Monday, April 1, 2013

ain't no foolin {Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

So, today is April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's Day - a day where you can't believe anything you read or hear and where you're afraid to turn every corner for fear that some nefarious plot to scare or trick you awaits.  For those with tendencies towards anxiety or paranoia, it's gotta be a tough day, huh?  Anyway, so the internet is rife with all sorts of tricks and practical jokes, the K world being no exception.  Simon and Martina had a great oneDrama Fever got in on the action.  Even the South Korean government apparently. ;)  It's all fun and games and I had intended on playing along somehow.  I toyed with the idea of announcing here that TCA was shutting its cyber doors, but decided against it because what if you believed us and never came back?  We really love spending time with the few of you that visit us here and would hate to scare you off over a silly lame joke.  Besides, shutting the doors here would indicate that we suddenly have lives or something and we all know that's just crazy.  Ha!  As if.  A practical joke only works if it's somewhat believable after all ;)  But before I could come up with some creative and zany April Fool's joke to play, I received some sad news that pretty much destroyed any grand schemes and tricksty trickster moods.  Seriously, what is with this day the past couple of years?  Last year I found out devastating news as well that I didn't believe at first because of the awful timing, and now this.  April 1st is apparently my new day to find out sad things.  This morning I got a text from my sister (you long time readers may remember her as Ms Luckypants McGee) letting me know that she and my mom had had to put my mom's dog down.  She was 9 years old and had this past week been very ill.  Even with medication and constant around-the-clock nursing care, she wasn't improving and was just so sick, so they had to make that heart-wrenching decision.  While not directly my dog, she was still a large part of our family these past 9 years.  When my parents got the dog, we were all sharing a house together.  My daughter, who was only 2 at the time, helped name the puppy.  I helped house-train her.  She and my son were the same age.  Our lives were intertwined from the beginning.  My kids grew up loving her and looking forward to visiting and seeing her.  They played and laughed and loved that dog.  When I think of the dog, all memories of her are tied with my kids and their special bond.  Anyway, I don't mean for this to be a drag, I'm just trying to paint a picture as to why this news deflated my inner Fool and why I've decided to go a different direction today.

It was hard for me to even start this post, because literally, all of this just came about within the past hour or so.  I've been crying.  I've been thinking about how in a few hours I will need to break this sad news to my poor children who will be devastated.  I just wasn't in the mood to come on here and put on the happy face and act like a normal middle-aged squeeing fangirl.  I should be better at separating my personal life from this blog, I know, but that's just not who I am.  I'm just not capable of doing that.  This blog is me.  What I write is me.  And today, I am a 30-something daughter and mother hurting for those I love while facing my own personal feelings of loss over a cute furry family member.  So, I came up with an idea.  Hopefully one that will help give all of us the Monday Morning Therapy we all need for our various own reasons today.  A happy compromise - not all sad and boo hoo like I feel, but not over-the-top Krazed like normal that I'm just not feeling.  In memory of sweet Maisy Daisy Flower (the "Flower" was what my then 2 yr old daughter wanted to name her, isn't that cute?), let's talk pets today.

Who doesn't like pets?  They're cute and cuddly and furry and loveable.  Well, I guess you can have some that aren't all of these things necessarily.  I shouldn't discriminate against pets of the non-furry, non-cuddly variety.  Point is, that many of us at one time or another have decided to take into our homes and hearts a non-human creature and care for it.  Our favorite K idols are no exception.  Let's take a quiz and see what true fan girls and boys we are.  See if you can name the pet and the idol that is his/her/their human.

We'll start out reallll easy like...
Jaejoong's Jiji
Jaejoong's Chang Sik

Then maybe step it up a notch...
Yoochun's Norae (he has two others as well)
Junsu's Tigger
How about a gimmee?...
I love how Junsu is like the crazy cat lady of Kdom.  At last count he had 6, but that was a couple of years ago so maybe it's changed?  I'll assume it hasn't unless I hear otherwise.

Now we'll switch groups and lob another couple easy ones your way to get this batch started...
GD's Gaho
GD's Jolie
 Maybe a little harder?
Taeyang's Boss
TOP's Charlie (most likely a family pet, not exclusively TOP's)

And then how about the most obscure one my lackadaisical searching could find...
Kara's Seung Yeon had two hedgehogs until they sadly passed away.

And finally, while not technically the pets of K idols, these two are pretty iconic in their own Kworld rights...

Eat Your Kimchi's Simon and Martina's Spudgy and Dr Meemersworth

So, how'd you do?  Lucky for you there are only a few that I can think of and name on my own because I stalk so few groups/idols like a good fan girl should.  I'm sure many of you could name and recognize many, many more.  I'm sure with a lot more research I could come up with an incredibly long list, but that's not going to happen.  There are a lot of them out there, so, if you have a favorite group or idol, how about taking a look to see if they have any pets?  You can even find videos of them with their pets oftentimes.  Or Twitter or Instagram updates and pictures.  These cute animals often become mini idols themselves, adored by their human's fans almost as much if not just as much as their humans are.

If you have a special animal friend in your life, why not do a little something special for them today to express to them how important they are.  I may just take my dog for a walk or something and enjoy these short years we have together, because you never know what life will bring, and that's no joke.

As far as your prescription for the day goes, I wanted to make sure you all had the chance to hear GD's newest song, Michi Go.  This was released exclusively on the LINE app, though, after waiting ever so patiently for it yesterday, I never did figure out how to get it.  You apparently had to download a set of stickers and then they'd give you instructions on how to get the song, but I couldn't even find the stickers.  Not sure if it was available yet here in the states or not.  All my searching, in between Easter celebrations and family stuff, netted unclear information, leaving me all sad and bummed.  Thankfully though, some got it even if I didn't and so it's now floating around YouTube.  Not sure how long this one will last before getting pulled, so act fast.  Also, it's just audio - there's not a video to go with it (unless you happen to find some footage from his concerts over the weekend in which he performed this song).  It's a fun song and I look forward to more!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Monday and week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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