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I Hear Your Voice ep 7: Dramatic Review

This episode was a major game changer.  Everything escalated, good and bad.  This episode took all the drama up to this point and turned it all up a notch.  And left us screaming and crying in the end.  Well, okay, at least it left me screaming and crying at the end, I suppose I can't speak for everyone else.

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of ep 7

1.  Dream a Little Dream of Me
Episode 7 starts out with Hye Sung being grabbed and tossed over a bridge by an assailant.  Of course it's just a dream that her mother had, but apparently Mom's dreams often turn out to be accurate premonitions.  Foreshadowing, perhaps?  Oh so subtle foreshadowing ;)

2.  Flirting
Things are heating up between our two lawyers.  Their not-a-date date didn't go so well, but Attorney Cha still brings on the charm the next day, showing up with his new look and the chocolates he had bought her.  Sure, they may be going to work, but it kind of has that date feeling.  Soo Ha picks up on it a bit too and is less-than pleased you might say.

But Soo Ha has some moves of his own.  These two have their own flirty moments, only theirs are a bit less obvious.  I'd like to think of them as more natural and comfortable.  From something as simple as sitting around the house having a casual yet close conversation (am I the only one who found all that skin showing as they sat in the kitchen to be a bit steamy?  Sure it was just shoulders as they were wearing grubbies, but I think it was meant to illustrate a bit of heat between them.  Am I reading too much into wardrobe?  Maybe.  But I would like to think not) to being all dolled up and talking lawyer stragety.  Look how cute they are together!  No awkwardness, no nothing other than close, natural, steamy chemistry.  Admittedly, I am biased, but still...come on - look at these two and tell me that I'm wrong.

3.  A Change in Perspective
Hye Sung starts to see things in a different light, including her co-worker.  She was a bit upset with him that he was working so hard for this old guy that insulted her.  Then he explained boldly that he was working so hard because of her - he hated how the old man treated her and so he was working hard to win the man's case so that he could stand up for their profession as well as demand an apology on her behalf.  Look at how much he cares about her.  Ugh!  I hate when I love both love interests!  He's not only changing her perspective on a personal level, but also professionally and humanitarianly (what do you mean that's not a word?).  In court he pleads the case of an old man arrested multiple times for stealing free newspapers.  The man is facing major jail time.  Attorney Cha tries to get everyone to see things from the old man's point of view.  Collecting discarded newspapers and selling them is his sole income, but he lives in a changing world.  No longer do people read newspapers.  This man's source of income has dwindled to a point where he can no longer support himself.  He is asking for leniency for the man based on his circumstances.  Suddenly this mean old man starts to look sad in her eyes and as she gazes around the subway, sees exactly what Attorney Cha was pointing out.  She envisions this old man's existence, what it used to be compared to what it was now.  It was a poignant moment for her.

4.  Let the Games Begin!
Rivalries.  Aren't they fun?  Things heat up in a couple of different rival contests.  Our two male leads are starting their pissing contest for the girl while our two leading ladies get a bit more fierce in their decade+ feud.  Maybe I'm wrong here, but I suspect that Do Yun is getting a little tired of losing her cases to the public defense team.

5.  Let's Date
At the trial, after all the hard work she and Soo Ha did together, Hye Sung rushes in at the last moment as the old man is about to be sent to jail with the papers that drop the case.  Attorney Cha is so grateful and happy that he sweeps her up in a huge hug right then and there in the courtroom.  This makes her freeze and just stand there in shock.  He sees her obvious reaction and this gives him courage later on outside.  A high-five turns into the sexiest hand kiss I think I have ever seen, which then leads to a confession of like by them both and a proposal.  No, not that kind of proposal, just a proposal that the two of them date.  Soo Ha witnesses all of this and is heartbroken.  He leaves to digest it all, and ends up tossing away the teddy bear he had bought for her.  Teen Girl Love Interest sees this and picks up the bear, learning that he does have feelings for Hye Sung.  In short, our love stories are getting amped up and should be interesting to see what comes next for all involved. 

6.  Oh No They Didn't!!!

As much as I would have loved to just end it with the love, the episode continues and takes a turn for the sad.  A brokenhearted teen boy isn't the only drama of this drama.  I really didn't like this part and really am not wanting to talk about it, so I'll try to keep it brief.  Psycho has made his move against Hye Sung's mother.  She's making galbi for Hye Sung and him when he begins to tell her a story...with a wrench.  Next thing we know, Hye Sung is getting a pretty normal sounding phone call from her mother.  Nothing really seems amiss and there's no indication that there is anything wrong, except for the odd request her mother makes of her to not live a life seeking revenge.  These are to be a mother's last words to her daughter, for soon after that we are led to believe (though thankfully spared from actually seeing it) that he kills her.  I am so distraught and upset and angry because I truly loved this character.  I loved her spunk and sass.  I loved the dynamic between mother and daughter.  I loved how she stood up to the psycho up until the very end and didn't snivel and grovel and cry.  She was a strong woman and I just absolutely loved her.  The episode ends with Soo Ha answering the phone call.  The phone call that we can only assume means one thing.

I have nothing else to say.  The end of this episode left me speechless and dead inside.  I hate this show.  I hate these writers.  I hate it all.

Okay, I don't really.  I love this show, I love these writers (but not this part).  I love (almost) all of it.  I just don't want the mom to die.  Let's go back to the love angst and forget that there's a psycho killer on the loose, k?  Remember the hand kiss?  Let's just focus on that.  That was lovely.  I really liked that part.


I guess I'll have to continue and see what comes next.  I'm so scared to watch episode 8.  I don't want to see the aftermath.  I don't want to see the pain and hurt and feel all the bad feels.  But, I have made a committment, so for you, I shall sally forth. 

Once I get brave enough to.

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  1. I'm with you on this one - I'm halfway glad this drama has more of a storyline that most dramas which catch my interest and then fall flat.. but at times I rrrreally wish we could lay off the tragedy and just focus on this ahhhhhhhsoawesome romance. *sniffs* I'm watching this with my mom and after this ep ended we just sat in silence for a few minutes..


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