Sunday, July 14, 2013

JUNSU!!! {Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

***UPDATED***  Tuesday:  In case you missed it, or because it's worth seeing over and over and over again, here is the replay of Junsu's comeback showcase.  How fantastic was it?!?!  I actually managed to wake up at 3 to watch it and it was so worth the lost sleep.  Soooo worth it.  He was INCREDIBLE!!!  My favorite was the giant smile on his face.  He was just beaming.  This was such a huge victory in a hard-fought, long war and worth celebrating to the fullest.  The significance is not lost on us Xia sweetie.  We are so proud of you and how far you've come!!!  And we wish you the absolute best as time goes on.  Next step - let's get you on TV music programs shall we?  Come on Korea - it's time to welcome him back with open arms.  He's paid his dues and then some.  Don't waste such an amazing talent with petty bickering and dirty backroom music politics.  Not that I have an opinion on the matter ;)  Anyway, crusade talk aside, here's Xia's triumphant return with Incredible...

***Original Post***
I'm choosing to post this a little early because there's a major event happening in less than 6 hours.  At 7PM (Monday) KST, there will be a live streamed COMEBACK SPECIAL for the one and only Junsu/Xia!!!!  His new album has just been released a little over an hour ago, and going along with this release is this very exciting (shall I even say HISTORIC) broadcast.  A broadcast that almost wasn't, but thankfully all got worked out in the end.  And no, I don't want to talk about it.  It still stings a little.  Music world politics messing with our fragile JYJ fangirl hearts.  Big meanies.  I'm just glad that after everything that went on behind the scenes, it's actually happening.  This is HUGE you guys!  HUGE!!!

So yeah, wherever you are at 7PM KST, stop what you're doing and watch this showcase!  Even if it's at 3am like it is for me.  uhhhh...yeah...Junsu love, I will most certainly try my best to be there baby.  I've got it all queued up on the phone ready to go so I'm not blurry-eyed searching for a link at 3am.  Hoping for the best!  Also hoping for a recording later in case I miss the live show.  But I sure hope I don't miss the live show.

Want a little taste of what is to come?  Have you seen the new video that just came out?????  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love him in this video.  Junsu's dancing is just  So very very yeah.  I love it.  I can't get enough of it.  There's just something about the way this boy moves.  It's no secret who my bias is, but even I have to admit the great appeal that Jae's fellow group member possesses.  And after watching something like this video, I really appreciate the vast talent held within JYJ (and the former DBSK - AKTF/Cassie4lyfe!).

Okay, enough of my chatter.  Who wants to listen to me drone on when there's fresh JUNSU offerings to partake of???  It's all good guys - I totally get it.  HAWT NEW JUNSU coming up!!!  I promise, it's Incredible!  ;)

Have a wonderful Monday and an XIA-cellent week!  (yeah, I know it doesn't work perfectly, but just roll with it - I'm trying here).

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