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IMY ep 17 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Well holy heck!  This one ends w a WOW!!!  Yikes!!  I am all fired up & ready to write guys.

So Harry sees his mom, who doesn't know who he is, he freaks out.  Soo Yeon sees a pic of his mom on JW's phone & knows who he is & that he knows that HTJ is responsible.  JW's sees a pic of Harry as a little boy & remembers the kid from the fire & all the weirdness & finally connects most of the dots.  And all 3 leads are together & all 3 leads are aware that all 3 leads have a better idea of what the heck is going on!  Although 2 of the 3 have no frigging clue how incredibly insane the 3rd lead truly can be.  But don't worry by the end of this episode they're going to be fully aware he is "Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs" to the enth power.  Like really & truly, off his rocker, insane in the membrane.  Dang Baby Oppa you are scary crazy.  And yet still HAWT...hmm...go figure.

{{BTW I am writing this, making dinner, & texting Dongsaeng all at the same time...never tell me I can't multi task baby, I am a Mom after all!! Boom!!  And yes there are more Dongsaeng text messages included in the screenshots.  She really needs to pick her next review!}}

Face off time.  Harry looks at JW after his whole, "been a while eh kiddo?" question & says, "I thought you said you were fast, you're only just figuring it all out now.  What took you so long?"  Which of course is a total burn to JW.  Okay not really.  JW just shrugs it off.  SY gets out of the car & answers JW's questions.  After she she explains not much more than JW already knew, he calls Wife & asks him to check out more people for him, Harry Borrison, Kang Hyung Joon, Moon Jae Hoon, not to mention secretary Yoon's background.  He wants Wife to check French authorities, adoption info, the farm everything they've been told is a big fat lie & he wants to know the truth.

While he is doing all this SY is back in the car w Harry.  She's trying to get Harry to talk to JW.  JW will help them if we just tell him, he's investigating his father too.  He needs to know all of this.  But Harry, of course doesn't want JW's help, as he actually would like to kill JW & HTJ & basically everybody in the whole world.  Remember he's cray cray.  But in all this he reminds her that she once told him, he was the only one she needed, as long as he (Harry), was by her side, she would be okay.  But this is an uh oh moment because that was said when they were kids & he told her he couldn't remember all that much from back then, which was a big fat lie, as he actually remembers every minute detail.  You know like a cray cray person would do.  Then she gets angry when she realizes & accuses him of knowing everyone was searching & looking for her & not telling her.  She tries to leave but he stops her, JW sees this & runs like a maniac & tries opening the door but it's locked & he can't get to her, while he is banging on the door screaming at them to open the door, Harry reveals his biggest confession to SY.  He killed the rapist.  He did it for her.  He'd do anything for her.  She said she wished all the people who hurt her would disappear & so he made that happen.  And he'd do anything she wanted.  Finally he tells her that she should just go w JW & he opens the door.  She calls him a liar & says she doesn't believe anything he says & she gets out & collapses.  JW catches her & takes care of her & Harry zooms off.

JW takes Soo Yeon home, since that was where she was screaming she wanted him to take her, before she collapsed.  They walk in just as Eun Joo & SY's mom sit down to eat their dinner.  At first there is tension that SY came home, what with Eun Joo having warned her not to be SY.  But Eun Joo can see she is ill, just coming from the hospital, & then SY apologizes for coming home before she found Det Kim's killer but she really just wanted to come home.  Eun Joo softens & relents & says, Det Kim is probably resting comfortably knowing SY came home after all.  Warm family gathering, hugs all around.  Later its cute when JW & SY's mom, his girlfriend, are alone.  He tells her he found another woman & she's younger & prettier.  Mom smiles.  More hugs, SY comes out & smiles & JW catches both of them in a big hug & then asks  if he finally gets to be with 2 women?  They both smile & laugh & more hugs!!

