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I Hear Your Voice ep 10: Dramatic Review

Episode 10.  What to sum up about episode 10?  Most of it deals with Soo Ha's trial for murder.  Things don't look so good for our sweet boy, but thankfully he has some heavy hitters in his corner, most notably of course, Hye Sung.  Hye Sung who believes beyond a shred of doubt that he is innocent.  Hye Sung that uses the scar on his shoulder to prove to himself that he is a great guy.  Hye Sung who obviously has feelings for this guy (who is now 20 and therefore out of pedonoona territory, right?) and will do anything to protect him.  But, let's not get into all that here - there's still an entire review coming up for all of that. 

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul for episode 10

1.  Going to Bat for Our Boy
Soo Ha truly has lost his memory.  Not only that, but he's also lost his special ability to read minds.  He is arrested for murder, and confused as to who he really is and the kind of person he truly is, even confesses that it was possible he killed Min Joon Gook.  Hye Sung rushes in to his rescue, manages to become his attorney, and starts defending him right away, even going as far as to accompany him to the crime re-enactment, something not usually done by most defense attorneys interestingly enough.

2.  10 vs 20
Seo Do Hyun has come to Hye Sung with a plea deal more or less.  Plead guilty and she'll make sure that Soo Ha gets 10 years or less, but if she goes with the innocent plea, then he's facing 20 years or more.  In her heart, I believe Do Hyun is really trying to help.  Hye Sung has a difficult choice to make.

3.  This One and These Two
I just had to take a moment and mention these two characters and their apparent (one sided?) bromance that's developing.  Choi Yoo Chang and Cha Kwan Woo.  Yoo Chang immediately caught my heart when I saw just how adorable he was in episode one and he just continues to grow on me.  The guy is just so stinking cute!  And now it looks like they're going with at least a one-sided bromance on his part with Attorney Cha.  He and Attorney Cha go for a hike up the mountain together.  It was a funny scene that ended with Attorney Cha joining Hye Sung in the defense of Soo Ha.  Then there is the cute scene where Attorney Cha makes his triumphant return to the defense attorney's office.  Yoo Chang spots him and runs slow-motion-style towards him, arms outstretched.  Kwan Woo ignores him and instead greets Attorney Shin, leaving poor Yoo Chang standing there, alone.  I had a good giggle over that one and so wanted to share it.

4.  Attorney Shin's Story
Remember in the last episode where I mentioned some bad blood between Do Hyun's dad and Min Joon Gook's former cell mate?  In this episode, we get a little more light shed on this story.  Attorney Shin was the defense attorney at the time defending Hwang Dal Joong in an eerily similar case as Soo Ha's current predicament.  Dal Joong had no memory thanks to his being drunk and was accused of being a murderer.  Do Hyun's father was the judge at the time.  Attorney Shin had a similar choice to make with regards to the question of pleading guilty for a reduced sentence or not.  They went with not and lost and as a result, Dal Joong was still in prison 26 years later.  Interestingly enough though, despite the outcome, Attorney Shin stands by his choice to plead not guilty and wouldn't change it if he could go back.  I suppose this is the reason why he is always visiting Dal Joong in prison.  Now, I'm assuming that there's still more to come, but this is what we know so far in regards to this part of the story.

5.  Partial Recall
Soo Ha gets a surprise visitor - his former classmate and love rival, Kim Choong Ki.  Choong Ki has Soo Ha's journal, a journal that he started keeping 11 years ago it would seem.  A journal that consists of letters to Hye Sung.  The jailor won't allow Soo Ha to have the book, so instead, a very reluctant Choong Ki reads it to him, for 10 minutes a day, every day for an unspecified number of days.  Through this and a few other triggers, Soo Ha starts to get flashes of memory back.  Some of these memories have to do with Hye Sung and some with that fateful night down by the water last year with Psycho and a physical struggle with a currently unknown outcome.

6.  I'm Not One to Say "Told You So", but....
As things start to look bad for the defense team in court, a new theory pops up - a shocking new angle.  Only, if you read this blog, you weren't surprised at all, now were you?  Did I call it or did I call it?  The new theory being tossed out to the jury is that, drum roll please, Min Joon Gook is indeed NOT dead and cut off his OWN hand in order to frame Soo Ha.  Boom shakalaka, baby!  They are trying this boy for a murder when no body or other parts of said body, have been yet recovered.  Why haven't they been recovered?  Because the body is walking around as a living man, just waiting for this poor kid to have his life taken away.  Involved in that somehow is the mystery man Soo Ha was found living with in the countryside - a man who for some reason took in a memory-less Soo Ha, telling him that he was his granduncle.  So suspicious and completely within the realm of possibility that of course this was all some sort of elaborate and twisted set up by a very twisted man.  Can you believe all of this stemmed from one car accident?  This guy has taken a bad event and amplified the awfulness of it a thousand-fold.  Sheesh.  Talk about messed up.

And with that, we are well into the second half of this awesome drama.  A mere 3 weeks are all that is left.  So sad, I know.  This one has been a wonderful summer-time treat of mystery, intrigue, suspense, humor, and romance.  I like those things.  Those things make for good entertainment. 

Thanks for stopping in!  See you next week for 11 and 12!

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