Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Leeteuk

We all know that being a fan of this world that one of the hardest parts of being a crazed Fan Girl is the fact that it is nearly impossible to have just ONE bias.  As much as I adore KHJ, he is not my only bias.  So you see even I, whom it would seem suffers severe tunnel vision in regards to her special guy (who has no idea she exists or would even be remotely interested in the old lady who silently stalks him on the internet) suffers from multiple bias syndrome.  And like many of you, each new drama, each new group, each new singer introduces me to another possible one sided love affair.  About 15 months ago it happened to me with today's birthday tribute.  I liked SuJu well enough, each man quite cute & talented & such different personalities.  Then this one made his I'm going into the military announcement & my Pinterest page was suddenly being flooded by fan girl pins of Leeteuk.  And then I remembered him from the Google K Pop Concert in San Fran last May.  And I remembered how incredibly cute his little dimples, his smile, his personality was.  And I was in love....again.  giggle.

(sigh...the power of cute dimples gets me every stinking time!)

Well, today, (July 1st) I celebrate some of the cutest dimples on the planet as their adorkably sweet/sexy owner turns 30 years old.  Leeteuk you are adorable!!  Never change who you are!

Some facts about Leeteuk.  His real name is Park Jeong-su.  He's a singer/songwriter, actor, & MC/television host.  And he is the leader of the Super K Pop group Super Junior.

He is just 2.5 months from finishing up his first year of military service & has just over one year to go.  And in April 2007, we almost lost Leeteuk in a major car accident.  Alongside 3 other SuJu members & 2 of their managers.  Where he sustained severe injuries; including shards of glass imbedded in his back & above his eyes, that required 170 stitches.  It also messed his spine so badly that when he is shirtless you can see that his upper abs are slightly crooked, they do not line up.  I was sure after that he wouldn't have to serve in active ms but Leeteuk has proven he is a fighter & he is loyal & will not allow anyone stop him.  He is such an amazing person & I am very proud of him, even though I don't actually know him (or he me, for that matter).

So here I am, & Dongsaeng too wanting to wish a remarkable man a very happy birthday!  We are so glad we are able to celebrate your birth, & are so grateful you are still with us.  Sending you love, happiness & wishes for a birthday filled w love from your family, friends & fans.  That you can sincerely feel our best wishes & prayers on your behalf.


Unnie & Dongsaeng

And now of course what would a TCA birthday tribute be without a pictorial tribute as well.  It would be very boring indeed.  O.O  And we are a lot of things but hopefully boring is never one of them!

Enjoy AddiKts!!

The OMG he is so sexy Leeteuk

The adorably dimpled Leeteuk.
The no matter what I'm doing, wearing I will make Unnie drool Leeteuk.

And just because I adore him...

The boom you're *ded* over the shoulder look.  

Make sure you wish Leeteuk a Happy Birthday too.  Just a little over a year to go before he is out of the military.  Leetuek, Fighting!

<3 Unnie.
for more pictures of Leeteuk or anything SuJu related feel free to check out my Leeteuk & SuJu too Pinterest board.

And for good measure a few cute Leeteuk YT vids:

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