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IMY ep 19 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Well, so much for a day to rest & catch up from this last week's insanity...too many things required my attention at home for me to rest.  Oh well, gives me less to do this upcoming week, fingers crossed.  Only one more week of my I Miss You reviews to endure guys.  ;)  I am sure you are ready for me to move on to something else.  I know I am.  I am toying w either Gu Family Book, you know I heart the fantasy/saeguk drama or All About Romance.  Hmmmm....  I really enjoyed GFB w of course Dimple!!  I have to start AAR & see which one grabs my heart more.  We'll all know next week for sure.

As for this episode the truth is becoming clearer & Baby Oppa is getting crazier.  And step mom is maybe going to redeem herself.  I hope so.  I really am not a fan of disliking people or characters.  And I admit I have felt real pity for her through a good portion of the show...whose to say I wouldn't be an evil step mom if I had the misfortune to be married to an S.O.B. like HTJ.  I enjoyed the playfulness between JW, SY & SY's mom (JW's Girlfriend) in this episode.  You know he has a "Girlfriend", a "Wife", & a "1st Love".  Dude gets around.  ^_^  So let's see what happens for them all.

SY is being taken into custody by the Police.  Harry sees her taken away, JW is by her side & they are tense & scared & then as they walk into the building there is a show down w the Chief.  I love that he starts off telling JW off for conspiring w a fugitive & a murderer & then JW fires right back at him, calling him out for lying about & failing to find SY 14 years ago.  I also loved it when Team Leader stood up to him about being on the slush fund list for HTJ's bank. And how JW tells him take off your badge, don't interfere & get lost & then they all just walk right past the ... well I won't say it because I am a lady.  {{@.@}}

Once inside JW calms SY down by reminding her that she is not a suspect, they all know Harry is behind it all, she's just a witness.  And they want her to confront Dir Yoon face to face.  And she is again surprisingly smart, calm, capable & in charge when facing the man accusing her of murder, multiple times.  And JW is proud of her you can see.  But he isn't the only one watching the exchange.  Lt Choi is in there too.  Pointing out again that Yoon (the Real Harry) is submissive to Kang Hyung Joon (the Fake Harry).  They also discuss how Harry is getting closer to losing it, which makes him more dangerous.  His mother doesn't recognize him, his right hand man is in jail, & he's lost SY to JW.

And boy they weren't kidding, back at home, again, Harry is pounding his cane on the floor, seeing & hearing things & just in general losing his mind more & more & the evidence of insanity is becoming more & more real.  And we hear the voice over of Lt Choi say again, "If the situation escalates, it can provoke him to overreact."  No kidding!

But they still don't have concrete evidence that Harry is Kang Hyung Joon, that he is the murderer of several people, that he tried to kill Step Mom.  She is too afraid to tell the truth, more afraid of her own husband killing her, than Harry killing her.  Seriously messed up relationship.  Even when JW goes to the hospital to see if she is okay & talk reason into her & offer an Olive Branch, she just doesn't trust anybody now.  I feel really bad for her.  But he does have one last trick up his sleeve...a spy.  A sweet little spy, that his Step Mom loves more than herself...his little sister Ah Reum.  He tells Ah Reum some of what is going on, including that her mom is blaming Soo Yeon, & that he found SY to begin with & that she's Zoey, for the poisoning.  Ah Reum agrees to help.

The Chief of Police goes to HTJ in the hopes that HTJ will have his back & keep taking care of him financially & I couldn't help but want to just laugh at the absurdity of him trusting someone, who has done nothing but crooked things, to do the right thing & take care of him further, especially since he is useless now & no longer able to earn that fat pay.  There is no such thing as "Honor among thieves".   HTJ is consistently evil throughout... "Why would I have to back you up?  Money will be given to you when I need you for something.  I no longer need you now."  Duh Police Chief!  This is why being crooked is not the smart way to live.  Moron!  But Chief isn't his only visitor...Harry shows up too, demanding that HTJ do everything he demands since he lost everything because of HTJ.  {{Ummmmm no honey you lost everything because of yourself.  Because you couldn't let go of the hatred & venom & anger & revenge.  Those were your choices.  HTJ is evil, of that there is no doubt!  but he is not the reason you lost are responsible for that.}}

Now for the hard part, having to tell SY's mom that SY is accused of murder.  Poor JW.  But she takes it well, she starts to panic a little & he keeps her calm by keeping her in his hug.  And then confessing that everything that happened 14 years ago was his parents fault & apologizing.  Once he gets back to the Police station he sees Harry sitting in his car just watching him, creepily I might add.  After he gets back w his team the results from the soda can come in.  Harry IS Kang Hyung Joon.  The DNA from 14 years ago matches his water cup from his questioning session w Dir Yoon.  Finally!

Then SY's mom comes in w food, good mommy, but her real purpose is that she wants to take SY home with her once she's done being questioned & Team Leader agrees, this is a good idea.  SY & Mom have totally bonded.  SY forgave mom, Mom forgives herself, they are finally ready to be a family again & let go of the least that's what I took away from their sweet mother daughter conversation.  JW, ever the cutey pie comes in w food & right in front of mom kisses SY repeatedly. Embarrassing SY & shocking mom a little.  He accuses "Girlfriend" of being jealous so he lays a kiss on her cheek too.  She pretends to be grossed out but then turns to him & says, "How come I only get one kiss?"  *giggle*   Mom pretends she has to go to the bathroom, so they can be alone & in the hall runs into Wife.  She prevents him from going in & interrupting them & he figures out her subtle clues & drags her, giggling, into the booth that observes the interrogation room.  And they both get to see JW & SY kissing, smiling, flirting, laughing & teasing.  And it makes mom happy & Wife jealous...he wants a woman of his own.  I was totally laughing throughout the whole scene.

