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IMY ep 18 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Okay so I was expecting this one to be really dramatic, & while it did have its moments, it kind of fell flat in the super dramatic department, mostly it went back to being filler.  Truths are revealed, bad guys are seen clearer & there is more romance & even another really good Chunnie kiss. *sly smile here*  But they are setting up the ending which I am really hoping is awesome.

Jung Woo has stood up to the police department & refused to hand over Lee Soo Yeon to them because he knows that she is not the murderer, Kang Hyung Joon (Harry) is the real culprit.  They've taken off & we see our hero & his damsel in distress hiding out at what looks like a bus (?) terminal.  He stores his Wife's gun in one of the lockers, same number locker as Wife's locker at the station & the code is the date of the first time they met.  I know all this because he tells Wife all of this over the phone.  So, even though he ran away from the police, held a gun on his best friend & partner, is an actual fugitive on the run, they are still helping him.  They know he is a good guy, and Wife especially, is trying to help him get the evidence on Harry they need to truly convict him, all while simultaneously trying to prove SYs innocence.  Way to take on a big job there guys.  To get this evidence they are scouring Harry's house, after taking JW's step mom, who is still alive, to the hospital.  He tells Wife about the secret room, which has been all cleaned up.  The picture removed & all the broken glass cleaned up & a new picture in its place.  Just as Wife is about to push the button to go in the secret room, JW stops him, saying Harry may be in there hiding & it could be dangerous.  Then Wife tells JW to take SY to his house & hide out there.  His dad is there & he will help.  And so that is what JW & SY do...they hop on the bus to Wife's house to hide.

Meanwhile Wife eventually does open that secret room & sure enough Harry is in there, passed out "Drunk". This is his alibi btw.  Apparently they are supposed to believe he "drunk slept" through SYs attempt to kill JW's stepmom right out in the main room.   They take him in for questioning but he is good.  No seriously guys he is good.  Oscar worthy good.  {{You go Psycho Baby Oppa!}}  But Lt Choi is there watching the interrogation.  He can see JW is very good at controlling himself.  So he tells Wife to ask Team Leader to bring Dir Yoon, this is HTJ's former secretary guy who we found out is actually working for & completely loyal to Harry, & see what happens.  Lt Choi watches their interactions & reactions to each other very closely.  Noticing how Harry leans back but Dir Yoon leans forward, pointing out that this only happens between people who are comfortable with each other, which in turn denotes Dir Yoon's familiarity w Harry.  So he then has Wife tell Team Leader to step out of the room, but first give each man a glass of water, leaving them alone.  For a while they just sit there, stoically & more than a little awkwardly, not speaking.  Then Harry takes a drink of water & almost immediately after Dir Yoon does the same.  Which again points out that Dir Yoon is subservient to Harry, used to taking orders & following his lead.  I have to admit I loved the psychology used in this scene.  It was brilliant & quite frankly Lt Choi is too.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say he's the smartest cop there.

During all of this the policeman are discussing Kang Hyung Joon's (KHJ from here on in) relationship to JW's aunt & HTJ & that they are going to use the soda can, the only piece of evidence KHJ has no idea they have, to prove Harry is the little boy from 14 years previously.  They have a lot of evidence to gather & a lot of things that still need to be cleared up.  So many questions, not enough answers...yet.

JW & SY are on the bus or maybe it's a train, I can't tell, to hide out at Wife's house & SY once again breaks down.  I had to laugh, I'm sorry, she cries a LOT in this show, when JW said, "I was wondering when you going to break?", I just had to roll my eyes!!!  @.@   Like she'd been all strong & calm!  Whatever!!  Okay I don't blame her for always crying she's, they've, been through a whole heck of a lot of crap alone & together & she's being accused of, not just one but multiple, murders etc... but seriously you were wondering when she was going to break?!?!  Meanwhile I was wondering when she was going to grow a spine & finally take care of herself for a change, instead of constantly letting the men handle everything.  Grow a set honey & stop bawling ALL the time.  There will plenty of time to break down later when everything is done & over with, but for right now while your butt's in the sling toughen up, dude!  That's how I do it.  I wait till later & have a good old fashioned meltdown, alone in the shower, where no one can see or hear & then all the evidence of my crying jag is washed down the shower drain.  And I put back on the happy face & keep going.

