Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Miss You ep 7 DFR

Don't you think he makes an amazing cheerleader?  You're right Yoochun, I can do it! Aja Aja!!  ;)

At the end of episode 6, Jung Woo has gotten Soo Yeon to say his name, out loud, several times.  He doesn't think she is Soo Yeon but he can't fight the feeling that she is Soo Yeon, either.  And he's trying to let it go & move on but he just can't do it, not yet.  She humors him saying his name for him & that is where this episode begins.

Finally she asks him if he's had enough?  He faces her & she seems to suddenly feel the need to ask him if she really looks like this Soo Yeon?  And then asks him if he'd like to go to one of those road side diners to get a drink?  Harry btw is still watching this whole exchange & sees them leave.  The next thing we know, she is drinking glass after glass of Soju & he is downing water.  During their conversation he confesses that when he drinks he has to go to a Noraebang, which is why he is refusing to drink now.  She keeps laughingly asking him questions about Soo Yeon, why he's giving up looking for her after all this time?  How did he lose her to begin with?  Did they break up?  Why did they break up?

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jung Woo, all of his police friends are desperately trying to reach him because the rapist's friend discovered his body in the tub & is screaming out loud to any & all who can hear that it had to have been Jung Woo that killed him.  So they are searching heaven & earth trying to find Jung Woo & see if he has an alibi to prove he isn't the murderer, even though I think all of the police secretly think he did kill the rapist.  Or at the very least they can't completely dismiss the idea that he could have & might have.

Eventually, during their awkward date at the roadside diner, Jung Woo explains that the reason he lost SY was because he was "fast".  Still is, as a matter of fact.  Fastest at catching the bad guys but he's also the fastest at running away.  He says it shamefully as he remembers that he left her there.  

On their way back to her & Harry's house she can tell he is irritated with her.  But she really doesn't care.  She is exacting her own revenge on the boy who abandoned her.  They pass by a fancy restaurant all lit up & she asks that he take her there but he keeps driving, he is done playing her game.  She explains Harry would never take her there, but he is unmoved.  Once they arrived back at the house she tells him I helped you get over your girlfriend & say good bye.  Want to go out again?  Harry won't care & he won't go to the places I want to go.  Okay you don't feel comfortable hanging out with me because of Harry I get that, want to be "shhhhhh, Secret friends"?  Which triggers a memory in JW of SY as a kid asking him to just be her secret friend because she doesn't want to see him ostracized in school.  Eventually, he leaves but he is ticked off by her blase attitude & the fact that she is playing with him.  He can tell she is playing with him, although he is not sure why as he is not 100% positive she is SY, yet.

As he is leaving he gets a call from Kang Sang Chul, the rapist's brother.  He finds out the rapist is dead & rushes to the scene.  Inside the house SY finds Harry riding a bike.  He explains that he has closed up the pool where his aunt died, so from now on he'll use the bike for exercise, so he can keep up with her.  She explains to him that she didn't go out with JW because she liked him but because she wanted (wants) to torment him.

JW rushes into the crime scene screaming at the rapist to wake up because he still needs to know what the rapist knows about SY's whereabouts & who is behind all of it?!?!  But the policemen on the scene drag him out kicking & fighting.  During the debriefing the next day, he has to force his way into the debriefing only to be told by the Captain, yes the same Captain that went against Det Kim 14 years ago, who tells him that he is being accused by the rapist's brother of murdering the rapist.  And so he is off the case & is not allowed anywhere near the entire fiasco.  Even his partner wants him to back off & leave it to those guys, as does the Superior who was just a rookie under Det Kim.  But the Superior promises he will find her for him, to undo the shame he felt all those years ago when JW came to them on his knees begging for their help & for the shame he still feels that during his investigation alone, Det Kim was murdered.  The Superior wants all these answers too.

JW has no choice he has to trust his partner & the good cops.  He runs into the Ahjumma that cleans the building & she promises to help him gather information, because as the cleaning lady she is privileged to over hear a lot of information & no one realizes it.  They actually make a great team.  And so cute too.

And the Captain that had him thrown off the case & out of the room?  Oh he's in the pocket of Han Tae Joon, of course!  Ugh!!  Crooked, corrupt, evil people everywhere!  But even though he is providing HTJ w/ vital info, HTJ treats him like the dirt under his feet & instructs his driver/assistant to handle all the future dealings w the Captain & then tells him just drop him off somewhere.  Once HTJ arrives at his office, sans the Captain, he is nearly mowed down by a bicycler...enter Harry.  It's time to begin his revenge plan after all.  Of course HTJ thinks Harry is just some random young impudent guy off the street.  But as HTJ walks away you can see in it in Harry's eyes....Oh it is so on.

Back at the station, JW, figures out the password for his partner & uses his computer to download all the case files for the rapists murder onto a flash drive.  And the Ahjumma comes in & explains that they are sure it was a homicide, which he already knew & that they are analyzing footprints left behind at the scene.  Just then his co workers walk in & he abruptly leaves, covering his tracks as he goes.  Seriously, these are horribly inept policemen that they can't see what is really going on, but they follow.  And when they turn the corner they see what JW saw.  A sexily clad, lots of leg showing, carefully made up to flirt & further torment JW, SY.

She has received a blackmail letter she claims & she needs his help.  So the damsel in distress route is how she is going to start her pursuit of further tormenting JW.  Poor guy.  

