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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 8 [Dramatic Review]

O-MO.  Seriously?  How awesome is this drama?  It was good before.  Heck, it was great before, but these past couple of episodes have really ramped things up to a whole new level.  Why don't more people watch these things????  Tell me how [insert popular TV program where you live] is better than this?  I mean, wow.  It just makes me wonder, if this is where we are in only episode 8, what kind of crazy ride can we anticipate in the future? [By "we" I mean "me" since "we" have already completed this drama, only "I" am behind by 12 episodes]  I for one cannot wait to see how this story continues to unravel and twist and turn.

As I was watching 7 and 8, let's just say that I was somewhat vocal in my reactions.  Being home alone, I didn't think much of it, until my dog kept coming in the room to check on me.  Finally, after several "false alarms" she just begged to go outside away from my manic outbursts.  You know it's a better-than-average drama when you drive the dog away. 

Nine's Nine of Ep 8

1.  Hey Brother, I'm Going to Go Ahead and Beat the Crud Out of You Now, Okay?  Your Wife and Friends Can Watch.
Seon Woo has just caught his older brother, Jeong Woo literally red handed after the death of their father.  And then his time in 1992 ends abruptly and he finds himself back in 2012.  He immediately rushes over to where his brother is having dinner with his wife and friends and proceeds to beat the living snot out of his hyung.  He isn't just throwing little wussy punches either.  He is beating him senseless.  He finally stops just shy of killing Jeong Woo himself, is dragged off, and then brain tumor to the rescue...he passes out.  Convenient.  Suddenly he goes from being in custody to being taken away by ambulance.

2.  Who Does That?
Speaking of the ambulance...
Now, I am not, nor have I ever been, a paramedic or any type of first responder.  I haven't even played one on TV.  But still...this part made me laugh and question, "really?"  Seon Woo wakes up while on his way to the hospital, asks what time it is, yanks out his IV and tells the driver to stop the ambulance.  Which he does.  Really?  Does this actually ever happen?  "Let me out!"  "Yes sir!  Right away sir!"  screech...stumble stumble...and off he goes.  Really?  o.O?

3.  Filling In for Samchon
Thanks to Seon Woo taking off in the middle of his final news broadcast, Min Young has had to step in and fill his seat.  There's a bit of debate.  She wants to deliver uncle's planned farewell speech at the end of the broadcast, but the producer or whoever, is ticked that Seon Woo took off and doesn't think he deserves such an honor.  Everyone's Favorite Boss (seriously, who wouldn't want a boss like this guy?  He's awesome) steps in and gives the green light to Seon Woo's final closing statement.  Ah, work drama...even in dramas it's still so fun.

4.  I Know What You Did
So Seon Woo has found out that his brother was responsible for the death of their father and has kept it secret all these years.  He has beaten the tar out of said brother, stumbled away from the ambulance, and is now phoning him.  It's heart wrenching.  Jeong Woo you can tell is tortured by this past and has only been keeping it a secret for the protection of his mother.  Basically she threatened to kill herself if he didn't keep to the cover-up.  Nice.  That's just good parenting there.  "You killed your father who might not be your father and now you can't tell anyone or else I'll kill myself".  Is there any wonder why Jeong Woo is so screwed up?  Seon Woo is understandably upset as well.  He now blames his brother for destroying his life, including taking his woman away from him.  Oi.  These brothers have some issues to work through I think.

5.  Not the Daddy
So what really happened that fateful night?  One, dead dad is one huge donkey butt.  Sorry.  I don't like to speak ill of the deceased, but wow.  Talk about a jerk.  He, in a not-so-nice fashion, informs his eldest son that he is not his father, that Dr Evil is.  He then attacks his wife and starts strangling her.  We don't see it, but we are led to believe that Jeong Woo then acted in defense of his mother, which led to Douche Dad's death.

6.  The Cover Up
Jeong Woo runs away, covered in the blood of his father while Mom stays behind, freaking out.  Dr Evil sees Jeong Woo running covered in blood and figures something is up, so he goes inside to find Mom in a panic and his friend dead on the ground.  He then goes into cover-up mode.  The fire is started by an "associate" of his, Jeong Woo and mother instructed to follow his instructions, and yeah, one crazy conspiracy is born.  Seon Woo has seen all of this unfold on his surveillance setup and is understandably shaken to the core.  He now knows the truth - has seen it with his own eyes and it's more than he is ready to handle.

7.  Threats and Evidence
Seon Woo goes to see Dr Evil.  He admits that he now knows that Dr Evil himself did not commit the murder, but then lists a long string of real sins committed, which basically spell out the same thing.  He then leaves him with the evidence in the form of the surveillance footage from that night that he had recorded when he went back.

8.  Why it's Nice to Have a Doctor for a BFF When You are a Part-Time Time Traveler with Brain Cancer and a Death Wish
Young Hoon gets a message from Seon Woo.  I don't know about you, but it sounded an awful lot like a suicide note.  I guess Young Hoon gets that same feeling because he rushes off (leaving his wife standing on the sidewalk talking to friends after dropping their girls off at school) to find him.  He gets Seon Woo's house and there's no answer at the door.  So he does what any BFF would do (right Unnie?) and scales the walls in order to break in.  He then finds Seon Woo unconscious on the bathroom floor with pills.  Sorry, if you're going to commit suicide, don't tell your doctor BFF, because he will rush in and save your pathetic life, like it or not.

9.  What the Deuce?
As Seon Woo comes back to consciousness, Young Hoon asks him about the remaining two incense sticks.  Seon Woo tells him that he didn't need them anymore so he threw them out.  In a place where they can't be found.  That's right, he left them in the burning hospital in 1992.  Ooh!  I can't wait to see how those are retrieved.  You know that they are going to be retrieved, right?  This show is called Nine, not Seven and we are on episode 8 of 20.  No way in the world the last two time traveling sticks are just going to go away never to be seen again.

Another shocking thing happens when Min Young shows up at uncle's bedside.  He calls her by the name he knew her by before they were related due to his monkeying with the past, reaches out and touches her cheek in a very non-uncle way.  And tears fall.  And she waters up a bit.  Ooh!  So scandalous!!

And that's where we end for this episode.  What will happen next?  Who knows?  Well, I guess a lot of people know since, as I pointed out earlier, this drama has officially ended and I am so far behind.  So, I may not know, but many of you probably do.  Just don't tell me.  I'm enjoying it and all its mystery and intrigue for now.  I may get to a point where I'm begging you for answers (I don't always handle suspense well), but for now, I'm perfectly content in wondering where this fun little ride will take me next!

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