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Gu Family Book epiodes 23 & 24 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

This is it guys, once again we come to the part of reviewing that I like & dislike at the same time.  I'm excited to move on but I'm so sad to say goodbye to much loved characters.  I hope my reviews weren't too painful.  ;)  Well, thanks for joining me on this ride.  I hope you come back for more TCA fun.  Don't forget Dongsaeng is reviewing I Hear Your Voice in her DFR's. so check out her reviews, she's way awesome at this reviewing thing.  Here we go...


In Episode 23 so much action, betrayal, kidnapping, heartbreak & yes even shocks!  Hang on to your hats AddiKts.

Our Extended amazing bunch of actors.

Kang Chi's last wish if you remember is that they break up at the end of 22.  Leaving Yeo Wool heart broken & confused but Kang Chi is determined not to hurt her, physically.  He's not thinking about anything but her living.  He especially doesn't want to be the reason she dies, as the prophecy says she will.  He goes to the Admiral & gets to go on a long walk with him & asks for advice.  He asks KC, what does the person you love fear most?  While they are out walking the Japanese Ninjas w Kageshima arrive  & KC goes on high alert but you see the Admiral invited them there...that was the message that was delivered the night they broke into the Inn & YW was injured.  The Admiral warns the Goon Bon Merchants they have 3 days to get out of town or they won't be leaving alive.  He also tells them take your spies & stay out of my territory.  Of course the head Merchant refuses to leave, personally I think he should listen tot eh Admiral.  Lee Soon Shin is not someone to trifle with.  After they leave the Admiral turns to KC & tells him, he isn't afraid of dying, but of making a mistake that hurts others while he is alive.  It's at this point KC remembers that YW's biggest fear is losing him.  Oops, didn't think that through all the way did ya sweetie.  So he runs back to the Academy & to her.

Just at this point is where we discover there is a traitor among the Academy students.  Remember Yoon, the guy that hated KC because of his gumiho half?  Well, he's working for JKW now.  Like the little chicken that he is.  {{Slime bag.  My actual word while watching the scene.}}  He appears in front of YW, but she still thinks he's one of them, a Scooby.  And he tells her that he needs to talk to her.  And he takes her to JKW. Shortly after this Teacher comes out looking for Gon, tells him Student Yoon asked to speak with her but that was a while ago & she's worried. So off Gon goes to follow their trail & intercepts them just as YW is captured. Before he figures out that Yoon is working for the bad guys though Yoon stabs Gon from behind & then Gon is outnumbered & I was screaming in my head, because my bestie was with me & watching & I didn't want her to know how big of a freak I really am, "GON BEHIND YOU!!!  LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!  He's a TRAITOR!!"  KC arrives after Gon has been mortally wounded but he does that Gumiho Voodoo he does so well, slices open his hand & gives Gon's wound some of his blood & he is saved.  What does JKW want from KC in return for YW's life?  Oh nothing much, just kill the Admiral or tomorrow night your woman is dead.  But it won't just save YW.  JKW has his father, as well as Oh Man.  All will perish if KC doesn't deliver.

At this point I was worried, I won't lie, that KC would give in to JKW, because it's the people he loves most in the world, who wouldn't be tempted?  But he is awesome & he goes straight to Master Dam & the Admiral.  Bong Chul arrives at this point & reveals that, though he was drunk the night before, he saw where they took her, sort of.  YW has been placed in a storage bldg, inside a box, w incense burning to hide her scent from KC's super gumiho sense of smell.  Then Master Dam ticked me off.  He was resigned & told the guys he wanted to let YW go, he was sure she was already dead & that the Admiral's safety was more important.  He just gave up.  After everything they had been through & how close they were he wanted to just let go of his daughter & it ticked me off!  I was so disappointed in Master Dam right there.  YW would never give up on her dad.  Thankfully the guys, all of them, TS, Gon, & KC, disagreed & refused to give up.  Cheong Jo overhears all of this & I started to wonder if she was going to make some grand sacrifice to save YW?  She doesn't but I can see she is starting to mature some more & is letting KC go.  Although she is the one who lets the guys know what their next step should be to rescue YW, when they can't figure out more than she is in the 100 Year Inn.  FINALLY!  I get so sick of the female that won't let go when it's time story.

They finally get to the 100 Year Inn, and with Bong Chul's help they start searching the storage buildings.  Meanwhile the Admiral has walked through the front door of the Inn, seemingly alone & unarmed, to confront JKW about kidnapping YW & his traitorous ways & all the murders he ordered of the government officials.  Basically it's time to stop all this & turn yourself in but JKW believes he has the upper hand & won't go easily & in fact believes he is going to win so he admits everything to the Admiral in front of everyone.  Kang Chi & the guys finally find YW & the others.  KC rescues her just before a giant ball of spikey death is about to fall on her.  That's my name for it & I am sticking to it.  Spikey Ball of Death.  And what is his reward after he saves her life?  She kicks him in the face & then hugs him & bursts into tears calling him a jerk.  Yup female histrionics are awesome.  Kang Chi begs her to go back to the Academy where it will be safe but she refuses & they arrive to surround the Admiral on all sides.  And we see Deputy Seo off to the side, hiding w the musket aimed at the Admiral.  After a bunch of talking the henchman aims the gun & fires & the show ended & we all went ... O.O WHO DID HE HIT?!?!?!  Was it the Admiral, Kang Chi or Yeo Wool??  I was pretty sure Yeo Wool was about to fulfill her prophecy.

