Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oooh! Shiny! {Monday-Was-a-Holiday Morning THERAPee with Dongsaeng}

Time for this week's Monday Morning Therapy.  We're going to ignore that it's actually Tuesday.  See, yesterday was yet another Monday holiday here in the States (President's Day).  This meant that the kids were out of school and the husband was off of work to round off his 5 day weekend, so we went out and partied all day.  Movie, candy store, mall and Grandma's house.  What a day, ay?  Notice how there just wasn't any room for blogging there?  :(  Sad, but true.  So, instead, you get to start off your Tuesday with me.  Hopefully for many this is your first "work day" of the week like me, if not, well, then, you know, Tuesdays can be rough like Mondays sometimes.  And even if not, any day is a good day for a little something SHINY.

Or, shall I say, SHINee???

That's right!  SHINee released their new album last night.  Now, I haven't even heard this yet, that's how new it is.  If you're a Shawol, you've PROBABLee heard it a million times after staying up late waiting ever so PATIENTLee for its release (I heard rumor that it was a tad TARDee in its arrival, but don't have confirmation on that and would hate to start such UGLee rumors).  There are two versions of the video that I'm going to include here - the official video and then the dance version.  Which do you prefer?  Let us know (enter shameless plug for validation here).

And with that I'm going to leave you for today.  I don't really have much to chat about, especially since I am just barely awake and the old gray matter is still dozing off up there.  Have a fantastic week.  And to those waiting for my FBND ep 12 review, it's on its way and will be here.... oh well, would you look at the time.  I gotta run!  ;)  Thanks for stopping by!  <3

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