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I Miss You ep 6 DFR

Aww see how happy he is to see me?  You make me happy too Mickey!  

{{*giggles* What?!?!  A girl can dream can't she?!?!  Besides you can't the face of the person he is hugging, she COULD be me.  Oh be quiet.}}

When last we saw our hero, you know that guy, up there ^, the one hugging "ME",  ^^  he was climbing a fence trying to see if the girl he lost so many years ago was the same girl standing on the other side of the electronic gate.  Namely Soo Yeon. Eventually, he manages to get the gate open & immediately sprints after her.

After he captures her by the wrist of course.

She looks shocked & he looks intent & after a few minutes of intense stare down, w his partner trying to figure out what is going on, he lets her hand go & he walks away.

Later, inside the house, after Soo Yeon has warmed up, showered & is drying her hair, she meets up w Harry, asking him if he is upset with her for surprising him w her arrival after he told her to go back to France?  He looks intense & tells her in a serious tone to "never do that again."   But it seems she isn't intimidated by him too much as she is smiling while faking dismay.  Which he sees right away.  Then she surprises him again when she tells him, rather flippantly, about almost being arrested by a "cop" outside, who must have thought she was a thief, since she was hanging around outside.  But he left her alone.  This interests Harry, intensely.

And it is this reaction/expression  that tells me that he does know who the detective is...Han Jung Woo.

Thankfully, for him anyway, she seems completely unaware who the Detective is & what exactly is going on underneath the surface here.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, we see our hero, having a manic moment.  In the shower.

I saw the first moment, just his face in the spray of the water & I got all "Squeeeee" happy!  Nothing better than a K-Drama shower scene right?!?!

See totally happy!

but then...

Awww...not the shower scene I had in mind.   
Oh well, he's still wet in the shower.  It's all good.  He's just keeping me safe from dirty thoughts.
What a classy guy!  I have my JYJ Pinterest board to drool over anyway. {^_-}
The other police officers arrive, you don't see them but you hear them & you see his partner rush from the shower room looking concerned & rushing the guys away.  He knows our Mickey is having a moment or two.

After the shower, we see SY's mom "Ahjumma", who as far as I am concerned is his mom too.  And she is buying him a new jacket.  At an expensive store, she tells the clerk that she just got paid & flashes this huge wad of cash & then buys him a beautiful, in that it looks OH MY GOSH SO GOOD ON HIM, jacket.  In the hopes that he'll be able to attract a girlfriend.  See just like a parent, she is trying to hook him up.  Way to go Mom!  She wants to see him happy.  She takes him the jacket at the station & there is a cute moment when he grabs her & hugs her. {{Yes it's her in the picture at the top...dream ruiner!}}  He teases her a little & as she walks away he calls out to her by calling her "Girlfriend" & tells her not to miss him too much.  *Giggle* Sigh...Oh Mickey I heart you!  So cute!

Later that night or rather in the wee hours of the next morning, Soo Yeon is still awake, she has a hard time sleeping.  Can't imagine why?!?  And Harry knocks on her door, finds her awake &  when she asks him to sit down, he replies with, "Do I have to sit down?  Can't I lay down?"  Gasp!  Girlfriend if he was asking me, it'd a big heck yeah!

{{*SMH in shame*, I really think I am not a nice girl, at least not like I think I am or should be.  How do these shows/men bring this out of me so easily?!?  No US TV show has ever had me this naughty!  I swear!  I'm a good girl,'s the K-Dramas & the incredibly good looking men in them that makes me lose my goodness.  Sigh...I know you don't believe me.  I don't blame you guys, I wouldn't believe me either. *SMH*}}

Anyway, back to the story...  Oh yeah, so Harry gets into Soo Yeon's bed, but all they do is talk.  Which makes me happy because she is suppose to end up w Jung Woo, not Harry.  Seriously, if this were my view...

I'd be tempted to be not a good girl even more!  Like you'd think any differently than I do.  We're talking about Mr Beautiful here!  

Anyway...he's curious if she wants to know about what happened to his aunt?  She explains she doesn't want to think about the bad memories & asking would only conjure up those memories she is working so hard to forget.  Eventually, they fall asleep.

Mickey hasn't slept yet either.  He gets a phone call from Harry who tells him they are going to vacate the house so if Jung Woo wants to come see any more evidence while he is investigating to call Harry first to arrange their meeting.

