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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 10 [Dramatic Review]

Well, hello and howdy to you!  How all y'all doing?  Hanging in there?  Ready for summer?  I know I am.

I think.                            
I hope.                     

Ready or not though, here it is.

The kids are done with school and summer break is officially here in my corner of the world.  Our summer break decided to start itself out in a flaming blaze of glory.  First, The Husband had all of his wisdom teeth yanked out the morning of the last day of school.  I tell ya, taking care of a post-op full-grown man is a tougher job than one might imagine.  And this was just his teeth.  I'll tell you something else...and those that follow me on Facebook might have already seen this, if so, my apologies for the repeat.  You all are following me on FB, are you not?  So this should be nice and familiar already.  But just in case you missed it, I'll share again.  I'm just nice that way I guess.  The Husband on pain meds is a very chatty and needy soul.  I have been constantly at his beck and call for the past two days.  I tell ya, the man is lucky I love him so, because otherwise, he might find the gaping holes in his mouth where teeth once lived to be the least of his worries.  So, not only do I have a 200+lb man-child to manage, but this morning, LP 2 (who just had his 10th birthday recently - happy bday!), informed me that he had been sick.  In his bed.  Wanna know what it looked like?  I took a picture.  I was even kind enough to share it with Unnie and my little sister because that's just the kind of little/big sister that I am.  Two words - carrot cake.  Wait, no, three words.  "Carrot cake" and "ew".  This is why it is now after 1am as I write this and why, if it ends up being a bunch of gibberish because of the late hour and my fried wits, at least you'll understand why.  I'll try to not be too gibberish-y though.  At least no more than usual. "/ 

Nine's Nine of episode 10

1.  Note to Self
Three months have passed since that fateful night where Seon Woo's father died.  Young Seon Woo has been in the hospital for that entire time and is just now released.  He begins writing in his journal to his future self.  He tells of how his mother has slipped away into some form of shock that the doctors say should just be temporary, but he fears the worst.  Big brother Jeong Woo is also about to be married.  And the hospital has been signed over to Dr Evil.  He asks future self if he's still alive and begs him to come back to 1993.

2.  Try to Hide Your Glee at Least a Little Bit There, Won't Ya?
Sure enough, there sits Dr Evil, grinning like the cat that just ate the canary as he signs the paperwork that gives him the hospital instead of Jeong Woo.  Seon Woo is at this point questioning whether or not Dr Choi was the one behind his father's death.  Well, it sure does look a little suspicious, doesn't it?  He's obviously one that benefited the most from the untimely death.  Of course, we know what really happened, as does future Seon Woo, but 1993 Seon Woo doesn't yet.

3.  Burnt Hand, Open Shirt, Fan Service
Yes, so this one isn't necessarily important plot-wise, but what kind of Kdramatic would I be if I didn't include this fun little piece of fan service?  Seon Woo burns his hand after another brain pain attack.  And then we get to see an open shirted Lee Jin Wook asking his boss to button him up.  And then of course, in true TV fashion, someone walks in on them and immediately misunderstands the situation.  And we laugh and giggle because it's cute.  And because we got to see Lee Jin Wook's chest, even if just a little sliver.  Ah, beautiful chest sliver.  *dreamy sigh*  Sure, there's some talking that happens here, mostly focused on the brain tumor that Seon Woo insists isn't there and therefore is not the cause behind the headaches.  But we don't need to talk about that.  Just the little piece of skin heaven we get a peek at.

4.  Hello Wound, I'm Salt
Jeong Woo in 1993 isn't the only one getting ready for a wedding that will forever alter the life and happiness of Seon Woo.  Nope.  Min Young is also engaged and in the final stretch of wedding prep.  Being the good niece that she is, she makes sure to send a picture of herself wearing her wedding gown to her uncle.  Yeah.  I think we can imagine how that must have been received by poor Seon Woo.

