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Dhr-ahma! {Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

Good Monday morning addicKts!  And how are we all doing this fine day?  Ready to take on another week?  It's July.  Summer is in full swing for everyone across the Northern Hemisphere, which I suppose means that winter is in full swing for all you Southerners.  It's 109F at 8:00PM as I write this Sunday night, so I'm a wee bit jealous of you wintering Southerners.  Wanna send some of that chill up thisaway?  Oh yes, we're talking weather!

Oh wait, no.  No we're not.  Just teasing.  Nope, today we're talking dramas!  Yay!  Dramas!  Dramas are awesome, aren't they?  Dramas cheer up the long, hot summer where regular TV takes a nosedive from its already very low perch.  Oh!  Burn!  TV, you're so lame!  Haha!  You've been pwned!  (< looksee how hip and current I am)  Speaking of current (like that perfect segway there?), want to know what dramas I am currently watching?  If so, keep reading.  If not, well, then you might just want to hit that little x up in the corner right there because that's what I'm going to be talking about today.  But of course I hope you stick around.  Please don't go.  I'm needy.  And in a sharing mood.

Obviously we know that I'm watching I Hear Your Voice since that's the drama I am reviewing, so I won't say anything more, except that if you aren't watching it, why not?  It's pretty spectacular and awesome.  And I'm reviewing it - what's not to love?

In addition to the obvious, I am also watching a few other dramas at the moment.  Like...

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
This is my first really really long drama and I'm not caught up yet.  But there's still like a bazillion more episodes to go so I'm not too worried.  Honestly, I haven't watched this one in a week or so (definitely more "so" in this case), so I don't have too much to say about it right now.  I like it.  I can tell you that.  Like it enough to keep going even though it's so long.  I even like IU as an actress, and it's always great to see my awesome Prince Charming again.  Okay, he wasn't a prince, he was a guard, but he loved a princess (in King 2 Hearts) and befriended a king, so I'll call him Prince Charming if I wanna.  All of the characters I think are phenomenal, except for maybe the grandmother.  Frankly, Grandma annoys the snot out of me.  I want to smack her sanctimonious self upside the head once in a while.  But I refrain myself.  She is old and been through some tough stuff.  Good drama though - I'll have to think about revisiting it more this week.

I just started this one the other day and believe that I am in episode 3, maybe 4.  Somewhere around there.  It's different and unique, and while it didn't necessarily catch me immediately, by the end of the first episode I was curious to see more.  By episode 2 I was officially marathoning it.  You know, while I could.  I had to get some stuff done too, like watching and reviewing episode 10 of I Hear Your Voice.  Oh work, even when you rock, you can still spoil a good time...with uhm, another good time?  So far so good.  The music in this one is spectacular.  It's produced by music company Mnet (their very first project like this - kudos guys) so the music is a focal point and the actors talented musicians as well.  Or at least really good at faking it.  Most of the cast is made up of new faces.  Some have one or two other projects under their belt, but even those were mostly minor.  I'd say that this is the first big project for the majority of our leads.  I love seeing fresh faces.  The female lead especially has a very unique and intriguing look to her.  This is one that I've been thinking about all day and have been anxious to keep going on.  Always a good drama sign.

Dating Agency: Cyrano
Haha...just kidding.  I'm actually not watching this one...yet.  I hope to start it in the next day or so as I've heard it's good.  I'll keep you up to date if I do start it and what I think of it then.

Gu Family Book
I really shouldn't even be counting this one as I haven't gotten very far or watched it much over the past few weeks.  With all my fluffy modern ones, I'm having a hard time staying focused on the sageuk.  It's not that I don't like it, I really do so far, I am just easily distracted.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo
Whoa, whoa, whoa - wait just a darned minute here.  I think you're in the wrong place.  This here is a KOREAN drama post and Mischievous Kiss is obviously Japanese.  Yes, you got me, but just hear me out, k?  This is a really fun and cute Jdorama and I am completely and totally hooked.  As you may know, it's yet another retelling of a former manga (Itazura na Kiss).  You know Playful Kiss?  Same story, only Japanese like the original.  And uber cute!  And a bit kookie.  The lead actress at first started out looking pretty good to Playful Kiss's Oh Ha Ni.  I found her less pathetic.  But by now, 14 episodes in, I'll be honest and say that sometimes she wears thin on me.  She has this facial expression with pursed lips that makes me want to scream anytime she pulls it out - and oh boy oh boy, is that all too often.  Over-exaggerated facial expressions and full body spaz-outs aside, she's not too bad, I suppose.  And the lead actor is growing on me, whereas at first he was rather dull and boring.  And not very cute.  Now they've flip-flopped and I like him more and her less, but still, incredibly entertaining dorama.  My one and only real complaint about it (aside from the aforementioned facial expressions) is that it only airs once a week.  I am all caught up and waiting is so very difficult.

Okay.  That's it.  That's my current lineup.  It feels too short.  I think I need to add more in.  Granted, I neglected to mention the anime I'm also watching in between - Ouran High School Host Club.  And my on-going obsession with my favorite YouTubers.  Ahh -- this is one reason I LOVE summer!  Drama mania!  It's just, you know.  I don't have to tell you.  You understand.  You get the magic.  The magic is in you.  We see eye-to-eye here.  Isn't it wonderful?  I'm just glad smart people like you exist in the world so that we can squee together.  It's so nice to have others that "get it", isn't it?  Most of us I'm sure don't have that in our circle of friends and family (well, at least I don't and most addicKts I know personally don't - maybe you're different and if so, where do you live because obviously I need to move) and so it's a relief to find like-minded individuals.  The kind of people if we were to be in a room together would just have to give each other the knowing look and smug grin, like "oh yeah, I gotcha.  I get it.  We good.  You cool, I'm cool, we all cool.  These other fools, they ain't cool, but that's a'ight - we love them anyways".  Don't you hate it when old white girls try to sound gangsta when talking about Korean dramas?  Yo!  What up wit dat man?  This ol' lady is whack.  Wiki wiki - wiki wiki - whack.

Happy Monday yo.  And a dope week too.  Speaking of dope - you ready for a little Monday Morning Prescription written by me - Dr D?  Let's see what we can rustle up for you, shall we?

So yeah, in case the rock you've been living under hasn't had internet access for the past day, 2NE1 released a new MV.  Check it.
Here's Falling in Love:

Need more?
How about a little jolt of java? I am a big BABY, so here's B.A.P.'s latest, Coffee Shop. I'm pretty sure we haven't shared this yet and it's been out for a little bit now. While this is a ballad and not B.A.P.'s signature strong sound, I still find it to be a pretty song and I don't hate it. At this point I guess I understand why they want to use a mix of different genres and sounds so as to not be pigeonholed, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I love their strong sound best. They have something that is hard to duplicate and/or replicate.

I believe Unnie already shared this one, but I'm going to throw it on as well because it's Junsu and Junsu deserves lots of love. This is hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity. The track is different in that it's not acapella like the MV, but I like both versions for different reasons. I mean, it's Junsu. With that voice, the boy is just golden. He could sing me the phone book and I'd be enraptured.  Junsu's 11AM:

Well, well...lookie here. Guess what else was just released a bit ago? A teaser for Xia's new MV coming out on the 15th. It looks a little Tarantallegra to me which makes me happy!!!

And finally, I finish off with a little more pep and energy to get you rolling for the day. This one has been out for a bit, but it's one I've had on repeat for the past couple of days, so it makes the list today. Henry's Trap (music show performance):

and the original:

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