{{I have to say, I don't really think Yoon Eun Hye is all that pretty, she has an arresting face but it's not what I would consider all that classically beautiful but I am sincerely jealous of her legs!  I would kill to have long legs like she has.  But NO I got stuck with these short stubby things.  It's not fair! Okay, okay.  I wouldn't actually kill....just mame a little. ^^ }} 

Okay back to the post.  She shows him pictures that were sent to her of her & Harry.  And then shows him the letter...which is written by his real mom.  She thinks she is trying to get "Zoey" of the fashion world to become her friend & then get her to be a part of her fashion business.  But SY cannot stand the woman & has no intention of being business acquaintances let alone the "friends" that she claims she wants to be.

While she & JW are talking Eun Joo shows up & tells JW's partner who is very badly spying on JW & SY from the bushes, that this girl looks nothing like SY.  She then walks over & interrupts JW & SY by handing him a big bag loaded w food from their mother's restaurant.  She doesn't own the restaurant, she just works there. When Eun Joo's name is used by JW, SY's eyes go wide & she shortly excuses herself.

You can see she is misinterpreting Eun Joo & JW's relationship.  She has no idea that they were raised by her own mother as siblings & that they all 3 formed a family or that Det Kim has been killed searching for her.  She has all this anger & hurt & is completely unaware that they were just as hurt & lose as she was & that they did the best they could given the circumstances.  

Harry is definitely embarking on the first stage of his revenge plan w HTJ.  He arrives at HTJs bank & hands the teller his acct info & request to withdraw all of his money (all 50 million won) from the bank.  HTJ's assistant explains that they have the funds to cover the withdrawal at that branch but that they are also trying to get another account & this will make it difficult & that he should go & try to talk Harry out of the withdrawal.  HTJ, tells his assistant to have Dir Nam take care of it.  but that's like telling someone to use gum to plug a hole int he dam before it floods the town & valley below.  Not very successful.  Dir Nam informs Harry that he is being ordered to take care of Harry.  And that he shouldn't be messing w HTJ.  but Dir Nam just wants his money.  He's not particularly loyal to any one party, just whoever keeps him flush in gambling debt pay off.  HTJ's daughter over hears part of the conversation but Harry shushes Dir Nam in time & he then explains that it won't be Harry getting caught by HTJ but Dir Nam.

After hearing where her mother worked, SY heads directly to the restaurant.  She wants to see her mother.  She watches her work so hard trying to please the customers & helps one of them turn on the TV.  Only to hear the news report that the rapist was murdered.  She covers it up well as she changes the channel to a drama & talks about how she wishes she could hook her daughter, Eun Joo, up w a good man like the actor in the drama.  Hearing her call Eun Joo her daughter & dismissing the murder of the man who supposedly raped & killed her biological daughter sends SY over the edge in anger & she runs from the restaurant calling Harry as she goes & telling him she missed him.  

But Ahjumma cannot hide it completely or for long.  As SY leaves JW arrives & finds Ahjumma crying in the booth instead of working.  After a sweet conversation in the park where he switches shoes with Ahjumma to see what it looks like when someone wears shoes that are too big for them & some teasing & chasing like a mother & son can we see JW race over a bridge on foot & arrive at a restaurant...the same one he had driven by the night before & that SY had asked him to go to with her.  He gets a text message from SY, saying she'll meet him outside.  So he waits...the camera pans back & up & we can see in the window above that SY & Harry are both inside the restaurant already & watching in amusement at JW's arrival.  She says, "See I told you he would come."

Then they bet as to how long they think he'll wait for her before he finally just leaves.  She says an hour & Harry 30 minutes but then Harry cheats & calls JW & tells him that they are having dinner together & invites JW to join them.  Obviously JW declines, although we don't hear anything or see anything like that from him, just Harry hanging up.  If SY were to win the bet they were going to fly back to France.  Harry's request is that they get married, asap.  But he cheated.  Sure enough Harry would have won....JW waits exactly 29 minutes before he runs back out the way he came & SY scoffs & proclaims that he hasn't changed since he was 15 years old.  

Jung Woo not to be discouraged goes back to the rapist's officetel & goes through it w a fine tooth comb searching out more clues, over looked clues or dismissed clues.   And discovers a good lead.  A tag from a Chinese restaurant.  He follows his gut & goes there to find out that the rapist did eat there & stiffed them on the meal.  That he gave the restaurateur a business card, that she has since thrown away & told her to have that man pay for the meal.  He was determined to get his reward for being hit by a car.  So now he knows he was involved in a traffic accident & heads to the CCTV department for the city.  Once they discover the footage he realizes finally that Zoey really is Soo Yeon.  He sees the accident where Harry accidentally slightly runs over the rapist & he sees her very real & traumatic reaction to seeing her rapist for the first time in 14 years.  He sees the entire interaction & he knows for sure now that she is Soo Yeon.

Eventually, as she goes to the Bellos clothing store to confront the horrible woman, JW's real mom, about her emails, pictures, blackmail, & usage of her ideas without her permission she runs into JW outside, holding, of all things a bright yellow umbrella.  It's supposed to rain later & instead of being secret friends why don't we date in secret too.  She informs him that Harry is on his way there & sure enough he is in fact across the street, having just arrived, in his car watching as JW & SY face off under the umbrella, that has a tag hanging from it....much like her umbrella from when they were kids.

And that is where the episode ends.  It was really really good.  I am looking forward to watching more next week.  Until then I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Glad it has gotten less stressful for you to watch. Thanks for the review.

    1. You're Welcome! So much easier to watch now. I am glad I stuck with it but yikes 4 1/2 eps of sheer tragedy was a lot of tragedy! Thank you for sticking w us & reading everything! We love you cometobethlehem!


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