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IMY ep 8 DFR

Last week Jung Woo figured out, by watching Soo Yeon freak out on the CCTV traffic cam, that she is Soo Yeon, not Zoey.  His response to this new information is to ... stalk ...her???  o.O  Whatever works, I guess.  He shows up outside his evil mom's store, where Zoey is about to rip her a new one for her lame attempt to "blackmail" her into being her "friend", w a bright yellow umbrella, complete w green name tag no less & says, "being secret friends is not fun.  Let's secretly date instead?"   {{Note: My response would have been OKAY!!}}  Of course SY was not expecting his proposal to her torment, she was supposed to be the tormentor, not the other way around.

What they don't know is that Harry is across the street, and he is watching all of this & you can see this has him worried.  Just then Jung Woo turns SY around & putting his arm around her, & pretty much forces her to walk off with him, Harry starts to follow but the severe damage he sustained to his leg, as a child trying to escape from killer dogs through a window, has left him w a severe handicap.  He ends up not being able to follow them & they drive off.  Where to?  Well, Jung Woo tells Soo Yeon it's his birthday & he has a specific restaurant in mind, in which to hold a celebratory lunch date w his new secret girlfriend.  None other than the restaurant her mom works at, of course she sees & knows the restaurant is where her mom works but he doesn't know she knows... {{I ... just...gave myself a headache... >.< }} and since she can't let him know what she knows so she says she would never eat there & that she has something much better in mind & so they go there instead.  

A fancy restaurant w fancy food, fancy champagne & fancy prices.  A little too steep for a cop salary, but don't worry like most of these kinds of K Drama scenes, no one is actually going to eat.  Someone has to rush off indignantly, right after they order first of course!  Duh!  K Drama 101 peeps!  Yes, it's alive & kicking.  Anyway, during their very brief lunch date she continues trying to get him flustered but it just doesn't work.  He is on to her real identity & he will not let her get away that easy. He tells her flat out I'm fine going & doing whatever you want but make sure you don't let go of me as he's gripping her hand & refusing to let it or her go.  Basically he reminds her he's been waiting for SY for 14 years & he's ready to be with her.  Eventually she has had enough & calls him crazy.  After a good face slap & her confessing she shouldn't have associated w him to begin with he says the face slap actually relieves his conscience a little.  After she leaves him outside his evil mom's shop he confronts evil mom & shows her the pictures that she sent to Zoey & tells her not to mess w "this woman" again.  Which makes evil mom suspicious, why did he use the phrase "this woman"?  

Once she is back in her car & having lots of flashbacks {{I swear half of each of this show's episodes are flashbacks}} she talks to Harry on the phone & finds out that he is being treated for his leg.  At the same time JW is trying to get a hold of Harry.  And so he too finds out that Harry is having legs troubles.  Before Harry hangs up JW asks if he can meet w him asap.  Harry agrees to call & arrange it for soon.  

Meanwhile back at his house w good mom & sis & bio sis he gets to celebrate his birthday for real.  And it was an awesome party full of laughing & dancing.  Such a sweet moment in an otherwise blah kind of ep.

{{Honestly?  This ep was kind of boring to me.  It just dragged on.  I am at the point where I am wondering how much longer before they all just admit she IS Soo Yeon & we can move on past JW trying to get her to admit who she really is.  blah blah blah...  But I will continue with my review.  I know all K Dramas have those one or two eps (sometimes more) that kind of lag & drag & you think, okay we get the point, move the story along please?!?!}}  

SY arrives home just as the doc is hooking Harry up to an IV.  Warning her that he has to be extra careful w his leg or risk ???  More KDrama 101 "Be vague but make it sound really bad at the same time about an injury or health issue".  It's here that she admits she was with JW & that she thinks she bit off more than she can chew.  {{Uh, ya think?  Duh.}}  And so after Harry has his party, that he promised his clients, she tells him she is going back to France & will wait for him there until he is finished in Seoul.  

In what I thought of as a sweet & clarifying moment for JW he asks his little sister, the biological one, how she would feel if she were Soo Yeon?  You'd be mad at me, hate me want to get even with me, right?  She explains that of course she would!  She'd get revenge on him, if she were Soo Yeon.  Eun Joo interrupts them, chases out silly little sister & then tells JW he needs to get over it all & start dating, that she doesn't think that Zoey is Soo Yeon.  

