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Gu Family Book episodes 15 & 16 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

So I wasn't able to get this out yesterday as I had planned, as life once again required my presence.  But as of this morning I am family free.  I mean extra family free.  So, I can now try to get as many of these deliciously entertaining GFB reviews out as possible this week.  I'd really like to move on by sometime next week.  (fingers crossed)

Can I just say I loved marathoning this show so much.  It has been a while since I have had the time & opportunity to marathon a K-Drama.  It was awesome & I caught up just in time to watch the last 2 eps with my bestie who had traveled up here for a week w her kids.  Made the show even more fun! I highly recommend converting a bestie to love K Dramas as much as you do, asap, if you haven't already.  Makes it so much more satisfying to fan girl w a friend. ^_-


{{Insert awkward segue into review here}}

Papa G has Yeo Wool in his hands...quite literally & Kang Chi has heard her mental cry for help & is on his way to try & save YW.  During their brief moments together Papa G fills YW in on the family history.  In particular that he is Kang Chi's dad & it was her dad that killed Papa G 20 years ago.  Wow the stark look of shock on her face.  But then it would be hard for any daughter, who also happens to worship their dad, to find out dad spilled the blood of the innocent & that the innocent blood is the father of the guy with whom you are in love.  But what Papa G wants from YW is whether or not it's true that KC is oblivious to her father's role in his lack of parents?  This gives her big pause.  UH-OH, she has to be thinking what will KC think of me, us if/when he finds out that my dad killed his dad?  It will be over for me!  He'll never love me now!  After KC rescues her they have a tender, STOP TEASING US W THE ALMOST KISS, moment where he basically confesses to her.  I have serious like for the super good guy Kang Chi.  According to my friend, who was happily marathoning with me, the upcoming kiss is a good kiss.  {{Squeeee a good kiss is coming up soon, I CANNOT WAIT!!}}  I loved how after she is safe, her ankle twisted {{Of course it's a KDrama}} he offers her a piggy back & she refuses him.  So what does he do?  The even more intimate carry her in his arms carry!  OMO!  So romantic.

But their happy little sweet moment is interrupted by the arrival Gon & Master Dam, who is less than pleased to see his daughter being carried in KC's arms.  YW confronts her dad, a little later about KC's dad & her dad's role in his death.  Then Master Dam being the ever paranoid dad type who feels he has to try & stop their fate, even though the Admiral & the Monk have BOTH told him not to interfere, decides he is going to put on Gon on YW duty.  His job to keep KC & YW apart at all costs.  I really liked Master Dam up to this point.  I get the fear he is feeling, I DO!  I get the protective dad vibe, I'm a parent too.  BUT oh he irritated me to no end over the next couple of eps with his insistence that she has to learn how to act like a girl & keeping them apart.  All these wise men were helping him & he just kept closing his ears to that which he did not want to listen.  I was so frustrated.

Okay that was the best part & worst part of this episode for me.  My favorite comedic bit was the 9 bells that they strapped to KC & said at the end of 3 days if you still have even one bell left you will get to stay.  If not you will be forced to leave the academy.  I loved that Gon was taking his bells.  But even better was KC's reactions every time he lost a bell. We were laughing so hard, & counting them down!.

9 Diss Gon? Lose a bell.
8 Doing the gotta poop dance to the bathroom? Lose a bell.
7 Wash your face?  Lose a bell.
6 Fight w Gon? Lose a bell.
Only 5 more bells to go & it's only been 1 day!  Nope it isn't a conspiracy at all.
Honestly I was surprised that just the need to poop & the urgency dance of the poop lost him a bell!  Talk about harsh Gon!  Dang!

By the end of the episode KC & Papa G meet face to face, full of the knowledge of who the other one is & what this means.  Master Dam is willing to sacrifice KC, especially since KC is a possible threat to his daughter.  TS is starting to align himself w the Japanese Merchants (Seo Hwa) in order to get even w JKW... I'm still not 100 % sure whose side he is on.  And KC has developed some of his powers when he removes his bracelet, he's discovered he can control the vegetation w his Gumiho abilities.  Which looked surprisingly like Jedi Mind tricks to me bu whatevs.