{{Oh he is so stinking cute!  Naughty Chunnie.  I loved that sweet hug filled scene! you know...are my favorite thing ever!!  I love hugs!!  In fact I happen to be expert hugger.  Really, ask my friends & family or just dongsaeng.  What better way is there, to tell someone you care about, that you are so glad they are there & in your life, than with a hug?}}

Harry, arrives home & destroys the picture of SY & himself on the wall & then goes into his hidey hole & destroys the glass display of tubing sculptures, as well as his mom's picture hanging on the wall.  Screaming, crying, throwing, destroying, a raving lunatic.  {{Baby Oppa you rock the cray cray sweetie...we will miss your awesome performances while you are in the military.}}    Blaming his mom for not recognizing him when she saw him.  Then he moves on to SY being to blame.  Even though he killed the rapist for her she still left him.  Then we see Secretary Yoon is there with him, in pain because he (Kang Hyung Joon) is in pain.  Harry tells Yoon to leave him & go back to France but Secretary Yoon is used to the insanity that is Harry & he tells him even if I leave I have nothing & no one to go back too so I will stay here with you.  Dude you had an out & you stayed?!?!  You are cray cray too.

Now for a really cute sweet sexy scene.  Good combo right?  SY is laying down in her old room, JW lays down with her.  They visit & talk & go over old times & say sweet things to each other, even remembering that they like to recite the multiplication tables backwards.  She then tells him she doesn't remember much from the night everything went so wrong.  She vaguely remembers escaping the warehouse & she thinks she was hit by a car.  Then she was with Joon & his aunt.  Who was mean to her every chance she got.  When they got to France she couldn't really communicate with anyone.  And only had Harry to lean on & was so afraid he'd leave her too & then she'd be all alone but she doesn't blame anyone.  It just happened, the 3 of them did what they had to do back then.  Then they promise not to ever leave each other or die without the other one.

We get a small break in the scene to see Harry is laying in SY's empty bed at his house & remembering good times with her & is still in agony & pain because of her abandonment.

Back to SY's room.  While she writes in her diary, JW is asleep.  Eventually she goes over & gives him a kiss on his {{delicious looking}} sleeping lips.  In his sleep, as she backs away, he reaches out & grabs her & pulls back for more kissing.  Then he suddenly realizes he's actually awake & she is actually kissing him in real life & his eyes jerk open & they jerk away form each other.  {{It was so comical, eyes wide open, laying next to each other on the mattress, both breathing hard in surprise.}}  Then the best part was when he decides to inch ever closer to her & then closer still & then he kind of turns towards her & starts puckering up & then he turns a little more & then he leans up & turns & then he leans way up & is on his side looming over her & then before you know it...he is on top of her.  Looking into each other's eyes & I got breathless too!  And then he chickens out & jumps off to the other side of her & lamely states, "This side is warmer."  And then he hides his face in the blanket & she says, "You're killing me."  It's at this point he sits up straight & looks at her & pounds his hand on the floor next to the them and says, "If it's killing you..." and then reminds her that she can't die, "you promised."  Then he looks at her & says, "You and I..."  He never completes that sentence, as he drops to the floor & covers up with the blanket again & cries out "Aigoo Aigoo & starts reciting the multiplication tables again.  IMHO I believe he was going to say, "you and I have to DO IT!"  Or some classier, more romantic derivation of that.  She giggles while he recites & rubs his back softly & her mom looks in & watches as he recites the times tables.  As she exits the room she sighs at how wonderful & sweet he is to her to do that for her, to treat her daughter so preciously.

HTJ is starting to put the pieces together but I think he can't quite believe what he is thinking.  As is Hwang Mi Rae, his evil wife.  She's babysitting Harry's sleeping mom & looking over her contract with Harry & going over the memories of the day, including remembering when Harry had his meltdown.  And she starts remembering other moments & suddenly it dawns on her....Harry is Kang Hyung Joon, Zoey is Lee Soo Yeon and when HTJ walks in she hides the contract & pretends nothing happened that day.  And he informs her that he is going to get the money he needs & so he wants her & their daughter to take Harry's mom to Japan for a while & stay in hiding.  JW comes home at this point & overhears his dad say that as soon as I get my money back we'll lock her back up.  Then JW fakes going to bed for the night & sneaks back downstairs to get fingerprints of Harry's mom & promises her sleeping self that he will find her family if he can.