Best part of the scene is the cute pink clothespin in Mickey's hair.  Sigh.  He's so cute!

The next day JW has to face his demons in the form of Sang Chul, who is still screaming that JW killed his brother.  And he holds it together for most of the ranting, thanks to the ahjumma who cleans the station & hears the gossip & his partner.  But finally he stands up & swears he will find out all of the truth including who really killed the Rapist.    

Don't forget Han Tae Joon though, yeah he's still in this & still evil.  And a lot of other bad words that I won't say because I'm a lady.  Annnnnnd because Dongsaeng would wash my mouth out with soap for saying.  ;)  {{I love you Dongsaeng. ^_^ }}  Anyway back to HTJ, his assistant was supposed to help him arrange a meeting w Harry, so he can talk to him about wanting all that money removed from HTJ's bank.  Of course, this is all a  part of Harry's evil revenge plot, what that is exactly I still don't really know.  And HTJ has no idea....yet, that Harry & the kid on the bike, that nearly ran him down, are one & the same.  Why that matters IDK, but they make a point of pointing it out later.  We'll see.  HTJ's evil wife was supposed to leave the room during the "Big Man Talk" but well let's just say, she doesn't blend in the background nearly as well as Waldo.  

I see you Evil Mommy.  Hot pink does not blend w wood trim babe.  Just sayin'
BTW if you thought Dir Nam could be bought off w a mere 50 mil won then you are wrong.  Yeah he wants more money to keep quiet about what he knows.  I'm willing to bet all this will come back to bite him in the...tushy.  At least if Karma has anything to do with it, it will.  {{Fingers crossed}}

While this is going on at the police station they discovered that the cell phone in the Rapist's possession is a french phone number.  Well whaddya know!  Isn't Zoey from France?  Yeah, JW, is making that same connection, so he stalks her again.  Following her to a store, where she snubs him buying a jacket for Harry.  Then he stalks her in the car.  {{Pause!  IF her phone was lost, meaning the Rapist stole it & it was still with his corpse etc... then how did he already know her new cell phone number, when he was stalking, & knew it well enough to text her to pull over so he could to her for just 5 minutes?  It's the little things like this that will drive me batty & bug the crap out of me.  Just food for thought folks.}}

Eventually, she pulls over & he asks her some questions getting unsatisfactory answers & evasions in the process.  Then she just drives off & leaves him there.  Imagine her surprise though when just as the elevator doors are closing, at her & Harry's house, & he stops them, steps in & intends to go up with her.  She starts to object w a look of incredulity on her face, when he shows her a text message from Harry asking him to come to the house.  They walk in together & Harry stands on the balcony, looking down on them.  

{{Ahem....Uhm....Can you say, "AWWWWKWARD!!!"?}}

Harry calls JW upstairs & once again JW tries to get Harry to admit she is SY.  Starting w asking Harry about the car accident where he hit a man.  When asks why JW tells him that man was murdered & you can see for a split second Harry's a little nonplussed by this info. {{He knows/thinks SY killed her rapist.}}  JW goes on to explain that while investigating that murder, he saw the accident on the CCTV.  Which Harry realizes means he saw SY's freak out when the Rapist came to her car door.  He then goes on to tell him, verbatim, the exact same thing that Zoey/SY told JW that night they drank together.  That Harry & she were in an accident, that's why she was freaking out on the CCTV traffic cam.  {{BTW all of this was said w Zoey's voice over saying the same thing, inside JW's head, from the night they drank together hence the two lines of the same script in the pics...okay back to the review}}  It traumatized her, as she almost died.  And that they both consider themselves reborn when they were adopted at age 5.  And that's why they don't know how old they are now.  

Harry throws out a how can we prove to you she is not this SY you are looking for?  Do you want Zoey to do a DNA test?  Zoey is eavesdropping & interrupts them with I will do it for you Harry.  If it will get all of this to end.  She corroborated Harry's story about her child hood accident.  Ending with how she will die for Harry, after what he did to save her.  JW has had enough of this so he stands up & says, "I'm a detective, if I was going to go that route I would have already done it, a strand of hair is enough & I could have taken that anytime."  {{That may be paraphrased a bit}} And he leaves. 

