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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel episode 12 [Dramatic Review]

Hiya!  So, I'm back with another installment of reviews for Nine.

I feel a little repetitive in these introductions.  This show is awesome.  What an amazing episode.  Lots to talk about.  Yaddah yaddah yaddah.   I will therefore be doing us all a favor today and keeping this intro short, since, frankly, it's all been said before.  Instead, I'll delve right in to what we came for - the unraveling and discussion of yet another amazing episode of this amazing drama.

And a-wayy we go!

Nine's Nine of episode 12

1.  Rain Induced Fever (RIF) Strikes Again
It's a drama favorite - RIF, or Rain Induced Fever.  After sitting at the park in the rain, Min Young has come down with a fever, so Seon Woo takes her back to his place.  Where he starts to unbutton her shirt.  As her husband, not uncle.  This shouldn't be so hot, should it?  I should be grossed out, shouldn't I?  Drama, what have you done to me?

2.  First Meeting
As he is undressing the fevered Min Young, she recalls their first meeting, back in the "original" life they shared together.  There's a company function at the norebang.  Everyone's having a grand time, until Seon Woo opens the door, clonking new hire Min Young on the head and knocking her out.  His boss orders him to take her to the hospital.  When she wakes up, he starts in on her, accusing her of all sorts of misbehavior while she was there, telling her that her type is the type he hates most.  Her response?  "I like you.  Do you have a girlfriend?"  Heehee!  Seriously, you gotta love this girl's spunk.

3.  Run Away!
Min Young's memories are flooding back now.  She remembers her original step-father, the lawyer in Boston.  Seon Woo explains that it is all his fault and that he will do whatever she wants him to do, run away somewhere so they can live together, keep going as uncle/niece, or keep a little secret something-something on the side.  Things are so screwed up and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.  I found this particularly amusing as right before he mentions it himself, I had been yelling at the screen, "just run away together!!!  Go where no one knows you're related!"  Yes.  Those apparently are my morals.  Don't spread that around, k?  Incest is wrong.  Except in this case because they really aren't meant to be related.  They were not related first.  Plus, it's not even like they're related by blood or anything.  Don't judge me.

4.  Off Again, On Again
Seon Woo is surprised to see the message on his guitar disappear and then reappear as something new.  1993 self is writing to ask 2013 self if he has received some mysterious something or other from him yet.  Curiosity piqued.

5.  20 Year Incense Boomerang
So, just what is this thing hinted at by the message guitar?  Remember how I said forever ago that we obviously know the incense sticks aren't gone, right?  No, that doesn't take any particular amount of brain power to figure that out.  Well, here we see them return to Seon Woo, first in 1993, and then in 2013.  They didn't burn at the crime scene, his fingerprints were found, and smartypants kid Seon Woo figured out pretty quickly that it must belong to him in the future, so he carefully sets it aside and keeps it safe for 20 years.  And...they're back.  The final 2 incense sticks.

6.  Of Bigotry and Incest
The sticks are back.  Seon Woo takes this as a sign that his work is not yet done.  Time for the truth to come out.  Fiance boy is still looking for missing Min Young.  Poor kid doesn't yet know that the wedding is off, because, as Min Young herself has just found out, and in a minute Jeong Woo is about to find out, she's already married.  Yes, to her uncle.  Seon Woo tells Young Hoon how he was about to run away, until the sticks came back, now he knows he has to finish fixing everything.  He figures that they were meant for him for the purpose of righting wrong, and so that's what he's got to do.  He's off to see his brother, because fixing the past requires him.  Jeong Woo is about to hear the bombshell of his life.

7.  Truth and Revelation
The truth is all laid out from one brother to another.  The whole truth.  Everything.  Time traveling incense sticks, how he died last year in the Himalayas, how his step-daughter is actually married to his brother, and how Seon Woo witnessed everything that fateful night their father died.  We also get an explanation as to why Seon Woo told his brother that he could never forgive him.  It wasn't because he killed their father, but because he lied for 20 years.  He understands how what happened that night was unavoidable and not his brother's fault, but what he has a problem with is that Jeong Woo partnered with Dr Evil to cover it up, thus creating a bigger mess than needed be.  A monster was created that night.  Now, Seon Woo needs Jeong Woo's help to fix it all.

8.  Righting the Past
So, just what has to happen in order to fix it all?  Simply put, past Jeong Woo needs to come clean on what happened that night with his father.  He needs to turn himself in.  Even knowing though how this will change his whole life, Jeong Woo readily agrees to it, citing how miserable he has been these past 20 years and how the pain and guilt is just too much for him to take.  He tells his brother to go back and convince his younger self to turn himself in to the police.  This is obviously very emotional, because both brothers I believe understand that this could mean the end of Jeong Woo's life.

 Once receiving his brother's okay, Seon Woo goes back to 1993 in order to convince his brother to turn himself in.  Except that right as he goes back, something changes.  Past Dr Evil has a photo of the witness to the events of that night.  He shows it to Jeong Woo, instructing him that if he sees this man that he is to tell Dr Evil immediately so that he can be gotten rid of in order to protect and save themselves.  In that instant, future Jeong Woo gains that memory and realizes that if he were to go back right now, Seon Woo would have big trouble since young Jeong Woo is now on the alert thanks to Dr Evil.  He tries calling him to warn him and abort mission, but too late.  Seon Woo is already back in 1993 and has gone to see his brother.  When he sees the man from the picture standing there, Jeong Woo gets all wide-eyed, remembers his instructions, and boom, episode over.  Oh good golly!  The stress of this show!!!  It hurts so good.

And there's episode 12.  How you doing?  You hanging in there so far?  Did you ever think you'd see a drama where you'd be routing for the uncle and niece to hook up?  Warped?  Yup.  Am I alone in this though?  I seriously doubt it.  Go Team Seon Young?  Min Woo?  I can't wait to see what happens next.  Only one stick to go!  Oh my goodness!  The stress!  The anxiety!  The suspense!  The drama!

Delicious, yes?  Definitely.  :)

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