{{Although, this week, I did nearly have a stupid panic attack at the thought of going to the doctor.  It was seriously so lame & I was embarrassed for being all nervous.  In my defense, not that this is really a defense as much as it is me trying to justify it to myself, it HAS been a really long time since my last full check up & I was terrified of what he would say about my lack of taking care of myself.  Plus, in general, I really don't like doctors....hence the not going for nearly 4 years.  Any who....back to our review right?}}

If you remember, prior to Evil Step mom being poisoned, she had removed Harry's mom from HTJ's evil clutches & had her daughter, Ah Reum, hide Harry's mom & herself, at Bellos.  Eun Joo had gotten a call from JW asking for a favor.  That favor was for Eun Joo to go get Harry's mom & hide her somewhere else. Ah Reum leaves & shows up the hospital where HTJ, who was bludgeoned on the back of the head, has made a quick recovery & is leaving against doctors orders.  And where her mother is recovering after being poisoned, almost to death, by Harry.  HTJ's reaction to hearing his wife almost died & is still in serious condition.... not a dang thing!  He couldn't give a crap less about the woman, he just wants his stinking money.  At this point I got really angry, as did Ah Reum, who told him off, in a much nicer way than I would have, I wanted to get all of his money, in a very fluid form, take everything of his & get the actually monetary worth of it in cold hard cash & set it on fire right in front of the S.O.B.  I wanted to strangle the crap out of him too.  I just hate him so much!  I have no sympathy for this character at all.  If that is what the actor & director were going for, they succeeded.  I literally HATE him.  I want to do slow physical damage to his evil heart & slow mental & emotional torture as well.  Hence the setting all his money on fire, forcing him to watch it all burn baby BURN!!!!!  Bahahahahahaha....  Okay....I may be just a little too emotional here...

<BIG breath in & out>  Okay I am perfectly calm & rational again.... I apologize if that was a bit much.

After he leaves the hospital he rushes home & through the house looking for KHJ's mom.  But she isn't there, obviously.  He goes into his office & sees it's been ransacked, which he knows is the work of KHJ, whom he mistakenly thinks also took his mother back.  He has nothing to lose now.  He just wants his money back & if he has to give KHJ what he wants, by George he'll do whatever it takes, his money is the most important thing to him. Back at Wife's house, we meet his dad.  Who is incredibly sweet, cute & funny.  He welcomes them w open arms, he knows what's going on, as Wife told him the whole story.  I have no idea what whitewashed version Wife told him, maybe he did actually tell him everything, I have no idea, but he is very funny & sweet & welcoming, just what the doctor ordered.  Outside, later & by themselves, SY finally tells JW everything she knows.  How Harry, Harry's mom, HTJ & Evil Step mom all know each other from 14 years ago.  That each of them is responsible in one way or another for them all being in the positions they are in today.  She also tells JW just how responsible his own father is for all of it.  How he ordered the Rapist to claim he killed her, telling him about the USB she received, how he messed up Harry's leg, all of it.  She also explains she knows that the reason she went through everything she did, as a kid, was as a direct result of Harry's mom.  She also tells him that Harry confessed to her that he is the one who killed the rapist.  Of course as expected all of this new information, especially his father's part in all of it, is a lot to process for JW & he collapses & cries.  For the first time since we meet her, we see SY being the strong one, as she grabs a hold of him & comforts him & tells him none of this is his fault.  He didn't know, he was just a kid.

Back at his Girlfriend's house, we see SY's mom folding laundry & keeping up a one sided conversation w Harry's mom.  She really is just a very sweet woman. I admit I didn't really like her the first few episodes but she changed into one of the nicer people in this show.  She is just chatting away w Harry's mom.  Eventually pulling out her photo albums & showing off her baby, SY, & then her son, JW to Harry's mom.  Upon hearing the name Han Jung Woo, a few times, she freaks out & it takes Eun Joo & SY's mom to calm her down.  She remembers, she doesn't talk, but she remembers.  Then there is a lot of filler as JW & SY have a moment over tea & blah blah doesn't really move the story as much as it fills the hour.  All stuff they've said before.  So I will go on...

The next day, Harry, on his bike, leaves his house & loses the officer assigned as his tail.  But HTJ is getting desperate for his money, so he isn't paying as close attention as he should & therefore doesn't realize Wife is tailing him.  Wife reports to JW that he followed his dad & his dad is meeting w Harry.  In the car Harry tells HTJ that in order to get his precious money back, HTJ has to hurt JW the way he hurt Harry.  No, he doesn't want him to hurt JWs leg.  He wants him to hurt SY, the thing JW loves the most.  Once HTJ does that he'll get his precious money.  And IF HTJ believes that then JW is right, his father isn't thinking straight.  JW tells Wife they have to look into the adoption records more, he knows there is something there regarding Dir Yoon.  And he tells him to check out his father's old bank for a slush fund or something.

