Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: What would YOU do if your Bias came to town?

Once upon a time a LONG LONG LONG time ago. Seriously, like really long ago, you know the same time the wheel was invented, I was a teenage girl.  See?  A REALLY long time ago.  Shut up I was too a teenage girl...once.  No!  I wasn't ALWAYS an ahjumma, it was less than 20 years ago for crying out loud!!  Now... shhh!  

Wait where was I till you argued with me that I've always been old?  o.O
Oh that's right!  {{Sigh... Swiss Cheese Brain Strikes Again!}}  Ugh!

Okay so, onceuponatime...  I was a teenage girl.  19 years old & I was already engaged & had plans for the evening w my CA & some friends.  But one of my bestest friends, that I am still bestest friends with today, called me at work to tell me breaking news!  My crush du jour was in our town, Phoenix, AZ.  I won't say who it was; as he has aged he's gone insane, & thinks he has tiger blood running through his veins now, & quite frankly I'm embarrassed to admit I crushed on him.  He was there to donate some item of clothing he wore, in some movie he was in, to the newly opened Planet Hollywood, a restaurant owned by famous people, to show off their crap from movies.  Anyway, my bestie had seen this in the newspaper & she said we should go & see him!  And I was over the moon at the idea.  I asked CA if it would be okay, if I blew off our double date to go drool over another guy, & as usual he was fine with it.  What a guy, eh?  So we went.  We saw.  We got autographs & pictures & we rocked.  Of course that star was probably wasted & we all looked the same to him but who cares!  We lived out every teenage girl's fantasy that night & I still have the pictures to prove it....somewhere. o.O   I think?

Why am I telling you this?  It has a purpose I promise.  Recently a friend & reader from Hawaii went on her own quasi-quest to search out her own bias.  As you may know Super Junior has been visiting & playing in Hawaii this last week.  And her favorite of the group is Donghae.  BTW my friend is my age; with kids in tow she took them to the same beach the SuJu boys had been spotted previously...to no avail.  She had fun w her kids & went home.  A day or so later her friend, who worked at the hotel SuJu stayed in, called her & excitedly whispered into the phone as she left my friend a message, "Pick up your phone! I think one of your Kpop guys just asked me a question and he came from the pool so he didn't have a shirt on. He looked good, girl...whoever he is.." 

SuJu in Hawaii:
I bet he looked good!  Dang Good!

Of course we all, meaning the group of us she was telling this story to,  freaked out that she had SuJu in her midst & yet did not immediately start the stalking process.  We went totally krazed fan girl on her. Poor thing, never saw us coming.  *SMH*  Eventually she did make her way over to the hotel & looked around.  But she said that while some fan girls lucked out & got a glimpse or picture/autograph, a lot more got nothing.  Herself included.

In her own words, I'm not a 19 year old girl on summer break. I don't have the time or the willingness to camp out at a hotel to see them. Does it make me less of a fan? Probably but I was relieved to find that as I hoped...my Kobsession is just a part of who I am.  In all my excitement, I never forgot I am a wife & mother."  

Which made me respect her so much more.  Then she asked me a question...  I paraphrase.... "What would you do Jess if it happened to you?  Would you be able to just drop everything to stalk?"  And the truth is no, I probably wouldn't.  I have 4 kids of my own, one of whom has special needs.  So, without any notice or help set up first, then no, I would not be able to just drop everything & go stalk my bias.  BUT it would be really really really tempting to just drop & everything & run like a lunatic towards the bias.  Seriously tempting & I'd probably be all sad face & disappointed, not in front of my kids, but when they weren't looking.  Yes, even if it was Kim Hyun Joong himself!!  Of course, first I'd be wondering what the crap he was doing in Nowhere Wisconsin?!?!  O.O   But as much as I adore him, I remember I too, am a wife & mom first & foremost. See, I can be responsible too.   Besides, do I really want to meet my bias in real life?  I just don't know, simply because I think I would be embarrassed he'd think I am a complete whackadoo or worse an old lady! ^^  This is why I think it would just be common courtesy of our oppas & biases if they could just text us first you know something like, "Hey krazed stalker fan, I will be at dot dot dot on dot dot dot...clear your schedule I'm ready to be followed by nutjobs & whackadoos."  Is that really too much to ask?!?!?  I think not!  O.O