Episode 16

In this episode it gets all tense again.  Of course watching Yeo Wool tie up her girl lesson teacher & escape was thoroughly enjoyable for me.  I'm with Yeo Wool, sewing is for the birds.  I have 5 brothers AddiKts, my mom tried to teach me sewing, so not something I enjoy.  Although I do love to cook & bake & create yummy things for our tummies.  But sewing, knitting & crochet can take a running leap.  Blech!  I'd much rather watch a football, soccer, hockey game on TV or play board games w my kids, read a book, watch K Drama, listen to KPop, go to the beach, go for a long drive exploring, then any kind of sitting still crafting thingamabob.  So I enjoyed watching her fight the power of the teacher & her father's oppression a lot in this episode.  Teacher is seriously a good sport.  YW loses KC another bell when Gon catches them together & she tells him he looks more like a man to her.  Jealousy rears it's ugly head & Gon takes another bell.  "Gon you butthead!!"  That is literally what I yelled at the laptop, all while laughing hysterically.

As for the rest?  Well Papa G wants KC to give up being human & immerse himself into full Gumiho life.  KC is all, "No way! I want to be human!"  So Papa G hurts Master Gong Dal & KC takes the blame...again.  This time the other trainees & Master Dam pull swords & put him under lock & key.  Even though KC gave his Gumiho blood to Master Gong  to save his life.  Aigoo!!  So much stress.   Meanwhile, TS & SH are revealing some truths, really they are half truths, to each other as their relationship develops.  Yes she is Korean not Japanese.  Yes he desperately wants the 100 Year Inn back again.  But like I said neither is telling their whole story.  Hmmm... could be these 2 don't trust each other.  Which is funny because at this point I wasn't sure if I trusted either of them myself.

It all boils down to a meeting at High Noon, between the Admiral & JKW regarding Kang Chi's antecedents & whether or not he is human.  Rumors have spread & JKW is using this opportunity to get rid of KC.  But KC has so many good men on his side.  I LOVE THAT!  The underdog for once is not completely alone!  Best part of this scene is when the Admiral quotes Master Yoohak, who once told the Yi Dynasty, this is after JKW accuses the Admiral of harboring a "Monster".  He says, " What you see is what you are."  He then goes on... "The pig only sees the pig, & the Buddha only sees the Buddha.  So if you see a monster you must be the monster."  Oh Boo-Yah BURN!  This is why the Admiral is my hero. He never gets angry in front of JKW, he just puts him neatly in his place, calmly & rationally.  See? My hero!  Then YW & Dimple arrive, here is where they show JKW who Dimple really is.  He removes the bracelet & nothing happens, of course we the audience know this is because YW is with him, but JKW doesn't know this.  Giddy w glee I tell you.  I was Giddy w Glee!!!!

Back at the academy later on, Gon gathers all the academy trainees.  It's been 3 days.  KC has 4 bells.  He asks who still wants KC gone?  Only 2 students.  So 2 more bells are removed.  Seong stands up for him & then Gon takes one more bell away as his opinion that KC should leave. {{See? Gon is such a butthead!  But I still like him.}}  But KC still has one bell left.  Then Master Gong shows up, all healed & better & once again I so love his character.  Between Master Gong & little Seong, the guys are starting to accept KC.  In fact, Seong gives him a big clue as to how that whole "essence of the broom" thing works.  To which KC replies with, "Are you one of the 4 masters?!?!"  I LOL'd all over the place!!  At the end, YW once again ties up her teacher, so she can go meet KC.  I loved her, "I'm so sorry, let me just do this one more time?"  So funny, poor teacher.  She had already been through a lot that day, what with Gon helping to keep her distracted when YW snuck off to help KC & the Admiral against JKW.  He flirted with her & so now teacher thinks Gon has feelings for her. Awww.... poor teacher.

They meet & he shows her proudly he has one bell left & they get all close & hand touchy & then just as we close in on another kiss opportunity a student comes along screaming KC's name.  GRRRRRR....  He goes off to Master Dam & after he leaves Yeo Wool gets snatched.  Dun dun dun......

That's it guys.  Tensions are mounting.  What will hapen?  Who snatched YW?  Was it Papa G?  JKW & his men?  So excited to get out the next review!


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