He just wants to spend this one day together w SY alone.  So he goes fishing & then they decide to go get ingredients to make a stew but it requires too many ingredients, so they decide to just grill.  On the way back to Wife's house they each reveal what they really want, a happy quiet life w someone they love.  Then they stop & go for a walk & talk some more but really the important part is that they kiss again.  Sigh  Its all so sweet & romantic when he catches her by the waist & pulls her in quickly & then full on romantic kiss, in the setting sun, on a snow covered street.  It was totally "sigh" worthy & breath me it was anyway.  *Happy Sighs*  Especially when, while they are lip locked, we hear his voice over come on & say, "More than ever before.... Let's love one another."  :)

Evil Stepmom is not having a loving reunion w her husband though.  He looms over her in her hospital bed, where she is barly awake & recovering, oxygen mask on & everything & he threatens her.  She knows what to do.  Unless she wants Harry to come after her & try to kill her again, she'll keep quiet & keep HTJ's back safe or else!  Outside in the corridor we see Eun Joo & Ah Reum talking about Harry's mom & how she is safe & fine at SY's moms' house.  But what they don't realize is that Harry is sitting on the bench next to them eavesdropping, behind a newspaper.  {{Great!  Way to go ladies.  Ye, I know it's in the script but ...  oh never mind.}}  Back at Wife's house, JW & SY arrive arms laden w groceries.  Wife's dad rushes off w SY, signalling to JW that Wife is there & they should talk.  He finds out that his Step mom is awake & asks that they keep HTJ away from her.  He might get her into more trouble or their evidence or their cover might be blown.  They can't see each other.  {{'s too late for that sweet Chunnie}}  Then JW lets Wife in on the secret that Harry's mom is with SY's mom.

Who, btw, is taking Harry's mom for a walk through the market.  They stop to buy dinner at a stall & mom leaves to go get some more shopping done & leaves Eun Joo in charge.  This part isn't really important until Harry sits down next to them, his mom spills hot noodles & broth on herself & Eun Joo rushes off to get her supplies with which to dry.  Harry & she stare at each other for a while & finally he hands her the broken in half locket, that previously held the key shaped charm, that SY now wears.  That night over a lovely dinner, in front of a roaring fire...  {{thanks Chunnie for making an ahjumma want that too, the romantic part not the food, although... o.O}}  JW & SY have some more romantic conversation.  Again it's just filler...Mostly it ends with them deciding they really do need to go back to Seoul, tomorrow.  Just as JW leaves to get them more Soju, Wife calls to tell him his step mom woke up & is pointing the finger at Soo Yeon after all.  Obviously this is Harry's doing, decides SY, she's pretty smart, so that Harry can get JW angry, as he is right now.  Harry gets a phone call in his little lair, HTJ informs him that he did his part, now he wants his money!

In our last romantic moment before the conclusion, SY comes out after taking a shower, barefoot & JW touches her foot, much like his 15 yr old counterpart did, when he saw her scar.  He asks her if it still hurts when she looks at it & she says no because all she can remember now is when he touched it so thoughtfully when they were kids.  Then he asks her what she is going to be doing on the first day of snow next fall?  She says I am going to be with you.  He tells her not to forget that, because there is something she has to do with him.  When she asks what?  He evades.  {{I know how he answers that question in my head, how does he answer it in yours? ;) }}

The next morning the police are there to take her back to Seoul.  But so is Harry.  He holds out his hand to her & tells her to come to him.  She slowly steps forward, tells JW she has to return something to him & then slowly grasps his outstretched hand & places the key charm necklace in his hand, but it falls to the snow & she falls to her knees & cries...again... asking him, "Why? How?  How is it possible that this hand that saved me is capable of killing those people?  How could this be?  How could you?"  Eventually he jerks his hand out of her grasp, retrieves the necklace & looks angry.  At this point JW tells him, that now SY is going to take responsibility for all your sins & he looks truly shocked & sorry...until JW informs him, "I will catch you & then I will kill you."    Then close ups of everybody, SY from inside the police car, Harry where he was standing & JW on the other side of the police car.  And that is how ep 17 ended.

Most of it was filler but there were details we needed to see & hear as well.  And since it was over an hour to fill there had to be some romance too.  That part I like the most.

I apologize this is coming out late, since I took last week off, & I hope you aren't too irritated that you had to wait till the end of the day to read.  But it's been a busy mom week for me.  And the last 2 days I have been running on fumes.  In fact, I am cross eyed now, as I sit at my computer typing, but I still have another ep to watch & review as well get my eldest to Tae Kwon Do tonight.  I do believe ep 18 won't be out till tomorrow, especially since my previous plans to head into Chicago's K Town tomorrow have been cancelled.  :(  My friend forgot something she had to do & is unable to attend & my CA has to work most of tomorrow so he can't go with me either.  I'm taking it as a sign I need to rest.  Have a great night AddiKts.


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