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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 6 [Dramatic Review]

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This is late so I'll keep it short and simple.

Now for pretty.  Mixed with some story.

Nine's Nine of episode 6

1.  Don't You Hate it When Your Dinner Date with Your Ex-Lover-Turned-Niece-Thanks-to-Your- Magic-Incense-Enabled-Time-Traveling-Meddling-with-the-Past is Interrupted by Her Boyfriend that Your Best Friend Set Her Up With?  (a.k.a.  Fun Stuff You Find Only in Dramas)
Seon Woo and Min Yeong are sitting down together sharing a meal when *ding dong*, the boyfriend shows up and it gets a little awkward.  She was supposed to have gone out with him, but ended up cancelling because of Seon Woo and his "health issues".  To make things even more uncomfortable for our poor hero here, "their" song is playing in the background.  You know, the song that was playing on their "honeymoon".  Do I need to spell it out anymore?  Look, there's a pretty good chance that he at that very moment is remembering doing the horizontal mambo with this girl to this song.  And now her boyfriend shows up.  And she's his niece.  Yeah, I'd say things are a little awkward in Seon Woo's world right about now.

2.  BNB
I have a friend who has a co-worker that is referred to as BNB - or Brown Nosing Beeeeee  (again, do I really need to spell it out?  Cuz I'm not going to this time.  If you don't know what I am talking about, consider yourself as pure and innocent and congrats).  In my context here, this is the nickname I am bestowing upon the boyfriend, only replace that last B with Boyfriend.  Ooh!  Didja see what I did there?  So very clever I am!  Anyway, so they're having a quasi-romantic meal together as loving uncle and niece when BNB shows up and introduces himself.  He's sucking up to Seon Woo.  Let's just call it what it is.  He realizes the place of importance that this man holds in his lady friend's life as well as his career (seeing as how Seon Woo is BFFs with BNB's direct boss and brother to the head guy) and wants to be on his good side.  After proper sucking up has been accomplished, the young lovers go out for their date, leaving poor Seon Woo left behind to think about how crappy his life is right about now.  But at least his brother is alive, right?  Right???
3.  Relationship Advice from Your Niece on How to Win Her Back
When Min Yeong returns from her date, she is surprised to find Seon Woo still awake.  If you thought the awkward was over and done with, you were sorely mistaken.  Here we take awkward to a whole new level.  He finally admits to her that he is lonely.  He had a girl but lost her.  "Well, get her back."  "I can't, she doesn't remember me.  She has amnesia.  That's why we broke up".  "What kind of lame excuse is that?  And what's with you and your Viagra and amnesia weirdo?  Why would you dump her just because she has amnesia?  You just have to try harder and win her back stupid".  "Stupid?  Who are you calling stupid?  I'm talking about you you idiot.  I can't date you because I am now your uncle because I got these magic incense sticks that made me go back in time and I screwed myself out of a girlfriend and into a niece like an idiot.  So yeah, call me a time-traveling idiot but not stupid".  Okay, so maybe not exactly how the convo went, but that's the basic gist ;)  Love advice from your former lover turned niece about how you should work harder to win her back.  Golly.  Have I told you yet how much I love this drama???  This is one very cool storyline, isn't it?  Or am I just weird?  I honestly am loving this angle in case you couldn't tell.  So original and unforseen.

4.  A More Normal Sort of Love Story
We'll take a break from our Oedipal-kind of romance here and pause to reflect on another, more normal one.  How about Dr Han and his wife?  We see them in the modern day at a park.  Han Young Hoon is incredibly preoccupied and worried about his BFF's major situation going on.  He's dying, he's time traveling, he's trying to prevent a murder, you know, some pretty heavy stuff.  We then get a flashback to how these two began.  Seon Woo's first love is calling him up and asking him to go on a trip.  She wants him to bring Young Hoon for her friend so that they can double.  The friend isn't exactly game for this idea, but looks like she gets roped into after all.  As does Young Hoon when Seon Woo puts the pressure on.

5.  Two Worlds, One Guy
Young Hoon has some other things on his mind other than the blind date his buddy is trying to set him up on.  Namely, the mysterious Christmas card and other weird stuff that's been going on.  This also makes Seon Woo pause a moment and reflect on the strange things happening, like his mom getting a necklace from him that he didn't give her.  Something strange is afoot young lads, something strange.  Good luck with all that.

6.  Big Brother's Got Big Secrets
Seon Woo discovers something disturbing about big brother Jeong Woo.  Looks like hyung has a drug problem.  Seon Woo discovers an empty vial in Jeong Woo's car and sees evidence of drug use on his arm.  He asks Jeong Woo's wife about it and she comes clean, admitting that he has a problem and that he uses his job as easy access to drugs, but then when problems arise because of that, he has to change hospitals.  Classic drug abuser.  Uh oh.  Hyung, you've got some 'splaining to do.

7.  Spin Doctor
Dr Evil holds a press conference in which he refutes the claims lobbed at him by Seon Woo and promises a full investigation into allegations as well as a counter-suit for defamation.  Thankfully, Seon Woo's boss remains behind him and supports him despite the threats.  After the press conference, the two warriors get on the horn and start battling it out.  Dr Evil emphatically claims that he is not the murderer of Seon Woo's father.  Seon Woo's response?  "We'll just see about that.  I'm going to go get proof and evidence for myself."  To say that by the end of this conversation, Dr Evil is irate would be an understatement.  A hilarious and ridiculous understatement.  I mean, just look at that face!  Hahahaha!  I think he's a little mad, what do you think?

8.  At What Cost?
After another prayer session at the porcelain throne (i.e. he pukes, I just wanted to say it in a more poetic way because puke is gross), Seon Woo admits to Young Hoon that he can tell that all the time traveling he's been doing lately is shortening his life.  I am reminded of a certain movie (that another drama at one point reminded me of funny enough - they must really like this movie in Korea or something) in which a machine is used to suck the life out of a victim.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  I bet Unnie can get it because I know she just recently watched this movie again.  First person to answer in the comment section with the name of the movie I am thinking about wins the grand prize.  It will be something very cool.  No monetary value or anything cray cray like that (you think we make any money doing this? haha! u so silly.), but something very cool all the same.  At least by my *cough cough laxed * standards.  So, even though he knows it is literally sapping his life away, Seon Woo plans and prepares for his next big leap back to 1992.  This is the big one.  The one where he saves Papa.  Seon Woo fighting!

9.  While I/You Was/Were Sleeping
He locks himself in his room, lights his stick, and leaps back to the night his father died.  Can anyone say "creeper"?  I don't care if it is yourself 20 years ago - sneaking into the room of a young kid while he is sleeping is just plain creepy.  You may be a beautiful creeper, but a creeper all the same.  Poor young version of you.  This has got to really mess with his/your head.  Maybe that's the reason behind the manic smile?  Because you know exactly how much this is freaking the young you out?  I have to admit, I think I would find a certain amusement in going back 20 years and freaking the younger me out too.  It's still creepy though.  Friends, please, no matter how tempting it may be, please, if you ever travel back in time, try to refrain from messing with your younger self.  Many time traveling shows even have certain rules about purposefully avoiding the past you.  Something about time/space continueums and/or universe destruction. 

Blah, blah, blah.

How was the pretty?

Clever little ending to wrap it all up nicely.

Thank you and goodbye til next time!

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