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I Hear Your Voice ep 12: Dramatic Review

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of episode 12

1.  Nah, That's Not Awkward at All

Soo Ha has won his case, but there is going to be an appeal.  And it will be tried in a different court and out of Hye Sung's jurisdiction.  She has just broken Attorney Cha's heart by telling him that she can't get Soo Ha out of her mind and needs to resolve things on that end and so she can't date him.  Now she has a dilemma.  Soo Ha needs a new attorney for the appeal.  She is scared of whatever defense lawyer he may end up with.  She only trusts Soo Ha's fate in the hands of Attorney Cha, but how can she ask him for this huge favor?  To represent the "other man" that she just rejected him for?  She waffles - she's torn between protecting Soo Ha and saving Attorney Cha from any more pain.  He catches her outside his office though as she turns to walk away and guesses what she's there for.  And then, being the awesome guy that he really truly is (yes, even if I'm shipping Soo Ha and Hye Sung, I can still appreciate the awesome man that Attorney Cha really is), he agrees to do it.  It looks a bit like he wants to do it in order to look even better to her and win her heart.  Is that just the excuse he uses to cover up his pain?  Honestly, I think so.  I think he knows that he's pretty much lost.  He's seen it with his own eyes - he can't deny it - her heart is gone.  She and Soo Ha are just too entwined.  Poor sweet Oska Cha.

2.  These Silly Girls

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  When will these two bury the stinkin' hatchet already?  Okay, so I hope it's not right away because it's hilarious watching them face off.  Like when they happened to end up at the same drinking table after work with everyone from the office.  Do Yun is being praised for her alcohol tolerance and so Hye Sung takes this as a personal challenge to outdo her.  Which of course she fails hilariously at.  All that soju makes for loose lips though and they both make confessions.  Hye Sung tells why she regretted testifying that day in court.  And we find out that the picture she took of Psycho trying to kill Soo Ha didn't actually turn out.  It was a "fired blank" - enough to fool and get the verdict they needed, but it was a lie.  At least that's what I got out of that scene.  Maybe I'm off a bit because frankly I was a little confused.  I think the subs may have needed a little tweaking (you know how it is when something is first subbed - it may need a bit of editing later on down the line but heck if I was going to wait).  Do Yun's confession?  She has regretted not walking into that courtroom for the past 11 years.  For 11 years she has lived in embarrassed shame for her cowardice.  She ran away that day, but ever since then has fought to make up for it.  It's why she is now a prosecutor.  I sure hope they don't muck up her character, because I really like and admire her.  Obviously I adore Hye Sung - flaws and all.  But I also love her nemesis and hope that someday they finally can see past their sorted past and realize that they really are of the same caliber.  I don't think Do Yun is this awful horrible person that Hye Sung has her made out to be.

The next morning is cute and funny when they both run into each other, both remembering their embarrassing confessions and mortified to face each other.  They both pretend to have no memory of the previous night.  They are too funny - I love them and their dynamic!

3.  The Guy in Prison

Okay, so that does it for the fun.  The rest of this will be serious.  Boo.  At least it was still very interesting and good.  Let's chat for a second about the guy in prison.  He is released and Attorney Shin picks him up.  He is carrying a child's book that was on his person 26 years prior when he was arrested - a gift for his daughter.  His daughter that is missing.  His daughter that he is desperate to see before he dies.  His daughter.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking here?  Do you remember that a time or two it was alluded that Do Yun is not the biological child of the judge and his wife?  See where we're going here?  Like a friend pointed out, there's no such thing as coincidences in dramaland.  Couldn't have said it better myself (which is why I "borrowed" it - thanks friend lol)  ;)  So yeah, guy in prison is most likely Do Yun's real father.  And what about later on when fate intervenes and he bumps into a one-handed lady in the hospital?  They stand and stare, mouths agape, both in shock.  She drops the vase she's carrying.  You thinking what I'm thinking?  The wife that he supposedly murdered 26 years ago?  Uh huh.  What in the blue blazing pop tarts is going on here?Oh what a tangled web is woven for us by our writer friends.