Harry has moved past his breakdown & is playing the piano...beautifully.  Remembering that it is SY's favorite song.  He looks very calm, cool, calculated, and very, very creepy.  Meanwhile SY creeps into her mom & Eun Joo's room, while they are asleep, tucks them in tighter & explains that this time she'll be back much faster.  And then she leaves & we see her spying on JW, Wife & Superior in a restaurant, taking pictures of JW, promising that she will come back to him too.  The 3 men are discussing all the evidence they've managed to obtain & trying to connect the dots.

The next day HTJ is being driven to a "meeting", by Secretary Yoon, to see Harry.  And they are being followed by another of JW's police friends.  Meanwhile Hwang Mi Rae has plans of her own.  She has had it as HTJ's wife, can't say I blame her, the guy is a horrible, evil, cruel, hateful person, & so she is getting herself & her daughter out of HTJs house if it kills her.  She tells her daughter to take JWs aunt & hide at Bellos, while she meets up w Harry at his house.  Not the only one to just show up at Harry's, so arrives SY.  The place is kind of messy, but you know temper tantrums tend to leave messes behind.  She walks into Harry's room looking for him & finds their picture smashed, on the floor & then notices the button on the wall & investigates further.  Once inside his room, she sees a far closer glimpse of the real Harry than she ever thought she would.  She sees the smashed display, w the little secret box that held the key necklace she now wears.  She sees the bulletin board filled w pictures of JW & his family & tons of newspaper clippings of what happened 14 years ago.  Then she hears Harry's definitive footsteps & arrival & before she understands what's happening, she gets locked in the secret room.  Then she gets to see the arrival of Hwang Mi Rae, on the surveillance feed that Harry had kept hidden.

Hwang Mi Rae arrives & reveals that she knows who he is, who Zoey really is & that she will give him his mother for the money & then she can escape her husband's house.  And she'll keep it all a secret.  She was going to leave him anyway when her business took off.  Everything goes smoothly, until she asks him if SY knows the fact, that everything that happened to SY, was his mother's fault.  He looks at the CCTV camera & says to HMR, "You shouldn't have said that."  And then offers her a drink.  Now SY gets to see just how insane Harry really can be.  He tells HMR that this drink is the same drink his aunt used to love so much.  In fact she liked to drink it before she went swimming.  She still hasn't connected the dots that his aunt, Michelle Kim, & Nurse Jung are one & the same, so she has no clue that Nurse Jung is dead.  When she asks where nurse Jung is, he calmly & easily tells her, "She kept trying to tell Soo Yeon about my I sent her on a trip.   You'll get to see her soon yourself."  She smiles, she actually smiles, as she downs a second & then a third glass of poisoned alcohol.  SY btw knows what's happening & is screaming at the computer, in the little room, "No! No! No!"  but it's too late, she finally just sits down on the floor & gives up.

But Harry's plans aren't complete yet.  This meeting that HTJ is going to, is supposed to be his death.  Yoon manages to lose his original police tail but JW is just behind that car & keeps up.  They get to the meeting place & HTJ sees the same crayon drawing on the wall behind Harry's bike & just then Yoon gets Harry on the phone.  And then hands the phone to HTJ.  Kang Hyung Joon is finally revealed to HTJ as well & he says, "There's a saying....that revenge has a crooked way of coming to find you.  It means if you've may not be proper form, but it'll always come back to get you."  What HTJ doesn't see, is that behind him Yoon is putting on black gloves & picking up a 2x4 to kill him with.  But in a wider shot we see that Yoon is unaware that JW is just outside the window & he rushes in to save his father & takes Yoon down.  Yoon is arrested after he bashes HTJ over the head.

