Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: The contest I can't enter.

First let me just say it is monumentally unfair that I am old & living in the USA right now.  I saw this pop up in my news feed on Facebook & I wanted to scream at the unfairness of being old!!!  Dang it all to heck!!
{{Pardon my language}}  Where was The Face Shop, the Korean wave & Kim Hyun Joong when I was young & in shape?!?!?  Nowhere to be found!  My timing sucks!

So it would seem The Face Shop is offering a contest, where you can enter to win a chance to be flown to Korea, all expenses paid & meet KHJ & get to do a photo shoot with him.  BUT it's only open to a few countries & mine is NOT one of them.  Okay honestly, I wouldn't enter this particular contest anyway, bad self esteem about my looks & I'd feel ridiculous for being a decade older than he is, but still way to smash an ahjummas dream there Face Shop Korea!   Geesh!!  So I am sharing the info here so that anyone of our fabulous readers that live in one of the participating countries can join in the contest.

Follow the link:
Be the T.O.P. Girl for The FaceShop

Here are the countries that can participate...
Yeah I SO would not meet their standards in the looks category!

Hey Face Shop call me when you're into short, chubby, ahjummas, then I'm a lock in for sure!
My ONE request if one of you guys wins...can you get me an autograph picture?  Pretty please?  Shirt on shirt off, I'm not picky. *giggle*  {^_-}

And here is MY KHJ...again I'm not really all that worried he'll ever see this blog so...MY KHJ in a video telling us how excited he is to meet me...uh the contest winner.

Wishing you all good luck...

And to help me get over the fact that I would never in a million years even consider can't enter this contest due to my age & lack of self esteem & I'm just a big chicken location I will share a few KHJ CFs.  Sigh...Happy Feels AddiKts.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!


This one cracks me up! Poor Lee Min Ho!!

I remember an interview PSH gave while filming this CF, she was afraid of KHJ's fangirls. LOL
O.O Smart woman!

Ahhhhh F4, I love you guys. {{pssst especially KHJ}} ^_^

That does it AddiKts. Have a great night/day/week.  <3 ME!!  ^_^

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