4.  Psycho Strikes Again.  Seriously.

The fruit stand lady has played her role well and has not identified Psycho's picture when Do Yun presents them to her.  It becomes clear though that she is hiding something when, in response to Do Yun's question "how was his hand?" she answers, "intact/just fine/normal".  This is an odd thing to say and stays with Do Yun and leads to her believing that yes, indeed, Psycho is still alive.  Attorney Cha comes to this same conclusion as he has spoken with the elderly man who had been hiding Soo Ha following the accident in which he struck him and his memory was lost.  Psycho had been there and had instructed him to hide the accident since the victim had lost his memory.  The fruit stand lady, who has been caring and covering for Min Joon Gook, has just been summoned for what I suppose we'd call a deposition.  She has to go in and testify about the man that fed her the information about Soo Ha's whereabouts.  Psycho seems to deliberate for a bit, but ultimately decides that he needs to see this through to the end, which in short means that fruity ahjumma ends up dead the next day.  The prosecutors quickly figure that this is the work of a very much alive Min Joon Gook, declare him alive and wanted.  Good news is that now Soo Ha is obviously off the hook for murder as now everyone has to admit that he isn't dead and that the rat cut his own psycho hand off.  Because he's creeptacular.

5.  Soo Ha Gets It All Back
But at what cost?

Oh dang.  Here's where we get just a little sliver of sympathy for our creeptastic resident Psycho.  Soo Ha's memories come flooding back in a painful and agonizing rush.  It's been triggered by his and Hye Sung's matching scars.  He recalls the meeting with Psycho down by the water that night a year ago.  And he remembers a chilling bit of information shared with him - that his father was targeted as revenge because he was responsible for Min Joon Gook's wife's death.  We don't get any more of the story there, just that Min Joon Gook for one reason or another, claims that Soo Ha's father was rotten and killed his wife.  That is why he was killed and why Min Joon Gook won't let up on Soo Ha either.  He taunts Soo Ha and tries to get him to kill him, but Soo Ha is true to his word and drops the knife and runs off, when he is struck by the drunk ahjussi.  Follow all that?  I sure hope so because trying to explain it even further would just take all night.

Not only do Soo Ha's memories return, but so does his ability to read minds.  It is all so overpowering and difficult to handle and he passes out right there in the street.  And Dongsaeng cries like a little baby through this entire scene, watching this poor young man's struggles.  Watching him relive the traumas (and happy moments too) of his life.

6.  Hugz

Hye Sung learns that Min Joon Gook has been officially declared alive and wanted and she rejoices.  She is elated that this means that Soo Ha is now off the hook and won't have to be retried.  It means he kept his promise to her.  He's so distraught though worried about her safety.  And dealing with the bombshell that has been dropped on his lap in relation to his father.  Hye Sung calls him to relay the good news and he refuses to be happy because Psycho's being alive means that she is now in danger and that if he had just killed him last year she'd be safe.  She insists that his being innocent is worth a lot more than her safety.  He approaches her and grabs her from behind, wrapping his arms around her in a very intimate back hug right there in the street in broad daylight.  He's crying and she's comforting him.  And I'm dying.  Oh dear, wonderful drama.  I do love you so.  Thank you.  Thank you for all the feels tonight.  I laughed.  I cried.  I died.  My soul was alive all thanks to you.

And now begins the long week as we wait for the next episodes.  Why do we do this to ourselves time and time again?  It's agony.  Yet, it's a sweet and wonderful agony that keeps life fun and interesting, is it not?  Until next time my lovely addicKts, have a superb week and may it be filled with soul-awakening drama ^^

Pssst...hey, guys, look down here.  Yeah, right here.  I have an extra little bonus for you.  You were really good in sitting through all that serious stuff, so how about we end with a little goofy?  It is Friday after all.  There were some really hilarious, laugh-out-loud scenes in this episode that I just hate to skip even if they didn't quite fit into the recap.

We also could use a little more lovin' as we begin our weekend.  This scene was so sweet but didn't fit well just because of space issues.

Okay, now I'm really going to end here so that I can post this.  Hope you enjoyed the little bonus ^_^

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