While Mickey & his partner, who has actually fallen asleep, are still going over the CCTV footage from Harry's house, he discovers that they might have some evidence of foul play, when he sees the light go on from inside Harry's "locked" bdrm windows & shine on the grounds outside the house.  He also sees someone he recognizes outside the front gate to Harry's house, the night Nurse Jung drowned in the pool.  His father's (Han Tae Joon) main guy.  Director Nam.  So the next day he shows up at his father's company, & from the shadows sees his father & cronies walking in the front door & greet Director Nam in person.  But you get this odd vibe that daddy dearest is not a big fan of Dir Nam anymore.  And then Jung Woo pulls Dir Nam aside & asks him if he knows Michelle Kim?  Dir Nam needs to get a better poker face as he tries to pretend he'd never seen her.  That he was only there because Jung Woo's real mom {{aka Madam}} was trying to get in touch with Michelle because she does fashion & wanted Michelle Kim for that purpose.  He was just following orders but he never got to actually meet Michelle Kim.

When Jung Woo asks him why Dir Nam seems so surprised by the picture & asks him if Nurse Jung & Michelle Kim are the same person & that's why Dir Nam seems shocked? He explains that he was just shocked because she looks so different from Dir Nam pictured her, he pictured her more refined etc...a wealthy, lady like her who does fashion.  Not the best lie.  Once Jung Woo lets him leave Dir Nam goes to his car & looks through financial paperwork & figures out that if Michelle Kim, whom he did recognize as Nurse Jung is the same person & if she has a nephew like Jung Woo says & he follows the money back & realizes that the nephew, "Harry Borrison" is definitely Kang Hyung Joon.

Following the money will usually get you to the source won't it?  But Jung Woo isn't done asking questions of his family.  Next he heads to his mom's office.  Where she, of course, is far from happy to see him & after she corroborated Dir Nam's story of her ordering him to get Michelle Kim to meet w her & explaining that no she didn't kill her & has no idea about Nurse Jung, she tells him to do her a favor & never come before them again.  To just leave them alone.  But just then baby sister arrives & is thrilled to see her "Oppa".  Her I like, she's nice to Jung Woo, makes her very likable to me.  

Following up the lead from the CCTV, Jung Woo's partner, whom he forgot to tell to make arrangements before he just shows up, has arrived at Harry's house, where he finds both the housekeeper & Soo Yeon in residence.  He calls Jung Woo & tells him he is there & that Jung Woo should get there right away.  And Soo Yeon calls Harry explaining that the cop has arrived & is investigating.  But she doesn't say which cop & he seems oblivious to Harry's questioning or the fact that he is on his way home right now!

Jung Woo gets there first.  He seems to have come to the conclusion that she is not SY & is acting relatively normal, the housekeeper asks him to get his partner & quickly leave or they're going to get her in trouble.  So he calls out to his Hyung & asks where he is, his partner then calls back & says he is upstairs & calls him by his name telling to come see what he found.  When SY hears the name Han Jung Woo, she freezes.  She slowly walks over & unaware that Jung Woo actually went down the hall & not upstairs is unaware that he is now behind her as she softly & hypnotically repeats his name as though she is in shock, because well she is in shock.  Finding out that the detective is the boy she once loved from her past all grown up but that he is unaware of who she is & what this all means has definitely thrown her for a loop!

But he sees & hears her voice & her shock & he once again is positive of who she is & the stare off begins once she realizes he is behind her & that he heard her say his name transfixed.

He goes a little crazy demanding she tell him who she is, positive it's her.  She just stares at him as his partner tries to get him to let her go & find out what is going on?  In the middle of all of this chaos steps Harry.  Who immediately questions out loud...  "Zoey what's going on?!?"  Which calms Jung Woo down, hearing her name & that it's not the name Soo Yeon.

Sitting down at the couch Jung Woo's partner is explaining their purpose about the light going on & they were trying to find out how that could happen when the room was locked & Harry explains that his aunt had a key & that it must have been her.  Jung Woo's partner seems to take this as fact & not question it more closely.  But at the same time it has not gone unnoticed by Harry, that while his partner is looking at Harry, Jung Woo has yet to take his eyes off of Soo Yeon's back.

It was at this point watching the flashing emotions cross Harry's face as JW stares at SY that my suspicions are confirmed.  Harry has known all along who Han Jung Woo is, that he is not just a detective who shares the same name as his enemy, Han Tae Joon, but that he is HTJ's son.  And you can see his enjoyment, although he tries to hide some of it, as he announces that "Zoey" is his fiance & asks JW, if he's attracted to her?  And fakes a heavy sigh that his fiance has caught the eye of the detective.  SY, wanting to make sure she isn't discovered, walks over to sit behind Harry & put her hand on his shoulder & explain that Harry needn't worry, because she likes Harry best!

You see it too, right?  You see the pleasure Harry is deriving from teasing JW too, right?

Eventually JW & partner leave & of course this leads to the only conclusion it can lead to... JW getting drunk.  His partner & Superior & he are having dinner & drinks but JW is the only one that is more than a little worse for wear or to put it more simply; 3 sheets to the wind,  or drunk as a skunk, or how about wasted?  Hehehehe...which of course leads him to chastise them for not following the clues more closely & being better cops & repeating drunkenly the story of how a dog says woof woof etc... & then it leads to singing.  Round 2, Noraebang!!!  Only his partner has only lead him back into the same restaurant & is apologizing to the customers surrounding them saying, he'll be done soon.  Even better was when, upon completing his singing, JW's partner leaned over & pretended to be the Karaoke machine & gave him a great score for his singing.

