Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 5 [Dramatic Review]

Woohoo!  We're really clipping along {at a snail's pace} here!  Can you believe we're finally {weeks late} on episode 5?  Things are really starting to heat up and get interesting.  This drama is a crazy fun ride!  How about we take a leisurely stroll through this episode and discuss the finer points, shall we?

Nine's Nine: Episode 5

1.  The Basic Rundown
Seon Woo went back to 1992 and meddled in his brother's love affair which in turn made his girlfriend/pseudo-wife disappear.  Poof!  Gone.  Only she shows up later on in this episode.  She's by his bedside.  He breathes a sigh of relief until he realizes that she is calling him, that's right, you guessed it, UNCLE.  Oh.  Crap.  Way to go there buddy.  So, pretty much life is all switcharoo'd on him.  His brother is still alive (cool) and works as the head of surgery at the hospital.  Jeong Woo, in addition to being alive, also married his sweetheart, mother of Min Young, thus making her Seon Woo's niece. 

2.  Good News/Bad News
So the good news is that Seon Woo and Min Young are still nice and close.  The bad news is that they are now related in a non-romantic relationship.  And the really really bad news is that Seon Woo now has two sets of memories - the original where they were lovers and the new history as uncle and niece. 

3.  Trying to Make Sense of this Time Traveling Business
Seon Woo has two sets of memories, but he also still possesses the things from the past, like the record.  And everyone else's memories have been altered, except for buddy Young Hoon.  How does that work?  Because he knows about the time travel?  I don't know, but he remembers the original past the same as Seon Woo.  I guess that helps to have someone else there with you through the mess and muck.

4.  Viagra
Yes, turns out that Viagra is used as the butt of jokes in Korea too.  Good to know.  Seon Woo, in an attempt to get Min Young to leave him alone as he processes this new reality of suckiness he's facing, tells her that he passed out because of Viagra.  It was Christmas, he wanted to pick up girls, took too much Viagra and passed out.  In other words, "I'm going to make myself as creepy and awkward to you as I can so that you back off."  She finds his brain cancer meds though and starts to question them.

5.  Salt to the Wound
It turns out that not only are they now family, but Seon Woo and Min Young also still happen to work together.  And Seon Woo was the one to hire her.  Oh dude.  Really, it sucks to be you right now.  You love this girl, just found out she's off limits, and now you have to see her all the time. 

6.  Oh Wait!  It Gets Better!
Did I mention that Min Young has a boyfriend?  And that Young Hoon set them up?  He's one of his residents at the hospital.  And I guess they've been going out a while now.  Young Hoon feels bad now, you know, since "it's complicated" doesn't even begin to describe his best friend's relationship with this girl.

7.  Jeong Woo
It is brought up that even after changing history, Jeong Woo still ends up leaving his ailing mother and little brother behind, in essence abandoning his family.  The only difference now is that he at least became a good husband and father.  Still a craptastic big brother and son, but a good dad.  Which is good, but obviously not the results Seon Woo was looking for.

8.  Rock and a Hard Place
What is Seon Woo to do?  His brother is alive and doing well.  Everyone is happy.  Everyone except for poor Seon Woo who is living in hell.  He really loves this girl but can no longer be with her.  Does he sacrifice his relationship with her in order to save his brother?  How awkward is it going to be living as an uncle to a girl you have vivid memories of, you know, "honeymooning" with?  This isn't just a mere crush.  He's head-over-heels for this girl and has been for 5 years.  He had planned on spending the rest of his new-found life with her.  Suddenly those 30 years are probably looking a little more bleak than they were before I would imagine. 

9.  Let's Just Take a Moment, Shall We?
I'm kind of out of plot points I wanted to talk about, yet I still had one more point waiting here for me.  It can't be Nine's Eight, now can it?  I didn't think so.  That would be ludicrous.  So what shall we do to fill our remaining time together?  Silly.  Isn't it obvious?  Let's spend a few minutes admiring our hero of the story.  He had some moments in this episode where he was just absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  We should not miss out on this opportunity to appreciate the beauty in the world around us, namely Lee Jin Wook.  Even if we saw this before earlier on ;)

 Yay!  Now I can go watch episode 6!  I am so excited to see what happens next!  Whatever will Seon Woo do?  Go back and unfix his brother's life, thus killing him off once again?  Play dutiful uncle to his former lover?  Will he grab his niece and start making out?  Throw convention to the wind?  It's not like they're blood relatives you know ;)  I kid! I kid!  That would be ew.  Except that they've already done it, so would it be?  Ooh - time warp of the mind.  @.@  Guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

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