Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Taeyang!

We here at The Crazy Ahjummas want to take a moment to wish a very special guy a very happy birthday.

Born as Dong Young Bae
on May 18th, 1988
More commonly known as Taeyang, or even Sol, of Big Bang

Best friend and band mate of one of my personal favorite biases, G-Dragon ;)

Taeyang is known for many things.

Look at that smile!

One thing I've noticed is that he really doesn't like wearing a lot of clothes...  Well, uhm, can we blame him?  A lot of effort went in to creating that body, so I suppose it makes sense that he would want to show it off as much as possible, right?  Plus, with all that dancing he's always doing, I'm sure it's just more comfortable, don't you think?

Speaking of his dancing, that's actually the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Taeyang (well, after the whole being anti-shirt thing).  He's always moving and dancing around.  The boy cannot hold still.  The music is in him and it's gonna move him.  He's got the beat.  He was by far the most fun out of all 5 to watch at the Big Bang concert that we went to in LA.  He was running around on the floor in front of the VIP section for a large portion of the time.  And yes, he did this while shirtless.  He was so good though at engaging the crowd and entertaining everyone.  He was quite the showman and it was hard to keep your eyes off of him.  The amount of energy he has is astounding.  He's kind of quiet normally, you don't hear a lot out of him day to day, but put him on stage and watch out!  He will absolutely not disappoint, I guarantee!

So, to Taeyang, we wish you the very happiest of 24th birthdays!  Thank you for being so generous and giving to your fans around the world.  Thank you for your efforts and dedication to your work.  And just keep shining as the bright, warming sun that you are!

I'm going to include some of Taeyang's solo work to finish out our little tribute here.  Enjoy!



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  1. Aww Taeyang.. Happy birthday!

    It took me a while to get into some of his solo music (really.. Bigbang as Bigbang is just.. the best, so why would you branch out?) But once I did, I started liking quite a few. Wedding Dress, Where U At, and Only Look at Me are part of my regular playlist. Never have been into the one that goes "Girrr, I need a girrr..." though. Wonder why? Hmm... :/


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