After they get Yoon to the police station Lt Choi arrives, at the behest of Wife.  They want him there while they question & go over evidence, since he already has a profile on the culprit.  But Yoon is not talking at first.  Then when all the players are in place he confesses to all the killings.  But they weren't his idea.  He confesses that all the killings were ordered by none other than SY.  Who wanted everyone who hurt her to die.  And that all the evidence, papers, money exchanges are documented & in his glove compartment box of his car.  Just then Soo Yeon calls JW's phone & we hear her say, "If I had just ignored you... you should've taken the hint and left.  You have no idea what I went through to erase Lee Soo Yeon's existence. I wanted to let you know you're too late."  While she is talking he keeps interrupting him but she doesn't even acknowledge he is talking.  And then she hangs up.  And the reason she never acknowledged him was because it wasn't SY, of course.  With his super awesome surveillance video of his entire house Harry managed to make a perfect recording of her voice confessing.

Dongsaeng's 1st text....
Classy right?  
Her next text message is when SY is remembering back to the writing in her diary & telling JW she has to help Harry but that she loves JW & that they should be together forever when she is all done.
Can't argue with you there babe!  Well okay I can for the syntax...he is hot buttered bread ...on toast?  Isn't toast made of bread?  I could be wrong.  Maybe I'm just not getting the metaphor.  But he is all sort of hotness!!

JW understandably is extraordinarily upset by the turn of events.  He rushes from the police station, even though Wife is on his heels.  He pushes Wife to the wall & takes his gun & explains that he won't let them take SY, that she is being framed.  Wife is scared & wants JW to calm down, because during Yoon's confession he stated plainly that JW was supposed to be killed after HTJ.  Who is recovering in the hospital, he wasn't successful in killing him.  JW runs from the police station & suddenly the door to the little room SY has been locked into opens & she escapes.  She walks into the main room & finds HMR dead on the floor.  She goes over to her & tries to shake her awake & gets HMR's blood on her hands...she is good & framed now.  Just as she is reaching for her phone music starts to play very suddenly & very loudly, startling her.  She opens a laptop in front of her & a recording of Harry playing her song at the piano the night before is already playing.  He stops playing & looks into the camera & tells her, "At this moment, you're no longer just the daughter of a murderer.... but a murderer.  There's no way for you to escape.  Kand Sang Chul, Kang Sang Deung, Nam Ui Joong... the woman in front of you right now, the cops believe that you killed them all.  Even if you feel it's unjust, just endure it.  This is your punishment for not loving me."

She manages to get into the elevator & then JW calls her, freaking out & demanding to know where she is, this does not get better when she tells him everything that has happened, including the dead body.  She tells him, it isn't me.  I didn't do any of this.  Harry killed them all.

Dongsaeng's last text before I finished is just as JW arrives at Harry's house, to find/rescue SY before the Police get to her....
Nice... No She isn't dead yet!!!  Punk!
They meet at the gate but they aren't alone.  The police have arrived, including Wife, just behind JW.  He pulls out Wife's gun & explains that he is not letting them take SY from him.  He tells her to hold tight to his hand & not to let go this time.  She tells them her voice was faked & she is being framed & he won't hand her over until they have real proof.  But I figure even then he won't believe it simply because he knows it wouldn't be true, it too would be fabricated.  Guns are pointed & JW slowly walks past all of them w his gun pointed as well.  Then he & SY make a run once they are past the police.

Sorry this one is so blurry they were really running fast.  I couldn't get a better shot.  
I told you this one ended on a total WOW!!!  I was planning on taking this next week off, since my kids are all on Spring Break starting tomorrow, but I really want to see what happens next...which means I may post DFRs next week as well.  Depends on how busy & how much fun we are having.  If I don't get them done & posted, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter week & I'll see you when I get back.


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