In the parking garage at the Police Station he overhears his partner & fellow detectives discussing the murder & their suppositions that Soo Yeon is the murderer.  And even though this should be a serious scene because, you know, he overhears them saying the girl he loves is a murderer, it ends up being incredibly funny. Can I just say I adore his partner!  He is so funny!  And cute too.  Not "Mickey Cute" but cute enough.  

Once inside the precinct they convince their superior to reinstate JW onto the case.  But they do it in such a way it's a total set up.  First the partner goes in begging & then JW walks by looking sad & the superior screams at him to get back on the case, but if he screws up, the partner has to take responsibility!  Then after he is a reasonable distance off they smile at each other high five & "Dude" each other.  Classic!  Loved it!

And while HTJ is impatiently & irritatedly waiting the arrival of Harry for their dinner meeting Harry is playing Billiards & calling to cancel...which succeeds in ticking off HTJ, who is, in his own words, too busy {{read important}} a person to sit there waiting for someone who wasn't going to show.  Plus, he can totally hear SY offering juice & the Billiard Balls clinking in the background, to mollify him, Harry invites HTJ to his house for the party.  

Then he smiles & we all know his revenge plan is falling into place nicely.  Oh yeah.  

JW & the police get a huge break in the case.  The dry ice that was used to burn & kill the Rapist was an Internet order, by a woman.  But not just any woman....Soo Yeon's mom, ahjumma!  This is not possible!  She couldn't have done it!  JW freaks out, justifiably so, when the woman he considers his only real mom, has her social security number/name stolen for murder, yeah I'd freak out a little too.  JW's partner goes to her & tells her of the finding & says they'll be watching her & she has to stay home, for her protection from the murderer.  But she gets upset too & confesses, a fake confession, that the partner sees right through as just that, from an overwrought & upset mother.  She then realizes that JW knows all this too & freaks out again demanding to see him to make sure he is okay & calm & not panicking or freaking out.  Because he is her son.  She loves him as if he were her real life son.  She would do anything for him! heart was all mushy & sad, it's good to know he has a good family, even if they aren't his biological.  Sometimes blood is NOT thicker than water.  JW is even more determined to find the real murderer & he goes to another detective & asks for the black box in her car to see what can be seen that night & what he finds is SY sitting in her car at the scene of the crime.  

Harry on the other hand is still focused on his revenge plot.  He still has the key inside the necklace charm his mom left him all those years ago.  But he has what he needed now so he gives it to Zoey.  And in a romantic but also really awkward moment he leans in to kiss her & she turns away from him.  

IDK if it's because she is emotionally scarred from the rape still, or if it's because she is not in love with him, at least not like "that"?   Only time & more story line will answer that question for me, but Harry assures her, he'll wait.  No matter how long it takes, he'll wait till she is ready.  But you can see it's killing him how much he loves her & wants her.  It's sweet & yet oh so creepy to me.  Poor Mr Beautiful.  

{{No no no no no no....Unnie he is way too young!  We discussed this while I was reviewing Arang!  Mr Beautiful is only 19 years old.  Way under that age line I gave myself!!!  Mickey on the other hand?  Yeah, he's just the right age to daydream about & even more yummy!  Hmmm-mmmmmmm...}}

Its the time for the party & all our characters are in attendance.  Harry is there & looking oh so good...

For Amber  ^^...<3 you chingu.
{{He's too young, he's too young, he's too young!}}

...& Zoey of course, HTJ & his henchmen.  But where is JW?  His partner is looking for him too.  They discovered he has the black box.  They also discovered that the cell phone in the Rapist's apartment was Jo II Woo which when pronounced in English sounds exactly like, Zo-ey Lou, the woman from France that is w Harry & that JW is certain is Soo Yeon.  

They panic & run looking for JW!

Who has finally arrived at the party looking OHMYGOODNESS SO GOOD!!!!  

{{Thank you Lord, for creating Mickey! & K Dramas!! & Putting him in them! & Making him look OH SO GOOD while in said K Drama!! Amen!!}}

And now everyone is in place & that is where the episode ended.  Tomorrow I will watch & get episode 9 up as soon as I can.  Have a wonderful night AddiKts.  


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