I loved that once again our Mickey was pretending to sing badly.  Happy Feels Folks, very Happy Feels for me!  
Before they take him home & after he passes out, the Superior reminds JW's partner that the next day, when the rapist is released from prison, that he needs to keep a close eye on JW.

And sure enough, that was a good call as JW is sitting outside the prison the very next day awaiting the rapist's release. He knows that the rapist has information as to what really happened to SY.  But his partner arrives in time to handcuff himself to JW & prevent JW from going after the rapist.

{{Yes, I know the rapist character has an actual name but I'm sorry I refuse to learn the name.  He is the rapist...every female's worst nightmare.  I refuse to humanize an animal!  He is the rapist.}}

JW of course freaks out that he can't go confront the rapist & try to glean more info from him re: SY's kidnapping etc...  But his partner makes sense reminding him that a detective has to be patient & for JW to be patient.  On the other side of this coin we see Harry & SY in their car, happily visiting & talking about spending the day together & him buying her something yummy to eat & who should happen to cross their path?  The rapist.  Harry runs into him, not severely, with his car & gets out to check on him & call the hospital meanwhile SY is watching from the passenger seat & when the rapist stands up she recognizes him from her nightmares & freaks out.  The rapist unaware of who she is but being a slimy weasel of a human being goes over to the car & manages to steal her cell phone.  Harry chases him off but not before giving him his business card, just in case the rapist decides to act like he was hurt worse than a little bump & try to pull something.  Leaving SY completely freaking out in the car & then later at home fully dressed & in the shower & Harry has to break in to the bathroom & wrap a towel around her to calm her down.

Then JW gets a call from the rapist...who is at his house & sees that Eun Joo is at home, alone.  JW of course freaks out himself & rushes back to his house only to be waylaid by the rapist.  A big bloody fight breaks out & JW gets the crap kicked out of him.  Of course during the fight the rapist tells JW that no he didn't kill SY.  That he was told to confess & that she is still very much alive.  Eun Joo comes out & he roughs her up a little bit too but apparently it's too much of a hassle because he eventually walks off leaving a bleeding battered JW behind in the street.  That night in the house SY's mom explains to JW's partner that it's all too much & she wants it to end.  She wants JW, who is her son basically, to live a normal life & move on.

 While this is happening Harry is meeting w Dir Nam, whom he finds out knows exactly who he is & as long as Harry pays him, he'll keep all the info a secret from HTJ, including SY.  Dir Nam has a little gambling problem & he needs a reg income to pay off his debts.  But that's not all that is happening, the rapist calls the house while Harry is gone & explains to SY that he thinks he is injured far worse & that Harry should come meet him right away.  Of course she panics first but eventually she agrees to go & meet him.

The rapist is waiting patiently for her arrival & when his doorbell rings he is surprised by a delivery instead.  He starts to open the package, which is packed w the news paper article about SY's death so many years ago.  And then the doorbell rings again.  We don't see who it is but we are lead to believe it is SY as a black leather gloved hand reaches out w a taser in it & renders the rapist unconscious & then we see he is in the tub w duct tape over his mouth as JW's partner comes banging on the door & getting no response.  The rapist & his attacker are in inside, as we hear JWs partner explaining to a neighbor it's okay if he bangs on the door, he's a cop.

The next thing we see is SY at the wheel of a car dressed all in black, including black leather gloves, much as the person who attacked the rapist was & she is shaky & pale.  As she pulls into the drive by the electronic gate JW steps out of the shadows & they talk, while being watched on a wireless device held by Harry.

JW explains that he realizes she isn't the person he is looking for & that after tonight he will no longer look for that person.  He overheard what SYs mom said while he was laying there after his beating & it looks like he wants to try to move on as well.  At least for her sake he does.  But he wants to hear "Zoey" say his name.  Just say Han Jung Woo.  He has her say it to his face, to his back & eventually to his back with his eyes closed.  And we hear her say it & the younger version of her say it too.

And that is where the episode ended.  I'm looking forward to watching ep 7 but first it's time to make dinner for my family.  I am going to try really hard to get ep 7 watched & reviewed & up asap like this one, because tomorrow my CA has taken the day off so we can spend it together.  A date day.  Yay!  Valentine's week has been a busy one AddiKts.  I hope you have all had a wonderfully lovely, romantic, sweet, happy, beautiful passion filled day w your loved ones.  If I don't get it finished tonight you will have to wait till Saturday sometime.  Fighting!

Happy Valentine's AddiKts.


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