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Gu Family Book episodes 17 & 18 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

So I go to write the review for episodes 17 & 18 & look over my notes first, as I usually do.  And lo & behold I cannot understand anything that I wrote.  o.O  Not just the fact that my handwriting resembles chicken scratch when I'm taking notes, because I don't know shorthand & can't write that fast, but also because I watched these two episodes really late at night.  Actually REALLY early in the morning.  Never try to take notes at 1 am, it just doesn't work like you think it will work.  *SMH*  So this morning I threw those notes away & re-watched both of these episodes & took new notes.  Now I don't promise this will make my writing any better but hopefully it'll at least make sense. ^^

Yeo Wool has been snatched & all of the circumstantial evidence is pointing to Papa G.  So Kang Chi removes his bracelet...sets it down in front of Master Dam & swears he is going to bring her back or he won't be returning himself.  But when we see YW in the forest bound & blindfolded, which I don't believe Papa G would need to do, we see she is not alone w Papa G, it's a group of Ninjas & JKW's right hand man.  He orders them to chop off her head, stick the head on a pole outside the academy & leave her body in the forest for the animals to eat. Wow, talk about "Over Kill"!  But our Yeo Wool she ain't no wuss!  She kicks some serious butt even with her hands bound & blindfolded.  I LOVED watching her kick A.  {{Gasp!! Yes, I my head.  However, all they had tied were her hands together in front of her body, so why she couldn't just reach up to pull down the blindfold I don't know, except it was way cooler & tougher to do it with the blindfold in place.}}  But just when the bad guys think they've got her beat, a rescuer shows up.  Not Kang Chi though.  Papa G FTW!!  So she runs off into the forest & Papa G gives chase, you know after he killed all those "so called" Ninjas.  I knew he was not helping her so much as grabbing her to use against KC.  However, KC arrives & there is an epic battle of Hawtness, yeah, yeah, yeah, & fists too.  but dang was that fight scene, between the two hot gumihos, Hawt!  Kang Chi gives a good fight but he is just no match for the older more experienced gumiho turned 1000 year Demon.  Papa G still wants KC to walk away from his humanity, YW tells him he can't give up on that no matter what.  And just as Papa G makes another dash for her, KC jumps between them & screams out, "Yeo Wool is my woman!" and then begs, "Don't touch my woman."  Which triggers Papa G's own memories of that same sentence leaving his mouth for Seo Hwa.  but the memories are just flashes, he is turning demon after all, & he can't remember all the deets.  Eventually a big wind comes up, KC protects YW from it & Papa G disappears into the night.

Now comes the part I have been waiting for...  The 'supposed' great kiss scene that my bestie told me about.  And boy was she right!  Remember when YW asked KC if Cheong Jo would always be the most important person to him?  Okay good, you need to know that part.  So he grabs YW by the arms & looks into her eyes & expresses how terrified he was when he thought he lost her.  Then we hear his voice over say, "Actually YW you are the most important person in my life."  Then he kisses her, full on the mouth, her eyes closed, there were 4 arms wrapped around each other & 4 lips actively participating in a deep beautifully romantic & passionate kiss.  That went on & on & on.  Really great kiss, imho.  Met all my criteria for a great K Drama kiss.  And after it ended she leaned up & kissed him again just like the previous kiss.  Now you know I watched closely again & again & again & again!  I felt it my duty to re-watch that scene for all of you!  In fact I may have to go watch it a few more times to make sure I gave it an apt description.

Seriously this episode pretty much stopped right there for me, I really didn't want to go on after that.  The rest of the episode blurred by.  Something about SH telling JKW she wanted to buy TS's freedom, that he owed the Goon Bon Merchants for all he had so he shouldn't refuse or he'd lose it all.  Which of course he didn't like so he tried to see behind the curtain but her goon stopped him, good goon.  And then more cuteness w KC & YW faking a fight in front of her dad so he'd release her from being a lock in.  Then TS finding out, through eavesdrop, that JKW wants to be governor of the southern provinces & that's why he's selling off his country to the bad guys, which all gets related to the Admiral & master Dam.  So they decide to orchestrate a reconnaissance mission that night & sneak in to the 100 year Inn.  But of course the plan didn't include YW or KC so they have to sneak in on the sneak in.  *giggle - dang I'm clever* ^_^  Meanwhile Head Gisaeng is just as curious as to who SH really is & so she suggests a party be given at her place but no girls allowed except more gisaengs so they hold it at 100 year Inn & while the Scoobies are sneaking, JKW is asking for SH to show her face, they are business partners after all blah blah blah...ending with he'd sell her TS IF she showed her face.  He REALLY likes the sound of his own voice.  Anyway, she shows her face BUT it isn't the woman we've all come to know.  It's her double, a fake, a phony.  The real Sh is hiding out in her room.  KC stumbles upon the ninjas & sees this huge very detailed map (In 8 pieces) on the table & gets discovered but he escapes, with gumiho prowess.  He ends up in SH's room & she is demanding to know who he is.  Best part, aside form the kiss was watching KC fake like he knew Japanese by following YW's advice on how to answer.  If it's a command say, "Hai!" If you aren't sure, put your hand to your chin, cock your head cutely & say, "Ano..."  Which he does so adorkably well.  Oh Dimple how I adore you!

