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Gu Family Book ep 11 & 12 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

I know, you're in shock.  I am posting up another GFB review in one week!  Gasp!!  But since I want to get through these reviews as quickly as possible, so I can enjoy  my parents visit next week, I am going to be trying to get as many out as I can, before they get here.  They are driving from Arizona to Wisconsin after all, they deserve our full attention, right?  But no posts tomorrow... it's Sunday.  So let's dive back in to the mystical, magical, sci-fi world of Gumihos.

At the end of ep 10, Tae Seo was begging Kang Chi to save his sister from the Gisaeng house, as that night JKW was planning on taking her "1st time".  Um..ew!  And I all I could think was I am so glad I was not born in this time period.  When women were treated like baggage.  Ooooh the strong female in me hates this part of, she hates this part of all historical fiction & non-fiction.  It drives me batty watching Jane Austen movies (which I love), or reading the books, how the girls are always waiting around for some man to make it all okay again.  Whatever!!  Sorry guys moving on.  So Yeo Wool, overhears Tae Seo's plea & seriously that has to be a knife in her heart.  I felt so bad for her but she is a strong girl, I love her character, who refuses to sit back & be ignored.  No instead of saying goodbye to TS & Kang Chi, she is going with them & will help them spring Cheong Jo.  Even though she really suspects that Kang Chi is still in love w Cheong Jo & that this could mean that they will be together, she will help the man she loves.  Wow!  That's love.

While they are working on springing Cheong Jo, Master Dam goes to visit the Monk.  He's really worried that Kang Chi will seek revenge on him, via Yeo Wool, once he finds out that it was Master Dam who killed his father.  But the Monk isn't much help, karma, fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it, is already in motion & you can't stop karma.    Not exactly what master Dam was hoping for.

And the Scooby gang, this is how I've kind of been thinking of the good guys, it's not a perfect match but think about it... Kang Chi is part Gumiho (aka Scooby - of course he could also be the sweet Shaggy too) then there are the brains (Tae Seo, Gon & Yeo Wool) Fred(s) & Velma.  But Yeo Wool kind of doubles as well as the pretty girl in the group...(Daphne) as well...and the whole show is based on supernatural the Scooby Gang are the good guys.  Best part would be, if at the end of the whole show, just before someone kills Jo Kwan Woong, if he were to say, "I would have gotten away with it, gotten all the power, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"  Right?!?!  Okay I digress.

This episode focuses on trying to break out Cheong Jo from the Gisaeng house & trying to save her from JKW.  Here's the plan, see very Scooby Doo like, Kang Chi will approach the Gisaeng house.  And he will lure all the bad guys away from there, while he is distracting the bad guys, Yeo Wool will also sneak in from another point & escape w Cheong Jo.  How does Kang Chi get away, he gets all the other trainees from the academy to dress as he does & just run off in different directions, thus confusing the bad guy into chasing all the fake Kang Chi's.  BUT here's the best part, none of them, including Kang Chi himself, are to interact, fight or take on the bad guys.  Just run & look away & act innocent.  And it works!  They all rendezvous & Cheong Jo throws her arms around Kang Chi & hugs him.  {{sad feels for Yeo Wool}}  While everybody clears their throats & looks away embarrassed.

Back at the academy, TS & his sister are reunited.  But Master Dam is not happy that they brought so much attention to the academy, which could then be tied to the Admiral.  They were supposed to remain covert.  How can they fix this?  Sigh.  The only way out, that they can see is if Kang Chi & Cheong Jo run away together.  It's at this point that Yeo Wool's feelings are starting to show.

Kang Chi had promised her that IF he decided he had no other choice & had to take Cheong Jo & run away he would tell her first but he didn't he made the announcement to all of them at the same time w no warning to Yeo Wool.  Which crushes her.  He follows her back to her room & she lets her feelings & a couple of tears out before she goes into her room & closes the door between them, at which point Kang Chi is starting to, I think, understand just how much she cares for him & I think he is starting to feel for her too.  Andhe stands there with the door between them & apologizes to her & thanking her for being on his side & supporting him, he could not have gotten trough all of this without her help.  And then tells her he could never forget her. I admit I was all teary eyed & sad & heart broken for both of them.  And had so many feels that hurt.  Really not fair.

But it's another trap!  JKW was expecting all of this, TS thinks he's helping his sister & he acts the part of the back stabbing mole.  He reveals to JKW that KC & CJ are escaping & where they are going first.  JKW then hires that local thug, who hates KC, Ma Bong Chul, to intercept & capture & kill KC, along with Henchman too of course.  Tae Seo shows up, w sword in tow & & tells Kang Chi he has no choice, he is there to kill Kang Chi. At this point KC is remembering earlier when the Master Jook Dal had asked him what he wanted most & he just wants to be at peace w his family again.  CJ & TS at the 100 year Inn living in harmony like before. And then Master Jook Dal reminding him that all 3 of them have been irrevocably changed by all that has happened & what if they don't want you anymore.  His reply is that they would never betray him.  And then when he asks Tae Seo why?  tae Seo says, "Cheong Jo is my only remaining family.  I have no choice. Please forgive me."  Then he walks up to Kang Chi grabs his wrist & removes the bracelet, all while Kang Chi is begging him not to do this.

