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I Hear Your Voice ep 13: Dramatic Review

Good morning AddicKts!  How has your week been?  Are you excited for the weekend?  There's a lot to be excited about these days.  Awesome music videos premiering all the time, amazing dramas wrapping up and about to begin.  I feel I say this often, but it really is a good time to be an AddicKt.  I feel like we have to be the luckiest people on Earth sometimes, you know?  I mean, look at all that we get to enjoy!

I was kind of sad when I first started this review, thinking that this was the next-to-last week of this drama.  Then I remembered the extension which means we get one extra week of this awesome show.  I watched this week just enthralled and head-over-heels in love with this drama.  It just keeps getting better and better.  I know it's only July, but I'm ready to crown this one as my favorite of 2013, which is saying a lot this year because there's really been a lot of amazing choices out there.  It's going to take a lot to dethrone this one though.  I'm open to the challenge, who wouldn't be, but it's going to be a tall order for sure.

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of ep 13

1.  A Confession...of Sorts
Back hug.  Remember that?  It was lovely, wasn't it?  *happy sigh*  So, Soo Ha has regained his memories and his mind reading abilities.  He's scared to tell Hye Sung though.  He's learned that his father was responsible somehow for the death of Psycho's wife, that, ultimately his own father was the beginning to the nightmare that they are living now.  He can't bear to tell Hye Sung this truth, fearful that she will blame him/hate him/whatever.  He doesn't want to lose her.  Things get even more complicated when she, on the bus, reminds him of their agreement - he leaves when he regains his memory.  She's only looking out for him because she feels sorry for him and knows he has no one else to turn to.  Or at least that's what she says.  In her thoughts it's an entirely different story.  She likes him.  She really likes him but feels like she shouldn't and that she needs him to get out of her life so that she can clear up these feelings.  He "hears" this and is shocked.  Happy, but shocked.  But now here's even more reason for him to conceal the truth from her.  He loves her.  He just found out she likes him back.  However, as soon as he tells her the truth, it all ends and she's miserable.  The poor guy is obviously in agony and rapture all at once.

2.  He What?!?!
Psycho's former cellmate is released from prison because he is dying of a brain tumor.  In the hospital he runs into his wife.  You know, his wife who he was supposed to have killed 26 years ago.  Well, turns out that he apparently then stabs her.  Back in jail he goes.

3.  He's Baa-aack

Speaking of Psycho, he's back.  Hye Sung keeps missing phone calls on her home phone.  Finally she picks up, only there's no one there.  Soo Ha is more bothered by this than she is and starts investigating.  He goes through the call log on the phone and starts trying to call back all these numbers, only to discover that they're all blocked.  Except for one.  And it's a payphone.  A quick glance at CCTV and they find their mystery caller.  Yeah, it's Min Joon Gook.  He's calling to confirm that Hye Sung is still at the same address.  Soo Ha flips out, runs back and hurriedly packs up Hye Sung's stuff while she's working and moves her into his place. 

4.  These Two

There were so many lovely moments between our two unofficial lovebirds.  Held hands, chasing, grabbing, stolen kisses, jumping on each other -- you know, nice domestic felicity kind of things.  They are sooooo cute together I can't stand it!!!  But there's always that nagging "truth" thing hanging over poor Soo Ha, just ready to destroy it all.

5.  Secrets
So many secrets, many of them starting to pour out.  The floodgates are beginning to open, we're finally starting to get the whole story.  Obviously we've all been able to figure out now that Do Yun was adopted and is actually the daughter of Psycho's former cellmate.  (Names?  Who needs names?)   We are at first led to believe that maybe there was an affair between her father and her birth mother, but looks like that's not the real story.  Wife, who was supposed to be dead, didn't care for her husband's mountain of debt.  She found another guy and wanted out.  What better to do than to fake your own death by chopping off your hand and falsely sending your husband to serve 26 years in jail for a murder that didn't happen?  She feels like she did him a favor, I mean, he didn't have to worry about his debts anymore.  o.O  Yeah, she's freaking messed up.  She deserved that little stabbing she got.  What a whackadoodle.  Anyway, so turns out that judge Dad isn't the birth father, he was just the judge that found Psycho Cellmate guilty of a murder he didn't commit.  When he later learned the truth, instead of fixing the false imprisonment, he adopts the daughter of these two.  "Dead" Wife wants her daughter to grow up privileged.  Judge Dad and his wife were childless and looking to adopt anyway.  Perfect solution, right?  "Here, take my daughter, leave my deadbeat husband in jail, and I'll run off with my new man".  And Judge Dad goes for it.  Obviously.  This entire scene is "seen" by Soo Ha.  Now he's really loaded down with all these secrets.  The truth about Psycho, the truth about this mystery daughter that Hye Sung and Attorney Shin are desperately looking for in order to prove that this woman is really the supposedly dead wife of Former Cellmate.

Soo Ha isn't the only one with secrets learned.  Attorney Cha receives a surprise visitor.  Psycho with a board.  A board and a story to tell.
6.  Here Goes Nothing...
Hye Sung unknowingly has laid the guilt trip on thick on poor Soo Ha.  Soo Ha that just wants to protect her and himself from the ugliness in their lives.  The problem is is that she trusts him to not lie to her.  But lying to her is what he's been doing.  Lying for a good reason, but still lying.  Looks like it's time for them to have a little chat....

Not the same wonderful ending as the last episode, but definitely a cliffhanger to be sure.  Can't wait to see what happens when Hye Sung finds out the truth.  How much is he going to tell her?  What's she going to do?  Ooh, the suspense!

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