Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Hear Your Voice ep 8: Dramatic Review

I am crying tears today.  Why?  Because as I write this, it is Wednesday.

You:  Okay?  So it's Wednesday?  What's the big deal?

Me:  The big deal is that the new episode comes out today.

You:  Awesome!  Shouldn't that make you excited?  Why the tears then weirdo?

Me:  Because it's a holiday week.

You:  I still don't get it.

Me:  The Husband has the next 5 days off of work.

You:  And?

Me:  The next three days are all planned out, and trust me, drama-watching time was not put in the schedule.  ;'(

You:  Oh.  Yeah.  Okay.  I get it now.  Yeah, that sucks.  Sorry Dongsaeng.

Me:  Thanks guys for understanding.  I knew you'd get it.  I knew you'd grasp the serious bummerness of this situation.

My own devastating current familial situation aside, wasn't this episode yummy???  Well, the end of it.  And all the drama before the end?  Didn't your heart break for poor Hye Sung?  Didn't your anger and hatred of Psycho grow?  Didn't your love of Soo Ha balloon to impressive proportions?  That, dear addicKts, is the sign of not only a great episode, but a great drama, is it not?  I love that we see eye to eye on this.

Now, with a little bit more detail (but very little because my time before family fun time commences is short), here's my take on episode 8.

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of episode 8

1.  This Show is Evil
Bad guy brutally murders awesome mom.

2.  This Guy is Evil
Bad guy plays victim but is arrested for murder.  He requests daughter of murdered mom's boyfriend to be his defense attorney.  Sick.  Twisted.

3.  Couple Trouble
Assured that he was on her side, Hye Sung is shocked when Attorney Cha defends his client as not guilty.  And seems to believe it himself.  Trouble in this budding relationship already.

4.  Looking for Help in the Most Unlikely of Places
Out of options, a desperate Hye Sung goes to the last place you know she wants to go looking for help.

5.  He Just Needs a White Horse
Things don't go well in court.  It looks likely that Psycho will be let free.  Sentencing is set for the 3rd of the next month.  Soo Ha now has a deadline to work with.  He had previously put away his original intent to kill Psycho at Hye Sung's request, but now things are different.  Now it's personal.  Even more personal than before.  Psycho's made the threat and is coming for them.  Soo Ha sets out to rectify the situation in the only way he sees fit at this point.

6.  Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!  OMGosh, they KISS!!!!!
Call me a dirty pervy noona, I don't care.  I didn't write this stuff.  I didn't ask for this.  I can't help that I'm shipping who I'm meant to be shipping.  Forget convention and holy crap - they kiss!!!!  In such a sweet and tender moment, Soo Ha says it all with one gesture. 
Before leaving, Soo Ha and Hye Sung finally get their date at the aquarium.  They have a meaningful discussion as Soo Ha assures her with her mother's last moments.  Yes, they were brutal, but she was so proud of her daughter and had no regrets that she did the right thing all those years ago.  He also lies to her and tells her that Psycho is going to be backing off and she's no longer in danger.  Does she really believe this?  Who knows.  They don't really spend much time on her reaction.  Soo Ha tells her that he's moving out now that she's safe and gives her love advice, telling her to be patient with Attorney Cha.  Then, as he is walking away, he stops, turns around and goes back to her.  He tells her that there is one other thing that she needs to know, then in a moment so fast I couldn't grab a screencap, grabs her, pulls her in and kisses her.  HE KISSES HER!!!!!    Me --->  *ded*

I love this evil drama with all its torture and pedonoona debauchery.


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