5.  The Flirt
Cue the new female interest.  It's a drama given, is it not, that the lead male must be presented with a viable option to the woman he is losing?  In this case, it's the anchorwoman that Seon Woo is now working with.  And this lady has a major rep as a giant flirt.  For obvious reasons we see as she turns her "charms" on Seon Woo, who is still smarting from the picture of his lady-love-turned-niece in a wedding dress.  Yet, despite these "charms", Flirty Co-worker gets the brush off.  Haha.  Sucka.

6.  Brain Pain
We get a little update on whatever happened to that pesky brain tumor that killed our hero in the last episode.  Thanks to his time traveling and smart past self, Seon Woo has figured out that he gets a brain tumor and conveniently, his best friend the doctor also knows this, so years back, they started scanning.  So, while he still gets the headaches, his brain is apparently clear of any tumor.  It is theorized that, just like the objects and memories that he keeps, he also keeps the pain of the past and will have to continue living the rest of his life with these headaches even though the tumor is now gone.  Bummer.  I suppose it's just the price you must pay to go back in time and save your life.  I'll try and remember that and at least prepare myself for the inevitably just in case I ever run across these magic incense sticks.  Let this be a lesson to us can alter the past, but just like lunch, it's not free.

7.  RSVP: No
Understandably, Seon Woo decides to not attend Min Young's wedding.  This baffles and upsets Min Young's mom who can't understand what is going on with her brother-in-law.  He comes and beats up his brother without explanation or apology and now is bailing on the wedding.  Can't she see the obvious right in front of her face?  Lady, it's not complicated.  Your brother-in-law travels back in time, and by doing so turned his wife into his niece, brought his dead brother back to life, and found out that it was this same brother who actually killed their father.  Oh, and their mom apparently hooked up with his arch nemesis and is brother's real father.  Really, doesn't it make sense that he wouldn't want to go to the wedding and watch his former wife marry another?  How unreasonable must we be here?  Give the guy a break.

I should mention too in here that Min Young and Seon Woo have a phone call about him not coming to the wedding.  In that phone call two things come up that are worth mentioning.  One, Min Young doesn't want him dating Flirty Coworker.  Oooh, jealousy maybe???  And two, there's a part where he's making fun of her curves, or rather lack thereof, and she makes the comment along the lines of "why does it sound like you've seen them?"  Ohhhhh!!!!  Did you catch that?  That was awesome.  And I may or may not have started yelling at the screen in giddy glee, "because he HAS silly girl!!!".

8.  And I~I~I~I Will Always Loooove Youoooo
Fiance boy, who I won't even bother learning the name of because I doubt he's going to be around much longer when you see what comes next, is hooking up the sound system given to them as a wedding gift by Seon Woo and wants to try it out.  So he goes to Min Young's music collection and picks up the soundtrack to a certain movie.  You know the one.  The one from Nepal?  From the honeymoon night?  Baumchickabaumbaum.  He pulls out the protective sheet from the sleeve and on it is a note.  He gets suspicious that the initials include "M.Y."  He confirms his suspicion by having Min Young write out the same phrase and sees that the handwriting is identical.  She of course denies having written it, but he freaks out and starts accusing her of having an affair on him.  They fight and she runs off.

9.  Messages and Memories
No, I did not run out of spots with too much left to cover and therefore combined two topics into one.  Pssh.  Who does that? 

Seon Woo starts getting messages from his past.  Unsure as to whether or not his future self is reading the journal, past self starts putting messages on things that he knows his future self would still have, like his expensive guitar and parts of the house.  Past self is desperate to know what has become of future self and continues to beg him to come back.

Meanwhile, Min Young is taking a closer look at this note.  It really does look like her handwriting.  She starts to write it out, and in doing so, gets a memory flashback.  Of that night.  She then runs to Seon Woo to ask him what in the blue blazes is going on here.  He denies it all.  She's confused and convinced that what she is remembering really did happen.  She then does the unthinkable - she grabs him and kisses him.  And not in a niece/uncle sort of way.  This triggers more memories and she flashes back to all the other kisses and more that they have shared.  Whoa.  No really --- WHOA.  This just got interesting!!!  Okay, it was already interesting, but we just leveled up on the interesting scale a bit.  A lot bit.  Holy mackanolies.  Where do we go from here?

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