So now what?!?!

Episode 12 picks up where they left off.

TS shows up & reveals that he is the one who blew their secret escape plan, he did it for his sister.  Henchman is there & ready to remove the bracelet, KC wants to live in peace w CJ & TS.  Henchman breaks the bracelet & he changes & the horror on TS & CJ's faces is heartbreaking.  Tae Seo & KC even have a go at fighting & KC's claws go for TS's chest.  TS is badly injured & CJ is distraught.  And I'm screaming at the screen, this is all your brother's fault!  He's the betrayer!!  He's the idiot!!  Kang Chi is innocent.  Your brother betrayed then attacked KC!!  How on earth, you stupid idiotic twit, is KC supposed to react?!?!  Would it have been better if KC had just let your brother kill him & you in the process?!?!  OMG!!  Even my teenage son, who was watching with me said, "OMG MOM!!  She is a special kind of stupid!!"  And I couldn't argue with him.  So sad.  And at that point I no longer felt sorry for the stupid girl.

KC takes her, she's passed out from all the stress & because she's a wuss, to the gumiho cave.  She comes to & continues to have histrionics.  Eventually she leaves him there alone & gets lost on the mountain, because the mountain protects the gumiho by changing all the pathways & keeping people from finding him.  She's intercepted by JKW, who comes to the mountain too & FINALLY he figures it all out.  Who Kang Chi is & what Kang Chi is & who Kang Chi's parents were.  And then Cheong jo gets to see just who the REAL monster is, when JKW orders the death of all the mercenaries, that Ma Bong Chul hired to kill Kang Chi, including Ma Bong Chul.

But don't worry...Kang Chi is a part of the Scoobies.  He uses his Gumiho blood to save Ma Bong Chul later.  Pity from a good guy to a bad guy, sometimes, if the guy isn't truly evil can turn a bad guy good.  (FORESHADOWING oooooo)

Later Gumiho Kang Chi, lost his bracelet, shows up at the academy, demanding to see Yeo Wool, who isn't there...yet.  Master Dam orders his men to arms & they are about to have an epic battle when Yeo Wool shows up & even without his bracelet on, she manages to help him calm down, & put away the gumiho face. Awww she is his essence!  And boy howdy was I proud of her for standing up to her dad!  You Go Girl!!  The Admiral also sees the Big Picture & calms down Master Dam, who is now very miffed with his daughter.  Um dude, you raised her to be strong & stand up for the little guy, didn't expect that to bite you in the butt so nicely did ya?  As a parent myself, I feel your pain.  Then later after everything is calmed down Yeo Wool basically confesses to Kang Chi.  She tells him, she wants to help him accomplish anything he needs, which is why she is doing everything she can to help him achieve humanity.  Awww heart flutters & melts & it's a big puddle on the floor under my chair now.  I LOVE confessions!!

Now JKW is going to use CJ, whom he has in his possession again, against her brother.  She'll be "With" him, to save her brother or he's dead.  And so she does.  She spends the night w JKW after all.  EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW..... she's a baby you sicko pervert!  Blech!  Seriously made me sick to my stomach.  And the next morning TS arrives, JKW's plan, to witness his sister's shame.  She is now a Gisaeng.  Can't really go back from this, not in Joseon time.  But this helps strengthen her resolve to never let a man have power over her again.  She goes back to the Gisaeng house & tells off Wol Sun, evil little Gisaeng Witch, my official title for her.  Then off to the Head Gisaeng & asks to be trained, since she's ruined already but not just any old Gisaeng.  She wants to be a Gisaeng like Head Gisaeng is, with the drums, a performer.... and she starts her training. Meanwhile JKW is now up to date on this whole "4 Masters" thing, not who they are but that they are there & that they are supporting & backing the Admiral.  Of course he has his own back up.  The Goonbon Merchants from Japan arrive.  Headed up by a lady.  He was not expecting that! After all women are supposed to be used, right?

Back at the academy, Kang Chi, will continue with his training, from BOTH Gon & Yeo Wool.  First task, count the beans in this bag.  One by One.  Which is entirely too fun to watch.  While he is counting, with Yeo Wool by his side, he smells something bad is in the air.  The arrival of the mysterious Japanese Lady Head Merchant has awoken something in the forest.  Papa Gumiho, is awake, but now he's in the process of becoming a 1000 Year more Mr Nice Gumiho.  Which makes me believe that Kang Chi's mom, is the mysterious Japanese lady merchant.

And that is the end of this ep.  Good stuffs are coming AddiKts.  Terrible but good!  What will happen to the Scooby Gang in the next episodes?!?!  Squeeee!!!


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