And at the beginning of last episode we find out it was YW that got shot.  My bestie & her daughter who were watching with me were not happy.  I wasn't either but I was waiting to see how they were going to tie it all up.  I will say it took her a surprisingly long time to die.  I thought she died very quickly but she just passed out, not that I wouldn't but I really thought she was gone.  And so did Kang Chi, who goes off & is ready to kill Henchman but the Admiral stops him because he made Kang Chi promise to never kill for revenge.  To not let that anger & hurt turn him into the monster he is trying to so hard to not become.  They start to leave but JKW, in a last ditch effort to regain control, tries to stop them.  At this point however, the Admiral has had it & he signals ALL of his men to attack & puts JKW into custody.  OH YEAH YOU GOING DOWN JKW YOU NASTY PIECE OF....  {{I won't finish that thought, I am a lady after all.}}  Besides he got away thanks to the help of his men.  He's fleeing into the forest.  The Japanese Merchants witness all of this & wisely decide to heed the Admiral's advice & withdraw as quickly as possible from the situation & from the territory.  Smart guys.    Master Dam takes his own men into the forest w the intent to kill JKW & KC arrives to stop Master Dam or to kill JKW himself I wasn't sure.  But during the fight against JKW KC controls himself & instead of killing JKW he uses his gumiho claws to cut off Jo Kwan Woong's hand.

Now it's time for YW to get her 3 wishes granted.  First she wants a dinner w everyone.  But remember she is still dying.  Very slowly & painfully.  In fact, 1/2 way through the dinner her wound reopens & she starts dripping blood.  Then I started to cry when she apologized to her dad.  Especially when he turned to her & told her she was his utmost joy.  Her 2nd wish is to go for a "walk" with KC.  And then there were more tears when during their walk he asks her to marry him.  She tells him she can't cook or sew very well. SO sweet.  He proposes 3 more times & he's crying & she holds his face in her hands & says, "Don't cry.  To you, I don't want to be a sad memory, but a happy one.  I don't want to be your tears, I want to be your smile."  That's her 3rd wish...  He says, "Let's meet again."  She agrees & finally we hear finally hear saranghae.  I had been waiting for an I love you, for a long time.  Blue fairies fill the air around them & She tells him, "I will meet you again.  And then we'll live happily ever after."  During their final kiss she dies.  Sobbing & crying KC holds her in his arms. Later KC wonders, to TS if he hadn't been there if she'd still be alive?  Tae Seo says, "100 days w love is better than a lifetime w/out love."

And now we come to the end.  YW has died, Papa G is at peace, KC knows who he is & has found peace with it.  He has stopped the baddest of the bad guys & now it's time for him to leave.  But he has decided he doesn't want to find the Gu Family Book.  His intention is to live until they meet again, the reincarnation ending.  Will he look for it then they never say, I like to think he does & this time he finds it & he gets to live a mortal life with the woman he loves & they grow old together & have that happily ever after they so longed for & deserved.  What happens to JKW?  He's beaten, lost a limb & pathetic in the jail.  But there is one person to whom this will never be enough.  He gets a visit from Cheong Jo.  She pours him a drink of Chihun Wine.  Then looks him in the eyes & tells him, "Now end your filthy life."  He looks at her & after everything he put people through he says, "It was a really boring life.  It wasn't greed that pushed me, I just wanted to feel alive."  And for the first time I realize he was truly born without any kind of humanly feelings in him & I felt a smidgen of sorrow for a life wasted on him.

It's 422 years later & we see a very sexy, modernized version of Kang Chi, getting dressed for a night out.  Looks like gumiho has done well for himself in his fancy apartment, clothes & car.  And we see he is surrounded by the old Scooby gang in his new life but only he knows who they once were.  He hears the scream of a woman calling for help, in his head, he sighs as he heads off to rescue her... Teacher is the woman in peril & once again Bong Chul is the thug. LOL   KC flashes his eyes green, as he laughs at fate, & he beats up the bad guys.  Just then a female voice tells him to freeze, mistaking him for the bad guy, & we see her gun & then her face.  YW is now a police officer!  How apropos.  And we hear KC's voice over as he says to her, "When we meet again, I'll know you & love you first."  And at the very end we see Gon & the Admiral show up & flash badges of their own too.  Fade to black.

The Scoobies live on folks & there will be a happily ever after, you just have to believe, I do.

Once again thank you so much for joining me on my gumiho journey w Dimple & the rest of the Scoobies.  I hope you enjoyed the ride.  I did.  I look forward to more fun w you all in the next review.  But it's going to be a while before I pick a show.  So until I pick one show in particular my future DFRs will cover all the shows I am watching.  Expect lots of squees.  Have a wonderful weekend AddiKts.


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