At the hospital Ah Reum is trying to convince Hwang Mi Ran to admit she lied that it was SY who poisoned her.  And keeps trying to explain that JW Oppa is the only one left to really trust & depend on.  Pointing out that her own husband didn't come to see her at the hospital once, showed no desire whatsoever to check on her or any kind of care for her at all.  Telling her mom, if you don't do the right thing "...I am never going to see you again."  This gives Hwang Mi Ran pause.  Should she tell the truth?  Meanwhile Harry is talking to his lawyer, explaining that he will be leaving the country soon.  When his lawyer points out that he isn't allowed to leave the country Harry tells him there are always ways, he will need a new identity but it doesn't matter he's never coming back to Korea.  But not just an identity for himself.  He needs one for SY & his mom too.  They are all leaving very soon.

At SY's house she goes into Harry's mom, who is still completely closed down mentally, & explains that as long as she is like this SY can't be mad at her & that Harry needs her, so she has to get better soon.  Then she & Eun Joo down a bunch of Soju & decide to be sisters & friends & be there for each other when the other needs a drinking buddy.  The next day SY takes her mom & Harry's mom to buy new shoes...& finds that Harry is watching over them, she can hear his cane & shoes when he walks.

At the Police station JW & everybody is aware that Harry has lawyered up & he's blaming all of his crimes on Michelle Kim, aka Nurse Jung.  They need the French authorities to cooperate & confirm who is the REAL Harry Borrison.   Turns out Harry Borrison was adopted by abusive & cruel people.  Their car crash was ruled an accident.  But the MO for the crash was just like the one w Det Kim, involving a soda can.  So now they are comparing the DNA on their Soda can with the DNA of Kang Hyung Joon.  If they can get a picture of Harry Borrison the child, they can confirm that Dir Yoon is the REAL Harry & it would explain why he is so loyal to Kang Hyung Joon.  He was rescued by KHJ's murder of his abusive adoptive parents.

That night Harry's mom, still awake, slips out of the house while SY & her mom & sis are sleeping.  Without her shoes, she just wanders through Seoul looking for Joon-ah.  No one stops her or helps her or points her out to a police officer.  SY eventually wakes up but by this point it's been hours of her wandering in the freezing cold without proper clothing or shoes.  Eun Joo, SY & JW are all searching & eventually she is found, huddled, suffering from severe exposure, & she gets hospitalized.  While they were searching for her Harry was dreaming.  Dreaming he was talking to his younger self.  Telling him...self that it still wasn't safe for him to come out of hiding, HTJ was still around & still trying to get them & that he would protect his younger self.  {{Yeah he isn't delusional or off his rocker at all.  I understand that KHJ is not completely at fault for everything, not after suffering abuse, someone trying to kill him & nearly succeeding & the loss of his legs full use, not to mention the traumatic way he lost his mother etc...  He was made into a psychopath by all the adults in his life that were evil.  But still.... he really is "Cuckoo for Coco Puffs!"}}

Both SY & JW rush to Harry's house to try & get him to go & see his mom, as it is only a short matter of time before she is going to die from her exposure to the elements of a cold winter night, when she was already so fragile.  But Harry, refuses to go & see her.  Claiming he has no mother.  First she doesn't recognize him, which hardens his heart against her, & second if he goes then it's the same as admitting he is Kang Hyung Joon & thereby giving the Police the evidence they need to take him down & he refuses to give up to them.  They beg, argue, & demand he grow up, stop throwing a temper tantrum but seriously it just makes him crazier!  Eventually he tells SY he wished she were dead.  And they leave.  But before they do JW tells Harry off!

HTJ is by his wife's bedside...she over hears him talking to Harry about someone "walking to their own death."  She secretly calls someone...I couldn't tell which button she pushed on her cell phone, the Hangeul characters were way too small for me to read them.

The next morning JW & SY stand in front of the mausoleum shrine to Harry's mom, looking so sad.  Poor woman.  Just after SY says they should go before Harry shows up, they hear his cane approach & stop, they know he is close by & SY admits to JW, when he asks, that she made his cane for him & she made it so that it would make noise when he walked on purpose saying, "as long as it makes that sound, I can always find where he is."  As they leave he walks in & over to his mother's shrine.

At the Police station they finally get all the evidence they need from the French authorities.  The picture comes in... Harry Borrison is Dir Yoon & Kang Hyung Joon's DNA is on their soda can too.  He is now a wanted murderer in 2 countries.  Now JW can arrest him for real.  Just as he goes to get out of his car (w handcuffs), KHJ, riding his bike, emerges from the mausoleum & stops in front of JW's car.  All three staring at each other.  SY in discomfort, JW in shock & Harry w disdain.  Just then JW gets a text from his sister.  "My mom says it wasn't Soo Yeon."  Even more evidence to arrest Harry.  And that is where it ends.

Like I said before AddiKts next week is our last week with these characters.  I can't wait to see what happens.  Have a great rest of your weekend.


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