I had another friend this week ask how would I react if my bias saw one of my tweets or comments & I KNEW he had seen it?  I have to admit to not being able to answer her question satisfactorily.  I talk a big game, claim KHJ as MINE on this here blog, mostly because I am safe in the knowledge he will NEVER know!  LOL  I picked a bias that doesn't even like smart phones, & never uses his twitter account to post cute selca's of himself.  Which makes me sad as it brings me joy for my anonymity.  LOL  So I'm pretty sure he will never know I existed.  Now I have tweeted a few K Idols over the last year BUT they are so popular I am sure they never get to see my cheers & congrats & happy bday wishes, as they very obviously get lost in the huge crowd of well wishers & fellow addiKts.  Which is probably the only reason I feel safe tweeting them.  I do recognize I am older than they are & I'm married & have kids.  So I guess I can say the same thing.  This AddiKtion is a part of who I am, but it isn't the whole me.  I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, Sunday School teacher, avid book reader, movie watching, beach going, photography fan, who loves music & dancing & singing all the time!  Who has a great sense of humor & hopefully not a skewed look at life.  Not everything in my life revolves around stalking a bias.  It just seems that way on here.  I'm totally normal in real life.  Honest!  ^_^   {{Shut up Dongsaeng I am too totally normal!  Shaw!!  Like you're one to talk!}}

Does this mean I don't fantasize that one day, my bias just happens to see something I wrote or tweeted etc... follows it to my profile, sees a pic of me, becomes enamored & has to know more about me; therefore searches & reads through everything & falls head over heels for me & then seeks me out & says, "Run away with me, I'm in love with you?"  Oh heck no! That fantasy is alive & kicking!  Giggle.  What? I'm human & I'm a girl AND I'm a hopeless romantic at heart!  Who wouldn't want to be swept off their feet by the man of their dreams?  What exactly happens to my husband & kids?  I never think that part out. LOL  But according to the rules of the "5" my husband has to let it happen, he's in my list then it's okay!  hehehehe...

But what about you guys?  Would you drop everything in your life to chase after that chance for the elusive oppa spotting or autograph opportunity?  Would you don a pair of sunglasses, a head scarf & an overcoat & go in search of your bias, should he arrive in town or would you walk right up to him & demand pictures, autographs & hugs?  Would you purposely seek him or them out?  I don't think I could or would.  IF I happened by an area they were visiting as well, & IF I thought they wouldn't mind then maybe.  But having grown up in So Cal I learned early on, celebrities are just regular people w awesome jobs.  If they aren't On at the moment I spot them, then I'd probably just giggle, stare a little without being too obvious & then.....leave them alone & go about my daily life.  Unless I were at a signing event or a concert or something where they were supposed to be On, On camera, On stage, I'd let them just be themselves.  Does this make me old?  Boring?  Not fun?  A party pooper?  Maybe but I'm okay with that.  

If you missed any of the cute videos that SuJu has been posting from Hawaii this week then let me hook you up!  Enjoy AddiKts, see you Friday!

I LOVE this hula dance to Spy!!  Oh SuJu you have got to be so much fun to hang out with!

For my friend "M" here's Donghae for you sweetie.

Siwon shows us how to get to his hotel & some fun faces.

In the vein of Hawaiian vacays....Mahalo SuJu for the eye candy & the giggles.  You guys rock!



  1. This is a great write-up. Highlights a lot of my own reactions about idols, and what I'd do, or fantasize I'd do but not actually do, if I ever saw my favorites or had a chance to see them. Fangirling with computer anonymity, and within the safe zones of my own small niche of kpop-loving family members is one thing.. but in public I'd probably either freeze up, and not make a single move to catch a bias's attention. I'd probably end up regretting later if I didn't try to get an autograph, but I doubt I'd ever have to the guts to ask.

    In my mind's eyes, I imagine that IF I got noticed by an idol, I'd try to maintain this cool, non stalkery image. If spoken to, 'Oh yes.. I am a fan.' in a very casual manner, smile politely, then pretend I had to go. I'd thank them, say keep up the good work, and oh so smoothly prance away. There's really no need to tell them that behind a computer screen I get all googly-eyed at each and every selca. Psh. They know fans do that, hence why they take so many good-lucking shots of themselves. No need to admit it though :p

    1. Oh Rosie I am so glad that I am not the only one who would prefer to do their googly-eyed squeeing from the anonymity of their computer. I appreciate the fact that there are those who can squee in person & act crazy, without fear, so my bias can see how loved he is, but I am not one of them. I am just not comfortable making a huge a$$ out of myself in public. On the blog? No problem. In public? Not so much. ^_^ Thank you so much for commenting, I've missed Rosie comments. <3


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