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Gu Family Book ep 5 & 6 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Finally I had the time to sit & watch eps 5 & 6!  IDK about you guys but sometimes I feel like life is just speeding by & I am just going along for the ride, hoping to hold on as it speeds up.  Like everything is planned out for me & I have no choice but to try & arrive at the appointed time for each event.  Yikes!  This week zoomed past in a flurry of birthdays, band concerts, Tae Kwon Do, church activities, homework & paperwork.  Heaven help me, I need a personal assistant.  But what mom doesn't feel like she could use an assistant right?  There enough whining; Let's Get Down to Business!  {{Did anybody else just hear Donny Osmond sing, "To defeat the Huns!" in their heads?!?! o.O  No?  Hmmm...  *shrugs shoulders* just me then, okie dokie.}}

I am so glad a few things were explained.  Apparently the illusion fighters was actually just one guy, with the ability to make little ghost copies of himself.  Like a ninja.  {{hehehe... my son says that after every sentence as a joke.  Me: "K Did you put away the dishes away?"   K: "Yes, I did.  What can I say mom, I'm that a ninja."  Me: *Rolling my eyes*  @.@  His other favorite phrase is "Like a boss!"  He's 14 did I mention that?  You can feel sorry for me now, it's okay.}}

Anyway, the illusions are ninja fighters, which I guess solidifies the idea I had last week, that Kwan Woong is trying to take over the world! {{Much like Pinky & the Brain...I kid!  Pinky & the Brain aren't around yet.}}  Actually I think he's just in leagues w the Japanese to try & take down Joseon but the comparison to a couple of cartoon mice is funnier.  {{ case you were unaware I'm a dork.  Just an FYI}}  I continue.

I really liked how they introduced the older man who was talking to Yeo Wool & Kwan in the market in the last episode.  He's brought in by Yeo Wool's dad & intro'd to Moo Sol as Admiral Yi Sun Shin.  Which is cool because a few weeks ago I had actually heard that name for the first time, when I watched the first few eps of You're the Best Lee Soon Shin, which reminds me I need to go catch up on that drama...if I ever find the time.  I looked up who the famous person was that she was named for.... I'm still learning my Korean history guys.  Maybe some of you already knew this, maybe not.  But Yi Sun Shin was a real guy.  He was also a real hero.  He was a Navy Admiral who fought against the Japanese time & time again in his life.  You should check him out.  He's a pretty awesome dude.  Anyway, they only showed him a little bit but they stuck to the one fact he was most famous for, his "Turtle Boats".  They were really effective in the defense of Joseon in the sea.  So the fact that Lord Park Moo Sol was ready & able to help support him build these ships made me happy.  And it, oddly enough, gave me hope.  Obviously Kwan Woong will go down because Yi Sun Shin's boats do happen.  I can't wait to watch this guy *Kwan Woong not the admiral* be destroyed.

As for the rest of ep 5 the episode was pretty predictable.  I could see the direction they were going & I knew it had to happen.  I really liked the fight scenes w the illusion guys.

I was okay with the flash back to how little Kang Chi saved little Yeo Wool.  And how many of you are already feeling sorry for poor Kwan.  Obviously he likes Yeo Wool but once again he is second male lead.  And I was really proud of Yeo Wool for smacking Kang Chi up the back of his head, for stepping in to protect her from the real ninja guy.  "I'm not so weak!"  "I can take care of myself!"  You go girl.  But I also liked that he stepped in to protect her, what can I say?  I'm a complex & confusing woman.  But I am still irritated that he can't see she's a girl, not a guy.  Seriously?!?!  This plot device needs to go away.  There is no way you look at Suzi & think, "yeah, she could pass for a guy".  Not possible.  I don't like that one minute Cheong Jo is telling Kang Chi I am going to happily marry to serve my family & then the next hugging him & asking if he could betray her father for her?  Ummm...hello?  Mixed signals anyone?  Pick a character for her & stick to it.  Poor Kang Chi, but then I am biased towards the cutie pie actor playing Kang Chi, so messing with his heart kind of irritates me.  And I totally hated that Tae Seo went to Kwan Woong & confronted him rather than telling the local authorities.  IDIOTS!!  Right there I was mad at my iPad.  I was screaming at it; "Well, good job why don't you just kill your father & hand him the Inn & your sister while you're at it!!!"   You never tip your hand tot he bad guy!!  And yet every single drama does it!  So irritating.  And the end when Kang Chi's bracelet & eyes glowed I was thinking...dang he's hot!  *giggle* weren't you too?  If you're answer is I just didn't see that.  Then you are either denying your true feelings for Dimple or blind as the proverbial bat.  Cos dang he was hot when he got all eye glowy & snarly & fierce & whew!!  You go Dimple!  This Noona is fine if she is your woman! {{hehehehe its a play on words, get it? Cos Dimple's big song was; "Because You're My Woman"?  Get it?!?  What?!?!  It's true!!  You know me guys...gotta let the Krazy in me free!}}  ^_^

So what is the special power of Sung Jo's walking stick that just pressing it into Kang Chi's tummy held back the monster in him???   One minute they were there, then it got windy & *POOF* they were gone.  And everyone was all, "Hey where did he go?"  Which of course left it perfectly open for Kwan Woong to frame Kang Chi.  Episode 6, not my favorite ep.  Lord Park dies, Tae Seo is tortured, Cheong Jo is getting sold as a Gisaeng & Lady Park is going to become a state slave.  Only parts of this episode that I liked were when Lady Park finally asked for Kang Chi's help, when Cheong Jo both spoke up & said be strong we aren't going to cry & when she sacrificed herself for her brother first.  And then of course the whole, cuddling session in the woods between Kang Chi & Yeo Wool. I mean where he kept her safe from Kwan Woong's men in red.  But who wouldn't like that, right?

Well Kwan for one didn't care for it, he is seriously such a smitten kitten when it comes to Yeo Wool.  And Kang Chi still can't tell she's a girl after holding her in his arms?!?!  WHATEVER!!!  Dude there is no way you can't feel the female form when cuddling.  Just sayin'.  But the best part was the end...when the bad guy broke his bracelet, a solar eclipse happened & Kang Chi finally turned into the Gumiho.  Seriously even hotter than the end of 5.  Rowr!   Something I loved about both episodes is that, so far, I don't realize how quickly the time is passing while watching.  This tells me that the show is well written & acted & the flow is smooth.  There have been some dramas, I won't name them specifically, where 10 minutes in I found myself checking the clock to see how much time was left & then rolling my eyes & wishing it was over already.  Not with this one.  Before I know what's happening the end of the ep arrives & I'm thinking, aw dang.  So good job writers, director & actors.  Very good job.

That about sums up my view points & review for episodes 5 & 6.  I know I am still behind all of you but life is just too crazy with the end of the school year stuff going on.  Before I sign out I want to wish all of our mommy AddiKts a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!  From this mom to you... YOU ROCK!  MUAH! XXXOOO...


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