Now in ep 18 SH finally finds out that he is KC, but still doesn't know he's her son...yet.  {{oooh foreshadowing you love that...well you would if you hadn't already watched the whole series, let alone the episode}}  He does the "Ano..." thing to SH, who then asks in Korean if he is Joseon?  Which surprises him, she's seen his face, finds out his name & still she helps protect him from her men, because she has no idea what is going on.  But before he goes he tells her the 3 best meals to have at the 100 Year Inn, LOL {{Oh Kang Chi-ah.  You're so cute!}} then he leaves & she finds that he dropped one of the pieces of map behind him & suddenly she sees what's going on & is furious.  At the dinner though, the Japanese guests are leaving but Head Gisaeng still hasn't seen enough proof, so her girls "accidentally' spill drink on fake SH's kimono & then "accidentally" pull it off her one shoulder while trying to clean it.  No tattoo, so now she knows this SH is a fake.  And she makes sure to tell JKW that too.  Okay that part I'm befuddled by.  Why tell him when you aren't on his side either?  Just seemed weird to me.

So now that the Japanese ninjas are on to them, they've sealed off the Inn's exits.  Only way out is for KC, YW & Gon to dress in Hanboks & try to blend in with the all the gisaengs.  Seriously Gon & KC in Hanboks is awesome!!!  They then get to spend the night in the gisaeng house in Cheong Jo's room.  And boy howdy is CJ a real B with an itch to YW.  She rejected KC, cause he was a monster, realized her mistake, can't have him because she's a state gisaeng but darned if she'll let him find happiness w another, especially YW.  So in the town before the mission she pulls YW aside & points out that KC is still hers, all she has to do is ask for him  & he'll come to her.  And her nastiness is not over with that.  Just wait.  First though, KC has to give up his evidence to the Admiral & Master Dam.  And I love their reactions when he reveals, he left evidence behind with the woman he showed his face to & gave his name too.  He's so very stealthy right?  NOT!  Right after he talks about how nice the woman was who protected him we see SH order her men to find KC & get back the map even if they have to kill him.  Yup she's a real sweetheart.

Head gisaeng then reveals to KC that she is the last of the 4 masters & gives him a challenge too.  She also reveals that she knew his mother when she tells him his eyes look just like hers.  Its after this that he gets to overhear Cheong Jo being a B with an Itch again to YW.  She triumphantly shows YW that she knows even more about KC than YW does & that she knows that her father killed his father.  YW walks away because this isn't something that they should be talking about & turns & opens the door to find sweet, shocked KC on the other side of the door.  Now he knows his mom was a gisaeng, his dad a gumiho & that his dad was killed by the love of his life's dad.  That is a lot to process.  CJ does have the decency to look nonplussed that he overheard it all so abruptly.  But too little too late imho.  For those of you who haven't watched the whole series...yet, I won't reveal whether CJ redeems herself or not.  You'll have to see for yourselves.  But I am pretty sure at this point you wanted to smack her through the screen.  Am I right?

How does KC react & what does he do when he learns the truth of his father's death?  I was so worried it would get all dark & depressing & all bent on revenge but then I underestimated the goodness that is KC.  He confronts Master Dam, hears the story, takes the sword Master Dam used & breaks it in half.  He then tells Master Dam that the elders need to deal with their own problems & stop putting all the problems in the laps of the children.  In other words this ends w the breaking of this sword.  No more revenge, no more death.  And eventually KC & YW are all back together & happy amid back hugs, front hugs & KC's confessions to YW of "I like you.  I really like you a lot", when she tells him she was afraid this information lost him to her forever.  {{I admit I was hoping for another epic kiss but it's a saeguk so I wasn't surprised it didn't happen.}}

The rest goes by fast.  Eventually SH reveals her real face to JKW & he of course recognizes her but she continues to claim to not be SH.  He knows it's KC that stole the maps & that SH has no idea he's her son.  With the help of Wol Sun, another B with an Itch gisaeng I want to smack around, he captures KC.  And then takes his bracelet off in front of SH, which reveals to her that he is her son.  Now what SH?  Ball is in your court...will you save the son you've been searching for & give up your dreams of revenge or will you play it cold & only take care of yourself?

And that is that.  If I keep this up I will be all caught up by Saturday.  This btw will be taking place of my WWU this week.  One review a day, I kind of hate my computer a lot right now.  And I have a splitting headache.  Have a great night, see you sometime tomorrow afternoon.


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