a wonderful 12 week ride of eye candy galore.  And an okay story too ;)  But hard to concentrate on the story with all that Lee Min HoTTness running around on my screen.  I think my next choice for Dramatic Friday Review needs to not include one of my biases.  Basically Jin and Faith were just a crush fest of hormonal overdrive fangirling.  Maybe the next one should be chosen for its other qualities and not just because one of my favorite guys is starring in it.  And it's definitely not going to be another sageuk.  I'm swearing off those for a while, at least swearing off reviewing them for a while.  Next up for me is going to be something light and fluffy and fun.  Sounds refreshing.  And it's going to be short.  No more 22-24 episoders.  Nope, just sweet, sweet 16 episode "dessert" next time around.  Yeah, we'll see.  I haven't chosen my next one.  I don't even really know what's coming up next.  You know, since none of my oppas have a project scheduled.  ;)  You know what that means, right?  Yup, time for new oppas to be added to the harem.  Time to go oppa shopping.  But first, let's finish up Faith, shall we?

Man, I'm so gonna miss seeing this face for 2 hours every week.

I know, I know...story.  But loo-oo-ook!!!

He's just so pretty.  I'm going to miss him so bad.

Lee Min Ho, what would I have done without you in my life?

How can anyone say they're living unless they know what it is to look at this face making expressions like this and feeling it pierce all the way through to their very souls.

Sigh.  Dreamy.

I'm sorry.  Where was I?

Okay, okay.  We'll talk story for a minute if we must.

We start where we left off with the last episode - Choi Young is fighting Gi Cheol in order to save the king.

Gi Cheol has popped some super power enhancing mega pills and Choi Young has gone in to battle without his trusty precious sword.

Of course that doesn't stop him from being awesome and totally winning anyway.

Instead of killing Gi Cheol though, the king tries to give him a chance to live.  Ugh.  Just  do the world a solid and kill him already, won't ya?  There's this whole back and forth where Gi Cheol is trying to convince Choi Young that he should be the rightful king since he's the real force behind King Gongmin.  Of course Choi Young rejects this saying emphatically that he already has a king.  So there.  Nah nah nah nah nah.  Your attempts at manipulation aren't going to work anymore Gi Cheol.

While all this is going on, Eun Soo is awakening from her poisoned state.  And she's pretty sure that she is now poison free.  The happy celebration time is short lived though when Gi Cheol's assassins crash the party.

There's a fight between them, Dae Man and Lady Choi.  Dae Man gets burned.

Fire Lady gets dead.

Killer Flute Dude gets mad.

Eun Soo gets kidnapped.

Choi Young gets impatient.

The king gets helpful.

Gi Cheol gets his heavenly doctor and ticket to the future.

Eun Soo gets the final artifact.

Eun Soo gets charcoal.

Choi Young gets the message.

Choi Young gets busy.

Gi Cheol gets hurt.

Squiggy gets dead.

Killer Flute Dude gets dead too.

Choi Young gets good news.

We get a bed scene.

Eun Soo and Choi Young head to heaven's door so that she can pop back to the future for a bit and say goodbye to some people.

Gi Cheol gets denied by the doorway to heaven.

Gi Cheol gets nutso.

Choi Young and Gi Cheol get fighting.

Choi Young gets frosty.

Gi Cheol gets Eun Soo.

Eun Soo gets through the heaven's door and Gi Cheol does not.

Eun Soo gets supplies and goes back through the door.

Choi Young is not there.  Eun Soo has gone back too far.

Dongsaeng gets confused as to what exactly happens here, but there is a lot of time travel back and forth and searching going on.

Dongsaeng got nervous that this was going to be a sad ending.

Finally, Eun Soo ends up in the right time.

It's fast forwarded some unknown number of years.  Yuan is gone and the northern country reclaimed.

A conversation among the Woodalchi is overheard and Eun Soo learns that Choi Young is at a tree.

A happy reunion takes place.

And there we go.  Episode 24 and the finale of this awesome show.  Do I wish it had ended with a kiss?  Sure.  Was it still a great ending?  Definitely.  I've said it before, Lee Min Ho can say anything and everything with a single look, he doesn't even need words.  Stand there and stare intensely with tears in your eyes and it's all good.  Happy happy.

But now comes the sad part.  Now I break the bad news and say, "that's all folks".  No more Faith.  It's over. I've enjoyed these last 12 weeks with you.  Stay tuned to see what is coming up next.  Hopefully I'll know by next week.  I know Unnie is taking some much needed time off, but I'm going to try to stick around if I can find a good one to review.  You know, nice and light and fluffy to help carry us through this busy season where we just don't have a whole lot of time for heavy, stuff-full dramas.  Thank you for joining us on this journey through time and place and yet another doctor-from-the-future-goes-back-in-time drama.  It has been a fun ride and I for one am sad to see it come to an end.  Thank you Lee Min Ho and the rest of the cast for your efforts and hard work.  Thank you for the 24 wonderful hours of entertainment and tummy butterflies.  And eye candy.  Never underestimate the eye candy.  Can you tell that I'm stalling?  I really am finding it difficult to let go.  Must.  End.  Now.  Lots.  To.  Do.  Big Bang.  Ah, yes, Big Bang.  Time to go finish getting ready for my totally awesome road trip.  I have to go jean shopping.  Do you know how much I detest jean shopping?  But it's gotta be done.  Can't wear my gross baggy mom jeans at Big Bang, now can I?  I didn't think so.  Time to hit the racks baby!  Oh yeah!  And pack.  And clean.  We're going to have a crowd at my house today of Unnie fans stopping by to say hi.  We just had a big Halloween/birthday party here last night and it's still a wreck from that.  Definitely not house party ready.  So, time for this ahjumma to call it quits for today.  Goodbye for the final time my Faithfuls.  Hopefully you will stick around and join our throng of AddicKts so this isn't a final goodbye for us, just for our wonderful drama that has brought us together.  Goodbye Faith.  Thank you for the memories.  You will be missed.


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