Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: {{I just want to talk K}}

Annyeong AddiKts!!

First off thank you to my Dongsaeng & the few of you brave readers, who were willing to contact me or leave messages for me, wishing me Happy Birthday yesterday.  It was very sweet of you to remember me & take the time to send me good wishes.  I am touched.  Truly.  When asked by my non Korean AddiKt friends how I chose to celebrate my Birthday it was hard to answer, that for MY birthday, I simply wanted to go for a 90 minute drive, one way mind you, into Chicago to the H Mart & get more Korean treats for myself.  Of course, I included a quick tryst with MY KHJ!

This btw is MY picture.  This lousy, blurry, rushed cos CA was with me & wondering what was taking so long, taken with my iPhone picture, is actually mine!  
I would have made it a longer visit but CA, my real life Oppa, was with me...can you say Awwwwkwwwaaaarrrrd?  o.O I had a , *giggle/wink-wink* "quickie" with MY KHJ.  *snort-giggle*

Friends:  So Jess what did you do to celebrate your birthday?

Me: I went to the supermarket!!!  OMO OMO OMO OMO It was so awesome!!!

Friends: O.O

What can I say, I don't need much to make me happy, I'm a very laid back California Gurl.

But I DO have one request...  Next year can we skip my birthday?  I really don't want to remember that I will be at the end of my 30s next year.  I'd like to avoid it at all costs quite frankly...yes THIS is my mid life crisis, welcome to the party, there's Kpop blaring from the speakers, just loud enough to make the neighbors call the police on us, & there are sexy pics, gifs & videos of the oppas in the back room, no significant others allowed, please?  It helps perpetuate the fantasy.  Thanks.  (^_-)

Last week I told you guys I've been uber busy & that is true & still ongoing.  Besides my birthday it's almost the end of school for the year here.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!  Like seriously I am going to non stop drama watch all day long the first week we are out of school, in my ratty pjs no less.  I'm gonna get my cray cray obsessed butt into K Drama ONLY mode!!  Just 10 days to go.  This plan will be implemented June 10th - the 14th.  Just one week to be a lazy, agoraphobic bum.  Then I'll start taking the kids out here & there & scheduling play dates for my littles etc...  And allowing my teen to have his friends come over again.  But I need one week, one solid week of K Drama watching to decompress from this insane school schedule we've been on for the last 9 months.

This WILL be ME!!!!

I haven't watched any K Dramas BUT Gu Family Book in 3 weeks!!  I'm getting twitchy.  I've been all 'early to bed, early to rise'...blech!  What's the longest you've had to go without K Dramas since you became a K Drama AddiKt were introduced to this fabulous world of romance, comedy, action & shmexy Oppas?  I still have another week to go can you beat that record?  

Although I did catch up on all of the Barefoot Friends episodes I had missed [episdoes 3,4, & 5] on Friday & then this morning I watched episode 6...I needed MY KHJ fix before I went back to attempting to be Supermom.  {{I fail miserably at Supermom 97% of the time, just an FYI but I try & that counts a little right?}}  BTW Barefoot Friends does not count as K Drama, it's a reality show therefore my dry spell on K Dramas will be one month by the end of next week.  I deserve a Mom of the friggin Year award for that!!!  The only reason I get away with GFB is because it's my review for this here blog.  Thank Heavens because otherwise, I might have already climbed a clock tower by now, if I didn't have at least my review show to watch.  Oh TCA blog I love you so much for giving me a KDrama excuse!  

Okay I'll stop whining about my lack of K Drama now.  Like I say I am still getting my KHJ fix in the form of Barefoot Friends & his company has been providing me extra "Fixes" with the release of 3 new teasers for his latest JPop release.  I cannot wait to see the MV!  The song drops on June 6th (HIS BIRTHDAY) & I am going crazy waiting for June 6th!!  {{Yes, I am aware I am already pretty crazy.}} Next week, next week, next week, next week...!!  For all my fellow KHJ AddiKts, I know you are out there & I know you probably hate it when I call him MY KHJ, to that I say sincerely & humbly, "TOO BAD SUCK IT UP PRINCESSES!!!" You want to claim him as your own, get A BLOG & then claim him on there.  That's how I did it.  ^^  But for you guys I leave the 3 different teasers.  Remember as these are his Japanese album they don't leave the MV or the teasers online for very long, I can't guarantee for how long these videos will still work, so watch them while you can!  

First Teaser:
2nd Teaser:
Third Teaser:

Teaser of Still Shots:


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you SOOOOO much Kim Hyun Joong-ssi!!  

I hope you guys all have a wonderful rest of the week.


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