Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up {{Or Thursday Write Up Whatever}}: Hyun Bin's Comeback!

Helloooooo... Sorry my post is a little later than usual.  My 2nd born son celebrated his 12th Bday Tuesday which meant I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day Tuesday & yesterday was catching up on my responsibilities that I neglected in the bday craze.  Family first you know.  It was a great day but let's get down to business shall we?

Last week I showed you my Krazy, a few of you even showed me yours in return...I cannot {{sniff/sniff}} tell you how much it meant to me that you trusted me & felt safe enough here on TCA that you would show me your Krazy too.  Thank you guys.  SO MUCH!

But one of our awesome fellow AddiKts left this comment...

Well sweetie, I listened.  I hope this doesn't let you down!

I had actually seen this news snippet pass by but was too busy w life, to investigate further or pay any real attention, {{I should be ashamed of myself!!}} so I thank you, humbly, for not letting me skip the opportunity to SQUEEE!!!!  Like an insane person of course.  Just keeping it real folks.  It's how I roll.  {{giggle}}

I immediately logged on to one of my fav K news sources, allkpop.  And found this article here. His FIRST EVER Historical role!!  He will play King Jung Jo "The Unfortunate King" in the movie "The King's Wrath".

I am so incredibly excited!!  I love historical movies so much.  And I LOVE Hyun Bin so much!!  Perfect combo is Hyun Bin IN a Historical movie!!  I cannot wait to see it!  Of course I will have a longer wait that those actually living in Asia...what with my being here in the US & Korean movies aren't exactly shown in my neck of the woods.  Like ever!  >:(  Phooey!  Makes me so mad.  But I have good ... no great... no scratch that awesome ... NO scratch THAT I have amazing friends & they know how to hook a girl up w the K Stuff so I will be able to wait...not patiently...for them to hook me up once again.

The only other Hyun Bin movie I've seen was "Late Autumn".  Such an amazing movie.  I highly recommend it.  But grab a box of tissues.  Seriously.   A wonderful reader {{Thank you S Kdramaphan}} told me it can still be found online at  But I warn you, this site has issues when it comes to malware & viruses.  So make sure you have a good security system on your computer & be careful what you open.  There I warned ya...

To help tide you over OR to wet your whistle & leave you wanting more of this movie, I did manage to find the kiss scene that gave me the most amazing butterfly acrobatics ever!  Like OHMYGOSH that looks SO GOOD!!!

I TOLD YOU SO!!!  OMO!!!! OMO!!! OMO!!! OMO!!! OMO!!  

Oh Hyun Bin I adore you!!!  Thank you for coming back to work so quickly!!  As I was researching this "latest project" I happened upon this little article, where he reveals whether or not he was worried that he would lose popularity from being gone for 2 years for MS?   I love that he was so humble that he was more concerned that his acting be good enough for those of us, which is still probably everyone on the planet who is; SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT HYUN BIN IS AN ACTING GENIUS AND SHOULD NEVER BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED OR OVERLOOKED BECAUSE HE IS SO TALENTED AND SMART AND HANDSOME AND AMAZING, THAT WE WAITED FOR HIS RETURN ON THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS BECAUSE I LOVE HIM SO FLIPPING MUCH!!!!    


Was that too much?  I'm never quite sure when my inner fan girl takes over if I should have held her back at least a little bit.  Oh well, it's not like you people didn't know I was Krazy!  Duh!  All I can say is I am so happy he's out of the MS & back to work & I am so excited to see his new "Body of Work" 

{{giggle ~ wink/wink}}  

Of course, I'm hoping he does another drama as well, but I will take whatever scraps he is willing to throw my way.  I hope you guys all have a fabulous day.  And I think I will leave you with a few more delicious Hyun Bin YouTube vids to keep you waiting w baited breath like I am for his new project.  You're welcome.  {^_-}


Hyun Bin Singing That Man Secret Garden OST Sigh!

I will buy WHATEVER he is selling!!

Even coffee!! And I'm not allowed to drink coffee!! Bwahahahahahaha...

And we can't forget Kim Soo Ah Mu

And he even plays the piano. I love his smile. Happy Sighs.

For me he is the original Dimple.

That's it AddiKts.

Have a great day, I dare you not to after seeing that smile!  ^_^

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